Volume 196: 1715. Classified (Part III.) and Undated.

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Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 5, 1714-1719. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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1715. Classified (Part III.) and Undated.

1715. 1. Papers relating to the affairs of the Comrs for Transports. 10 papers and enclosures.
2. Weekly and fortnightly certificates by Archibald Douglas of Cavers, General Receiver of the land tax, Crown rents, &c., and new duties upon houses in Scotland, &c. 8 Jan. 1713–14 to 31 Dec. 1715.
Undated, but supposed to be for the Year 1715.
3. Certificate of the death and burial of Serj. Salkeld, Chief Justice of North Wales, in the parish church of Fifheadnevil, co. Dorset. 6 lines.
4. Memorial of William Sharpe, late President and Commander-in-Chief of the Island of Barbadoes, to the Lords of the Treasury. Complains of the expense he was put to by his two voyages out and home in less than a year in consequence of being superseded. Conceives that when it was made a rule of the Treasury to allow but half the salary to a president, it was supposed and understood that he was on the spot, and the presidency devolved upon him of course, so that being at no new expense, half the salary was judged sufficient. As the rule of the Treasury cannot be got over, prays to be relieved by way of bounty. 1 page.
5. Memorial to the Lords of the Treasury of Thomas, Earl of Strafford, for 3,300l. due to him for salary and extraordinary expenses as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the States General from 6 June to 6 Sept. 1712, and from 21 March 1713–14 to 1 Aug. 1714. The late Lord Halifax, when head of the Treasury, promised that what was due to him in the Queen's time, though postponed, should shortly be paid him. Undated, but Lord Halifax died in the beginning of 1715.
A letter from Lord Strafford, dated at the Hague, and two papers containing the particulars for which he craves allowance. One of the items is, “For his journey to England by speciall order, when he returned to the Hague with the seven Generall points for peace, signed by Monsr Meneger, 350l.” 4 pages.
6. Memorial and petition of Mary Johnson of Great Yarmouth, widow, relict of Col. John Johnson, deceased, to the Lords of the Treasury. Her husband having served the Government in the late wars by land near 40 years, was on 1 July 1702 made Lieut.-Governor of the Island of Nevis. There was due to him from 10 Apr. 1703 to 31 Aug. 1706 (the day of his death), 678l. 18s. 4d.
Upon the death of Sir William Matthew, late Governor-in-Chief of the Leeward Islands (which happened on 4 Dec. 1704), he took the command of the Islands till the arrival of Col. Parks (14 July 1706), the salary for which amounts to 963l. 5s. 9d. Her husband was particularly active in the defence of those Islands against the attempts of the French. In August 1706 he was barbarously murdered in the execution of his office, and all his effects to the value of 8,000l. were secured by Governor Parks, who was afterwards murdered, and petitioner (Johnson's widow) unable to recover any part thereof, is, with a numerous family, reduced to great want. Mr Blathwait in 1707 reported that there was due 1,321l. 1s. 10¾d. to petitioner's husband. Her Majesty granted her sign manual for the payment of that sum, but upon the removal of the Earl Godolphin it was lost or mislaid. Prays for a new sign manual or order for payment. Her necessities have been considerably increased by a long and fruitless attendance upon this affair for several years [Perhaps about 1715.]
Encloses copies of certificates. 5 pages.
7. Petition to the Lords of the Treasury of John Walker, Esq., son of the late Dr George Walker. Was granted by her late Majesty in 1709 a pension of 200l. until 2,000l. should be paid him in one entire sum, and petitioned his Majesty, soon after his accession, to augment the said pension of 200l.; which petition was referred to the Earl of Sunderland, Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, who referred it to the Lords Justices. Their report, recommending that his pension should be augmented to 300l. for a certain term, together with other papers on the subject, have lain at the Treasury for some months past; prays therefore that the said 2,000l. may be paid, together with all arrears of the 200l. pension, or that the pension may be augmented as recommended by the Lords Justices.
Undated, but the papers he mentions as having lain at the Treasury for some months past, are described under 23 May 1715. 1 page.
8. The Court of Directors of the Bank of England to the Lords of the Treasury. On 30 June 1715 the directors agreed to accept tallies from the Treasurer of the Navy in payment of loans due to the bank thereupon; and the Treasury by a minute of the same date promised to make good to the directors any deficiencies on the tallies out of money to be imprested to the Treasurer of the Navy. There being a deficiency of 8,590l. 16s. 8d. on the tallies for hops, the Directors pray that the said sum, with the interest due thereon from 1 Sept. 1711, may be so paid to the bank.
Minuted:—“A Clause to be prepar'd to pay the Deficiency on Hops out of Arrears of Taxes now remaining in the Excheqr unappropriated.” 1 page.
9. Memorial “for Mr Niell Campbell and Mr Patric Campbell, Secretaries, and for the other servants of the Hon. Board of Police in Scotland to the Lords of the Treasury,” praying for a warrant to pay their salaries, as warrants had been granted to pay the Comrs. The Commission of Police was granted in Dec. 1714. 1 page, torn away at the foot.
10. “An accot of what is due to Mr Scot, late Envoy to the King of Poland.” His services were rendered from 1712 to 1715. 1 page, quarto.
11. Memorial of Sir David Hamilton, Knt, physician in ordinary to the late Queen Anne, to the Lords of the Treasury. There was half a year's salary due to him on the Queen's death, and by Act of Parliament he conceives six months more are due to him after her Majesty's death; prays their Lordships to order payment. 1 page.
12. Some notes made by some person in the Treasury as to the effect of certain Acts of Parliament in the 8th and 9th years of Anne. Docqueted:—“Case relating to the candle duty, &ca.” ? 1715. 1 page.
13. Memorial of the daughter of Edmund Dummer, Esq., late Surveyor of the Navy, who left his widow and daughter entirely unprovided for. Her late Majesty granted them 150l. a year each, payable out of the ordinary of the Navy. Mr Dummer had contrived and made new docks at Portsmouth and Plymouth, and several other useful buildings, and had weighed the St. David man-of-war. He had set up a monthly correspondence by packet boats to the West Indies, but divers of his boats were captured by the enemy.
The widow never received any benefit from the pension. Petitioner has received her pension from the royal bounty to Lady-day last; prays its continuance.
Three enclosures in corroboration thereof. 5 pages.
14. “An abstract, showing how much of the moneys granted for the service of the land forces in the year 1715 remains applicable to the service thereof for the year ending the 24th of Decemr 1714, and how the same is to be issued to the respective offices.” 1 page.
15. Petition of George Newstead to the Lords of the Treasury, praying for the grant of a building lease for 50 years of certain dilapidated houses at the Savoy, forming part of the dissolved hospital of the Savoy; the upper part of one of the houses is used by the Dutch for a chapel. ? 1715 or later.
Referred to Hugh Cholmley, Esq., his Majesty's Surveyor-General, for his report. 1 page.
16. Thomas Adderly to the Rt Hon. Robert Walpole, Esq. Attends on him on his promise to appoint him to the office of surveyor. Has received advice where three of Sir Wm Windom's friends lie concealed, viz., James Hays, Esq., Capt. John Cox, and Samuel Trippet. Has had the Earl of Berkley's warrant for some time to seize them as disaffected to King George, and begs the warrant for his office may be expedited. ? 1715 or later. 1 page.
17. Memorial to the Lords of the Treasury of Conyers Darcy and George Fielding, Esq., Comrs for executing the office of Master of the Horse to her late Majesty Queen Anne. Ask for a further sum of 100l. out of the late Queen's arrears to enable them to audit their accounts and pay some small debts. ? 1715 or later. 1 page.
18. Petition of Samuel Edmonds “Turnbroach,” of the kitchen, to her late Majesty Queen Anne, to the Lords of the Treasury, for payment of arrears of wages, &c. ? 1715 or later. 1 page.
19. Memorial of Sir John Anstruther of Anstruther, Bart., to the King. Memorialist and his predecessors have been in possession of the offices of Carver and “one of the Master Households to the Royal Family of Scotland” above 120 years by grants and charters under the Great Seal of Scotland from 1585 downwards. The salary of carver was 381l. Scots, or 31l. 15s. sterling, and a pension of 195l. Scots, or 16l. 5s. sterling. The salary as “Master Household” was 333l. 6s. 8d. Scots, or 27l. 15s. 6 4/6d. sterling. The memorialist and his predecessors have undoubted hereditary title to the offices of inspectors and searchers of prohibited goods and keeper of the “coquets” of the ports of Ely and Anstruther, in Scotland; but these offices, by a resolution of the House of Commons, were found to belong to the Customs, and would disable memorialist from serving in Parliament, and he had omitted them that he might serve in Parliament when the Protestant succession was in danger. He is now ready to surrender them to the Crown. Neither memorialist nor his father have received any salary since the Union. Prays for payment of the arrears since the Union, and to be placed on the Scots' establishment, &c. ? 1715 or later. 2 pages.
20. Arrears due to Isabella Hartstongue and Beata Danvers, bedchamber women. ? About 1715.
Also receipt for half-year's rents. 3 pages.
21. Memorial of Brigadier George Preston to the Lords of the Treasury, praying a warrant to remove the charge of 800l. deducted from the subsistence and clearance of his regiment, as he is left under the hardship of having no provision as Governor of Nieuport, and is threatened to be arrested by the officers of his regiment for the 800l.
Also copy of the officers' memorial to the Duke of Marlborough against Brigadier Preston. June 1715. 2 pages.
22. “A State of the Bank Fund upon the foot of the Act passed 1o Georgii Regis.” ? 1715.
A rough debtor and creditor account. Docqueted:—“Act for the Bank.” 2½ pages, quarto.
23. “An accompt of the produce of the coynage duty, & expences of the Mints in the three last years. 1715.”
In the handwriting of Sir Isaac Newton. 1½ pages.
24. An account of what has been ordered to be paid to the Commissioners appointed by her late Majesty to inspect the demolition of the fortifications of the town and port of Dunkirk, viz., out of her late Majesty's arrears, and out of his Majesty's revenues.
Also an estimate of the extraordinary charges relating to Dunkirk, for which no provision has been made in Parliament. ? After 1715. 2 pages.
25. Petition of the six “relinquent grandchildren of Richard Pendrill, preserver of his Majesty King Charles the Second,” to the Lords of the Treasury. His present Majesty King George has declared in Council that he shall always have a due regard to the services performed to King Charles the Second by petitioner's ancestors. Are reduced to great straits, and pray for relief. Probably about 1714 or 1715. 1 page.
26. “An accot of riding charges paid to the several officers and servants who immediately attended at Kensington, in the reign of her late Maty Queen Anne, and payable by the Treasurer of the Chamber, or warrts from the Lord Chamberlain.” 1 page.
27. A bill of sums “due to Sir John Shadwell, from her late Majesty.” It is hoped the travelling charges will be paid without abatement since they were money out of pocket. One of the items is:—“Extraordinary travelling charges upon her Majesty's frequent and long illness at Windsor and Kensington allowed by the Chamberlain's warrant. 100. 0. 0.” 1 page.
28. Memorial of Walter Chetwynd, Ranger of St James's Park, to the Lords of the Treasury, complaining of the bad state of the walks in the park. There are no drains to carry off the water from the great walks parallel to the Mall. His Majesty has taken notice of these inconveniences, and has commanded a thorough repair to be made, and the memorialist conceives it is his Majesty's intention, and that of the rest of the Royal Family, to walk frequently there. Is of opinion that it will be absolutely necessary to make the old walks wider and cover them with a fresh coat of gravel. “Cest-pools” and drains must be made. The whole will amount to a considerable sum. Proposes that half of the work shall be done this year and the other half next, &c. 1715 or a little later. [Chetwynd was appointed in Jan. 1714–15. See Queen's Warrant Book, Vol. 19, p. 380.] 1 page.
29. A list of the Receivers-General of the land-tax for several counties in the year 1715, showing also by whom they were recommended. ½ page.
30. Petition of Edmund Longbridge to the Lords of the Treasury. Has been nine years in the public service, three of which he has been deputy to the Controller of Salt Duties. The new Controller has removed him without cause to employ a relation of his lady, a youth of about 20. Prays that he may not be suffered to be made destitute of bread. ? About 1715. 1 page.
31. Memorial of Thomas Roberts, gent., agent to the Rt Hon. the Earl of Strafford, to the Lords of the Treasury, praying for a warrant for 730l. 10s.d., on account of the post fines, of which the Earl is farmer. After May 1715.
Minuteâ:—“A warrt to be p[re]par'd.” 1 page.
32. Memorial of Alexander, Earl of Home, to the Lords of the Treasury, praying confirmation of a former order for payment of the first quarter of his pension of 200l. per ann., due at Lady-day 1715, for which he omitted to apply, being absent in Scotland, and for what is due since. 1 page.
33. Memorial of John, Earl of Mar, to the Lords of the Treasury. When her late Majesty appointed him one of her principal Secretaries of State, there being at that time no convenient apartment in the Cockpit for keeping his office, (by reason that most of the rooms which formerly had belonged to that office, whilst enjoyed by the Duke of Queensberry, were, after his decease, taken in as an enlargement to the Treasury Office), the Queen commanded him to take some convenient house in the neighbourhood of Whitehall for his office, her Majesty promising to pay the rent, &c. Whereupon the Earl took a house in Craig's Court, in which his office was kept, and afterwards the Duke of Montrose occupied it when he got the seals. Prays payment of the rent and fittings.
Also the account of what was due. 1½ pages.
34. An account of red deer killed by his Majesty's stag hounds in the several walks of Windsor forest for the year 1715, including one deer killed the day after the instalment at Windsor, being after the account for the year 1714 was delivered. 2 pages.
35. A paper docqueted:—“Abstract of several papers relating to Scotland. The papers herein mentioned are read & minutes are taken upon them.”
Several of the papers to which the abstracts refer are described in this Calendar. 9 pages and 2 parts of pages.
36. Notes, apparently of some copy of Acts of Parliament, relating to revenue, with reference to the pages where they may be found. 2¼ pages.
37. His Majesty's nomination of officers for Lotteries, with the autograph of King Geo. [I.] ? About 1715 or later. 1 page.
38. “Yearly allowances to the officers of the Exchequer on account of managemt for the several annuities and lotteries payable there hereunder mentioned. Yearly allowances to the South Sea Company and the Bank of England on account of management.” 1715 or later. 2¼ pages.
39. Petition of Samuel Story, of London, gentleman, to the Lords of the Treasury. Petitioner purchased certain messuages and lands in 1694, in the county of Warwick, out of which certain fee-farm rents were payable; prays repayment of 10l. 10s., wrongfully paid into the Exchequer. ? 1715 or later. 1 page.
40. “A bill of several works performed in his Majesty's Park at St. James's in turning the Old Decoy into a regular pond, and making plantations on each side of it, clearing out the mud, and raising the ground and walks all round it, which was worn away by the water, and almost filled up with mud.” ? After 1715.
Minuted:—“Prepare a warrant for this upon l~res pats dormt.” 1 page.
41. Memorial of James Earl of Hyndford to the Lords of the Treasury, praying for payment of the balance of his pension (824l. 18s. 41/6d.). ? 1715. 1 page.
42. The case of Edward Douglas, gent., late Commissary of Stores abroad, addressed to the Hon. William Lowndes, Esq. Her late Majesty allowed him half-pay until otherwise provided for. The balance of his account depending before the Comrs of Accounts of the Army amounts to 2,317l. 2s. Prays for consideration. In or after 1715. 1 page.
43. Memorial of Mary Rodney and Catherine Alexander, daughters of Sir Henry Newton, Knt., deceased, Judge of the High Court of Admiralty, to the Lords of the Treasury. Their father was near seven years Envoy Extraordinary from her late Majesty to the Great Duke of Tuscany and Republic of Genoa, and whilst there laid out in the public service, several considerable sums beyond the regulation allowance. By her Majesty's express command he made an expensive journey from Florence to Genoa, at which time he obtained from the senate there a remittance of the duties on corn for the British forces in Piedmont and Catalonia, an exemption never granted before and denied since. The money expended was 2,500l. Pray for consideration. ? 1715 or 1716.
Copies of three letters in corroboration. 4 pages.
44. Petition of Katherine Steele, widow, to the Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Walpole. Her former husband, John Broughterhey, served in the Royal Navy, and perished in the “Association,” with Sir Cloudesley Shovel, and she had lost her second husband, Thomas Steele, who was a waterman to the Custom House. Prays assistance to bring up her children. ? 1715 or later. 1 page.
45. Proposals for the prevention of the running of pepper, coffee, tobacco, &c., in the port of London. ? About 1715 or later. 2 pages.
46. Petition of John Bouer, Esq., to the Lords of the Treasury. Petitioner came to England three years since to solicit the payment of 5,300l. due to him and co-partners for corn and money provided for the garrison, &c. of Port Mahon since the year 1711. Has not been able to obtain payment. Fears that in a longer stay he may spend the remainder of the debt. Prays immediate payment of 1,500l. ? After 1715. 1 page.
47. Memorial of Mr Collin Mackenzie, Clerk of the Pipe in the Court of Exchequer in Scotland, and Sir Patric Inglis, his Deputy, to the Rt. Hon. Robert Walpole, Esq., Chancellor of the Exchequer, desiring that a commission may be granted to Mr Inglis as Clerk of the Pipe, upon a surrender of the same by the said Mackenzie. [Between 1715 and 1717.] 1 page.
48. Memorial of John Murray, of Philiphaugh, Esq., to the same. His Majesty granted to Mr Thomas Lining, Mr David Anderson, and Mr William Miller, three of his Majesty's chaplains in Scotland, a right of teinds formerly belonging to the Dean of the Chapel Royal. The grant is void by the death of the two last named. The lease of a part of these tithes, in the parish of St. Mary of “the Lowes,” in the shire of Selkirk, in which parish memorialist resides, has expired. Hoped to have obtained a grant thereof. Hopes objections will be removed, as he is willing to pay whatever annual payments have been made to the chaplains, out of the teinds, since the Revolution; and upon a grant being made to Mr William Bannatyne, minister of the parish, or any other in trust for memorialist, he will pay to any chaplains appointed upon that foundation, the highest fine that has ever been paid. ¾ page.
49. Letter signed J. Kelly, with part of the address torn away, but the person to whom it was addressed was Secretary to the Lords of the Treasury, forwarding a proposal which he hopes will be thought advantageous to the Government, noticing that many of his name have been accounted no friends to the present establishment, and to prevent any prejudice against him, stating that he was born at Jamaica, and was son of Major Smith Kelly, Provost Marshal at the time of the Revolution, who, at the hazard of his life, proclaimed King William Lord of that Island, King of England, &c., and was afterwards killed by the French, who ruined a plantation of considerable value of the writer, which loss was followed by one of 400l. a year by the fire at Port Royal, for which he had received no reparation.
Indorsed:—“Mr Kelly. Proposal for erecting Lombards.”
In the proposal he suggests, amongst other things, that the Government shall take into their hands the letting out money upon pawns throughout the King's dominions. This branch of revenue the memorialist offered to farm of the Government on condition that he might form a company to take subscriptions for the sums requisite, &c. [? After 1715.] 8½ pages.
50. Memorial of Chr. Read to the Lords of the Treasury as to the frauds committed by tidesmen, chiefly on board East India ships, which bring rich goods and pay great duties. Employed Robert Bonele and Henry Lambrick, tidesmen, who detected certain frauds mentioned.
Also the affidavit of Robert Bonele. ? 1715 or 1716. 3 pages and 2 halves.