Volume 186: Undated Documents

Pages 58-66

Calendar of Treasury Papers, Volume 5, 1714-1719. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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Undated Documents

Documents Undated, Part II. (but after the Reign of Anne, and supposed to be in the beginning of the Reign of Geo. I.).
1. A schedule of money due by the late Queen to the Earl of Loudoun, 1714.
Minuted:—“The 1,000li to be paid as soon as conveniently may be.” Again:—“13th Septr 1715. To be considered with the Queen's arrears.” 1 page.
2. A state of the Hanaper revenue for one year. 3 pages.
3. Papers docquetted:—“Extracts as to the Tennis Court ground and buildings.” Also:—“Extracts concerning leases of the old way by St James' Park.”
These consist of précis of leases running back to 17 James I. The précis seems to have been made about the beginning of 1715. 12 pages.
4. Observations upon the general state of the public funds and what, with due regard to honour, justice, and equity, may be offered for easing the public debts and incumbrances. 7½ pages.
5. Petition to the Lords of the Treasury, of several merchants on behalf of themselves and others, proprietors of Bills of Exchange drawn by Col. Hunter, Governor of New York, upon account of the expedition to Canada, praying for payment.
Also:—Extract of her Majesty's instructions to Robert Hunter, Esqre, Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief of New York. Dated 6 Feb. 1710/1711. 2 pages.
6. Memorial of Conyers Darcy and George Fielding, Esq., late Comrs for executing the office of Master of the Horse, to the Lords of the Treasury, praying for the issue of a sum sufficient to pay the arrears to the tradesmen.
Minuted:—“What relates to ye 10,000l due in the Qs time to be considered when ye account of ye payment of ye Q— debts, & wt will bring up ye payments in ye same office to ye same time out of her arrears, shall be layd before ye Lords. The 2,991l. 8s. 10d. due on ye account of mourning and other contingents, by direction of ye Lords Justices to be payd.” 1 page.
7. Memorial of the Hon. Spencer Compton, Esq., to the Lords of the Treasury, for a warrant to the auditors to allow the payments in the annexed bill for fees for money imprested to him.
The bill referred to. 4 pages.
8. Debtor and creditor account of Joseph Gascoigne, Receiver of his Majesty's Royal Patrimony for the Island of Minorca. ? About 1714 or later. 2 pages.
9. Memorial of Sir John Jennings to the Lords of the Treasury, praying them to direct the Comrs for Sick and Wounded Seamen to reimburse him the sum of 468l. 3s. 6d. laid out for the sick and wounded at Port Mahon. 1½ pages.
10. The case and petition of Thomas Gill, addressed to William Lowndes, Esq. The family is of the Gills, of Oxfordshire, and his grandmother of the Knights, and his mother of the Westons. His father and grandfather had their houses ransacked by the Oliverian party, &c. The writings of the estate and the register or town book of the parish of — were gotten away, by which their estate was lost to the family. Relates other troubles, including his being abandoned in the churchyard, and his being taken charge of by Henry Brooks, a farmer. When Sir Lionel Jenkins went as Ambassador, upon the treaty of peace at Cologne and Nimmigen, he appointed petitioner “a peculiar attendant of his Excellency,” and at the conclusion, petitioner brought a particular message to the Court of England. Relates that he was shuffled out of 90 odd pounds in the office for Duties on Fire Hearths; also his interview with Charles Davenant, Esq., LL.D., at the Excise Office, through whom he was appointed door keeper of that office. Petitioner obtained a judgment against one Fuller, a distiller, but gave up his claim to please the Board. Prays his (Mr Lowndes') assistance with their Lps for a pension. 1 page.
11. Memorial of Ed. Douglas to the Lords of the Treasury, praying an order to the Navy Board to make out bills to discharge the imprest standing against the Duke of Leeds and others on account of the two old marine regiments.
Also copy of a report of Auditor Harley, and a warrant referred to in the memorial. 4 pages.
12. Six papers relating to South Sea Stock. 6½ pages.
13. Petition of Thomas Carr to the Lords of the Treasury, for consideration, he having 1,748l. due to him for gold and silver lace, fringe and silk furnished to King William. 3,206[l.] were also due to his father-in-law. 1 page.
14. Memorial of the officers of the Mint at Edinburgh to the Lords of the Treasury. 1,200l, per ann. is allowed by Act of Parliament for the officers' salary, but they have received no payment for 18 weeks; pray a warrant for the same. 1 page.
15. “An account of what remaines due to Mr Jefferys, his Majestie's Minister to ye King of Sweden at Bender, upon his bills of extraordinarys, wch have exceeded ye regulation, and upon what occasions.” Addressed to the Lords Comrs of his Majesty's Treasury. 2 pages.
16. Two accounts of the debt due to the Foreign Ministers “on their Ordinary and Extraordinarys,” to the day of the Queen's demise.
The following were the Ministers as set out in one of the accounts:—
The Earl of Peterborough, late Ambassador to the King of Sicily, and Plenipotentiary to the Italian Princes.
Daniel Pulteney, Esq., late Envoy to Denmark.
James Scot, Esq., late Envoy to Poland.
Robert Jackson, Esq., late resident at the Court of Sweden.
James Jeffereys, Esq., also late resident there.
John Laws, Esq., late Secretary at Brussels.
Christian Cole, Esq., late Secretary at Venice.
Isaac D'Alais, Esq., late Secretary at the Court of Hanover.
Mr Breton, (the late), Envoy to Prussia.
Robert Molesworth, Esq., late Envoy to the Duke of Tuscany.
Samuel Thompson, Consul at Algiers.
Benjamin Lodington, Esq., Consul at Tripoli.
Henry Worseley, Envoy to Portugal.
Mr St John, late Secretary to the Embassy at “Utrich.”
Mr Burch, late Secretary at the Court of Madrid.
Mr Drummond, Commissary to settle the Commerce of the Spanish Netherlands.
Mr Delaval, late Envoy to Portugal.
Mr Ayerst, late Secretary to the Embassy in Holland.
The Earl of Strafford, late Ambassador and Plenipotentiary for the Treaty of Peace at “Utrich.”
Mr Wich, resident at the Hanse Towns.
A third account, containing the totals due to several of the same Ministers. 3 pages.
17. Petition of John Mason, gentleman, a poor aged prisoner in the Fleet Prison, to the Lords of the Treasury. Has delivered up his property to the value of 3,000l. to pay his liabilities as receiver of taxes for the University, town, and county of Cambridge, and Isle of Ely. Has been 14 years in the Fleet Prison, and is afflicted with the stone, dropsy, scurvy, and rheumatism. Asks for a clause to be inserted in the Bill before the House of Commons for Relief of Insolvent Debtors, that he may be discharged from imprisonment.
Copy of the clause proposed. 3 pages.
18. Docquetted:—“To the Right Honourble the Lord Halifax, the case of Charles Hay, late Riding Surveyor of the East district in North Britain, with ye Lord Chief Baron Smith's report, &c., recommended to your Lordship by the Right Honourble the Lord Viscount Townshend.” The case shows that Hay had detected abuses and caused the dismissal of two officers, and fell into great trouble thereby. It also shows the efforts he had made to obtain employment.
With “the case” is a printed copy of a “Report of George Cruikshank, General Examiner, and Richard Savage, one of the clerks to the Secretary of the Commissioners to the Customs, anent the Officer's Books at Prestonpans.” Dated 5 July 1710. 4½ pages.
19. “Orders, which our pleasure is shall be observed for our better service in the office of our works, to begin from Lady Day, 1715.” A draft with numerous erasures and alterations. 12 pages.
20. “A state of the fund for the lotteries No. 1, 2, and 3 for 1,800,000li, anno 1712, so far as it concerns the income thereof into the Exchequer, for and during three years of the term (to wit) from the 25th Xber. 1712 to 25th Xber. 1715.”
The receipts appear to be brought down to Christmas 1714. 4 pages.
21. Memorial of the Earl of Hyndford to the Lords of the Treasury, praying them to remit to the Barons of the Exchequer of Scotland the trial as to his claim for balance of a pension (1,046l. 7s. 3d.) due to his lordship's father out of the Crown rents of Ross and Ardmannoch, &c. 1 page.
22. An abstract of the several services reported by the Committee as part of the debt of the army. 1½ pages.
23. “Case relating to the half-pay officers” (navy), showing what was allowed by Orders in Council, and what was voted by Parliament. 1½ pages.
24. Some papers relating to duties laid on sweets, &c. Uncertain dates, but the last about the beginning of Geo. I. 4 pages or parts of pages.
25. Memorial of James Cardonnel, Esq., unaddressed. After the Revolution, was appointed Secretary to the army in Ireland, and soon after Secretary to the office of Ordnance in England, both of which employments he lost by the death of the Duke of Schomberg; disbursed several sums for the fortification of Belturbet, &c., for which he never received any satisfaction. When the late Duke of Schomberg and Leinster commanded “the Army in Chief in Great Britain,” was appointed Secretary at 15s. a day until he could be better provided for. Never received but eight months' pay, there being upwards of 2,000l. due to him. Was turned out from being a Commissioner for Salt Duties for his adherence to the Protestant succession, but restored on the accession of King Geo. I. Praying for satisfaction of the debt or some better employment.
Also copy of certificate of his services. [After 1714.] 2 pages.
26. Proposal by John Storey and Son, to the Lords of the Treasure, to take his Majesty's tin at the Tower at 3l. 8s. per cwt.
Three other papers containing memoranda as to tin. 2 pages and 2 parts of pages.
27. Copy of memorial of Francis Gwyn to the Lords of the Treasury, relating to the demands for bedding, &c. of the magistrates of Dunkirk, on account of her late Majesty's forces in garrison there. [This is a copy of the memorial described under date of 14 Dec. 1713.]
There is also a state of the disbursementsmade by the Magistrates of Dunkirk about the same, and for damages in the hospital, together with a certificate on the same subject. 16½ pages.
28. Memorial to the Lords of the Treasury, of William Sherrard and Mary Forth, on behalf of themselves and others, creditors, officers and servants of King William the Third, praying that their dismal condition may be considered, they having supplied various offices with goods, of which her late Majesty Queen Anne had enjoyed the use. They were to have been paid out of the Civil List, but the money had been appropriated. 2 pages.
29. Payments made out of his Maty's Civil List revenues, which ought to have been paid out of arrears of the late Queen's.
At the foot is:—“The fees, sallaries, and penc[i]ons, with other annual allowances, were almost all paid from Midsr 1714 by his Maty.” 1 page, quarto.
30. Petition of William Neilson to the Lords of the Treasury. Michael Kincaid, Esq., deceased, was one of the Ushers of Prince George of Denmark, till the Prince's death, at a salary of 100l. per ann. He was then continued by Queen Anne on the Civil List till her Majesty's death. A year's salary was due at Midsummer 1714. As Administrator, asks payment. 1 page.
31. Petition of the High Sheriff, Justices of the Peace, Freeholders, and principal inhabitants of the county and town of Catherlogh in Ireland, to the King. A considerable colony of French Protestant refugees is settled in Catherlogh, who strengthen the Protestant interest. The allowance to the French Minister is only 30l. per ann., being 20l. less than is granted to any other French colony. Praying for an additional allowance. 30 signatures. 1 page.
32. Petition of the Officers of Lord Galway's late Spanish regiment of Foot to the Lords of the Treasury, praying payment [of their arrears].
Also another memorial to the King on the same subject. (French). 2 pages, much decayed.
33. Memorial of Major General Holmes, Lieut.-Governor of the Isle of Wight, to the Lords of the Treasury. It has always been the duty of the Lieut.-Governor to provide wood and straw for encampments made on the Island. Prays that for the encampment to be held there this summer, the same privileges may be granted to him as were granted to his predecessors in providing these supplies. 1 page.
34. “Disposition” of Rymer's Fœdera, printed at the sole charge of the late Queen, in sets containing 17 volumes each.
Showing the names of the persons alphabetically arranged to whom they were distributed. 3 pages.
35. “Observations on a report from the Comrs of Accounts” [of debts due to the army]. The observations relate to the method of proceeding to obtain debentures from the paymaster.
Also:—“Extract of a report from the Commrs for examining & determining the debts due to the army.” 4½ pages.
36. Report of J. Vanbrugh to the Lords [of the Treasury] on the grounds of the demand of the workmen employed in building Blenheim. Gives a history of the building, a model of which was kept at Kensington. 10 pages.
37. Petition of the Officers, late of Brigadier Hunt, Withers', and Col. La Bouchetire's regiments of dragoons, to the Lords of the Treasury, for a warrant to be granted that the officers en second may receive the subsistence due to them up to the breaking the regiments.
Copy of report on the same subject. 3½ pages.
38. A narrative of the account or demand of Brigadier Price's late regiment of foot, delivered to the Honble Board of Comrs for stating the debts of the army. 3 pages.
39. Memorial (not stated from whom or to whom addressed), proposing that Mr Moncrieffe should have a reversionary grant of the office of King's Remembrancer for Scotland, at a salary of 200l. per ann., David Moncrieffe, Esq., then holding the same. [Probably after 1714; perhaps several years later.] 1½ pages.
40. Memorial of Brigadier Stanwix, late Governor of Gibraltar, to the Lords of the Treasury, for payment of 326l. for contingencies in that office for the year 1713.
Minuted:—“Ordered out of 1,200li by sale of salt.” 1 page.
41. Petition to the House of Commons of Great Britain from the Tallow Chandlers and makers of candles, who are fair traders within the city of London, and Bills of Mortality; complaining that they and the King's revenue are injured by the clandestine making of candles; praying that a Bill may be brought in on the subject. (Numerous signatures.)
Also the case of the Tallow Chandlers, and—
A scheme or proposal to raise money instead of the duty now paid by candles, commonly called the candle tax, exclusive of wax candles. All without date, but probably in the reign of George I. 3 pages.
42. Representation of Henry Cartwright, Receiver-General of the Stamp Duties, concerning the business of his office, showing the number of clerks and their duties. Date not mentioned, but after 1714. 2 pages.
43. Petition of Andrew Logie, George Moore, and Jane Terry, widow and administratrix of Abraham Terry, deceased, to the Lords of the Treasury, praying for the reward of 100l. promised by his Majesty's proclamation for the apprehension of John Roberts, alias Lee, for highway robbery. [? After 1714.] 1 page.
44. Petition of Frances, widow of Charles Horwell, now the wife of Samuel Malden, to the Lords of the Treasury. Her husband was collector and surveyor of his Majesty's coal duty in Leigh until 30 Sept. 1714, when he was drowned whilst attending the King up the river. Prays that her present husband may be appointed riding officer to guard the coast from South Shoeberry to Foulness.
At the foot is:—“Jervis Tully, being absconded, Samuel Malden to be rideing officer in his place from South Shoeberry to Foulness.” 1 page.
45. Memorial of Jane Jones, daughter and one of the executors of Frances, late wife of Thomas Addison, Esq., deceased, to the Lords of the Treasury. By a report of 13 July 1714, 925l. 5s. 10d. is due to the executors of Thomas Addison for recovering to the Crown from the papists, that part of the Savoy beyond the barracks, &c. Prays relief. 1 page.
46. Memorial of the Rt Hon. Elizabeth, Countess of Orkney, trustee for the children of the late Colonel Henry Villiers, to the Lords of the Treasury. 200l., being a year's arrear of a pension granted by the late Queen, are due; prays payment. 1 page.
47. Memorial “for Lord Charles Kerr” to the King. Was appointed in 1694 to be director of the Chancery in Scotland, and in 1713 the appointment was renewed to him for life. By the Union the profits of the office were reduced one half, and the antient fee is only 25l. Prays that the losses he has sustained ever since the Union may be repaired.
Also a duplicate. 2 pages.
48. Petition of Richard Score, late Collector of H.M. Customs at Penzance, to the Lords of the Treasury. Detected great abuses committed in the Custom House in the computation of the duties on unrated East India goods. Details other services. Prays for recompense. Undated, but after 1714. 1¼ pages.
49. “Mr Thomas Castle's Case.” Was Commissary of Stores in Spain, until superseded by one Vincent, who really had “none of the Queen's Commission.” Has received no money for sums disbursed to the value of 400l. The Queen granted him half-pay, but he was left out in the present reign. Prays the renewal of his warrant. 1 page, quarto.
50. Representation of the Dean and Chapter of Rochester Cathedral to the Lieut.-General and the principal officers of his Majesty's Ordnance. In 1709 they were seised of the reversion and inheritance of an estate of about 617l. per ann., then leased out. The Comrs appointed to treat for lands required for fortifying Portsmouth, Chatham, and Harwich, took the estate into the boundaries of the intended fortifications at Chatham. An inquisition was taken to ascertain the value of the estate, and the Dean and Chapter complain that the reversionary interest of their tenants was better provided for than their own. Upon a further hearing of their case the Comrs prevailed with the tenants to make a further allowance to the Dean and Chapter. Pray that they may have the true value of their estate. 4 pages.
51. Draft of letters patent of King Geo. [I.] in favour of the Governor and Company of Copper Miners in England, granting, restoring, and confirming to the present officers their offices, &c. Undated. 7 pages, brief size. [Apparently not entered on the patent rolls.]
52. Paper docquetted:—“List of diverse of her late Majesties pentions by the hands of Mr Nicholas.” Showing the names of the recipients. 9 pages.
53. “An establishment of ordinary wages, fees, allowances, & pentions yearly allowed by us to our officers and servants of our Chamber, and other of our Household, and to the officers & servants of our revenue.” [Mention of the late Queen Anne.] 20 pages, quarto.