Volume 203: Classified. Part II., and Undated

Pages 248-251

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 5, 1714-1719. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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Classified. Part II., and Undated

1. Memorials, reports, and other papers connected with the affairs of the Board of Ordnance, chiefly applications for money to the Treasury. 11 papers and enclosures.
2. Various papers connected with the Pay Office, chiefly applications signed by William Sloper, acting for the Earl of Lincoln, and addressed to the Lords of the Treasury, for issues of money, viz.:— for garrisons, for subsistence of troops, for payment of Bills of Exchange, clothing, &c. 20 papers.
3. Papers connected with the affairs of the Marine Regiments, chiefly signed by John Mostyn, viz., accounts of receipts and payments, applications to the Treasury for issue of money, &c. 10 papers and one or two enclosures.
4. A collection of papers relating to the state of the Revenue. Amongst them are:—“A state of the revenues of the Civil List revenues at his Mats departure for Hanover;” “A state of the National Debts;” and “A relac[i]on of the several branches of the Publique Revenue, in wch the Governr and Compa of ye Bank of England have an interest; showing what those revenues are, how much they severally produce yearly in net money, what annuitys or other annual incumbrances are charged thereupon respectively for the Bank or others, and how they are severally redeemable, with propositions for raysing more mony thereupon towards lessening the publique debts.” Several relate to the Civil List revenues. 22 papers.
5. Letters from the Comrs of Victualling, chiefly to Mr Lowndes, asking him to move the Lords of the Treasury to issue money to pay claims of their office, such as for the ships going to the Baltic. Two are for the remission of the taxes to the Commissioners and their clerks. 9 papers and enclosures.
6. Various papers connected with the affairs of the Board of Works, viz., as to the debt of the office, new seats in St. James's Park, maintenance of lamps for the Houses of Parliament, repair of road to Fulham, &c. 9 papers and enclosures.
31 Dec.
1715 to
22 Dec.
7. Weekly certificates by Archibald Douglas, of Cavers, Esq., General Receiver of the Land Tax, Crown Rents, &c, and new duties upon houses in Scotland, and paymaster of salaries, pensions, and allowances there, &c.: viz.:—of all receipts, payments, and remains of land tax, Crown rents, revenues, &c., money imprested from the Customs and Excise, arrears of Crown rents, stock of invalid money due before the Union, and new duties upon houses, viz., from 31 Dec. 1715 to 22 Dec. 1716. [Many missing.]
Undated, but supposed to be of the year 1716.
1716. 8. A short relation of the royal patrimony of the island of Minorca, showing the nature of the several taxes, both certain and uncertain, from whence the royal revenue ariseth, together with the nature of the several tithes belonging to the Crown, and set times and manner of collecting them. “Extracted from a quarto of the years 1713, 1714, 1715, and this present year 1716.”
The patrimony consisted of “alenso” or ground-rent, admortizations or quarter parts to the King out of legacies to the Church; “landimies” or tenth parts out of sales of estates; fogage, a house-tax of eight “sueldos” to be paid every seventh year, tithes or diemes on weights and measures and various produce, shipwrecks, confiscations, &c.
The paper also shows the charges on the patrimony. 4 pages.
9. Report of the Auditors of Imprest (E. Harley and T. Foley), showing the state of the Imprest accounts, with notes and orders made upon many of the entries by some one at the Treasury. 30 pages.
? 1716. 10. “An accot shewing what sum was contributed by the Rt Honble the Earl of Lincoln, as Paymaster-General of his Majesty's Forces, for purchase of annuities at 5l. p[er] cent., how much thereof has been transferr'd by his Lordp, and to whom, and from what time the annuities attending those transfers were to commence, with the sum now remaining untransferred for the use of the public, and the growing annuity with which the said Earl is to be surcharged since the said contributions were made.” 2 pages.
[After 1715.]
11. Memorial of William Duff, of Bracco, to the Hon. Sir Robert Walpole, Chancellor of the Exchequer, &c. William Duff, of Bracco, his predecessor, during the Rebellion garrisoned the Castle of Ballveny, in Bamffshire, and defended it against the rebels until it was delivered into the hands of Col. William Grant's lieutenant. Gave a general bond to the defenders securing pensions, &c. Prays to be discharged of about 200l. for non-entry dues, for which his predecessors were indebted to the Crown. 1 page.
[? 1716.] 12. Petition of the freeholders of the shire of Murray, in Scotland, to the Lords of the Treasury. In the month of December 1715 the Earl of Sutherland, Lord-Lieutenant of the above and divers other northern counties, being in great want of money for the militia then assembled against the rebels, proposed a loan of 1,000l. to be made by the freeholders of Murray, which sum was accordingly levied in the same way as the land tax and paid to the Earl, upon repeated assurance that it should be repaid by the Government. Have made repeated applications to the Earl for payment, without success, although they are informed his Lordship has had great sums bestowed on him. Pray for relief. 1 page.
[? 1716.] 13. Draft (with corrections) of a letter from [? the Secretary] to the Treasury, to the Barons of the Exchequer, in Scotland, in reply to the memorial of the University of Glasgow, desiring a new lease of the temporalities of the bishopric of Glasgow, and that besides the gifts now reserved to them out of the profits of the bishopric they may have an additional gift of 170l. per ann. [viz., 100l. for the salary of a Professor of Ecclesiastical History, and 70l. in augmentation of the salary of some of the professors]. The King is inclined to gratify them in their request. Desires the Barons' opinion.
The memorial and another on the same subject, with the following note or minute on the back:—“170l. additional, 60l to Mrs Casteares, order'd in ye D. Montrose's time.” Also copy of a warrant of 16 Dec. 1713 relating to the application of 300l. per ann. granted to the University of Glasgow. 6 pages.
[? 1716 or
14. Petition of Sir James Holburn to the King. Served as a volunteer through the Rebellion, and at the battle of Sheriff Muir, and had all the while 14 horses mounted with riders and arms, and kept a guard of 20 men at Menstrie (a place belonging to petitioner), where there is a pass from the hills three miles east of Stirling, by which the rebels made some attempts in the night, but upon the guards firing, they went no further into the country.
Petitioner's family of seven small children, being at a house of his within three miles of Bruntisland (his wife having died in July previous to the Rebellion), had the house pillaged. The children were thereupon obliged to go to Edinburgh and stay there till the Pretender left Scotland. In the reign of Charles II. petitioner's grandfather was fined 800l., and the petitioner being young at the time, neglected to apply to the King and Parliament for restitution, and he is now left with nine children and a very small fortune to subsist them. Prays for relief. 1 page.
[? After
15. Case of the estate of Robert Fenwick, late of the county of Northumberland, deceased, now vested in the Crown by the attainder of James, late Earl of Derwentwater.
It relates to a “farmhold” in Ovingham, which was granted to trustees for the use of Robert Fenwick for life on his marriage with Margaret Widdrington, and in case she survived him she was to have 20l. a year for life.
[It shows some of the family relationships of the Fenwicks]. 1 page.
[? 1716.] 16. A view of the frauds committed at the port of Inverness, containing the time of their being committed, the names of the feigned as well as real merchants, the officers concerned, the ships' masters, and places from whence they arrived, and whither they were bound, the quantity and quality of the goods, the nature of the frauds, the sums of which the Government is or was intended to be defrauded, with references to the pages of the report where each article is mentioned. 1 large page.
[? 1716 or
17. Allowances, fees, salaries, and other ancient charges allowed to the officers of his Majesty's works. 1 page.
18. Representation of Henry Wise to Lord —, relating to the state of the gardens as they were in King William's time, Queen Anne's, and his present Majesty's. In King William's time there were 73 acres, the cost 4,168l. 19s. per ann. As they now stand there are 148 acres, 2 roods, the cost 2,960l. per ann. Above 6,000l. is due to him for garden works performed during the last two reigns. Had been permitted in 1716 to take Joseph Carpenter as an assistant. [This representation was made in opposition to Mr Benson, Surveyor of his Majesty's Works, who had projected a scheme for the regulation of the gardens.] Concludes thus: “The attempt formed against me is so notoriously to my prejudice, and no saving to his Majesty in my humble opinion. I hope your Lordship will take this representation in good part. I will only add that notwithstanding the great talents and abilities of Mr Benson, I may, without vanity, believe that I understand garden business full as well, and have had more experience therein, than he has yet given specimens of, but, at the same time, I own that I am far from thinking myself a match for him in schemes and views out of my profession, which is the only thing I am willing to defend myself in on this occasion.” 2 pages.