Volume 194: December 22-31, 1715

Pages 164-168

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 5, 1714-1719. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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December 22–31, 1715

[? About
22 Dec.]
1. Petition of the Master of the Barges and Watermen to his Majesty. There is a bill of service due signed by the Lord Chamberlain in the Rt Hon. the Earl of Radnor's Office, and six month's salary more due this present Christmas 1715. Ask payment, urging their necessity and the hardness of the weather.
Minuted:—“22 December 1715.” 1 page.
[? About
22 Dec.]
2. A scheme in order to compute the charges of the special commissions of oyer and terminer and gaol delivery for trying the rebels taken at Preston in Lancashire.
34 persons were proposed to be employed.
Minuted:—“22d December 1715. Read. 1,500li to be imprested for trying the rebells in Lancashire. Vide Min. Book.” [Vol. 20, p. 200.] 2 pages.
[? About
22 Dec.]
3. Two letters from Rachell Briggins, the one to the Rt Hon. Sir Wm Quintin, one of the Lords of the Treasury, and the other to Wm Lowndes. Esq., asking for their favour at the Treasury Board, and for compassion on her fatherless children, she being left a widow by the accidental fall of her husband, who was working at the Savoy. Lord Galway and the Duke of Bolton recommended her to Lord Carlisle.
Minuted:—“22d Decr 1715, to be consider'd when Mr Cholmley comes to town.” 2 pages.
[? About
22 Dec.]
4. Auditor Harley's report to the Lords of the Treasury, on Sir Sir Henry Furnese's account of remittances for the forces in Flanders between 25 May 1705 and 11 August 1710.
Minuted:—“R. 22 Xbr 1715.”
“2d January 1716. Read. Vide Minute Book.
“R. 4 Feb. 1716.”
In the Minute Book, Vol. 21, p. 62, is:—“Auditor Harley, with Sir Robert Furnese and Mr Beranger are called in. The state of the accounts of Sir Henry Furnese is read and debated. Order'd that Sir Robt Furnese do attend the auditor, with a certificate from the Earl of Carnarvon's office of the several species wherein he paid the money to Sir Henry Furnese in the years specified in the account. And the auditor is to inform himself what the common rates of discount were at that time upon the same species respectively, and thereupon to make a report in writing, and these partys are to attend therewith on this day sen'ight.” 10 large pages.
[? About
22 Dec.]
5. Copy of a letter from the Comrs of Victualling to Mr Taylour, dated the 19th January 1714.
Minuted:—“22d Decr 1715. Read.”
[This is probably an enclosure to further proceedings with regard to Mr Conduit's affairs in the victualling of Gibraltar.] 1½ pages.
23 Dec. 6. Petition of Edward Wharton, Receiver of the Revenue of Hackney Coaches and Chairs, to the Lords of the Treasury. Has paid 68l. 15s. 10d. for passing his patent. As this exceeds his salary prays allowance for that sum.
Minuted:—“To be inserted in the Incidts.”
Also a note from him to Mr Lowndes asking him to read the above petition to their Lordships that the Comrs for Hackney Coaches might be directed thereon. Dated 23 Dec. 1715. 2 pages.
23 Dec. 7. Memorial of the Rt Hon. John, Lord De la Warr to the Lords of the Treasury. Was lately one of the four Tellers of the Exchequer. 719l. 17s.d. in the custody of the Clerk of the Pells had not been called for. Asks for a warrant to the King's Remembrancer to deliver up his bonds. Exchequer, 23 Dec. 1715.
Minuted:—“Wt signed.”
Also a certificate. 2 pages.
23 Dec. 8. A series of warrants to the Paymaster of Lotteries, marked with the letters from A. to H., regulating the necessaries for the office of the Controller or Paymaster of various lotteries. Dated 23 Dec. 1715, with a “report from the Comrs for making out orders regulating the necessaries for the new offices at ye Excheqr that are discharg'd the liberate.” 27 large pages.
24 Dec. 9. Comrs of Customs, Scotland, to the Lords of the Treasury. General Cadogan has applied to have a cargo of butter from Ireland, now at Leith Road, to be landed for the use of the Dutch troops, but they dare not comply, as it is contrary to statute; pray directions. Custom House, Edinburgh, 24 Dec. 1715.
Minuted:—“1st Janry 1715. My Lords dare not pretend to dispense wth an act of parliamt. 1 page.
25 Dec. 10. “An accot showing the total value of foreign coin and bullion exported from this kingdom in seventeen distinct years, from Christmas 1698 to Christmas 1715.” 1 page.
25 Dec. 11. The naval officer's account of vessels arrived at or cleared from the Island of Antigua. Between 25 June and 25 Dec. 1715, showing the names, burthen, cargo, tonnage, &c. 6 double pages.
25 Dec. 12. Account of what is wanting to bring up all payments on the Civil List to Midsummer 1715; as also an estimate of the debt thereupon to Xmas 1715.
Account of payments made at the Exchequer towards the expense of his Mats Civil List for the quarter ended at X~mas 1715; as also an estimate of what is wanting to bring up all payments thereupon to that time.
Also account of what is wanting to bring up all payments on the Civil List to Micħas 1715. 2¼ pages.
26 Dec. 13. Report of A. Cracherode (Treasury Solicitor) to the Lords of the Treasury, on the petition of Dr. Thomas Fallows, which sets forth that the petitioner had for many years been eminent for curing lunatic patients, and that he effected the cure of one John Alderman, who, instead of paying him for the cure, made oath that he (the petitioner) had conspired with his (Alderman's) wife to betray him into the petitioner's hand, the better to accomplish their designs of embezzling his goods and living indecently together. Petitioner was convicted and sentenced to stand in the pillory and to pay a fine of 600l. to her late Majesty. He underwent the punishment, and prayed to have his fine remitted and to be released. The report gives the purport of divers affidavits in relation to the petitioner, one of which shows that two of the witnesses on his case were guilty of perjury, and that Alderman was guilty of subornation of perjury. Is of opinion that the petitioner, having already suffered such corporal punishment and undergone an imprisonment of above three years, is an object of compassion, and that the fine should be remitted. 26 Dec. 1715.
The petition, which was referred to be reported on 9 Sept. 1715, five affidavits, and a certificate in his favour.
Minuted:—“6 Augt 1717. A warrt to ye Att. Genll to acknowledg satisfaction upon Record if not dischargd by ye act of grace.” 10 pages.
28 Dec. 14. J. Holbech to [Mr Lowndes]. Hopes their Lordships will not retrench the allowance Mr Chetwynd agreed to make him, according to the accompanying “state,” and that he will intercede with their Lps to let the balance, which he (Holbech) is to pay Mr Chetwynd remain as he agreed, viz., 1,208l. 15s. 10d., and that he (Holbech), who had served the Crown 25 years faithfully, should not have to pay more. 28 Dec. 1715.
Also “Mr. Lowndes state of the accot of fees between Mr Chetwyn and Mr Holbech.” 3 pages.
29 Dec. 15. A parcel of certificates of money arising by sale of tin, and payments therefrom between 24 Dec. 1714 and 29 Dec. 1715. [Of little worth.]
30 Dec. 16. Certificate from the Jewel House, of 5,820 oz. of white plate, and of 1,118 oz. of gilt plate, delivered to Paul Methuen, Esq., Ambassador Extraordinary from His Majesty to the King of Spain, for his table during his embassy. 30 Dec. 1715.
Minuted:—“16th January 1715, Warrt signd.” 1 page.
30 Dec. 17. Certificates of arrears of the several land taxes for the household, and of what assessments have been made. Office for Hides, &c. 30 Dec. 1715.
Minuted:—“Read 4th Janry 1715.” 2¼ pages.
30 Dec. 18. Petition of Hanworth Fitch to the Lords of the Treasury. Has served under three Treasurers of Excise, and was dismissed under the fourth to make room for a friend; praying for allowance or employment. He further says “that his grandfather (vizt.) his own mother's father, Capt. Robt Gosnold, served his present Majesties grandfather in the Palatinate & the Protestant cause in France, Flanders, & Ireland for many years; for which service his present Majesties great grandfather, King James the First (to whom the Capt. was well knowne), gave him a thousand acres of land in the Plantation of Osserie, after which the Duke of Buckingham made suite to the King for the whole plantation, which was given him upon condition of his giving yor petrs grandfather satisfaction, & it was thereupon agreed between them that the Capt. should have a thousand pounds for his part, but before any of the money was paid the Duke was unhappily stabb'd by Felton, and so the Captain's family afterwards received from his Dutchess only one single twenty-five pounds in money, although the land was soon after improved to some thousands of pounds.” 30 Dec. 1715.
Also “The case of Hanworth Fitch, borne a gentleman and bred a goldsmith and banker, who lost his estate by change of government.”
In this he says that he was by his mother's side “related to one of the best families in England, vizt, the Grays of Suffolk, and his father had had the government of Inverness and all the North part of Scotland at one time and at another, the government of the City and castle of Carlisle, and lastly, the government of the Tower of London, where he showed great kindness to the Royal party.”
Minuted:—“30th Dec. 1716. Rejected.” 2½ pages.
31 Dec. 19. Lord Townshend to the Lords of the Treasury. Col. Thomas Harrison having brought to the King, from the Duke of Argyle, an account of the victory obtained over the rebels in Scotland, near Dumblain, the King ordered 500l. to be paid to him. Asks that directions for payment may be given. Whitehall, 31 Dec. 1715.
Minuted:—“Wt signed.” 1 page, quarto.
Classified (Part I.) not being worthy of individual description.
20. Papers showing the monthly amounts received for fees by various officers of the Treasury for the year 1715. 12 papers and enclosures.