Volume 197: 1715. Brief Descriptions

Pages 177-183

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 5, 1714-1719. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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1715. Brief Descriptions

Documents for which a brief description suffices.
Date. Description of Document. From To Purport.
3 Jan. 1.
Comrs. of Transports Secretaries of the Treasury. For a renewal of their commission. Enclose account.
Minuted:—“Read 10th Jan. 1714. My Lds. see no occasion to renew this com[m]ission.” 3 pages.
[? About
10 Jan.]
Do. -
Sir Wm. Gifford, Keeper of Greenwich Park. Lords of the Treasury. For 35l. for hay for the deer, &c.
Minuted—“10 Jan. 1714. To be pd. as usual.” 1½ pages.
21 Jan. 3.
Warrant (copy)
Lord Lieut, of Ireland. For an allowance of 9s. 6d. a day to Lord Mark Ker. 1 page.
1 Feb. 4.
Alexander Pendarves, Esq., late Surveyor-General. Lords of the Treasury. For payment of arrears of salary.
Also a certificate. 2 pages.
11 Feb. 5.
Comrs. of Excise of Scotland. Do. - - For the costs of passing their commisson to be allowed (257l. 13s. 3d).
Minuted:—“1 Sept. 1715. My Lds. do not think it reasonable.” 2¼ pages.
18 Feb. 6.
Memorial (copy).
Comrs. for Sick and Wounded, &c. Do. - - For their taxes to be remitted.
Minuted:—“9 Mar. 1714. -15. Ordered so far as the acct. annexed extends to Lady-day 1713.” 2 pages.
22 Feb. 7.
Report (copy)
Comrs. of Excise - Do. - - For additional clerks on account of the new duties on candles, &c.
Also copy of the memorial of Sir Basil Dixwell thereon 4 pages.
[? About
24 Feb.]
William Vanbrugh, Controller of the Treasurer of the Chamber's Office. Lords of the Treasury. For a renewal of his constitution.
Minuted:—“24 Febry. 1714. To be considered wn. the establ. of the Trea'r Chambr's Office comes to be formed.” 1 page.
7 March 9.
Letter -
James Stanhope - Do. - Sends for their opinion the petition of Mary Wilson, widow, founded on her husband's services in the late war. 1 page.
18 March 10.
Commission -
Henry Robins - Appointing him surveyor of houses. A piece of parchment.
26 March 11.
Report - -
Edward Wilcox - Lords of the Treasury, On the petition of tradesmen employed in the Great and Little Parks of Windsor.
The petition and schedule. 3 pages.
28 March 12.
Letter - -
C. Godolphin - Mr. Secretary Lowndes. For leave to go into the country.
Minuted:—“Read 28th Mar. 1715. My Lords consent to Mr. Godolphin's request in the wthin written letter.” 1 page.
29 March 13.
Do. -
Lord Berkeley - Lord — - For a new Privy Seal for payment of the Keepers in the Forest of Dean.
Also renewal of the patent to Mr. Smythe, as Paymaster of the Gentlemen Pensioners. 1 page, quarto.
29 March 14.
Do. - -
Nich. Roope and Thomas Layton. Mr. Lowndes - Pay of Marine regiments and an abstract. 3 pages.
Memorial -
Sir John Bennett, Knt. Lords of the Treasury. For 212l. 10s. advanced by his brother, Benjamin Bennett, Esq., Governor of Bermuda, for refitting a man-of-war. 1 page.
2 April 16.
Comrs. of Stamps - Do. - - Reasons for presenting Michael Bayly to be a distributor of stamps for Worcestershire. 1 page.
4 April 17.
Letter -
Earl of Carnarvon - Do. - Sends a state of the subsidies and pay of foreign troops (not now with it). 1 page.
4 April 18.
Letter -
George Tilson Mr. Borrett - - The same allowance to be continued to “Carnaby” in the new prison as in Newgate. 1 page.
9 April 19.
J. Burchett - Secretary of the Treasury. As to the leave of absence of Mr. Carter, purser of the “Torbay.”
With another letter of Mr. Carter on the same subject. 2 pages.
20 April 20.
Do. -
John, Bishop of London. Lords of the Treasury. For bounty of 20l. to Mr. John Brunskell, appointed a minister in Virginia. 1 page, quarto.
[? About
29 April]
Memorial -
Robert Knight, Receiver of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th subscriptions to the South Sea Company. Do. - For the delivery up of his bonds. 1 page, quarto.
5 May]
Capt. Thomas Hyde Do - - For three years' arrears of pension.
Also warrant dated 5 May 1715. 2 pages.
10 May 23.
James Stanhope - Do. Encloses petition of Deane Cooke, late of London, merchant, for them to report thereon (Customs on tobacco). 1 page.
[The enclosure not now with it.]
12 May 24.
Do. - - Do. - Encloses petition [of Mrs.Penn, et al.] for their report.
The petition is referred to on p. 41 of this Calendar. 1 page, quarto.
21 May 25.
Duke of Somerset Do. - - For 6,000l. for the extraordinary expenses of H.M. stables.
Minuted:—“Ordered,” &c. 1 page.
23 May 26.
J. Burchett - Do. - Sums requisite to pay the bills in the course of the navy and victualling. 1 page.
24 May 27.
James Stanhope Do. - - For the issue of a warrant for 200l. to Don Manuel Mercader for the joint use of the deputies from Minorca. 1 page, quarto.
31 May 28.
John Lansdell - Do. - For warrant to transfer certain South Sea Stock. 1 page.
6 June 29.
Letter -
Wm. Clayton William Lowndes For his 100l. due at Midsummer 1715.
Minuted:“To be paid.” 1 page, quarto.
13 June 30.
Lds. of the Treasury Comrs. of Customs For their deputation to be issued to Alexander Johns to be waiter and searcher at “Lestithiel,” in the port of Fowy. ½ page.
14 June 31.
Letter -
Joseph Gascoigne, receiver of revenues in Minorca. “My Lord” - As to 4,5657/8 dollars in his hands. 1 page.
18 June 32.
As to a debt to Mrs. Jane Ireland, sempstress and starcher to King William, for making linen for his Majesty [Great Wardrobe]. ½ page.
20 June 33.
Lord Townshend Lords of the Treasury. Dr. John Keill, “Decypherer,” to be paid 100l. per ann.
Minuted:—“Wt. signd.” 1 page.
28 June - 34.
Comrs. for Stamps - Do. - - For an established clerk to assist Mr. Samuel Rose, Controller. 1 page.
Report -
Officers of works - State of the debt of the office.
Minuted:—“28th Dec. 1715. Warrt. to be prepared accordingly.” 1 page.
7 July 36.
Charles Shales Wm. Lowndes, Esq. Adverse to a duty being laid on plate. 1 page.
9 July 37.
Bills owing by the Great Wardrobe.
With this note at the head:—“20,000li will pay.” 1 page.
11 July 38.
Comrs. for the Lottery Lords of the Treasury. For money to carry on the services.
Minuted:—“15 July 1715. Ordered.” 1 page.
11 July.]
Petition -
James Scott, Esq., on behalf of David Skinner, merchant of Montrose. Do. - - Asks to be allowed to compound for a seizure of brandy. 1 page.
12 July.]
Petition -
Robert Jenkinson, a stamper in the Stamp Office. Do. To be allowed to resign his place to his son.
Minuted:—“12th July 1715. Ordered, & a wt. sign'd.” 1 page.
13 July 41.
Lords of the Treasury Moses Beranger, Esq. To pay 14,000l. to the Recr. and Paymaster of the money arising by the sale of tin. 1 page.
26 July 42.
Report - -
Comrs. of Hides, &c. Lords of the Treasury. On the securities of Lawrence Ambrose, of Barcott (Berks), Esq., as Collector of Land Tax. 1 page.
[? About
28 July.]
Petition -
Robert Hemming, (Custom House, Weymouth). Do. For employment. Also certificate. 1 page.
28 July 44.
Warrant -
Lords of the Treasury Clerk of the Pipe - For the appoinment of Thomas Reeve,of the Middle Temple, London, Steward of the Manors of Cookham and Bray (Berks). 1 page.
17 Aug. 45.
Petition -
Ambrose Thomson, Collector of Customs, Penryn. Lords of the Treasury. For an addition to his salary. 1 double page.
22 Aug. 46.
James Stanhope - Lords of the Treasury. For the issue of 200l. to Mr. Thomas Norgate for the use of Lord Paston.
Minuted:—“Warrt. sign'd.” 1 page.
24 Aug. 47.
Do. - -
Do. - Do. - - For issue of 65l. to Mr. Dumaresque, Lieut.-Governor of Jersey. 1 page.
7 Sept. 48.
Do. -
Do. - Do. - - To prepare a warrant appointing Thomas Wylde, Esq., a Commissioner of Revenue in Ireland.
Minuted:—“Warrt. sign'd.” 1 page.
7 Sept. 49.
Duke of Grafton Sir William St. Quintin, one of the Comrs. of the Treasury. In favour of the appointment of Mr. Charles English as a landwaiter of Bristol.
Presentment also in his favour by the Comrs. of Customs. 2 pages.
17 Sept 50.
Presentment -
Comrs. of Stamp Duties. Lords of the Treasury. For the appointment of Mr. Thomas Winter as a Distributer of Stamps for Kent.
Minuted:—“23rd Septr. 1715. Warrt. to be p[re]par'd accordingly.” Copy of the warrant. 2 pages.
20 Sept. 51.
Letter -
Lords Justices of Ireland. Mr. Secretary Stanhope. Enclosing memorials relating to several gentlemen who expect some mark of the King's favour.
The enclosures are not now with the letter. 1 page, quarto.
[? About
21 Sept.]
Jacob Birkhead - Lords of the Treasury. Asks to succeed to a landwaiter's place in London, making allowance to his predecessor.
Minuted:—“Ordered 21st Sepr. 1715. Wt. sign'd.” 1 page.
[? About
22 Sept.]
The Rt. Hon. George Lord Newborough. Do. - For renewal of his patent as steward of the manor of Richmond, Surrey. 1 page.
26 Sept. 54.
Letter - -
James Stanhope - Do. - - For 100l. to be paid to Mr. Crauford, the Earl of Stair's Secretary, detained in London.
Minuted:—“A warrt. to be p[re]pared.” 1 page, quarto.
4 Oct. 55.
Do. - -
Do. Do. - For 100l. to be paid to Lord Strangford.
Minuted:—“Wt. signd.” 1 page, quarto.
5 Oct. 56.
Do. -
Do. - - Do. - - For renewal of the Commission on Public accounts, Ireland.
Minuted:—“15th October 1715. Warrt. sign'd.” 1 page, quarto.
8 Oct. 57.
Do. - -
Do. - - Do. For 100l. to be paid to Dr. Lidderdale.
Minuted:—“15th October 1715. Warrt. sign'd.” 1 page.
8 Oct. 58.
Do. -
Ro. Pringle Mr. Taylor- Desiring the above 100l. may be paid free of all charges. 1 page.
25 Oct. 59.
Do. -
Comrs. of Revenue, Ireland. Lords of the Treasury. Congratulating them on their appointment. 1 page.
18 Nov. 60.
Memorial -
Controllers of Army Accounts. Do. - - For a warrant to the paymaster to issue their allowance of 900l. per ann. for their office.
Minuted:—“Prepare a wt. for their contingencys.” 1 page.
19 Nov. 61.
Mr. Secretary Stanhope. Lords of the Treasury. For 1,000l. to be paid to Mr. Alexander Gordon for the use of the Earl of Sutherland. 1 page, quarto.
28 Nov. 62.
Do. -
Wm. Pulteney Secretaries to the Treasury. Sends a warrant for counter-signature for 40l. a year to be paid to Anthony Vezian, as agent to the garrison of Placentia, and the Four Independent Companies there. 1 page, quarto.
12 Dec. 63.
Certificate (copy).
Surveyors and Landwaiters. Comrs. of Customs John Cramphorne has fitted himself for the duties of Kingswaiter, Landwaiter, &c. 1 page.
[? About
15 Dec.]
Letter -
John Hall The Rt. Hon. Robert Walpole, Esq., First Ld. of the Treasury. To be instructed for the office of Landwaiter or Surveyor of Customs. 1 page.
21 Dec. 65.
Do. -
Lord Townshend Lords of the Treasury. John Parker to have 300l. for discovering James Paynter, Henry Darr, and Richard Whitford, concerned in treasonable practices. 2 pages, quarto.