Volume 212: Miscellaneous, 1717

Pages 343-355

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 5, 1714-1719. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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Miscellaneous, 1717

Documents for which a brief description suffices.
Date. Description of Document. From To Purport.
1717. [? About 4 Jan.] 1.
Form of Commission.
Lords of the Treasury. To all, &c. For an Agent Receiver of Forfeitures.
On the back is:—“4 Janry. 1716–17.” 4 pages.
[? About 4 Jan.] 2.
Petition -
John Gawler, of Portsmouth, merchant. George, Prince of Wales, Guardian of Great Britain. For repayment of money supplied to a detachment of Col. Goring's late regiment of marines.
Do. Do. Do. - Prays payment of 158l. 15s. supplied to the garrison of Portsmouth. 2 pages.
7 Jan. 3.
Letter -
Lord Galway - Lords of the Treasury. For a pension of 1s. a day to the widow of Daniel Lewis, an ensign of Colonel Barrel's regiment. 1½ pages.
[? About 11 Jan.] 4.
Col. Montague, Lieut-Col. Benson, and Lieut.-Col. Killigrew, for themselves and others of the Royal Regiment of Dragoons. Do. - For an allowance of 291l. 17s. 4d. which had been deducted from their pay.
Minuted:—“11th January 1716. Ref. to Comptrs. of the Army.”
Also the Pay Office certificate. 2 pages.
15 Jan. 5.
Affidavit -
Richard Yeo, of Exeter, Gent. As to the gratuity of 5s. and upwards on debentures to the Collector of the Port, and 2s. 6d. to the Deputy Controller: the same being voluntarily given by the merchants. 1 page.
18 Jan. 6.
Report -
Comrs. of Excise - Lords of the Treasury. On the petition of Mr. Ralph Wallis. Although equal to the duties of a clerk, they do not think him equal to the duties of Controller.
Minuted:—“28 January 1716–17. My Lords agree to the Report.”
The petition. 2 pages.
25 Jan. 7.
Letter - -
James Stanhope Do. - - For a pension of 200l. per ann. to Mr. Luke Schaub, for many good services done to his Majesty.
Minuted:—“A S. M. for paymt. p[er] Mr. Clayton.” 1 page.
[? About 25 Jan.] 8.
William Dale, Assistant to the Clerk of the Acts (Navy). Lords of the Treasury. For repayment of the taxes on his salary for the years 1693 and 1694, he being the only person not relieved therein.
Minuted:—“25th Janry. 1716–17. Read and rejected.” 1 page.
28 Jan. 9.
Report -
E. Williamson - Do. - - In favour of allowing his claim for salary from 1708 to 1710 as a clerk to the Comrs. to state the debts of the late King William.
Minuted:—“11th April 1717. Agreed.”
Also the petition. 2 pages
8 Feb. 10.
P. Methuen - Do. - His Majesty's pleasure is that Thomas Ogle, of Linckhouse, in the county of Northumberland, clerk, should have 40l. for having travelled up to London to give information for his Majesty's service.
Minuted:—“12th March 1716–17. To be paid p[er] Mr. Cracherode.” 1 page.
[About 14 Feb.] 11.
Indenture (copy).
Lord Bingley, Ambassador Extraordinary to the King of Spain. Master and treasurer of the jewels. As to plate delivered to him.
Minuted:—“14th February 1716–17. Write to ye Jewell Office to know whether Ld. Bingley has returned the same specified plate yt. was delivered to him by that indenture.” 1 page.
19 Feb. 12.
Warrant (copy)
The King Joseph Gascoigne, Esq. To be Receiver-General of the revenues of Minorca. 2 pages.
22 Feb. 13.
Letter -
L. Armstrong - - William Lowndes, Esq. Encloses a letter as to his hardships. Asks that the agents may make up the account of the garrison of Annapolis, so that he may discharge his debts and repair to his command in America.
[The enclosure not now with it.] 1 page.
26 Feb. 14.
Letter - -
Duke of Roxburghe - Lords of the Treasury. It is his Majesty's pleasure that Mr. Charles Cockburn, Advocate, be made a Comr. of Excise in Scotland, in the room of George Drummond.
Minuted:—“3d April 1717. Prepare a warrt., William Mure to be Comr. of Police in room of Mr. Cockburn.” 1 page, quarto.
28 Feb. 15.
Lords of the Treasury. To prevent frauds in the Customs by drawbacks, &c. as “It appears that no oaths can be any security against fraudulent traders.” 1 page.
8 Mar. 16.
Letter -
James Stanhope Do. - For 100l. to be paid to Richard Werge, minister at Alnwick, for good services performed when the rebels were in arms in Northumberland.
Minuted:—“12 March 1716–17. Ordered, p[er] Mr. Cracherode.” 1 page.
8 Mar. 17.
Charles Carkesse Mr. Lowndes About the ship “Ann and Elizabeth,” said to be bound for Frederickstadt.
Encloses letter thereon. 2½ pages.
20 Mar. 18.
Report - -
Tho. Burgh, Esq., Surveyor-Genl. His Excellency - On certain goods supplied, to whom is not shown. [It is mentioned that 493 yards of matting were supplied for the Council Chamber]. (Copy.) 1 page.
22 Mar. 19.
Letter -
James Stanhope - Lords of the Treasury. For paymt. to Moses Beranger of bills drawn by Mr. Leathes, H.M. Minister at the Hague,
Minuted:—“25th March 1716–17. Ordd., send advice to Mr. Beranger.” 1 page.
25 Mar. 20.
Do. -
Do. Do. - For payment of 50l. to Mr. John Child.
Minuted:—“Wart. signd. 29th M. 1717.” 1 page.
26 Mar. 21.
Officers of Ordnance Do. - Cannot get any part of the debt due to them from Ireland; 10,000l. of which was to finish the gun wharf, &c. at Portsmouth. Ask for a repetition of the order to the Treasurer of Ireland. 1 page.
26 Mar. 22.
James Stanhope Do. For payment of 100l. to Col. Thomas Hartopp, of the co. of Leicester.
Minuted:—“28th March 1717. Prepare a Sign Manual. Warrt. signd.” 1 page.
29 Mar. 23.
Do.- -
Do. - Do.s The Paymaster General to answer such bills as Col. Rapin shall draw for the subsistence of the prisoners at Chester Castle.
Minuted:—“17th April 1717. Ordered.” 1 page.
1 April 24.
James Stanhope Lords of the Treasury. For payment of money expended by Lord Cadogan for the public service.
Minuted:—“17th April 1717. Prepare a S. Manual.” 1 page.
1 April 25.
Do. -
George Lee - Lord Castlecomer Reminds him of his promise to the Bp. of Londonderry to procure a reference of his petition to Ireland. 1 page, quarto.
5 April 26.
Memorial -
John Lansdell on behalf of the Hon. Henry Mordaunt. Lords of the Treasury. For re-issue of 1,305l. 18s. 2d. Ordnance.
Minuted:—“L're signed.” 1 page.
5 April 27.
John Cambridge As to the attention to their duties at Fresh Wharf by Samuel Becket and his partner (apparently Custom House officers). 1 page.
8 April 28.
Certificate -
James Stanhope - Testifying that Capt. William Taverner, his Majesty's Surveyor of the Coasts of Newfoundland, returned to England on 8 March 1715–16. 1 page.
[? About April.] 29.
Memorial -
Henry Montague, son of John Montague, late Register and Comptroller and Accomptant of H.M. duties on moneys paid or contracted for with clerks and apprentices. Lords of the Treasury. Prays for a warrant deputing him to the office.
Also the Attorney-General's opinion on the patent to Controller of these duties, and the authority to appoint.
Minuted:—“Warrt. signd. 18 April 1717.” 2 pages.
[? About the same date.] 30.
Similar memorial.
Do. Do. - “In relac'on to another memorial, presented by Mr. Ashurst, the Comptroller of the duties on stampt vellum, parchmt., &c.”
Also copy of the above opinion. 3½ pages.
26 April 31.
J. Vanbrugh - Do. - - For their Lps. order as to whom he should deliver the books and papers relating to the stating of King William's debts. 1 page.
29 April 32.
C. F. Kreinberg - “My Lord” - For stay of prosecution by the Attorney General in a cause wherein Mr. Paul and others were concerned. 2 pages, quarto.
30 April 33.
Charles Lowndes, of St James', Westminster. As to an arrear of 54l. 3s. 3d. on his allowance of 60l. per ann. as a Clerk of the Comrs. for stating the debts of King William. 1 page.
[? About 1 May.] 34.
Comrs. of Customs, Scotland. Lords of the Treasury. As to the unfitness of Peter Balzlow to be an officer for Salt Duties at Alloa. After being instructed at Preston Pans he is unfit for his duties.
Two certificates of his unfitness and a letter on the same subject. 5 pages.
27 Feb. and 3 May 35.
Report -
Committee of Council [Lord Lieut. of Ireland, &c.] On the accounts of Robert Baillie, Upholsterer, for repairs and furniture for the Castle of Dublin.
A letter signed “Thomas Burgh,” and a schedule of deductions on the account, &c. (Copies.) 3 pages.
[? About 3 May.] 36.
Samuel Brooke, late a coast waiter in the port of London. Lords of the Treasury. For re-appointment as a landwaiter, tide surveyor, or coast-waiter.
[In reference to his services says, in the time of the late Ministry that he seized 13 pictures of the Pretender, for which he was put into his then “employs” by Earl Godolphin, to whom he had the honour to be related.]
Certificate relating thereto.
Minuted:—“3rd May 1717. My Lords can do nothing in this at present.” 2 pages.
4 May 37.
Report and other papers.
Auditor Harley Do. - - On the petition of Mr. Jeremiah Garrard for an allowance for his charges and services about the accounts of the Comrs. for Sick and Wounded Seamen, in the reign of King William the Third. 5 pages.
6 May 38.
Memorials and five other documents.
Sir Roger Mostyn (Pay office.) Lords of the Treasury. For payment for services in disbanding the marines to Lieut.-Genl. Wills; to Cornelius Morphy, an office keeper; and to Mr. Sherrar, an extra clerk.
Minuted:—“Write to Sir Roger Mostyn to lay a state of his accot. before my Lords. 27th Novr. 1717. Trearer. Navy to issue this sum out of the reversionary annuitys in his hands, to be paid over by Sir Roger Mostyn to Genll. Wills. Comrs. Navy to make out a bill accordingly.” 6 pages.
9 May 39.
Memorial -
William Coventry, Esq., Master Keeper of the Bailiwic of Frisham, in the new Forest. Do. - - About the repairs for Bolderwood Lodge.
Minuted:—“Ref. to Survr. Woods to make his report of the repairs necessary.” 1 page.
[? About 15 May.] 40.
Edward Hughes, Esq. Judge Advocate Genl. of H.M. Forces. Do. - - As to his duties, salary, &c., and that of his clerk, and further, as to extra pay to Mr. Bealing, Secretary to the Controllers of the Army Accounts.
Minuted:—“15th May 1717. Ref. to Secretary-at-War.” 2 pages.
15 May 41.
Letter -
Ch. Delafaye - Mr. Jett, Auditor For Lord Sunderland to be informed what surplus there is (if any) of the Land Revenue &c. 1 page, quarto.
16 May 42.
Do. -
Charles Medlycott - Lords of the Treasury. For an order for the embarkation of 3,000 pairs of shoes for the garrison of Gibraltar, the same being stopped on account of the duty.
Also another letter on the same subject. 2¼ pages, quarto.
20 May 43.
Lord Sunderland Do - For payment of 50 guineas to reimburse Mr. George Tilson, who advanced the same to Capt. Adam Williamson, who went to Holland to take care of Baron Gortz during his confinement. 1 page.
7 June 44.
Memorial -
Admiral Aylmer - Do. - - For an allowance for hay provided for the deer in Greenwich Park.
Minuted:—“35li per annū, 4th July 1717. Order'd. Wt. sign'd 9th July 1717.” 1 page.
[? About 20 June,] 45.
Petition -
Clothiers of H.M. Forces. Lords of the Treasury. Praying payment of the off-reckonings.
Minuted:—“20th June 1717. To be brought in the next week.” 1 page.
29 June 46.
Letter - -
Lord Sunderland - Do. For 1,000l. to be lodged with the Treasurer of the Chamber for the expense of Foreign Messengers.
Minuted:—“24th July 1717. Order'd.” 1 page, quarto.
3 July 47.
Comrs. for Forfeitures Do. - - For an order for 1,200l. by way of imprest to pay salaries. 1 page.
3 July 48.
Jacob Reynardson (Customs.) The Hon. Col. Morton, Duke St., St. James's Square. Complains that Mr. Earle, whom he describes as “our choice member,” has taken a pique against him and complained of his execution of his duty, and now that he is disaffected. Begs that the Treasury may be forewarned thereof. Dated Bristol. With a note recommending the letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. 2 pages.
3 July 49.
Comrs. for stating the debts due to Scotland for the equivalent. Lords of the Treasury. Pray payment of their salary. 1 page.
11 July 50.
Lord Sunderland - Do. For the issue of 100l. to Captain Edward Thomas, for the expenses of Count Gyllenborg and his retinue, from Plymouth to Harwich. 1 page.
16 July 51.
Report -
Comrs. for Hides, &c. Do. In favour of the securities proposed by Thomas Penney of Keyford, in the parish of Yeovill, Somerset, gent., Receiver-General for the co. of Somerset.
Also the petition of Penney.
Minuted:—“16th July 1717. John Rodbard appointed.” 2 pages.
16 July 52.
John Merril, Esq., Deputy, to John How, Esq., Paymaster of the Forces. Do. - - On the memorial of Sir Charles Hotham respecting the pay of his regiment.
The petition and two other papers.
Minuted:—“13th Decr. 1717. Prepare a warrt. Warrt. sign'd 2nd Janry. 1717.” 5 pages.
22 July 53.
Letter -
? Council of the Prince of Wales. Lords of the Treasury. For an account of the tin undisposed of to be transmitted; the right of pre-emption being in his Highness as Duke of Cornwall. Prince's Council Chamber at Somerset House. 1 page.
[? About 25 July.] 54.
John Colston - Do. - For re-employment, having been superseded from supplying stationery ware to the Comrs. of Excise.
Two other papers relating thereto. 3 pages.
26 July 55.
Order for reference.
Lords of the Treasury Lord Lieut. of Ireland. For opinion on the petition of Capt. Richard Wolseley to be placed on half-pay in Ireland. 1 page.
? About 26 July. 56.
Capt. John Bayze Lords of the Treasury. Prays for restoration of 2s. a day of his pension, from the time of the breaking up of the French regiments. [In 1696 he had a pension of 5s. a day for a great wound. This had been reduced to 3s.]
A certificate and copy of letter in his favour from the Bp. of Derry.
Minuted:—“26 July 1717. Read.” 3 pages.
July 57.
Henry Badcock, late Collector of Lyme Regis. Do. - - For an examination into his case and re-establishment in his office as Collector of Customs at Lyme Regis.
Also nine certificates in his favour, one dated July 1717. 6 pages.
2 Aug. 58.
Martin Watson, Thomas Thorpe, David Edwards, and Edw. Turpin, land carriage men (Custom House). Do. - For a reference to the Comrs. of Customs for their character, in order that they may be restored to their employments.
Also a certificate.
Minuted:—“6th August, 1717. Read and rejected.” 2 pages.
6 Aug. 59.
Comrs. for Hides, &c. Do. - About uniting the old and additional duties on hides, &c., and paying the same into the Exchequer under one head.
Also a memorial relating thereto. 2 pages.
[About 6 Aug.] 60.
Petition -
Thomas Bulley, late Collector of Customs of Fowey. The Rt. Hon. the Earl of Radnor and the Bp. of Winchester. For a recommendation of his case to the Comrs. of Customs for re-appointment.
With two other papers. 3 pages.
6 Aug. 61.
Report -
Tho. Jett, Auditor - The Rt. Hon. Lord Viscount Stanhope, Chancellor and Under Treasurer of the Exchequer. As to allowance of travelling charges of John Stainforth, gent., Receiver-General of York, Durham, &c.
Also his petition. 2½ pages.
7 Aug. 62.
Debts of the Transport Office. 1 page.
7 Aug. 63.
Lord Sunderland Lords of the Treasury. For 50l. to Capt. Edward Thomas, for the expenses of Count Gyllenborg and his retinue to Harwich.
Minuted:—“To be paid.” 1 page.
8 Aug. 64.
Do. -
Saml. Edwards for Cofferer of the Household. Do. Encloses computation of the Board of Green Cloth of the expense of the household, &c., amounting to 21,260l.
—“11th Sept. 1717. Orderd.”
The computation. 2 pages.
8 Aug. 65.
C. Stanhope for the Lords of the Treasury. Attorney-General Encloses report of Mr. Auditor Harley on the case of Capt. Gardner, with respect to a sum charged upon him, in super of which he prays allowance for opinion thereon.
The cover of the report only is with the letter. 1 page.
[? About 14 Aug.] 66.
Wm., Lord Cadogan, Master of the Robes. Lords of the Treasury. Desires an imprest to pay off the tradesmen. Also an account of the sums due.
Minuted:—“14th August 1717. Orderd.” 2½ pages.
14 Aug. 67.
Letter - -
Lord Sunderland - Do. For issue of a warrant to pay Lord Cadogan 2,500l. above his other allowance, for the expenses of his entry as Ambassador at the Hague.
18 Sept. 68.
Comrs. of Customs Do. - Send an account of the gross and net produce of the new subsidy.
The account named. 2 pages.
24 Oct. 69.
Edw. Young - About trees felled in Cranborn Chace and Windsor Forest. Dated Dunford, 24 Oct. 1717. 3 pages.
? About 26 Oct. 70.
Alexander Choke, Chief Clerk to the late Comrs. for stating the debts of King William III. for himself and clerks. Lords of the Treasury. For payment of their salaries.
Also a certificate and an affidavit. 3 pages.
29 Oct. 71.
Lord Chamberlain Do. - For orders to be given to pay 1,000l. to the Master of the Ceremonies, as a present to Count Volkra, Envoy Extraordinary from the Emperor, on his departure. 1 page.
31 Oct. 72.
John Bamber, merchant. Do. - For a noli prosequi for having landed two “bulces” of diamonds in ignorance that there was a duty of 1 per cent. on them.
Minuted:—“31st October 1717. My Lords see no reason to give any further order in this matter.”
Also two other papers on the same subject of a somewhat later date. 3 pages.
6 Nov. 73.
Report -
Comrs. for Debts to the Army. The King Arrears to the Dragoons, General Sybourgh's regiment, and Col. Chudleigh's.
Minuted:—“3d April 1718. To Audrs. imprests to prepare a S. Manual for these allow'ces, pursuant to the Act of Parl't in that behalf.” 1½ pages.
6 Nov. 74.
Do. -
Do. Do. Arrears of the Spanish regiment of foot commanded by the Earl of Gallway. 3 pages.
8 Nov. 75.
Imprest money repaid into the Exchequer in the year 1717. 1 page, quarto.
9 Nov. 76.
Duke of Newcastle - Master of the Great Wardrobe. For furniture for the rooms at Westminster, where the journals, books, and papers belonging to the House of Commons are kept. 1¼ pages.
9 Nov. 77.
Letter - -
Lord Roxborough “My Lords” The Marquis of Annandale is to be put on the Establishment for Scotland for 3,000l., the King having granted him 1,000l. per ann. addition to his salary as Keeper of the Privy Seal in Scotland.
Minuted:—“My Lord Stanhope has rec'd the King's pleasure for this. 17th Decr. 1717. Warrt. signd.” 1 page.
11 Nov. 78.
Lord Sunderland The Lords of the Treasury. Encloses two accounts from the Comrs. for stating, &c. the debts due to the army.
[The accts. not now with it.] 1 page.
13 Nov. 79.
Petition -
Isaac Dalais Do. - - For arrears due to him as the late Queen's secretary at Hanover. 1 page.
[? About 18 Nov.] 80.
Charles Dartiquenave, Paymaster of H.M. Works. Do. - Prays additional allowance of 200l. per ann. for his services.
Minuted:—“18th Novr. 1717. My Lords will move the King to make this allow' ce from Michas. last.” 1 page.
[? About 20 Nov.] 81.
Robert Bedoe - Do. - For 3s. 4d. a day for keeping the gates leading out of the Privy Garden into Cannons Row, Westminster, and the waterside.
Minuted:—“20th Novr. 1717. See what hath been paid him in this reign, and by what warrt.”
Further down is:—
“He hath 100l. a year paid him in the Office of Works by his Mats. wart., countersigned by the Lords of the Trea'ry, for cleaning the street from Scotland Yard Gate to Westmr. Gate.” 1 page.
[? About 28 Nov.] 82.
Richard Little - Do. For an additional building lease of houses in Little Queen St., granted by King Charles II. to the late Earl of St. Albans' trustees.
Minuted:—“28 Novr. 1717. Ref. Surveyr. Genll.” 1 page.
30 Nov. 83.
Report -
Comrs. for Hides, &c. Lords of the Treasury. As to the accounts of Mr. Smart, Receiver for Hertfordshire, and Mr. Ashby's arrears, and proceedings against his securities. 2 pages.
Nov. 84.
Slaters' and smiths' work for Holy Rood House, by order of Sir John Anstruther, Master of H.M. Works in North Britain. 2 pages.
[? About 5 Dec.] 85.
Petition -
James Phillipps, Receiver of Land and Window Tax, Glamorgan, Carmarthen, Pembroke, and Cardigan, the town of Haverford West, and borough of Carmarthen. Lords of the Treasury. For allowance of 359l. 13s. 3d., &c., in connexion with his accounts.
Minuted:—“5th Decr. 1717. My Lords cannot give a preference to the petr., he having received a fourth part reported due to him with the rest of the recrs.” 1 page.
7 Dec. 86.
Letter -
Charles Carkesse, for the Comrs. of Customs. Mr. Lowndes or Mr. Stanhope. Sends extracts from letters of the Collector of Hull, &c. as an addition to their late representation in respect to the smuggling. 3¼ pages.
[? About 7 Dec.] 87.
Althemea Boden, widow and relict of Abraham Boden, deceased. Lords of the Treasury. For a pension in England.
Minuted:—“Read.” 1 page.
9 Dec. 88.
Letter - -
Lord Sunderland Do. - Encloses petition of Richard Perry for leave to apply to Parliament to discharge John Offley of a public debt.
The petition and another paper. 3 pages.
[? About 17 Dec.] 89.
Mossom Wye - Do. For a tidesman's place. Also copy of a certificate of Lord Townshend in his favour. Dated 17 Dec. 1717. 1 page.
17 Dec. 90.
Warrant -
Lords of the Treasury For revoking Mr. Colby's office of Comr. for Transport Service. 1 page.
17 Dec. 91.
Letter -
Board of Ordnance Lords of the Treasury. For an order of part of the 59,981l. 0s.d. due to them.
Minuted:—“30th Decr. 1717. Order'd. To Ordnance Sea Service 26,000li. out of 4 p. cent. tallys in the hands of the Trearer. Navy, & 14,000li. land service out of loans on Malt 1717.” 1 page.
[? About 20 Dec.] 92.
Memorial -
Major-General Sabine, on behalf of the regiment of Welsh Fusiliers. Do. - For payment of a debt of 626l. 7s. 8d. due to the regiment (being the difference between English and Irish pay.)
Minuted:—“20th Decr. 1717. Qu. how Brigadier Bowles & Bland were paid.” 1 page.
Memoranda -
As to appointment of customers of the port of London, &c. 1 page, quarto.
Touching various Acts of Parliament relating to certain revenues, appropriation of surpluses, &c. [In or after 1717.] 4 pages.
Elizabeth Piles, widow and executrix of Dominick Piles, master bricklayer to Queen Anne at Windsor Castle. Lords of the Treasury. For payment of 189l. 3s. 8d. due for materials and workmanship at Windsor Castle. 1 page.
Robert Rutherford, for himself and partners, late commissaries of the army in Scotland. Do. For allowance on their accounts.
Minuted:—“Warrt. signed 11th July 1717.”
Encloses a memorial of 13 Feb. 1712–13. 4 pages.
Eleanore Peterson, widow of Erasmus Peterson, late Chaiseman to the Prince of Denmark. Do. - For payment of seven months' arrears.
Also copy of a warrant appointing Peterson, who died in 1716. 2 pages.
Do. -
John Dee, Esq., Recr. - Genl. of Taxes for Sussex. Do. - For allowance of 500l. on the Land Tax for 1716. 1 page.
Anthony Springett, late Recr.-Genl. of Taxes and Duties on Houses and Marriages for Sussex. Do. - For allowances on his account. “1717.” 1 page.
Michael Hyde, Esq., Commissary - General of the Musters. Do. - For allowance of arrears. Also extract from his patent. 2 pages.
As to the gain to the nation by the East India Trade. After Christmas 1717. 1 page.