Volume 218: 1718. Classified. Part II.

Pages 424-425

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 5, 1714-1719. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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1718. Classified. Part II.

1718. 1. A collection of financial papers, including: accounts of income and issues of Her Majesty's Civil List revenues; produce of the Civil List; the revenues settled, or appointed for the service of Her Majesty's household and the honour and dignity of the Crown; money remaining in the Exchequer; account of public debts at the Exchequer; accounts of surpluses and the produce at the Exchequer of certain duties and revenues; interest on Exchequer Bills; and a state of the gross and net produce of his Majesty's revenue of 12d. per bushel on Scots white salt. 30 papers or sets of papers.
2. A few papers relating to the debt of the navy. 1718. 7 pages.
3. Various papers connected with the Pay Office for the year 1718, such as applications for money for Her Majesty's forces, accounts, and estimates. Chiefly signed by the Earl of Lincoln, and dated Pay Office, Horse Guards.
One of the papers is Mr Howe's memorial for allowance upon his final accounts. Prays for a warrant for allowance of 3,580l. on his accounts for salaries of clerks, &c. in the maintenance of an office for four years, since he was dismissed. Had received and paid above 400,000l. since his dismission, after 12 years' execution of the office, he hopes with great content and satisfaction to all who had any concern with it, as well as some advantage and benefit to the public. Had caused the most remarkable saving remembered to have been made viz.:—76,741l. 5s. at one time, for arrears of pay demanded by pretended out-pensioners belonging to Chelsea Hospital, with the further sum of 38,370l. 12s. 6d., which would have become an annual charge to the public if he had not refused and opposed the payment of it. 30 papers.
4. Two reports and a certificate of Sir Roger Mostyn, [? late Paymaster of Marine Regiments,] to the Lords of the Treasury, as to moneys issued on account of recruits, claims of Commissioners for disbanding those regiments, and as to debentures made forth by him. 9 pages.
5. Reports of the Comrs for Taxes to the Lords of the Treasury, on matters arising in their department, viz., on the prevention of the scarcity of silver in the several counties; on the number of guineas or other pieces of gold in the hands of the Receiver-General at the time of the proclamation; on arrears of land tax and tax on houses for the county of Oxford; on a complaint against the receiver of York, with relation to remittances [his predecessor has never taken less than 5s. per cent., and sometimes more]; and on the dissolution of the establishment for the duties on hides, whereby they have not been in a capacity to receive salary upon any branches of the revenues under their management since Midsummer.
This is minuted:—“Agreed to, 24th Decr. My Lords will settle the Establishmt of this office on Thursday.” 14 pages.
6. Letters connected with the Victualling Office, viz., as to the debt; the victualling of the garrisons of Placentia and Annapolis; money for the agent at Copenhagen to buy provisions for the Baltic Squadron; warehouse room at Rotherhithe for salt; Mr Conduit and provisions for Gibraltar; and Bills for supply of wine and oil for the Mediterranean Squadron. 24 pages.
7. Four papers as to the debt and expenses of the Board of Works. 5 pages.