Volume 226: Miscellaneous, 1719

Pages 493-506

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 5, 1714-1719. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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Miscellaneous, 1719

Documents for which a brief description suffices.
Date. Description of Document. From To Purport.
After 1718. 1.
The King “Copy of draft of instructions for regulating the office of the Great Wardrobe, and passing the accompts thereof.” 7 pages.
5 Jan. 2.
Letter -
Lord Stanhope Lords of the Treasury. About a ship stopped at Portsmouth on suspicion of being bound for Spain with nava stores. Letter enclosed. 2 pages.
6 Jan. 3.
Lord Lieut. of Ireland (Bolton). Do. - Transmitting the accounts of Brigadier Munden and Col. Nevill for loss of several horses in the passage of their regiments to Ireland. 1 page.
9 Jan. 4.
Do. -
John Huggins “Your Lordship.” Recommending Mr. Jackson, the master mason, as an old officer of the Crown, to do certain building work. [Not mentioned where.]
Minuted:—“13 Janry. 1718. Mr. Jackson to send his proposal.” 1 page.
17 Jan. 5.
Certificate -
[? Comrs. of] Customs. Lords of the Treasury. In favour of Mr. Henry Stanley being Collector of Poulton, Lancashire. 1 page.
[? About 20 Jan.] 6.
Petition -
Bernard Naminck, of London, merchant. Do. - - As to importation of hogs' bristles dressed and undressed.
Minuted:—“20 Janry. 1718. Refd. to Commrs. Cust. to consider and report a true state, with their opinion. W. L.” 3 pages.
30 Jan. 7.
Do. -
Miles Stedman, a landwaiter of the port of London. The Earl of, Sunderland. For permission to exchange his appointment with Mr. George Eyre, a landwaiter at Lyme.
Also another petition from him praying to resign his office to Mr. Edw. Howarth, that he may reside in the country and discharge his duties as a justice of the peace. 4 pages.
[? About Jan.] 8.
Report - -
R. Powys Lords [of the Treasury]. On the pretensions of Henry Neal, Esq., late Surveyor of Minorca, for payment of 1,741l. 17s., due in the late Queen's time, and 1,047l. since H.M. Accession.
Minuted:—“The petr. is to shew what revenue in Minorca can answer his demand.”
Also the petition of Henry Neale and an account. 3 pages.
4 Feb. 9.
Directors of the East India Co., by their Secretary. Do. On the delay of the supply of saltpetre to the Ordnance Department, and the discount on tbe tallies for the same. 1 page.
18 Feb. 10.
Fr. Negus - Mr. Clayton Asks for 1,000l. on account of contingencies of H.M. stables.
On the back is a Minute, which apparently has no connexion with the letter, viz.:—“Lady Inchiquin is to be restored to her penc'on. 9th May 1719. Warrt. signd.” 1 page, quarto.
19 Feb. 11.
Bonds -
Governor and Co. and cashiers of the Bank of England. The King For payment of 300,000l. if their cashiers fail to pay to the Receipt of Exchequer the money received by lottery and loans, to cancel Exchequer Bills. 2 pages.
20 Feb. &c. 12.
As to addresses touching grants of any part of the West Indies ceded by the Treaty of Utrecht, and as to land at St. Christopher's. ½ page.
[? About Feb.] 13.
Lords of the Treasury. In favour of Robert Anderson, Esq., as a riding officer, who had been superseded in the port of Sunderland by John Johnson. Undated.
Minuted:—“When there is a proper vacancy.”
Also a memorandum as to the appointment of Johnson. 2 pages.
9 March 14.
William Davis - Do. - Asks to be minuted for the next land-waitership of the port of London.
At the foot is a testimonia. with 12 signatures. 1 page.
11 March 15.
Bonds -
Governor and Company of the Bank of England and their cashiers. Lords of the Treasury. For payment of 300,000l., if their cashiers fail to pay the moneys received by them under the Act for Duties on Coal, &c. 2 pages.
11 March 16.
Memorial -
J. Holbech - - Do. - For the issue of the money for the Maundy.
Minuted: — “19 Mar. 1718–19. Maundy ordered.” 1 page.
14 March 17.
Do. -
J. Hancock, for the Earl of Cadogan. Do. For 2,240l. in payment for the robes. 1 page.
18 March 18.
Letter -
Lord Stanhope Do. For 1,000l. for messengers' expenses.
Minuted:—“Order'd.” 1 page, quarto.
18 March 19.
Do. - -
Do. - Do. - - For the immediate payment to Mr. Whitworth of his arrears of ordinaries and extraordinaries as the King is about sending him to Berlin for some time on important affairs. 1 page, quarto.
[After 23 March.] 20.
Memorial. -
Major-Genl. Sabine, Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Do. - For payment of the clearings and off-reckonings. 1 page.
24 March 21.
Letter -
Lord Stanhope - Do. - For the issue of the necessary sums for provisions and shipping for 4,000 men. 1 page, quarto.
[? About 28 March.] 22.
Petition -
Nathaniel Cooms The Earl of Sunderland, First Lord of the Treasury. Prays on account of his zeal for King George, since “the late Revolution,” to be made a King's weigher at the Custom House.
Minuted:—“28th March 1719. Agreed to if there is a vacancy.” 1 page.
3 April 23.
Letter - -
J. Craggs Lords of the Treasury. For 5,000l. to be paid to the Earl of Stair, on account of his extraordinary expenses and services.
Minuted: — “6th April 1719. Prepare a warrant. Warrt. signed 7th do.” 1 page.
6 April 24.
Letter -
Sir Wm. Daines - Lords of the Treasury. Has been M.P. for Bristol for about 20 years, at a cost of above 10,000l. Prays appointment of his sister's son, Mr. Thomas Cary, as a landwaiter.
Minuted: — “6th April 1719. Agreed to upon a vacancy.” 1 page.
6 April 25.
Petition and recommendation.
John Llewelling The Earl of Sunderland. To be appointed to command a vessel, to be called “the Holmes,” to be employed on the Holme Islands to prevent smuggling.
Minuted: — “7th April 1719. Agreed to upon a presentment.” 2 pages.
7 April 26.
Lord Stanhope Lords of the Treasury. For the payment of the account of the disbursements made by Col. Congreve; who was directed by the King to treat of a peace or truce with the Emperor of Morocco.
Minuted: — “15th April 1719. Prepare a warrt.” 1 page.
7 April 27.
Comrs. of Customs, Scotland. Do. - As to the freight of 16,786 bushels.
Minuted: — “13th April 1719. To Comrs. Victual for their opinion.” 1 page.
9 April 28.
Do. -
Lord Stanhope Do. For directions to be given for paying 50l. to the Marquis de Villalibre, to enable him to go out of England.
Minuted: — “11th April 1719. Prepare a warrant. Warrt. signd 14th.” 1 page.
9 April 29.
Do. - - - Do. - For 300l. to be paid to Col. de la Bouchetiere, who was sent “to France on a commission of consequence.”
Minuted:—“13th April 1719. Warrt. sign'd.” 1 page.
14 April 30.
Sir Roger Mostyn Do. As to debentures made forth by him since the 22nd of Aug. 1718. 1 page.
18 April 31.
Report - -
Comrs. of Customs, Scotland. Do. Gross frauds committed at the port of Inverness by the Collector and his friends. 2 pages.
20 April 32.
Memorial -
Mr. Auditor Walpole Lords of the Treasury. As to the casual revenue in the Leeward Caribbee Islands. Clement Crooke, Esq., has been recommended as receiver thereof.
Minuted: — “9th May 1719. Agreed to.” 1 page.
22 April 33.
Memorial -
Edw. Young, Surveyor of Woods. Do. - Recommending the payment of keepers' salaries of the New Forest by the woodward there.
Minuted:—“Prepare a warrt, on Lord Wm. Powlett's memll.”
With petition of the Lord Willm. Pawlett enclosed, for payment of a year's salary of the officers of the above forest. 2 pages.
24 April 34.
Warrant, draft
Lords of the Treasury “To all,” &c. Constitution of managers for taking in tickets, &c. of the Lottery, 1710 by subscription into South Sea Stock. 1 page, brief size.
“April” 35.
Petition -
Zacharias Stichall - Lords of the Treasury. For a tidesman-in-fee's place in the Port of London.
Certificate at the foot in his favour.
Minuted:—“16th July 1719. No vacancy.” 1 page.
4 May 36.
Letter -
J. Craggs - - Do. For 1,000l. to be paid to Col. Wm. Stanhope for field equipage.
Minuted:—“Orderd.” 1 page, quarto.
5 May 37.
Do. -
Will. Guidott - The Hon. Wm. Clayton, Esq. Testifies to his knowledge of the persons signing the accompanying certificate in favour of Mr. Samuel Whislad, who was applying for a land-waitership at Southampton.
Minuted: — “5th May 1719. Agreed to for — Price, recommended by Sr. Robt. Worsley. This man to have a place of equal value when vacant.” 2 pages.
7 May 38.
Lord Stanhope - Lords of the Treasury. “For 1,000l. to be deposited with the Treasurer of the Chamber for the messengers.”
Minuted:—“Lre. signed.” 1 page, quarto.
[? About 9 May.] 39.
Petition -
Frances Wyndham Lords of the Treasury. For payment of 2,550l. due at Midsummer 1714, and other sums, being arrears of a pension of 200l. a year each, granted to Rachel Wyndham and Frances Wyndham, daughters of Sir Francis Wyndham, Bart., and Ann Wyndham, the pension being originally granted to the latter for services rendered to K. Charles II. after the battle of Worcester.
Minuted: — “9th May 1719. To be paid when other pensions are satisfied.” 1 page.
[? About 9 May.] 40.
William Chamberlaine, late Collector of Customs of Exeter. Do. Praying to be restored to his place, to which he was appointed for detecting Daniel Richardson, the Incident Clerk in the Controller-General's office, in the greatest fraud ever discovered in the Customs.
Copy of presentment relating thereto, and a certificate in his favour; with numerous signatures.
Minuted: — “9th May 1719. The Comrs. of Cust. to present him upon the first vacancy.” 3 pages.
[? About 9 May.] 41.
Lieut.-Col. Charles Dalbenas. Do. - For arrears of half-pay in Ireland.
Minuted: — “My Lords cannot direct this. 9 May 1719.” 1 page.
[? About 9 May.] 42.
General Erle - - Do. - - For five quarters of his pension of 1,200l. a year granted for his hardships and wounds.
Minuted: — “9th May 1719. To be considered when the pensions are paid at the Exchr.” 1 page.
[? About 9 May.] 43.
Catherine Barret, widow and relict of Col. John Barret. His “Lordship” Has had an application for four years before his Lordship for a pension, having lost a considerable “joynter” by these Revolutions; prays relief.
Minuted: — “9th May 1719. Rejected.” 1 page.
[? About 9 May.] 44.
Dame Mary Fitz Harris, widow of Sir Henry Fitz Harris, Bart., deceased. Lords of the Treasury. Received only the King's bounty of 20l. Her husband being a lieutenant in the “Kingston,” was (in 1704) drowned in actual service, and the Admimiralty refused her relief. Prays for a further sum to save her from prison.
Minuted: — “9th May 1719. Rejected.” 1 page.
[? About 9 May.] 45.
Do. -
Captain Henry Dalbenas. Do. For restoration to his pension of 4s, per day, being left out of the Irish list in 1703.
Minuted.—“9 May 1719. My Lords can advise nothing upon the revenue, being already overburthened.” 1 page.
[? About 9 May.] 46.
Sir Philip Meadows, Knt., heir and executor of his father, Sir Philip Meadows, Knt. deceased. Do. For three quarters and 81 days' arrears of his father's pension of 600l. per ann.
Minuted:—“9 May 1719. Bring a certificate from the Exchequer.” 1 page.
[? About 9 May.] 47.
Do. -
Penelope Clarke Do. For payment of a pension, granted to her mother, her father having been killed in resisting the Irish at Gravesend in the reign of King James II.
Minuted: — “Rejected.” 1 page.
[? About 9 May.] 48.
Do. -
Younger Cook - Do. - Prays to be appointed surveyor of the window lights.
Minuted:—“9 May 1719. There is no vacancy.”
With certificate at the foot in his favour. 1 page.
[? About 9 May.] 49.
Do. -
Anne Babington, widow of the late Col. Babington. Do. - For payment of the pension of 100l. per ann., originally granted to her out of the pay of the Governor of Berwick, and afterwards out of the contingencies of the guards and garrisons.
Minuted: — “9th May 1719. To Lord Lincoln.” 1 page.
[? About 9 May.] 50.
Mary Hill, widow Do. Prays for some of the money to be disposed of in charity. There was 1,000l. due to her husband, Nicholas Hill, a messenger of the Chamber in King William's time.
Minuted:—“There is no money. 9 May 1719.” 1 page, quarto.
[? About 9 May.] 51.
John Angell, junr. Lords of the Treasury. For a tidesman's place in fee in the port of London.
Also certificate at the foot in his favour.
Minuted:—“Rejected. 9 May 1719.” 1 page.
[? About 9 May.] 52.
Do. -
Richard Hamersley - Prays to be appointed Surveyor of Taxes, London, as he is well assured that the present surveyor will soon be discharged for remissness.
Minuted:—“9 May 1719. Rejected.” ½ page.
[? About 9 May.] 53.
Rt. Hon. Castiliana, Countess Dowager of Cavan. The King - To be again put on the pension list, her son, Oliver, having obtained the pension which she had enjoyed.
Minuted:—“Rejected. 9th May 1719.” 1 page.
[? About 9 May.] 54.
Adam Batty, tidesman in fee in the port of Bristol. Lords of the Treasury. Prays to be continued as deputy coast waiter.
Minuted: — “9th May 1719 To Comrs. Cust.” 1 page.
[? About 9 May.] 55.
Richard Else Do. Prays for employment, his father having served 38 years as midshipman and lieutenant in the Navy. With three certificates.
Minuted:—“Rejected. 9 May 1719.” 1 page.
[? About 9 May.] 56.
Robert Harrington The Earl of Sunderland, one of the Lords of the Treasury. For an appointment as Kings' waiter or landwaiter, with a recommendation of him at the foot.
Minuted: — “He is provided. 9 May 1719.” 1 page.
9 May 57.
Edmund Morgan, gent., one of the sons of Francis Morgan, late of Kingsthorp, Northampton, esq., deceased. Do. - - For employment.
Also recommendation of him, with ten signatures.
Minuted: — “Rejected.” 1 page.
[? About 9 May.] 58.
Charles Dalrymple Lords of the Treasury. For an appointment in the Customs Department, having been recommended by the Earl of Stair.
Minuted:—“9 May 1719. There is no vacancy.”
Also copy of the recommendation. 2 pages.
[? About 9 May.] 59.
Charles Cunningham, tidesman in the port of London. Do. For promotion.
Minuted: — “9th May 1719. Rejected.” 1 page.
[? About 9 May.] 60.
William Holmes, Treasury Keeper to the Court of Common Pleas. Lords of the Treasury. For an allowance of 2l. 13s. 4d. per ann. for pens, ink, and sand for the use of the Treasury for about four years past.
Minuted: — “9th May 1719. Enquire into the fact.” 1 page.
[? About 9 May.] 61.
Do. -
Yeomen of the Guard Do. For seven months' salary due from her late Majesty. There are also 6,000l. due from King Will. III.
Minuted: — “When the Queen's debts are considered.”
Also a previous petition to the same effect. 2 pages.
[? About 9 May.] 62.
Robert Bedoc, keeper of the gates leading from the Privy Garden into Cannon Row, Westminster, and the waterside. Do. - - Prays for allowance of 3s. 4d. a day. Has received nothing since the Accession.
Minuted:—“Rejected. 9 May 1719.” 1 page.
12 May 63.
Do. -
Joseph Shuckforth - Earl of Sunderland. To be appointed a tidesman at Great Yarmouth.
Minuted:—“16 July 1719. The place is disposed.” 1 page.
15 May 64.
John Stone, late Auditor of the Lottery Funds. Lords of the Treasury. For powers to finish the Lottery accounts for declaration.
Minuted: — “16th July 1719. Ordered accordingly.” 1 page.
[? About 29 May.] 65.
Do. -
James Noke, merchant. Rt. Hon. James Craggs, esq., one of the Principal Secretaries of State. For the appointment of Examiner of the Out-port Books at the Custom House.
3 June. 66.
J. Burchett Charles Stanhope, esq. Sends copy of the Commission putting the Marine Regiments under the direction of the Prince of Denmark, then Lord High Admiral.
Also the copy referred to. 3½ pages.
24 June. 67.
Account -
“An accot. of the net produce on printed and stained callicoes, &c. at the Excise Office, and 15 p. cent. on white callicoes at the Custom H. by a medium for the last 5 years.” ½ page.
[? About 30 June.] 68.
Account and two letters,
“Account of the salarys and incident charges of the Commissioners of Enquiry, and their officers, from Lady-day to Midsummer 1719.”
Minuted:—“30th June 1719. Head and respited.” 4 pages.
1 July. 69.
Letter -
George Canvall? The Rt. Hon. Charles, Earl of Sunderland, First Lord of the Treasury. In favour of the appointment of Mr. Badnage as Surveyor of Houses in North Wales. Is informed the Marquis of Winchester has made interest for that place for one Price, who is not fit for the place, tho' the place may be fit for him. Concludes, “I did depend on your Lordships' and Mr. Chancellor's favour in this affair.”
Minuted: — “July 1st, 1719. Mr. Badnage to be provided for on the next vacancy of this nature in those parts, this vacancy having been lately filled up.” 1 page.
[? About 1 July.] 70.
Colonels, Captains, and Clothiers of the Old Marine regiments. Lords of the Treasury. Pray for directions to be given to Mr. Auditor Harley for restating the accounts and allowing the off-reckonings of the full number of men according to the Establishments.
Minuted:—“July 1, 1719. Read and rejected.” 1 page.
8 July. 71.
Certificate -
Comrs. for taking Subscriptions (Lottery 1710.) Do. - State that 1,200,000l. 8s. were subscribed to the capital stock of the South Sea Company, pursuant to the Act of the last session. 1 page.
9 July. 72.
Controller and Paymaster of the 1,400,000l. Lottery 1714. Do. - For the grant of an apartment to carry on the business.
Minuted:—“22nd July 1719. Read and respited.” 1 page.
13 July. 73.
Letter -
Chr. Delafaye - Do. For 100l. to be paid to Ensign Hugh McKay as of his Majesty's bounty, for good service in the late action against the rebels at Glenshill, and for coming express with an account of that action. 1 page.
— “15th July 1719. Prepare a warrt. upon lres patent dormt.” 1 page
15 July. 74.
Petition -
Susanna Thomas, spinster, only daughter of Charles Thomas, late of Barbadoes, esq., deceased. Lords of the Treasury. For the acceptance of a composition of 2s. 6d. in the pound on a debt due to the Government from her father's estate, who was Receiver of Casual Revenues and Prize Officer at Barbadoes, the executor pretending that there are no assets. 1 page.
15 July. 75.
Samuel Shute Do. John Bridger, esq., the Surveyor, has done his duty in defending H.M. interest in the woods in “both provinces.” Boston, New England. 1 page.
[? About 15 July.] 76.
Lottery Officers Do. For arrears of salary.
Minuted: — “15th July 1719. Orderd for these offrs., and the substitutes, clerks, and others concerned in this office for Midsr. Quar. Lre. signed 16 July 1719.” 1 page.
16 July. 77.
Edwd. Young - Works done to the palisadoes in Hyde Park. 16 July 1719.
Minuted: — “22d July 1719. Respited till Mr. Chancellr. comes.” 1 page.
17 July. 78.
[Comrs. for Victualling?]. Mr. Lowndes Send an account of the produce of a sale of foreign salt consigned to them by the Comrs. of Customs, North Britain. 1 page.
21 Aug. 79.
Do. - -
Duke of Chandos - Respecting coals so d and delivered for the use of the garrison of Gibraltar. Albemarle Street. 2 pages.
29 Aug. 80.
Cashier of Customs - On account of wine bonds. ½ page.
1 Sept. 81.
List - -
Of accounts unpassed in the office of John Stone, gent. (late Auditor of the Lottery Funds), when his constitution determined.
Also warrant in relation to the same. 2 pages.
23 Sept. 82.
Letter - -
Comrs of Victualling Mr. Kelsall - Ask to be reimbursed from the Treasury for victualling the garrisons of Annapolis and Placentia. Also an enclosure. 2 pages.
13 Oct. 83.
John Manley, for the Comrs. of Customs. William Lowndes, esq., Secretary to the Lords of the Treasury. As to “breaking bulk” by a brigantine on the coast of Cornwall, and prosecution thereon. 1½ pages.
[? About 14 Oct.] 84.
John Mulcaster, appointed to receive balances due from paymasters to the garrison, &c., at Annapolis Royal. Lords of the Treasury. For issue of money due from Mr. Gordon to memorialist.
Minuted:—“14th Octor. 1719. Letter to ye Exchequer to issue to ye Earl of Lincolne the 600li. paid in by Gordon. The same to be detained by his Lopp. till further order.” 1 page.
31 Oct. 85.
Do. - -
Brigadier Richd. Munden. Do. - “For discharg[ing] the duty of 218 horses and 40 horse, transported to Ireland from West Chester. Octobr. 31st 1719.” 1 page.
10 Nov. 86.
Letter -
Ro. Brice [“Baron Price”]. William Lowndes, esq. Pressing for the appointment of Georg Hyel to some better place in the Custom House than that of a tidesman, which he held. Serjeants' Inn.
Minuted: — “10th Novr. 1719. This place is otherwise disposed of.” 1 page.
13 Nov. 87.
Comrs. of Customs, Scotland. Lords of the Treasury. Find that the prices paid for stationery for their department exceeds by 25 per cent. what was formerly paid, the King having granted the privilege of serving this and other offices to George Redpath and others. 1 page.
17 Nov. 88.
Board of Green Cloth Do. For payment of 100l. as a gratuity to Luder Spiesmaker for the use of Louis Laidé, Master of the Keys at Calais.
Minuted:—“100li to be paid to Louis Laidez, who brought the present of wine from the Regent of France. 18th Novr. 1719. Ordered Mr. Spiesmaker to receive it.”
Another letter of 25 June 1719 on the same subject. 2 pages.
[? About 19 Nov.] 89.
Memorial -
George Lord Lansdowne. Do. - - There is due for the rent of Mote Park, which was laid into the Great Park at Windsor, 450l. for a year and a half; prays payment.
Minuted: — “19th Novr. 1719. Prepare a warrt.” 1 page.
25 Nov. 90.
Letter -
Ja. Craggs, for Lord Cornwallis. Lords of the Treasury. Sends the gross and net produce of the Revenue of the Post Office. 1 page.
3 and 4 Dec. 91.
Certificates -
Certificates of money received and paid by Richard Marshall, esq., Stud-master. 1½ pages.
7 Dec. 92.
Petition -
Col. Jasper Clayton - The King - For payment for his services in inspecting the demolition of Dunkirk.
Referred to the Comrs. of the Treasury to report. 7 Dec. 1719.
Also copy thereof, on the back of which is an account of “Moneys paid to the Comrs. appointed to attend the demolition of Dunkirk.”
On which are three Minutes, the last of which is:—“15th May 1721. Warrt. signd.” 2 pages and 3 parts of pages.
15 Dec. 93.
Letter -
Fr. Negus - Lords of the Treasury. For payment to the tradesmen for liveries furnished, and the state of the debt.
Also an account of the debt. 5 pages.
16 Dec. 94.
Memorial -
John Lansdell - Do. - “For disposing of 6,970l. 19s.d., tallys, on 7th 3s. aid.” ½ page.
19 Dec. 95.
Warrant -
Duke of Newcastle - The Master of the Great Wardrobe. For delivery of blankets, &c., for the use of the gentlemen porters at St. James's. 1 page.
19 Dec. 96.
Do. - Lords of the Treasury. For 300l., to be paid to the Master of the Ceremonies, for the Marquis Corsini, Envoy Extraordinary from the Great Duke of Tuscany, on his departure.
Minuted:—“6th Janry. 1719. Warrt. signd.” 1 page.
20 Dec. 97.
Letter. -
Lord Stair - - “My Lord” Recommending Mr. Dalrymple (the brother of Robert Dalrymple, previously recommended for a small place in the gift of the Treasury,) viz., as Clerk to the Borough Rolls in Scotland. 1 page, quarto.
[25] Dec. 98.
“Net produce of the duty on coals for building churches between Christmas 1716 and Christmas 1719.” ¼ page.
25 Dec. 99.
Accounts or bills of stationery, &c. for the Lords of Trade and Plantations. 7½ pages.
31 Dec. 100.
State of the debt on account of contingencies of H.M. stables and stud for the year 1719. 2½ pages.
[? 1719] 101.
Petition -
Alice Collins, widow of Major Geo. Colins, in the Earl of Essex's regiment. Lords of the Treasury. For re-establishment in her pension of 60l. per annum. 1 page.
1719 102.
Sir Charles Farnaby, Auditor of several lotteries. Do. For a “constitution,” to enable him to pass the accounts of the late Paymaster of the “Second Lottery. Anno 1719.” 1 page.
[? 1719] 103.
Fees unpaid and debts due upon account of the office of the late Auditor of the Lottery Accounts. 1 page.
[? 1719] 104.
Captain John Mayrand, John Gerbett, Francis Perobe, and Peter Cavalier. Lords of the Treasury. For a warrant to the Lord Lieut. of Ireland to pay their arrears of half-pay from 1709 to 1719. 1 page.
[? Before 1720.] 105.
Drafts of some clauses in an Act or Acts of Parliament.
Touching impositions on goods brought from France into Great Britain. 5½ pages.