Volume 205: August 3-December 19, 1716

Pages 264-278

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 5, 1714-1719. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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August 3–December 19, 1716

Date. Description of Document. From To Purport.
[? After July.] 1.
Petition -
Sir Thomas D'Aeth, of Knowlton (Kent). Lords of the Treasury. For a Privy Seal to discharge him from the payment due to his Majesty on his being created a baronet. 1 page.
[? About 3 Aug.] 2.
Memorial -
Rebeeca Davison, widow. Lords of the Treasury. Asks that Mr. Merrill may forthwith transfer to her an assignment arising out of an army clothing contract with her husband.
Minuted:—“3rd August 1716. My Lords can give no directions but what are agreeable to the constant usage of the army, and particularly of the troops of Guards.” Also “Mr. Merrill's answer to Mrs. Davison's petic'on.” 2 pages.
4 Aug. 3.
Report -
S. Godolphin, Auditor Do. - On the petition of Richard Whittingham, Esq., late Receiver-General of the Land Tax for Kesteven and Holland (Lincoln), as to payments made by him for raising recruits.
The petition and three other papers. 5¼ pages.
[? About 6 Aug.] 4.
John Kent. Esq. Do. - Arrears of salary as a Comr. of Customs, North Britain.
Minuted:—“6th August 1716. Read. Inquire if Mr. Kent has paid his ballance as Collr. of Lynn, and if so make a warrt. for his arrear of salary as Comr. of Cust. in Scotland.” 2 pages.
6 Aug. 5.
Comrs. of Forfeited Estates. Do. - - Recommend Mr. Hugh Henry to be Receiver of the Forfeitures in Ireland in the room of Joseph Henry, deceased. 1 page.
Minuted:—“6 Augt. 1716. My Lds. agree to this.”
7 Aug. 6.
Do. Do. - - Returning the draft of a commission for appointing an agent. ¾ page.
8 Aug. 7.
Bill of Charges
For passing the accounts of Philip Packer, Esq., late Paymaster of the Works. 2 pages and 2 parts.
[? About 8 Aug.] 8.
Memorial -
Captain Thomas Agnew, Agent to the Royal Regiment of North British Dragoons, in behalf of the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Stair and other officers of that regimt. Lords of the Treasury. For a warrant for the passing of Mr. Moor's accounts (who was late Paymaster-General), in respect of certain clearings.
Minuted:—“8th August 1716. Prepare a warrt. to Mr. Moore to remove this from the clearings, and be allowed upon acct. of forage to that regiment.”
Copies of three other papers on the same subject 3 pages.
11 Aug. 9.
Letter and petition.
Lords Justices of Ireland. Lords of the Treasury. Send petition of the Earl of Lifford. Recommend that he receive the arrears of his half pay.
Minuted:—“18th September 1716. Prepare warrt.” 2 pages.
11 Aug. 10.
Wm. Pulteney - Wm. Lowndes, Esq. Sends warrant signed by the Prince of Wales, allowing the forces of the States General 28 days' pay, &c., for countersignature of the Lords of the Treasury. 1 page.
[? About 13 Aug.] 11.
Petition and affidavit.
Henrietta Custis - Lords of the Treasury. For a dormant warrant to receive the salary of John Custis, her father, late a King's waiter, deceased. 2 pages.
15 Aug. 12.
Report -
Lord Galway Do. - The pension of Sir James Jeffereys of 10s. a day to ease the public expense was left out of the present establishment. Submits whether it be proper to restore it.
Also petition and letter.
Minuted:—“28th September 1716. My Lords agree to the rept.” 3 pages.
6 Aug. 13.
Letter -
John Crookshanke - John Kent, Esq., “at the nine roles,” a baker's, over against Norfolk Street, and near Saint Clement's Church in the Strand. In answer to various queries which touch upon Kent's arrears of salary. Custom House, Edinburgh.
Also a certificate. 2 pages.
[? About 17 Aug.] 14.
Memorial -
John, Lord Glenorchy Lords of the Treasury. For directions for a warrant for his discharge from the penalty incurred by him for non-appearance upon the summons of the Lords of Justiciary in Scotland.
Also the form of the warrant.
Second Minute:—“4th 7br. 1716. My Lords have not rec'd the King's order for this, and do not think it advisable to be done at all.” 1½ pages.
18 Aug. 15.
Letter -
Duke of Somerset Lords of the Treasury. Reminding them of the debt for the stables. The tradesmen complain that goods have been delivered since and paid for.
Minuted:—“Order'd what has been issued for extrarys. of ye stables. 2 pages.
[? About 18 Aug.] 16.
Petition, &c.
George Worden Do. - In his absence at the assizes has been deprived of his place as a tidesman. Prays for another post.
Also a testimonial in his favour. [He had drawn the odium of the country on him in serving the Government.]
Minuted:—“3d September 1716. Write a lre. to take off the suspension, and to present him the first vacancy for a tidesman on the superior list.”
Again:—“4th Sepr. 1716. Lre. writ to Comrs. Customes.” 2 pages.
21 Aug. 17.
Comrs. for Forfeited
Do. Complain that the fees of 12s. 6d. are demanded at the Exchequer on paying in 2l. 12s. 1 page.
21 Aug. 18.
Do. -
Comrs. of Excise,
Do. - Have directed Mr. Robert Forrest to continue to act as Accountant-General for the Old and New Duties of Excise, &c., the business of Accountant-General having so much increased. 1½ pages.
21 Aug. 19.
Sir Isaac Newton Do. - - Prays an order to issue out of the coinage duty a sum not exceeding 36l. for the charges of a dinner for the jury at the trial of the Pix. 1 page.
24 Aug. 20.
Harriot Howard For payment of debt due to her father. Knows Mr. Walpole has good nature enough to prevent the ruin of the family. Dated Germyn Street.
From a memorandum dated 24 Aug. 1716, on the back, it appears he was paid to Midsummer 1716. 1 page.
29 Aug. 21.
Do. -
Alexr. Abercromby - Asks him to put Mr. Walpole in mind of his promise to pay the Earl of Findlater's arrears, and that the arrears and his current pension may be paid to Mr. Middleton, the Earl's factor. 1 page.
31 Aug. 22.
Letter -
P. Methuen Lords of the Treasury. For a gratuity to John Holst, a serjeant, who, with two other soldiers, guarded and brought home the late Lord Duffus, a prisoner.
Minuted:—“4th September 1716. Order'd 50l., 25l. to the serjeant, and 12l. 10s. to each of the soldiers, to be paid by the hands of Mr. Cracherode.” 1 page.
3 Sept. 23.
Do. -
Do. - - Do. - - For 1,000l. to be lodged with the Treasurer of the Chamber to defray the expense of the messengers who are sent abroad.
Minuted:—“4th Septr. 1716. Order'd.” 1 page.
3 Sept. 24.
Do. - - Do. - - For 36l. to be paid to Lieut. Thos. Aldcroft for his expense in being maliciously prosecuted on account of his zeal for the King and Government.
Minuted:—“10th Septr. 1716. To be paid by Mr. Crachrode.” 1 page.
4 Sept. 25.
Lords Justices of Ireland (signed Gallway). Do. - - In favour of Captain Adam Blair for his half-pay of a captain, or the making his pension of 100l. p. ann. equal to the whole pay of a captain according to his petition.
Minuted:—“To be laid before the King.”
The petition and a certificate. 2½ pages.
4 Sept. 26.
Do. -
Comrs. of Forfeitures Do. - - Complain that the agent, Lewis Elstobb, appointed to receive the moneys, is not attending his duties. Office at Preston.
Minuted:—“Read 10 Sept. 1716.” 1 page.
[? About 5 Sept.] 27.
Memorial -
William Newlin - Do. - - Prays to be appointed to succeed William Hurrell as land waiter at the port of Plymouth.
Certificate in his favour.
Minuted:—“Read 5 7br 1716. This place is disposed.” 2 pages.
[? About 5 Sept.] 28.
Mr. Niell Campbell and Mr. Patrick Campbell, Secretaries, and for the other servants of the Board of Police [? Scotland]. Lords of the Treasury. For a privy seal to be granted to pay 600l. for two years' salaries, and for directions for the future.
Minuted:—“Read 5 Sepr. 1716.” 1 page.
7 Sept. 29.
Comrs. for Forfeited Estates. Do. - Desiring their Lps. to appoint some person to set the untenanted estates of persons forfeited.
Minuted:—“11th September 1716. My Lords conceive that the powers are vested in the Comrs. by Act of Parliament, and that their Lops. have no power to intermeddle.” 1 page.
8 Sept. 30.
Do. -
Lord Leven - - Draws attention to a small claim he has upon the Government which, owing to the indisposition of Lord Carlisle and the Rebellion, “has fallen by.” Balgonie. 1 page.
[About 10 Sept.] 31.
Lord Lovat Rt. Hon. Robt. Walpole, Esq., First Lord of the Treasury. For the appointment of his kinsman, Mr. Frederick Fraser, Burgess of Inverness, as surveyor of Customs there, he having been active against the rebels, and in getting a loyal member of Parliament for the town. 1 page.
[? About 10 Sept.] 32.
Thomas Kinaston, clerk of the works at Somerset House. Lords of the Treasury. For an allowance until the lodgings for the clerk of the works are restored to him.
Minuted:—“10th Septr. 1716. The King has signifyd his pleasure that the petr. should have this office, and my Lords do not think fit to give him any allowance.” 1 page.
[? About 1 Sept.] 33.
Do. -
William Dignall, of Jamaica. Do. - Asks to be appointed to examine and account for goods, plate, &c. taken up from wrecks by persons without grants, as well as from persons who have grants.
Minuted:—“11 Septr. 1716. My Lords do not see any reason to erect such an office.” 1½ pages.
14 Sept. 34.
Report -
P. Medows - - Lords of the Treasury “The Comptrollers's Report upon ye Contractor's Lists, from 21 May to 15 July 1716, & 2 certificates of June 23, and July 12, 1716, for victling the garrison of Gibraltar.”
Minuted:—“To Ld. Lincoln to make a demand.” 2 pages.
18 Sept. 35.
Arthur Branthwayt, junr., Secretary of the Comrs. for Forfeited Estates. William Lowndes,
The Comrs. conceive that they are not authorized by the Act to set such forfeited estates as they find untenanted. Asks him to point out the paragraphs in the Act giving them that authority. Office at Preston, 18 Sept. 1716. 1 page.
19 Sept. 36.
Earl of Stair - - Extraordinary expenses from 19 June to 19 Sept. 1716.
One of the items is:—“For correspondence and intelligence from the several towns and ports at France concerning the Pretender, the rebels and their adherents in those parts. 65l. 1 page.
20 Sept. 37.
Letter -
Sam. Shepheard - Recommends Wm. Yealder for a coast waiter's place.—Bishopsgate St.
The petition of William Yealder, and two other testimonials at the foot. 2½ pages.
20 Sept. 38.
Do. -
Fr. Negus - - Begs his favour to sign an order in favour of the huntsmen before he goes out of town. Encloses state of the arrears and list of persons attending the hounds.
Minuted:—“Prepare warts. to Midsr.”
The paper named. 3 pages, quarto.
20 Sept. 39.
Do. - -
Duke of Bolton - Lords of the Treasury. As to payment of the instrumental musicians in Mr. Clayton's office. Also a list headed:—“Her late Majesty's annuall pentions to his late Royall Highness George Prince of Denmark's musick.” 2 pages.
21 Sept. 40.
Do. - -
Robert Clayton - William Lowndes,
About money for recruits paid by Receiver of the Land Tax. Also letter from Tho. Jett, and an abstract prepared by him. 4 pages.
21 Sept. 41.
Dormant warrant.
Lords of the Treasury. Receivers-General and Cashiers of Customs. For payment to Charles Godolphin, Esq., of 50l. per ann. for a clerk on account of the Register of Scotland. 1 page.
[? About 24 Sept.] 42.
John Lethem, the King's master smith in North Britain. Lords of the Treasury. For payment of his bills for ironwork in Holyrood House.
Minuted:—“24th September 1716. Rejected.”
Three accounts of the work done. 4 pages.
[? About 25 Sept.] 43.
Do. -
John Brougham, Esq., brother and executor of Thomas Brougham, Esq., deceased late Recr.-Genl. for Cumberland and Westmorland. Do. - For payment of 1,147l. 6s., to defray his extra expenses, &c., the district being so remote.
Minuted: — “25th Sepr. 1716. To be considered with the rest of the peticons. of this nature.” 1 page.
[? About 26 Sept.] 44.
Do. - -
Edward Le Neve Do. - For restoration of his son as Searcher in the Port of London.
Minuted:—“26th September. Read and rejected.”
Also a letter from him as inspector and auditor of certain accounts of money stopped at the Exchequer upon annuities and stipends, the moneys of which go in aid of several parishes in the liberty of Westminster. 2 pages.
27 Sept. 45.
Letter -
Lord Gallway - - Do. In favour of a warrant for arrears of half-pay to Denny Cuffe, Gustavus Hamilton, and Edmund Macnaghton, cornets in a regiment of dragoons. Dublin Castle.
Memorial, and another report on the same subject.
Minuted:—“26th July 1717. To be laid before the King.” 4 pages.
27 Sept. 46.
Affidavit -
Michael Cole, of Stepney, Middlesex, mariner. “Affidt. agt. ye Governor & agt. of Charlestowne in South Carolina, who assaulted ye Custome ho. officers in ye execucon of their duty.” 6½ pages.
28 Sept. 47.
J. Burchett (Admiralty). Wm. Lowndes, Esq. Transmits the petition of the widows of the marine officers for the arrears of their pensions.
Minuted:—“1st Octr. 1716. My Lords have ordered this to be paid out of mo. in the hands of the paymr. of the marines.”
Also the petition. 2 pages.
29 Sept. 48.
Do. -
Lord Townshend Lords of the Treasury. For payment of the bill of extraordinary, expenses made by Mr. Henneker, his Majesty's Secretary at Copenhagen. Also for arrears to Mr. Hanneker and Mr. Schaub.
Also the bill of extraordinaries.
Minuted:—“Mr. Powys to state wt. is due to them. Warrt. signd 26th Novr.” 3 pages.
1 Oct. 49.
Memorial -
Thomas Morgan Do. - - Asks to be provided for. Lord Conningsby had already recommended him. 1 page.
[? About 2 Oct.] 50.
Robert Mason, waterman. Do. - - Prays to be appointed as boatman to the Custom House, London. Has always shown his zeal for the present Government by voting for Mr. Middleton and Mr. Honywood, and afterwards for Mr. Honywood at Chelmsford in Essex.
Minuted:—“2nd Oct. 1716. My Lords agree to this petition if there is a vacancy.” 1 page.
[? About 2 Oct.] 51.
Do. - -
Edward Pollington, Collector of Customs at Newhaven, Sussex. Do. - - For the office of Surveyor or Landwaiter in the Port of London.
Minuted:—“2d Oct. 1716. My Lords will consider him when there is a vacancy.” 1 page.
16 Oct. 52.
Letter -
J. Burchett - Wm. Lowndes, Esq. Their Lps. have no objection to Captain John Walton going in one of the ships for Jamaica, but do not see what advantage his going will be to the naval service, &c.
Minuted:—“8 Nov. 1716. Report this.” 1 page.
3 Nov. 53.
Thomas Moulton, mariner, master of the ship “Royal Exchange.” As to the arrival at Antigua of Walter Hamilton, Esq., Governor of the Leeward and Carribee Islands, and as to the taking upon himself the Governorship thereof. ½ page.
[? About 8 Nov.] 54.
Petition -
Richard Dawson Lords of the Treasury. States his services in making seizures, capturing owlers, and in proposing a method for guarding the coast of Kent and Sussex. Complains of his character being misrepresented.
Minuted:—“8 Nov. 1716. Read.” 1 page.
[? About 8 Nov.] 55.
William Fenwick, waterman. Do. Prays to be promoted to row Mr. Canby, Surveyor of the Deputy Searchers in Port of London.
Minuted:—“8 Nov. 1716. May apply to the Comrs. Cust.” 1 page.
[? About 8 Nov.] 56.
Lionel Norman, late Comr. of Customs. Do. - Prays to be appointed to succeed Mr. Caley in the Commission for the Customs and Salt Duties in Scotland. Was one of the first officers sent down after the Union.
Minuted:—“8 Nov. 1716. Read.” 1 page.
13 Nov. 57.
Memorial -
Board of Works Do. For payment of the debt for the office.
Minuted:—“15 Nov. 1716. Lre. writ.” 1 page.
13 Nov. 58.
Thomas Morgan Do. - For an employment in the Customs.
Minuted:—“14th Nov. 1716. To be considered.”
Also two brief notes on the same subject, dated 13 Nov. 1716. 1 page and two parts.
[After 13 Nov.] 59.
Do. - -
John Wickstead, serjeant, and Samuel Curry, private in Brigadier Killigrew's, now Major-Genl. Pepper's, regiment of dragoons, and Richard Browne of the same regiment. Do. - - For their subsistence. [They were taken prisoners at Elchia in Spain, in Oct. 1706, and remained in Spain and France till the general release of prisoners in 1709, and arrived in Ghent, in Flanders, 3 June 1709.]
Also six certificates. 7 pages or parts.
15 Nov. 60.
Letter -
Henry Harcourt Lords of the Treasury. As to a difference between him (the Controller of the Two Million Adventure of 1711) and the Paymaster, who refused to give an account of what he paid each day.
Minuted:—“16 Nov. 1716. Send Mr. Colt a copie of the 5th and 6th Articles of Instructions to the Comptr., and my Lords direct him to comply with the same.” 1 page.
16 Nov. 61.
Do. -
P. Methuen - Do. - For 1,000l. to be lodged with the Treasurer of the Chamber to pay messengers sent abroad.
Minuted:—“Ordered.” 1 page.
20 Nov. 62.
Do. -
J. Merrill - Hon. William Lowndes, Esq. Denying some misrepresentation made by Mr. Howe to the Lords of the Treasury. 2 pages.
22 Nov. 63.
Report and memorial.
Mr. Pulteney - - Lords of the Treasury. Upon Mr. Moore's memorial for an allowance for his Deputies abroad.
Minuted:—“These allowances may be made by P. S. 29 Nov. 1716.” 2 pages.
[20 or 23 Nov.] 64.
Lieut.-Gen. Charles Wills. Do. Touching the affairs of Robert Peters, late Receiver-General of Hertfordshire, a bankrupt, and of Sir Bibye Lake, who was possessed of a considerable part of Peter's estate, on which memorialist had a claim.
Minuted:—“23d November 1716. Read.” 1 page: breaks off abruptly.
[? Same date.] 65.
Sir Bibye Lake, Bart. Do. On the same subject.
Minuted:—“23 Novr. 1716. Read. My Lords cannot agree to repay the 2,257l. to Sir B. Lake, nor direct the assignments to be re-delivered.” 1 page.
[? About 26 Nov.] 66.
Letter -
Sir Gilbert Heathcote Hon. Robert Walpole, Esq., Chancellor of the Exchequer. Introduces Mr. Samuel Westall, his Lieut.-Col., to return his thanks for the gift of “the place.”
Minuted:—“26th Novr. 1716. Westal to have Hagar's place. A lre. to be sent to the E. I. Company accordingly.” 1 small page.
[? About 26 Nov.] 67.
Petition -
Sydney Godolphin, Auditor of Wales, &c. Lords of the Treasury. For a dormant warrant for payment of his “salaries” and arrears.
Minuted:—“26th November 1716. Ordered.” 1 page.
[? About 30 Nov.] 68.
Samuel Edwin, Esq., Usher of the Exchequer. Do. - As to the method in which the arrears of the office were discharged on the demise of the Sovereign. His arrears now amount to 17,000l., of which about 8,000l. depend on the Civil List. Prays payment of 1,698l. 8s.d.
There are two minutes on back, viz. (1), on 30 Nov., and (2), on 18th Dec. 1716. The latter is:—“What is due to X's., 1713, to be paid to the Usher presently—874l. 2s.d.” 1 page.
30 Nov. 69.
J. Taylour Christopher Tilson Sends the names given to him by Mr. Cracherode to be inserted in the Commission for taking an Inquisition of the real estate of the late Lord Bolingbroke. 1 page.
3 Dec. 70.
Mr. George Barclay, late Minist er at Mordington. Is reduced to the greatest straits, being out of place and suffering injuries from his affection to the present Government.
Minuted:—“6th Dec. 1716. Mr. Barclay to have the 100l. p[er] ann. lately pd. to the Bp. of Edinburg, as also the last ½ year due. Warrt. sign'd. 12th Dec. 1716.” ¼ page.
4 Dec. 71.
J. Merrill Lords of the Treasury. For a “debt left in quartering at Kingston, &c. by the Royal Regt. of Horse Guards 10th December 1716.”
Minuted:—“Order'd.” 2 pages.
7 Dec. 72.
Report -
Controllers of army accounts. Do. - On Mr. Missing's contract for victualling the Garrison of Gibraltar. 3,661l. 3s. 9d. is due to him.
Minuted:—“7th December 1716. Order'd out of malt tallys in the hands of the Earl of Lincoln.” 4 pages.
7 Dec. 73.
Letter - -
Sir Gilbert Heathcote. As to the appointment of Col. Westall to some place in the Customs. 1 page.
[? About 7 Dec.] 74.
Lords of the Treasury. For furniture and work done for the Treasury.
Minuted:—“7th Decr. 1716. These bills to be exd., & the tradesmen's bills & rects. produc't, & a warrt. to be prepar'd in the name of Mr. Mann upon lres. pats. dormant.” 3 pages.
10 Dec. 75.
Duke of Bolton Master of the Great Wardrobe. For delivery to the master of H.M. barges, of the liveries for the 12 pensionary, watermen.
Minuted:—“Let this warrant be executed. Whitehall, Treasury Chambers, 21 Decr. 1716.” 1 page.
[? About 10 Dec.] 76.
Daniel Tarvin - - Lords of the Treasury. For the place of surveyor at Berwick. Had removed from Ireland, expecting to make an exchange.
Minuted:—“10th December 1716. Agreed to.” 1 page.
[? About 11 Dec.] 77.
Charles Mason, Esq. Do. - For additional salary as late Treasurer of the Transports.
Minuted:—“11th December 1716. Read. See the former minute. My Lords have made as great allowances of the public money as they lawfully can, and his salary having been settled by the Queen's warrt., by which he acted, my Lords cannot make him any further allowance of salary after his office ceased.” 1 page.
12 Dec. 78.
Letter - -
J. Burchett - - Mr. Lowndes For an article to be inserted in the instructions to Mr. Bridger, Surveyor of Woods in North America, to restrain all persons from cutting and carrying away woods, except by privy seal.—Admiralty Office.
Minuted:—“14th Dec. 1716. Agreed. Lre. signed.” 1 page.
12 Dec. 79.
Account -
J. Holbech (Treasurer of the Chamber's Office). Lords of the Treasury. Charges, &c., occasioned by the late Rebellion, on messengers' bills. 1 page.
—“30th December 1716. Read.” 1 page.
17 Dec. 80.
Elizabeth Browne, widow of Captain Richard Browne, late Commander of H.M. ship “Hazardous.” Lords of the Treasury. For relief, having lost her husband on duty at sea, his effects being likewise lost.
Minuted:—“17th Decr. 1716. There are rules for sea offrs'. widows, and if she has any pretensions she must apply to the Admty. and Navy Board.” 1 page.
17 Dec. 81.
Letter -
Tho. Jett [Auditor] Chr. Tilson, Esq. Certifying that Mr. Wilcox had paid to Mr. Segar. 5,750l. ½ page.
[? About 18 Dec.] 82.
Petition -
H.M. Master of the Barges and Watermen. Lords of the Treasury. For payment of their salaries and bill money.
Minuted:—“18th Dec. 1716. Order'd.” 1 page.
19 Dec. 83.
Bill -
J. Holbech (Treasurer of the Chamber's Office). For sums due to watermen and master of the barges, and on their bills for carrying the Crown to the Parliament house, and for attending on the King, Prince, and Princess. 1 page.
1716. 84.
Two drafts of Indentures.
Lords of the Treasury and Sir William Jolliffe and others. Sir Richard Houblon and others. As to loans on tin. 6 pages.
Undated, or Imperfectly Dated, but supposed to be for the Year 1716.
Memorial -
Charles, Duke of Grafton. Lords of the Treasury. For payment of pension of 4,700l. a year. 1 page.
Balance sheet
Thomas Johnson Transport of 639 rebel prisoners. A few lines.
Col. Henry Monro Lords of the Treasury. To be put on the Establishment of half-pay, Ireland. 1 page.
Scheme -
Ephraim Parker For lottery wherein there are but three blanks to two prizes. 2 pages.
Petition -
Lewis Elstob, Esq. Lords of the Treasury. Asks to be appointed receiver of the estate of James, Earl of Derwentwater. 1 page.
H.M. Printers Do. For payment for stationery wares supplied to the Houses of Parliament. 2 pages.
Papers relating to Scotland. 3 pages.
Petition -
Sir James Holburn - The King - - For pension for his losses in serving with his servants at Stirling and the battle of Dunblain; his house plundered by the rebels, &c. 1 page.
Memorial -
Ann de Ribaucourt, spouse of Marquess De Ribaucourt, Viscount Durben. Lords of the Treasury. For assistance to keep herself and family from starving, her husband having been forced to leave Macquillier, his birthplace, for the sake of his Protestant religion, &c. 1 page.
Field officers and captains of North Britain Dragoons. Prince of Wales - For allowance for losses, remount money, &c., the regiment having suffered severely by their march into Scotland, &c. 1 page.
[? About 1716.] 95.
Return -
State of the 885,703l. 14s.d. in South Sea Stock, which was transferred to the Trustees for sale. 1 page.
[? 1716 or later.] 96.
David Lockett Lords of the Treasury. For a weigher's or watchman's place in the Custom House. Details his services; was in the army at the battle of Landen, afterwards servant to Sir Alexr. Cairnes, then a serjeant of Dragoons, and hurt in the suppression of the Rebellion. 1 page.
[? 1716 or later.] 97.
William Muire, Jun., of Caldwell, Esq. Do. - For payment of his annuity. 2 pages.
[? 1716 or 1717.] 98.
Abraham Stanyan, Esq. Do. - For payment of his claim as Queen's Envoy Extraordinary to the Swiss Cantons. [Is now H.M. Envoy at Vienna.] 1 page.
[After 1716.] 99.
Letter -
Champ. Branfill, late Under Sheriff of Essex. Mr. Cracherode, Solicitor to the Treasury. In favour of assistance being given to two witnesses who had been mobbed, reviled, &c. for giving evidence against a person convicted at Chelmsford for speaking scandalous words of the King, &c. 1 page.
[After 1716.] 100.
Elizabeth Jett, widow and administratrix of Thomas Jett, Esq., deceased. For an order to deposit the books of account belonging to her late husband's offices as Register of Unsatisfied Debentures, &c., Paymaster of Lotteries, &c., and for a discharge for the same. 1 page.