Ministers' Accounts: 1331

Pages 147-149

Cardiff Records: Volume 1. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1898.

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R.O. Ministers' Accounts. Subsidiary Documents.

Wales. Bundle 1287, No. 2. 1—5 Ed. III. 1331.

10 Documents. Latin.

File of twelve Acquittances on parchment, by "Robert de Prestebury, the lieutenant of Sir John Giffard de Brymesfeld, Custodian of the lands which were of Gilbert de Clare, formerly Earl of Gloucester and Hertford, in Glammorgan and Morgannou." Preceded by the Writ as follows:—

"Edward, by the grace of God King of England, Lord of Ireland and Duke of Aquitaine, unto his beloved and faithful John Giffard de Brymmesffeld, Custodian of the lands and tenements of Glanmorgan and Morgannou being in Our hands, Greeting. Whereas We have commanded the Collectors and Receivors of those sums of money which, by divers men in the parts aforesaid who with Lewelin Bren arose against Us in war and who afterwards came into Our peace and (good) will and were redeemed towards Us, ought to be levied to Our use, in Our name deputed, that they should deliver unto you, by indenture between you and them thereof to be made, all moneys of fines and suchlike redemptions in the lands aforesaid, which they have hitherto received and henceforth shall happen to collect and receive: We straitly command you that you receive from them, by indenture between you and them thereof to be made, all sums of money which the new Receivors will deliver unto you in this behalf, and that you safeguard them until you shall have other commands from Us concerning the same. Witness Myself at Westminster, the 19th day of June in the ninth year of Our reign. By the King Himself."

[Fragment of yellow seal.]


I. By Griffith ap Madoc. (Faint throughout.)

II. "This Indenture witnesseth that Robert de Prestebury, the lieutenant of Sir John Giffard de Brimmesfeld, Custodian of Glamorgan and Morgannuck, hath received of Ririd Wych and his associates, Collectors of the fines of the tribe-land of Maghya, of the moiety of the fines and redemptions of divers men of the tribe-land of Maghya aforesaid, made before Sir William de Montague and his associates, Justices, in the ninth year of the reign of King Edward, son of King Edward, 195l. 13s. 4d., by occasion of the war waged by Lewelin Bren and his accomplices in the said parts of Glamorgan and Morgannouk; which said moiety ought to have been paid at the feast of Saint John Baptist next before the making of these presents, in the before-noted year. In witness whereof the said Robert and Ririd to this Indenture have set their alternate seals. Written at Kaerdyf on the twenty-first day of March in the tenth year of the reign of King Edward."

III. The like, by Griffith Pencragh and his associates, Collectors, from the receipts of fines and redemptions of the men of the tribe-land of Kybour, who lately arose in war against our lord the King with Lewelin Bren. 194l. 2d..

IV. The like, by David ap Eynon, for the tribe-land of Bagh. 285l. 13s 6d..

V. The like, by Wilym Seys, for the tribe-land of Seinghenythsupra-kaach. 192l. 4s. 2d..

VI. The like, by David ap Aron, for the tribe-land of Glenrotheny. 302l. 11s. 8d..

VII. The like, by Howel Caagh, for the tribe-land of Meskyn. 381l. 2s. 4d..

VIII. The like, by leuan ap Griffyth, for the tribe-land of Talvan. 164l. 9s. 2d..

IX. The like, by Llythan ap Maddok, for the tribe-land of Ruthyn. 80l. 14s..

X. The like, by Rosser ap Griffeth, for the tribe-land of Glinnogor. 115s. 4d..

XI. The like, by William ap Melyne, for the tribe-land of Tyerarlth, Egliskeynor and Court Colman. 228l. 5s. 10d..

XII. The like, by . . . . . Ener, for the tribe-land of Neeth. 191l. 7s. 10d.. (Partly illegible).