Volume 204: January 4-July 31, 1716

Pages 252-264

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 5, 1714-1719. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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January 4–July 31, 1716

Documents for which a brief description suffices.
Date. Description of Document. From To Purport.
About 1715 or 1716. 1.
Richard Neagle - Lords of the Treasury. For 50l. 11s. 6d., &c., due in the Office of Works. 1 page.
About 1715 or 1716. 2.
Do. -
Joan Sampson, widow of William Sampson, 39 years “Cock and cryer and bell-ringer to the Palace and Chapel at Whitehall.” Do. - - For arrears of pension. 1 page.
? 1715 or 1716. 3.
Clerk of the Cheque and H.M. messengers in ordinary. Do. - - For payment of arrears due from her late Majesty. 1 page.
Perhaps 1715 or 1716. 4.
Do. -
Nicholas Hawksmoor Do. - - For 160l. 14s. 3d., as Clerk of of the Works at Kensington Palace. 1 page.
? 1715 or 1716. 5.
Do. -
Mary Britten and Mary Lawrence. Do. - - For payment of the pensions of William Fachin and Anne Edon, to whom they were administrators. 1 page.
? Beginning of 1716. 6.
John Elphinstone - Do. - - For 35l., for necessary expenses of looking after the Cotton Library, and for 10l. for a quarter's salary. 1 page.
? About 4 Jan. 7.
Do., and enclosure.
John Mason, Gentn., formerly Receiver of Taxes in the University town and county of Cambridge, now an aged prisoner in the Fleet Prison.” Do. - - For release from prison, as fully as if his composition of 350l. had been paid. 3 pages.
7 Jan. 8.
Letter and enclosure.
The Deputy Judge Advocate (Burt). William Lowndes, Esq. As to inspection of patterns of clothing of troops, settlement of off-reckonings, and contract with Mr. London, the clothier. 2 pages.
9 Jan. 9.
William Popple Do. - - For the use and inspection of books made up by the Inspector-General of Imports and Exports. 1 page.
9 Jan. 10.
Lord Halifax and two others. Lords of the Treasury. In favour of Edward Collis being admitted as a watchman or tidesman in fee at the Custom House, London. 1 page.
10 Jan. 11.
Letter -
Wm. Pulteney - Wm. Lowndes, Esq. Sends for counter-signature a warrant for restoring Capt. George Cooper to half-pay in Ireland. 1 page.
12 Jan. 12.
William Hull - Lords of the Treasury. Covering letter without enclosures. The person to whom the affidavits relate is still continued as Deputy Customer of the port of Exeter. 1 page.
13 Jan. 13.
Do. -
Lords Justices of Ireland. Do. - - About Lieut. Wm. Gunter's arrears of half-pay.
Minuted: “30th May. Ordered.” 1 page.
18 Jan. 14.
Comrs. of Customs - Mr. John Manley to succeed Mr. Henry Baker, deceased, late Surveyor-General of the riding officers for the wool business in Kent and Sussex. Recommend Mr. John Savage to be established Plantation and Western Clerk. (Copy.) 1 page.
[? About 18 Jan.] 15.
Wm. Churchill Lords of the Treasury. For a warrant to transfer the balance of an account (445l. 0s. 11½d.) to Mr. Holbeck's subsequent account of money received by him to pay arrears due in the office of Treasurer of the Chamber.
Minuted:—“18th January 1715. A warrt. to be prepard accordingly.” 1 page.
? About 19 Jan. 16.
Do. -
Edward Nicholas, Esq. Do. - - For payment of a balance of 12,904l. 7s.d. out of the Exchequer. 1 page.
19 Jan. 17.
Letter - -
Wm. Popple - - W. Lowndes, Esq. Asking that the Board of Trade may have copies of the reasons sent by the Lords of the Admiralty against the continuance of a Surveyor of H.M. Woods in America.
Minuted:—“Ordered. Copies sent accordingly.” 1 page.
19 Jan. 18.
Wm. Munday, D[eputy] Auditor of the Duchy of Cornwall. Of debentures issued by him and paid by the Receiver-General of the Duchy of Cornwall to Martin Killigrew, Esq., for the rent of Pendennis Castle. 1 page.
24 Jan. 19.
Memorial -
W. Sloper, from the Earl of Lincoln's office. Lords of the Treasury. As to the non-deduction of one day's pay in a year from the “Switz” troops lately arrived from Holland. 1 page.
25 Jan. 20
Do. -
The officers of Major-Genl. Evans's dragoons. Duke of Argyle - For representation of their case as regards the stoppage of the subsistence of the regiment and three months' British pay. 1 page.
26 Jan. 21.
Letter and enclosure.
C. Darcy and Fr. Negus. Lords of the Treasury. Showing the difference between the present establishment of the stables and that of the late Queen. 3 pages.
28 Jan. 22.
Sir William Ashhurst and the Rector and Churchwardens of Bishopsgate. In favour of Thomas Nicholls, weigher (Customs), viz., that he be employed next the men in fee. 1 page.
31 Jan. 23
Letter -
James Stanhope - Lords of the Treasury. For a credit of 1,000l. to be lodged with the Lord Justice Clerk at Edinburgh, for the use of the Earl of Sutherland. 1 page.
9 Feb. 24.
Do. -
Do. - Mr. Lowndes For an account of fees taken by the officers of the Exchequer for passing sheriffs' accounts, to be laid before the House of Commons. 1 page.
11 Feb. 25.
Letter and enclosure.
Deputy Judge Advocate (Burt). Wm. Loundes, Esq. Sends copy of report of the proceedings of the General Officers appointed to inspect the clothing of the army, wherein they say they have certified several assignments. With a list of the same. 3 pages.
11 Feb. 26.
Statement and petition.
Peter Armstrong, of Yarmouth, mercer. State of the case against him as it appeared upon the trial in Easter Term 1715. Also his petition. (Importing goods without payment of duty). 2 pages.
16 Feb. 27.
Report (copy) and estimate.
James Bruce - On Major General Evans' memorial for relief in consequence of the difference of the Establishments of England and Ireland. Dated 13 July 1714. The copy certified on 16 Feb. 1715–16. 5 pages.
[See also 25 Jan. 1716.]
[About 20 Feb.] 28.
Petition -
Richard Watkins, stationer. Lords of the Treasury. To serve the Comrs. of Customs and Excise in North Britain with stationery ware. 1 page.
21 Feb. 29.
Letter -
James Stanhope Do. - For 100l. to be paid to Dr. Lidderdale.
Minuted:—“21 Feb. 1715–16. Prepare a warrt.” 1 page, quarto.
23 Feb. 30.
Warrant, petition, and copy of report.
The Lords of the Treasury. In favour of Robt. Haydock, merchant, at Liverpool. Security for payment of his debt to the Crown. 4½ pages.
28 Feb. 31.
James Stanhope - Do. - - To give orders to satisfy two bills of 1,100l. in relation to the allowance for inspection of the demolition of Dunkirk. 1 page.
28 Feb. 32.
Lord Townshend - Do. - - For 100l. to be paid to Major Humphry Bland, who conducted the prisoners from Preston to London.
Minuted:—“Prepare a warrant accordingly.” 1 page
29 Feb. 33.
Do., and petition.
James Stanhope Do. - - The petitioner, Mrs. Sidney Johnson, prays for a pension for her and her mother for discovery of a fraud by her brother in the Stamp Office.
Minuted:—“If Mr. Johnson had any merit he had an office given him which he enjoyed during his life, and my lords do not think there is any pretence for a pension.” 2 pages.
End of Feb. 1715–16. 34.
Two memorials.
Mr. Thos. Hodges, Deputy Judge Advocate of Placentia. Prays a warrant for 207l. payable out of the contingencies of the army or respites of the garrison, being the amount of his pay from 25 April 1713 to 23 Feb. [1715–16]. 2 pages.
? 2 March. 35.
Petition -
Jeremiah Kelly, of Deal, brewer. Lords of the Treasury. Prays that his bills for money due to him may be delivered from the Victualling Office. 1 page.
3 March 36.
Letter -
John Conduit - - Do. - For payment of bills drawn upon the Lords of the Treasury for provisions supplied to the garrison of Gibraltar. 4 pages.
? About 9 March. 37.
Memorial and copy of warrant.
Wm. Brockett- - Do. - As to renewal of privy seal for an annuity or pension of 400l. per ann., and for an addition thereto of 50l. per ann., and for an arrear of 1,000l. 2 pages.
—“9th March 1715–16. The P.S. to be renewed from Midsummer 1714, and for his pension of 400l. per ann., and a sum of 50l. in gross for his extraordinary service.”
9 March 38.
Henry Neal - Do. Proposal for delivering: 250 chaldrons of coals at Gibraltar for the garrison. 1 page.
10 March 39.
Lord Townshend - Do. - For an advance to Horatio Walpole, Esq., H.M. Minister at the Hague, of a further sum of 200l. 1 page.
15 March 40.
Do. -
James Stanhope - Do. - For directions to be given to pay Capt. Thomas Philips for his disbursements. 1 page.
20 March 41.
Two certificates.
(1) The Mayor and Corporation of Colchester and Justices of Essex.
(2) Divers members of Parliament.
In favour of Thomas Smith being appointed a Port Surveyor or to some such office in the Customs. 2 pages.
1715–16 42.
Report -
Comrs. for Hides, &c. Lords of the Treasury. On the petition of the Keepers of the Great and Little Parks at Windsor as to the taxes on her late Majesty's little house, and for the above parks.
Minuted:—“21 June 1716. My Lords cannot stay the process.”
Two enclosures. 5¼ pages.
20 March 43.
Benjamin Quelch - Relating to the Spanish sloop “St. Michael,” made before the Collector of Customs in the province of South Carolina. 1½ pages.
20 March 44.
Tender for contract.
John Thompson To supply coals for the garrisons of Gibraltar and Port Mahon. ½ page.
25 March 45.
Mr. Whitaker, scavenger. Stating that it requires the sign manual for payment of his claim for carrying away the soil, and for cleaning and raking before St. James's Palace, notwithstanding the Lord Chamberlain's warrant is granted. ½ page.
26 March 46.
Letter -
James Stanhope Lords of the Treasury. For a present to be made to “the five Indian nations.”
Minuted:—“25th April 1716. Mr. Bampfeild to buy these presents as signified in the enclosed letter.” 1 page.
26 March 47.
Do. -
Do. - - Do. - For all papers relating to the Palatines, who were sent to the West Indies, to be laid before the House of Commons. 1 page.
[? About 29 March.] 48.
Representation, complaint, and further petition.
James Smith - Do. - - Prays for remission of 360l. obtained by verdict against him in the Court of Exchequer in connexion with certain brandy seized. 1½ pages.
31 March 49.
Geo. Trenchard - Wm. Lowndes, Esq. As to the dismissal of ? Lieut. Richard Dove from a Custom House smack belonging to Poole. 1 page.
7 April 50.
Do. -
James Stanhope Lords of the Treasury. Sir James Jefferys to be put on the Establishment of Ireland as he formerly was at 10s. a day.
Minuted:—“Send this to Lords Justices of Ireland.” 2 pages.
9 April 51.
Report, petition, and two other papers.
A. Cracherode - Do. - As to warrant to the Attorney Genl. to cause satisfaction to be acknowledged upon the record of conviction for a fine of 50l. due from James Wilson alias Williams, convicted of assault with intent to rob.
Minuted:—“17th May 1716. The Attorney Genll. to acknowledge satisfaction upon record.” 3 pages and 2 halves.
11 April 52.
James Stanhope Do. - - For the present to the Five Indian Nations to be delivered to Mr. George Bampfield. 1 page.
23 April 53.
Wm. Popple - - William Lowndes, Esq. For an account to be sent of the duties paid upon calicoes printed or stained in this kingdom, &c. Plantation Office, Whitehall, 23 Apr. 1716. 1 page.
24 April 54.
Lord Townshend - Lords of the Treasury. For a warrant for the usual allowances to the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Rothes, the King's Commissioner for the General Assembly in North Britain.
Minuted:—“25 April 1716. Prepare a warrt.” 1 page.
26 April 55.
Lords or the Treasury. Auditor of the Receipt of the Exchequer. To make and pass debentures for paying Joseph Lawson, Esq., or his assigns, 50l. as one of the serjeants-at-arms. 1 page.
1 May 56.
Letter -
Lord Chamberlain (Bolton). Lords of the Treasury. For 100 guineas to be paid to John Ingliss, Esq., Marshal of the Ceremonies, as a present from his Majesty to Mr. D'Alcega, who brought the express from the Emperor of the birth of the Archduke of Austria. 1 page.
3 May 57.
Do. -
Lord Townshend - Do. - - For the advance of 300l. to Horatio Walpole, Esq., H.M. Minister and Plenipotentiary at the Hague. 1 page.
3 May 58.
Report - -
Comrs. for Hides, &c. Do. - About Mr. Molyneux's extended estate, he being a considerable debtor to the Crown as Receiver Genl. of Taxes for Lancashire. Two enclosures. 5 pages.
4 May 59.
Wm. Gifford - Mr. Lowndes - Encloses memorial of the late Comrs. for disbanding the Marines. Asks that Sir Roger Mostyn may be ordered to pay their claim for carrying out their commission. 4 pages.
5 May 60.
Do. -
Duke of Bolton - Lords of the Treasury. For 200l. to be paid as a present to Mons. Holzen, minister from the King of Denmark, on his departure. 1 page.
7 May 61.
Mr. Secretary Stanhope. Lords of the Treasury. For orders to be given for the annual payment of 50l. mentioned in the petition of the Treasurer and Trustees of the Charity School at Kensington.
Minuted:—“21st August 1716. Prepare a sign manual. 10th Sept. 1716. A warrt. sign'd.” 1 page.
10 May 62.
Do. -
Lord Townshend - Do. - For payment to be made of 500l. as a reward for apprehending James Talbot, Esq., who lately escaped from Newgate. 1 page.
11 May 63.
Memorial -
The Cofferer - Do. - - For 2,000l., wanted to pay the customs of the wines, imported for the King's service, and 500l. more for the weekly payments to the Envoy of “Tripolis.”
Minuted:—“19th June 1716. Ordered.”
Encloses the application received from the Board of Green Cloth thereon. 2 pages.
[? About 14 May.] 64.
William Brooking and Thomas Ayles, of London, merchants, for themselves and the owners of the ships “Two Friends” and “Portsmouth Galley.” For payment of the bills for provisions and clothing taken from them for the garrison of Placentia, who were in a starving condition.
Also copies of the bills.
Minuted:—“14th May 1716. Ref. to Mr. Sloper to make a full representation of the petr's. case to their Lops., with his opinion.” 3 pages.
18 May 65.
Letter -
Lord Townshend - Lords of the Treasury. Encloses report of the Secretary at War, relating to the demand of Major-Genl. Evans, touching the difference of pay between the Establishment of Great Britain and Ireland, amounting to 703l. 8s. 6d., and gives his Majesty's directions for payment of the same.
Minuted:—“30th May 1716. Mr. Merril to prepare such a warrt. as is proper in this case.” 3 pages.
20 May 66.
Mr. Secretary Stanhope. Lords of the Treasury. For the payment of 400l. to Francis Bergoin, despatched hither from Constantinople, as a consideration for his journeys. 1 page.
25 May 67.
Randolph Harper, Tidewaiter at Bristol. Do. - - To be reinstated in his office or to be provided for in another port. 1 page.
26 May 68.
Letter - -
Secretary Stanhope - Do. - For 200l. to be paid to Col. Charles Douglas, his Majesty's Minister at the Court of France.
Minuted:—“30th May 1716. Prepare a warrt.” 1 page.
[? End of May.] 69.
Nicholas Mann, King's waiter in the port of London. Do. - - For Thomas Wilkins to be appointed as his deputy.
Also copy of certificate in favour of Wilkins. 2 pages.
[? About 1 June.] 70.
Petition -
Mr. John Middleton Do. For an order to be issued to Sir Roger Mostyn to pay 1,821l. 17s. 5d., due to Sir Geo. Mathews, upon an assignment for clothing Sir Harry Goring's regiment, late Marines.
Minuted:—“1st June 1716. Read. P'pare a S. Manual setting forth the reasons for allowing this to the regimt., & authorising Sr. R. M. to pay it.”
Two other papers relating to the above. 5 pages.
2 June 71.
Letter -
Walter Chetwynd - As to the claims of Tho. Allen for his services against the rioters in Staffordshire. At the foot is:—“Memm. 200l. for this service.” 1 page.
[? About 15 June.] 72.
Master of the Robes Lords of the Treasury. For money to complete the payment for his Majesty's Coronation robes.
Also schedule of the debts for the same. 2 pages.
[? About 16 June.] 73.
Robert Payne, of Playhatch. The King For consideration of his deplorable case, and for relief by a privy seal or otherwise, he having executed a bond whereby he was involved in the bankruptcy of Thomas Crabb, senior, and Thomas Crabb, junior, who were debtors to the Excise. 1 page.
18 June 74
Letter - -
Mr. Secretary Stanhope. Lords of the Treasury. For 100l. to be paid to Dr. Lidderdale.
Minuted:— “Prepare a S. M. agt. to morr.” 1 page.
19 June 75.
Sums to be issued to several offices, such as the bake-house, buttery, &c. ½ page.
20 June 76.
Account or Table.
Showing instances where the governors in the plantations have received the ⅓rd of seizures and forfeitures due to the Crown.
Signed:—Robt. Paul, Ast. Coll. 20 June 1716. 1 page.
(Probably an enclosure.)
20 and 21 June. 77.
Copy of Memorial and report.
Lords of the Treasury. As to the securities proposed by Francis Hawes, Esq., by whom the office of Receiver-General and Cashier of Customs was to be performed.
Also copy of the order of the Lords of the Treasury for the King's Remembrancer or his deputy to take the securities. 3 pages.
23 June 78.
Mayor, Aldermen, and Common Council of Bridge water. Do. - Praying for the continuance in his office of Nicholas Jefferys, Collector of the Port, who is likely to be discharged; and bearing testimony to his diligence, discretion, and loyalty. Signed by the Mayor, and sealed with the corporation seal. 1 page.
[? About 27 June.] 79.
Memorial and four other papers.
Captain Thomas Agnew, agent to the Royal Regiment of North British Dragoons, in behalf of the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Stair and the officers of that regiment. Do. - As to 909l. 16s. 9d. issued by the Paymaster - General on account of the clearings of the regiment until the demand was supplied by Parliament.
Minuted:—“27th June 1716. Read. He must apply to the Comrs. for Stating the Debts of the Army.” 5 pages.
29 June 80.
Mr. Secretary Stanhope. Do. Sends petition of Sir James Jefferys. If the representations are true their Lps. are to order him to be replaced on the Establishment of Ireland at 10s. a day. 2 pages.
29 June 81.
Merchants—contractors for naval stores. Do. - For allowance of interest on their bills.
Minuted:—“Read 29 Jan. 1716. My Lords cannot grant this.” 1 page.
29 June 82.
Letter - -
Mr. Secretary Stanhope. Lords of the Treasury. Signifying his Majesty's pleasure that Brigadier Petit have an allowance of 30s. per day as Chief Engineer of Minorca, in the room of Col. Durand, deceased, to be paid out of the revenues of that Island.
Minuted:—“30th July 1716. Ordered.” 1½ pages.
[? About June.] 83.
Sir William Dixwell, of Cotton, co. Warwick. Do. - - For letters of privy seal to discharge him from moneys payable on the creation of his baronetey. 1 page.
30 June 84.
Duke of Bolton Do. For 1,000l. to be ordered for the Marquis de Trivii, Ambassador from the King of Sicily, on his departure.
Minuted:—“24th July 1716. Prepare a warrt.” 1 pages.
2 July 85.
Petition, two certificates, and three receipts.
John Wynne, Esq., High Sheriff of the co. of Flint. Do. - As to an order to receive from the Receiver of the Crown Revenue of North Wales, 40l. which was paid by the sheriff for the apprehension of John David, convicted of felony and burglary, and executed for the same. 4 pages.
3 July 86.
Mr. Secretary Stanhope. Do. - For preparation of warrants, the King having complied with the prayer in the memorial of the Lord Lovat. 1 page.
3 July 87.
Earl of Orkney - Mr. Lowndes - For despatch of Lord Glenorchy's business, who is married to the Earl of Orkney's sister. Hopes it may be ordered before the King's going. 1 page.
3 July 88.
Winton, Pro-Registrar of Seizures, Custom House, London. As to payment of 255l. 18s. 9d. into the Exchequer by William Hunter, for H.M. moiety of a seizure. 1 page.
5 July 89.
Two lists -
Robert Cannon, Sub-Almoner. Sums due in the Treasurer of Chamber's Office at Midsummer 1716. 2 pages.
5 July. 90.
Letter -
Mr. Secretary Stanhope. Lords of the Treasury. For immediate payment of 100l. to Don Mercador, Deputy from Minorca, and afterwards monthly at the rate of 300l. per ann.
Minuted:—“27th July 1716. Order'd.” 1 page.
16 July. 91.
Letter -
Lord Gallway- - Lords of the Treasury. Recommending a pension to Barbara, the widow of Captain Embree. 1 page.
16 July. 92.
Tho. Colby - - Mr. Lowndes - Sends copy of sign-manual for payment to the Comrs. for Transportation, of 4,607l. 19s. 8d. for the directions of the Lords of the Treasury.
Minuted:—“25th July 1716. Ref. to Lord Carnarvon.” 1 page.
29 Feb.–18 July. 93.
Showing the money arising by the sale of tin. 7 double pages or parts.
18 July. 94.
Do. -
Of the payment of Justices in the counties of Wales. Signed by Wm. Clayton or Lord Halifax. 5 pages or parts.
18 July. 95.
Letter -
Comrs. of Forfeited Estates. Lords of the Treasury. Recommend Mr. Joseph Henry to be receiver of the estate of the late James, Duke of Ormond, in Ireland.
Minuted:—“19th July 1716, l're writ accordingly.” 1 page.
19 July. 96.
Letter and estimate.
Tho. Colby - - Mr. Lowndes - For issue of 3,951l. 12s, 7d. to the Treasurer and Paymaster of the Transport Service for transporting the Dutch troops.
Minuted:—“Warrt. sign'd 30th July.” 2 pages.
[? About 20 July.] 97.
Memorial -
George Bampfield, gent. Lords of the Treasury. For an order to pay 29l. 11s. 8d. for freight of the presents to the five Indian nations.
Minuted:—“20th July 1716. Write to the Board of Ordnance to include the freight in the estimate.”
Again:—“L're sent to Ordnance.” 1 page.
21 July. 98.
Ad. Cardonnel - For a warrant to discharge the late Commissr. Dummer's estate of any pretensions from the Post-Office. Is one of the chief creditors. Chiswick. 1 page.
26 July. 99.
Comrs. for Forfeitures Lords of the Treasury. Nomination of William Kenedy, Esq., to receive from their Lps. moneys arising from forfeitures by way of imprest to pay salaries of inferior officers, &c.—Speaker's Chambers. Their officers will set out for Scotland as soon as the money demanded is paid; 1 page.
26 July. 100.
Do. -
Do. - Do. - - Do. in favour of Chambers Slaughter, Esq. Their officers will set out for Lancashire as soon as the money demanded is paid. 1 page.
30 July. 101.
John Mostyn, in the absence of Sir Roger Mostyn. Do. - - On the memorial of Lord Shannon, Lt.-Genl. Wills, and the Executors of Lt.-Genl. Holt respecting the payment of assignments to the clothiers of the three regiments lately commanded by them. The memorial and an account of the assignments made, and the neat off-reckonings. 3 pages.
31 July. 102.
P. Methuen - - Sir Clement Cottrel. The ships for the Mediterranean are to sail immediately. The Tripoli Envoy and his retinue must be on board. 1 page.
31 July. 103.
Do. -
Do. - - Lords of the Treasury. For 500l. yearly to be continued to Don Juan Baptista Uzardi, who is employed in soliciting the concerns of H.M. subjects at Madrid.
Minuted:—“6th Aug. 1716. Prepare a P. Seal for this 500l. a year from the time of his last paymt.” 1½ pages.