State Papers Domestic: 1565-1666

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Cardiff Records: Volume 1. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1898.

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R.O. State Papers, Domestic. Elizabeth. 1565 circa.

A brief Sum[m]arie of tharticles obiected agaynst the Erle of Pembrokes attempt for the obteyning of the lib'ties within yor highnes Lordshipp of Glamorgan and Morgannug.

What honour, royaltie and profytt your ma'tie shall lose

Your highnes shall lose the seignory and honour of your lordshipp of Glamorgan and Morganug.

* * * *

You lose the tenure and wardsyluer of xxxvj knights fees and a half now holden of your Seignory of Glamorgan and Morganug with warde mariage and relief of the same.

You lose a certeyne yerelie rent of a toll otherwise called Chense paid out of euery house within the Shiere fee, and a certeyne rent in a place called Glyn Ogwr, and a certeyne custome whiche was wont to be one thousand markes due upon the deth of euery Prynce.

You lose there all fynes issues and amercyaments.

You lose all pr'fectures of Recognisaunc's and other bands taken to your use.

You lose all casualties and eschets.

You lose all felons goodes and Lands.

You lose all tresure trove w[i]th all mynes and other roialties yet due to your maiestie.

What defaulte may be in the admynistrac'on of Justice betwene p'tie and p'tie.

In stede of yr Shiref of ye shire there shalbe dyuers baielifs of lib'ties, who being poore by coruption may mysdemeane them selves

* * * *

That by the lawes and Statuts of this Realme the said Erle of Pembrok cannot enioy the Seignories, lib'ties, royalties or fraunchises of the L: of Glam: and Morganug.

ffirste he is barred from the same by the statute of 27 h: 8. and by the statuts of 34 and 35 h: 8.

He also hath not the said seignory of Glamorgan and Morganug graunted unto hym by the l'res patents in the 4 yere of E: 6 by any speciall or expresse wordes


Contra Com. Pembrok: Touching the Lib'ties of the Lordship of Glamorgan &c.

R.O. State Papers, Domestic. Vol. III. 1576.

John Davies, Justice of the Peace, writes from Haverfordwest to Sir John Perrot, defending himself against the charge of neglect in prosecuting John Callice, a pirate.

"In my Jorney homeward abowt carm'then I hard that he hadd passed thorowe carm'then towards cardiffe where he and many other pyrattes (as it is comonly Reported) are furnyshed, vittled, ayded, Receaved and succored." The goods stolen from Haverfordwest are "openly sould in cardiffe and other places."

R.O. State Papers, Domestic. Vol. 112. 3 April 1577. Pirates.

Fabyan Phillips and Thomas Lewis to the Privy Council, from Cardiff.

Our duties to yor good Ll. humblie remembred. The choyse by yor honors made of Sr John Perrott knight and vs for thexecuc'on of service here at cardiff for redresse of the greate disorders that haue happened in these p'ties vpon the Sea coastes by resorte of Pyratts was spedely signified both to Sr John Perrott and vs from her Ma[jes]ties counsaill in the Marches of Wales, And being appointed to begyne the service the xviijth of March last: We the sayd daye repayred to cardif, having w[i]th vs for better p'formance of the service the clerk of that counsaill to sett downe the sayings of such as should be exa'i'ed : Sythens w[hi]ch tyme we haue contynued in taking exa'i'ac'ons. And wanting the assystance of Sr John Perrott by reason of infirmities as yt seemeth by his l'res of excuse (whose defaulte was not suspected) we at the fyrst conceyved some doubt, for that he was ioinetlie and spe'ially appoincted, whether our procedings in his absence should stande w[i]th yor Ll. liking in a matter of such moment . . . . We haue taken thexa'i'ac'ons of Threescore p'sons at the least, by the w[hi]ch we fynde a greate nomber of names of Pyratts discou'ed that have been receyved and lodged in thys Towne, and from whome many spoyles haue been had, but such is the frowardnes of the Inhabitants that what so euer is sett downe by the Scedule sent from yor honors or otherwise obiected by com[m]on reporte, they haue taken a gen'all rule, that they wooll neyther accuse one another, nor yet answer to any matter that toucheth them selfes vpon theyr othes, Althoughe they all confesse that the most p'te of the Inhabytants by this theyr harboring and receyving of the Pyratts, haue felt such smart, and susteigne therby such discredit, w[i]th forren nac'ons and countries, that they that travaill to other plac's to maynteigne theyr lyving by trade of m'chandize, dare not well be knowen or to avowe the place of theyr dwelling at cardif. This we fynde p'tlie to growe by the greate feare they haue of some of note w[hi]ch as is supposed are to be touched, and for that cause (as yt seemeth chieflie) they dare not disclose theyr knowledg's. In this or travaill one Will'm chick one of these Pyratts a greate doer and chief champyon amongest them is happely fallen into or handes: We fynde but litle saving that he can yeld no accompte of his last yeres travaill: We doubt not but he can tell all, howbeit such is his iolitie that he will answer but what he lustith, And therfore order is taken that he and others shall presentlie be had to the counsaill where the Manycles may make them speake . . . . . Some of Brydgwater are to be exa'i'ed that can discouer greate offendors in this Towne for the receyving of Wynes and other spoyles of the said Pyratts. . . . . .

The comptroller of cardif named Dauid Roberts one Robert Adams and one John Colchester, and other chief Offendors in receyving the Pyratts and theyr spoyles haue and do absent them selfs from theyr dwelling plac's sythens or comyng to Towne, and cannot be founde. . . . . . .

ffrom cardif the thyrde of Aprill 1577.

A subsequent letter states that William Herbert, of the highe streete, and John ap John, of Coggan, "haue vsed the company of some of the Pyratts and by the Scedule sent from yor honors they were chardged w[i]th the receyving of Salt and fyshe." Nash and John Croftes were the informers.

Appended are the names of 35 supposed pirates, gathered out of the examinations,

Also the examination " of Simon fferdinando a Portingall borne," taken at Newport in the county of Monmouth; from which it appeared that the examinant piloted a ship, whereof Callice was master and one fferdinando ffilding captain:—

They met w[i]th a Portingall vpon the costes of the land of Portingall, and from him they toke about a C. chestes of Suger being part of his Loding. And haveing gotten that pryse they aryved w[i]th the same at the Rode of Pennarth besydes cardief in the countie of Glamorgan aboutes allhalontide last was two yeres the said callice the mr and fferdinando the captayne made sale thereof to diu'se p'sons to whome certenly he knoweth not. . . . . . . And further this exa'i'a't sayeth that after this Exaiat. lyeing long at cardief bought a litle barck of Willm Harbert Esquior decessed late Vice Admirall, ffor the w[hi]ch he paied fortye markes and the same prepared to goe to the Seas to the canaries. . . . . . . Being asked alsoe who did helpe to furnish his shipp to the canaries sayeth that one willm Riccardes, Robert Adams and John Thomas bruer of cardief did healpe to furnish the shipp. . . . . . . And further sayeth that after his retorne from that Jorney he was comytted to the Shrieffs gayoll of the com. of Glamorgan by Thomas Lewis Esquior a Justice of peace vpon suspic'on of piracie . . . . . . one John colchester of cardief and lle'n Lewes a gent' of Glamorgan shier were suerties for this exaiat:

Florence, wife of John Wastell, examined.

[Chick, a supposed pirate] Being asked how he cam from Bristoll to cardif, when he cam in companye of the pyratts whether he cam by Sea or Land, saieth that he cam over at the passinge of Auste and from thens he cam by Lande to this Towne of cardif.

Ib. No. 27. Page 209. 1577.

Our duties humblie rem[m]mbred to yor good LL. By or former l'res of the thyrde of this instant, we signifyed to yor honors, howe farre we had then proceded, in this service at Cardif, sending to the same fyve Obligac'ons by vs taken to her Ma[jes]ties vse, according to yor direccons, for the p'sonall apparance of Rowland Morgan, Will'm Morgan, John Thomas Esquires, Will'm Herbert, and John ap John gentlemen before yor LL. the xxviijth of this Aprill. And wheras the comptroller of Cardif named Dauid Roberts was one whome (amongest others) we noted to yor honors, that absented hym self from vs: fforasmuch as sythens that tyme comyng before vs, and excusing hymself, that his dwelling being xiiijen myles hence, he cam hither, assone as he had notice, that he was sought for at his house, he then being from home; we toke his exa'i'ac'on meanyng to have deteigned hym, vntill by further serch into his dealings, we myght have answered yor LL. expectac'on in that p'tie. howe be yt, as he then shewed to vs some reasonable cause for his present repayre to London, Even so the same occac'on of travaill happenyng to John Robert ap Jeuan, they both being servants to or very good Lorde the Erle of Penbrok, w[i]th consyderac'on of the enformac'on to yor honors geven against the one as Comptroller and so touched in yor l'res, w[i]th the matters by vs conceyved against thother as an Inferior offycer of the Admiraltie; we have taken bandes for theyr apparance as the rest, w[hi]ch herew[i]th it may pleas yor honors to receyve by the berer together w[i]th such exa'i'ac'ons, and Instruc'cons as tyme served to be sett downe against them.

The writer further reports that "Matter of prouf aryseth dayly against the Shiref" of Glamorganshire, Nicholas Herbert, esquire.

Examination of William Chicke, at Ludlow, before the Council of the Marches.

Apud Ludlowe xj° Aprilis Anno Regni Regine Elizabethe, etc., xixo

Will'm Chicke late of Ipswicke in the Countie of Suffolke of the aige of xxxjth yeres or therabouts exa'i'ed before the Quenes Ma[jes]ties Counsaill in the Marches of Wales: Where and howe he hath lyved by all the space of xij monethes nowe last past, Sayeth that he nowe abouts a yere last past was in the Ilande of Sylly, where he contynued abouts one moneth And then one called Captayne Court there arryved w[i]th a Shipp of his owne (as this Exa'i'a't thincketh) the cause of his comyng this Exaiat. knoweth not And when the sayd Captayne cam to lande this exaiat. demaunded of hym whether he was bounde and he answered upp Severn and this exaiat. desyred he myght haue passaige w[i]th hym, and he graunted yt And so the sayd Court went to Sea and this Exaiat. as a passinger wente w[i]th hym. And being at Sea were by tempest tossed for the space of a fortenyght that they could not seyse the Porte of Cardif where they did Arryve in thende And vpon theyr arryvall this Exaiat. dep'ted w[i]th the sayd Court, and his company, and cam to Cardif, leaving Court and his company at Pennarth being the Roode.

A Brief Collec'con of proufs gathered out of thexaminac'ons of diu'se p'sons taken before the Comissionrs at Cardif that concerne only the p'sons vndernamed, whoe are bounde to appere before the Lordes of her Mats most honorable privy Counsaill the xxviijth of Apriell 1577 Anno Regni Elizabethe, etc, decimo Nono.

Touching John ap John.

ffirste John ap John of Coggan by spe'iall direccon from their honors is one that is to be bound to answr a contempte and such further matter as yet we found to charge him is this.

The piratts Resorted w[i]th their prises and Spoyles to the Rode of Pennarth, nere to Coggan, where John ap John dwelleth.

The pyratts were receaved at his house, and entertayned. he keapte them company, as well in his owne house, as alsoe by resortinge to them on Ship burde, at Tavernes and Tipling houses in Pennarth and Cardif.

His seu'all Examinac'ons taken as well before the Counsaill in the m'ches as before the Commissionrs at Cardif are herew[i]th sent.

By the Scedule of Names sent to the Comission's from the Lordes he is charged w[i]th the recepte of v. Tonnes of Salte one thowsand drie fisshe and twoe thowsand wete fisshe of the pyratts spoyles.

Will'm Morgan Taylor exami'ed saieth vpon his othe that abouts a twelvemoneth paste passing from Cardif towards Bridgwater faier by bote, at Pennarth being the mow[i]th of the haven of Cardif he was spoyled by Courte and his company of xjli in money, and that vpon the morow after by the helpe of John ap John before named he had xls of his money againe.

Mathew White of pennarth, being nere neighbor to the said John ap John, and being a Boteman, that by bote hath vsed to carye many of the pyratts spoyles . . . . . . He saw John ap John of Coggan having v. or vje hoggeshedes before xr[ist]mas laste from Dauid wytties shipp And also saieth that he saw the said John ap John at sondrye tymes upon the Shore nere the pyratts Shippes in company of them.

John Cooke of Cardif deposeth that he sawe Callice bestow a peice of ordinaunce vpon John ap John, and that he sawe John ap John verie familyar w[i]th the said Callice and his company at Pennarth And then sawe Courte w[i]th a hatt vpon his headd w[hi]ch sithens he sawe John ap John weare in Cardif & other plac's And saieth that John ap John as it is thought sithence the resorte of pyratts to Pennarth is greatlie enrichid.

Touching Will'm Harbarte.

Item the said Will'm herbt is likewise tanswer the contempte menc'oned in their honors l'res.

And this moche to charg him further faulleth out by examinac'on.

John Callice (as he saieth) is his kinseman whom he hath favored and lodged and vsed ofte his company. . . . . .

One Richard Daniell a Carier proveth the Cariag of xxxti Striks of beanes sithens michellmas laste to the place of hearing fishing.

John Nicholas Tiler testifyeth that Willim herbert sometymes lodged Callice, and that John Colchester lay with Callice in the house of Willim Herbert his father in Lawe and that Willim Herbert keapte company w[i]th Callice and that Willim Herbt was one that by reporte hadd of the pyratts Spoyles. . . . . .

John ap John proveth that the said John Rob't ap Jeuan Srgeant of the Admiraltye was one Shippe borde w[i]th John Callice and that the said Callice was lodged in his howse, And that he kept compenye with the said Callice and w[i]th Chick. . . . . .

John Davies one of the Srgeants of Cardiff witnesseth that Callice, Courte, Chick, and others theyr compeny were Reputed pyratts, and that Callice was lodged w[i]th John Rob't ap Jeuan at Christemas last past. . . . . .

John Smyth one of the baylifs of Cardiff.

John Thomas Esquier one of the Justices of the peace of the com. of glamorgan wittnesseth that he speciallye vpon the report of John Rob't ap leuan Sergeant of the Admiraltye who declared that there was noe matter of piracye to chardg one Collyns (being a pyratt) but that he passed onlye as a passenger into Yerland, bayled the said Collyns. . . . . . John Rob't ap Jeuan before the resorte of the pyratts to the towne of Cardiff was not noted to be of such welth as he is nowe, & that the neighbors Judged of him so by reason his wealth grewe vpp so sodayne. [See also post.]

R.O. State Papers, Domestic. Vol. 122, No. 2. 1577.

Secundo Januarij 1577.

At Hampton Court before mr Comptroller Mr Secretary Willson and mr Dale.

The confessions of the men of Cardiff &c, upon their examinac'one.

John ap John Confessith To haue rec'd a Caliuer gyvin to him by Callice That he kept company wt pirates in the Town of Cardif, as generally all men there did. [In margin: Tought to be inryched xlli.]

That he gave a stroke to one mathew White, wt his hand, because he would not carry a tonne of salt to his house for him, & so had not the salte. [Ceassed by the Lords at xli the vijth day of January.]

That he bought a Tonne of Wyne of Dauy Witty.

That he had iiijc of fishe, but did satisfie the owner proprietary therof.

And so submittith himselfe to the Lords.

Nicholas Herbert. [Thought worthy to be fynid at] That he hath recd by his men from the piratts one m. of fish & a tonne of salte, about mighelmas last was Tweluemonith.

That he hath not otherwise offendid since the p'don. [Ceassed at xxli.]

That since the sayde p'don, he hath not kepte co'pany wt any of the pirates.

John Robert ap Euan. [Thought worthy to be fynid at ijcli.] That he hath bene in co'pany of the pirates in the Town, as others were, And for salte & fishe, he is charged therwt but by reporte, Yet confessith.

That he solde & bought salte, as being his trade, And bought of one henry Vaudor, a m'chant of the Styllyard. [Ceassed at xxli.]

That he was a quarter victueller of the oliphant iij yeres ago.

William Harbert [cessed at xli.] confessith:

That he victeled the Oliphant about iiij yeres paste, clayming the p'don therfore.

That he bought brasill of one Lyddyard seruant to the Erle of Lincoln, as pirates goods confiscated.

John Thomas Brewer; cessid at xli.

That he hath talked wt Callice, and rec'd of him ij tonnes of salte, one m. dry fish, and iiij m. wett for w[hi]ch he delyueryd iiij tonne of beere. And yet he made restituc'on to the french owners of the said fish & salte, and hath an acquittance to shew for the same.

That he had a hoggeshead and a kilderkin of Trayn of Callice & Court, iijli. price.

That he had a park of cloth of Callice w[hi]ch he restored to Brown the Scottishman.

Robert Adams. Cessid at xli.

That he hath talked wt Callice as others did.

That he had a hoggeshead & kylderkyn of Trayn w[hi]ch he bought of the pirates men.

That he had ij tonne of salte, and agreed afterward for the same wt the owner called Peter Chamberlen a frenchman.

A park of cloth w[hi]ch he delyueryd agayn to Brown the Scottishman.

That he was a p'tener wt Simon ferdinando in a small bark called the Edward.

fyve c. of dry fish and iiijc of wett rec'd of the Pirates men.

David Roberts, Comptroller of the Town of Cardif did not appeere, because ther was no proves for him [He is to be sent for.]

John Thomas esquier, hath not allso apperid. [He is to be sent for.] But is charged wt nothing but wt bayling of Court. And yet he sayth he was not priuie therunto, for one Edward Kemysh vsed his name therin wtout his knowledge.

And is charged also wt the bayling of one Collins, w[hi]ch it appeerith he did vpon the Report of the s'rgeant of thadmiralty that Collins was no pirate.

There is one John Thomas Bruer one of the vj who is not to be ceassed although it were but [blank].

The names of those that have been sent for and not appeared [and these are to be sent for].

Edward kemishe warned by the messenger & the Sheriffe.

Will'm Ricards. His howse warned by the messenger and sheriffe he being at the councell in the Marches.

Ryce Bagotte not to be founde, but his howse warned by the messenger & sheriffe.


Confession of the men of cardif. ijo Januarij 1577. . & their Sessemts vijo Januarij.

R.O. State Papers, Domestic. Vol. 123, No. 39.

A Memo: of indictments to be framed against the several offenders abovenamed.


Note of matters wherin ye parsons of Cardif are to be charged for piracy &c.

R.O. State Papers, Domestic. Elizabeth. 1577.

Intentions for I'res.

Mr. Edward Kemys of Keven Mably and John Thomas fflemynge of flemyngs towne to be sent for by I'res and to bringe w[i]th them suche bandes as they haue taken for apparance of Courte Higgenbert, fferdinand Portingall, vaughan and collyns com[m]mitted to the gaole by Thomas Lewes of the Van esquier.

Will'm Herbert of the highe streeate in cardif, John ap John of Cogan, David Roberts of Penhowe and Will'm Morgan servant to Sr Will'm Morgan knight to be sent for by like l'res.

[The like to Sr John Perrott at Haverfordwest, with reference to the escape of certain pirates, especially one Callys, and Ned Herbert.]

The like to Rowland Morgan & Will'm Morgan of llanternam esquires.

12 Januarij 1576.


The Judge of thadmiraltye for the sending for suche as are accused for the assisting of Callice and other Pirats in Wales.

R.O. State Papers, Domestic. Elizabeth. 1577. No. 15.

My dutifull com[m]mendac'ons to yor worshipp p'mised Whereas you have sent unto me & other Justic's of peace & officers of this towne misliking with us and specially with me being mayor here that Callys so notorious a pirate should be openly lodged & socoured amongest us wherby it might be gathered yt you should favor hym or his complic's because that wee who p'fess good will toward you should lett hym pass unapprehended. It may please the same to be advertized that as I am moste chardged so dyd I leaste knowe of his leving here and have of all other in this towne as lyttell cause to favor hym or any of his sorte ffor when my neighbors goodes and myne (as your worshipp dothe well knowe) to the value of nere a thousand pounds were by englishe pirates taken from us and p'te thereof brought to Cardiff (where they saye the said calys dothe openly & comenly resorte) I sawe there a bale of madder of my owne prised & sold for xxti nowes w[hi]ch cost me xxli in bristowe and though I was there my selff & offred the prisment for it I could not have it nether cann we have any remedy for any of the rest of our sayd goodes as yett which were openly sold in cornwayle & north wales which geveth this towne no occasion to favor any of them And further to satisfye your worshipp yf it please you I wilbe deposed that I knew not of his leaving here and yett as I have sithence learned it is true that he the said calys a lyttell before xr[ist]mas last laye in this towne one night in the house of Roger morcrofft & of hym bought a horse & the next morowe affter very early dep'ted toward Cardiff very fewe here knewe hym ffor I never hard that he was ever in this towne beffore. There is one of his complic's as I here at St Davids with two shipps laden with Jron frute & Rye they Ryde out in the sounds So that yff they . . . as they do lett us not looke nether for any trade of straungers to us nor for any of oures to pass unto them, nether maye wee as coste hathe tought us venture saffly to bristowe god redress it This resting I comytt your worshipp to the gou'nise of god. ffrom haverfordwest the xxix of Januarij 1576.

Yr worshipps to his power.


The mayor of harford L'res to Sr Jo: Perrot excusing him self, that he saw not Calice the pyrat.

R.O. State Papers, Domestic. Vol. 133, No. 8. 1579.

After our right hartie com'endac'ons. These are for answer of yor l'res for the cause of Cardeif bridge, that we conferred with the gravest Judgs of this Realme towching the question for makinge of the same. And their opynions are that the towne is no further charged by the late acte of p'liamt then accordinge to the valewe of the yerely rent of the Lands geven to that vse, and by the com[m]mon lawe the countrey is to be charged therewith as it is thought. But for avoydinge the dawnger that maye happen to her Mats people passinge to and fro that waye duringe the hanging of that question, we thinke that the motion p'tlie agreed on at thawditt of me Henry Earle of Pembrooke laste holden at cardeif betwene Mr William Mathewe and the Townesmen there of the one p'te, and Mr Thomas Lewys and Mr Button for the countrey on the other p'te w'ch was that the question, whether that the towne or countrey shold make it wholy or halfe, should reast as it is vndecided. And neverthelesse collection sholde be made both in the towne and the countrey for the buyldinge thereof, and for euery hundred pownde that the countrie sholde be charged withall, the Townesmen sholde likewise be charged with xxxli beinge the rate I the saide Earle did heretofore sett downe which course yf it like you to take, there shalbe no meanes sought by acte of p'liament to charge the countrey for makinge thereof. Besides we are informed that the sayde bridge maye be made stronge to endure longe with peeres of stone and greate peecs of tymber layde close over them, and then plancked and paved, with muche lesse and easier price and charge then with arches. The repayringe thereof being carefully looked vnto, and yerely amended as any defecte shall happen, which maye be borne with that litle land that is given to that vse, and some other reasonable small stocke, that may be lefte of that porcion w[hi]ch maye be gathered of the towne and countrey as aforesayde. So expectinge your resoluc'on what shalbe don' in the p'misses with reasonable expedic'on, we wishe you hartely well to fare. Remsbury the xxvjth December 1579.

Yor lovinge cosin and freinds Henry Pembroke Henry Sydney

To their loving cossyn and freind Sr Edward Mawnsell knight geve these at Morgan.


21 Decemb. 1580.

The Erle of Pembroke and Sr Henry Sidney l're to Sr Ed. Mansfield

Towching ye building of ye bridge of Cardif.

R.O. State Papers, Domestic. Vol. 267, No. 35. 1598.

To the Right honnorable the Lo. Burghley Lo. highe Treasurer of England.

Moste humbly sheweth vnto yor honnorable L. Edward Jurden of Cardyffe in the Countie of Glamorgan gent: That whereas John Millon, haueing the office of Comptroller of her Mats saide Towne of Cardyffe, was vppon ffridaie the xijth of this Instant, ffor sondrie fowle and notorious Misdemeanors and offences against him founde in the Starrchamber, Not onelie fynd in two hundred pound to her MaMa[jes]tie But also ffurther censured by the ll. to the Pillorie w[i]th other Imprisonment according to the quallitie of his offences, Besides the being dispossessed of his said office. The Suppt being an inhabitant of the saide Towne and a mann trained in learninge, Where the other coulde neither write nor reade, And able also to put in good suretie for the dischardge of that place, Most humblie praieth yor honnorable admittaunce to the saide place, No fee being therevnto belonginge, But onlie for the reputac'on thereof, And to doe her Ma[jes]tie therin anie seruice hee Maie And the suppt shall right humblie acknowledge yor honnorable ffavour therin, And remaine in all at yor L. commaundmt

[In Dorso.]

My good Lo. whereas in my humble petic'on I enformed yor Lo. That the Judgment in the starrchamber against John Millon was that hee should lose his office of comptrollership of the port of cardyffe, And now fynding by Mr Mill his sertificate that there be no such speciall words in the Judgment, I humbly craue yor good Lo. pardon therin, ffor that I was soe enformed by one of mr Mill his clarks, But yf it seeme to yor good Lo. That he hath by those his Misdemeanors lost his office, And be not thereby worthie to houlde the same, I humblie besech yor good Lo. vppon the recomendac'on of my Lo. of Worcester his l're on my behalfe to admitt mee therevnto, Being a thing of small vallue, and wt out fee, And I shalbe daielie bound to praie for yor good Lo.

[Also endorsed is a summary of the Petition, and the following]:

The iudgment giuen in ye Court of Starrchamber againste Millon, to be certified by mr Myll, clerke of the Courte.

W. Burghley.

May it please yor Lp In the cause wherin Hawkins & others were plts against Sr Willm Herbte kt John Myllen thelder comptroller of the port of cardyffe & diu'se others def'ts. The said Myllon appeared in the said Outrage and Riotts complayned of by the plts to be a very great and chief offendor ffor the w[hi]ch the said Myllon was by Sentence of this Courte 12 Maij adjudged to the pryson of the ffleete. To paie ccli for a ffyne to her MaMa[jes]tie And to be sett twyce vppon the Pyllory once at the open Sessions or Assizes, and another tyme vppon a m'kett day at the towne of cardyffe, and before his enlargemt out of prison to be bounde to the good behauior.

Willm Mill.

R.O. State Papers, Domestic. Vol. 283, A, No. 73.

Richmond vto Aprilis 1602.

Ao Regine Elize xlvto

Orders sett downe by her Mats Privie Councell concernynge the castinge and Transporting of Iron Ordnaunce.

* * * *

That all Masters of Iron ffurnaces (that Iron Ordnaunce maie be caste) maie before some Justices of the Peace in those contries enter into bonde not to suffer any Ordnaunce to be cast at their ffurnaces. And that especiall care be had to put downe Edmond Mathewes esquier for casting any Ordnaunce at his ffurnace neere Cardiff in Wales because from that place very easilie they may be caried into Spayne. And if a due accompte maie be taken for ve or vj yeares laste past, all or the moste parte of Thordnaunce w[hi]ch he hath made w[i]th in that tyme shall be fownde to haue ben stolne beyonde Seaes, and the officers of that Porte are very poore men, and such as dare not displease him. And therefore, for the respects aforesaid, that place very vnfitt to be permitted for the casting of Ordnaunce.

R.O. State Papers, Domestic. Jac. I. 1609.

A Note of all such moneys as hath bene disburssed by Edward Jordan of Cardiffe about the seisure of 398 Barbara hides being seised the 2 of Januerij 1608.

Imprimis for two locks and staples to putt one the dores where the hides were ijs.

more to one to watche the same howse viij daies and nights viijs. ffor the carrying of those hides to my owne howse uppon mens backs xixs. vjd.

The viijth of January I was comitted to the Towne Prisson for that I would not deliuer those hides to the Bayliffes of the said Towne to the use of Mary dowager countis of Pembroke as an Escheate, w[i]th iiijor or fyve men more w[i]th mee paid for my charges and theres in the saide prisson xxiijs vijd.

Paide to one to goe to london w[i]th l'res to his highnes ffarmers being one hundred and xx miles from Cardiffe to london to putt in an informac'on of the seisure and for the charges of the writt of praisent. xs ijd and the man for his paines and trauell xxs —xxxs ijd.

Paide to another man to trauell to london to fetche a habias Corpus to remoue my bodie into his highnes Courte of Eschequer xxs. ffor the habias Corpus viijs viijd. ffor sealing the same vjd.

Paid for a habias Corpus to remoue one hengod out of prisson and diurs others that were comitted w[i]th mee for doinge the Kings seruice aboute those hides A writt to the Bailiffs of the libertie and another to the chief Justice of Assise paid mr Jones for


the same writts & his ffees ijlt xvijs vjd.

more to aman to carry the same downe to Cardiffe being 120 miles xxs.

Paid for putting in an affidavith to my lord chief Barron and the rest of the Barrons for my remoue and entring the same xijs iiijd.

To Barron Altam for entring of Bayle to answere to the c'tifficate of the Baylyffs of Cardiffe that the seised the hides to the use of mary dowager Countis of Pembroke as an escheate xixs xd.

The xix daie of maie 1609 I was taken and Arested by one of the messengers of his mats chamber one mr Rowdon to appeare before Sr Daniell Dun to answere the hides to c'taine ffrenchmen pd him for his fee vjs viijd.

more for my charges before I putt in sureties for my appearance vs vjd.

ffridaie the xxvj of maie I appeared before Sr Daniell Dun in the courte at St margetts hill in Southwarke And was comitted to prisson paid for my charge the same time iiijs vjd.

The 27 I was enlarged out of mr popes howse paid for my charge there xvjs.

ffor my charg's ent'red Bayle xjs viijd.

Paid to my Councell touching this busines sithence the beginninge iiijli xs.

ffor recoueringe the same hides in the Exchequer and drawing them into the pipe ijli xjs.

ffor my charges in this bussines from the xjth of Januerij 1608 to the xth of June 1609, being xxiij weeks at xxvs p' weeke my selfe and my horse xxviijli xvs.

Soma. totalis xlixli ijs ixd.


A Coppie of money laid out aboute the hides.

R.O. State Papers, Domestic. Vol. 32, No. 71. 1626.

Letter from the Glamorganshire Justices at Cardiff, to the Council of State.

Our humble duties vsed. Yor lopps lres of the fowerth of this Moneth came to or hands the xixth of the same, Whereby wee are required in his Mats name, to cause to be prepared and made ready, for the service of his Mats fleete, One Vessell or Barke betwixt xxx tuns or vpwards, w[i]th in; the chiefe Porte or Harbour of this county, to be sufficiently manned and victualled for three moneths, to be in readines at Portsmouth by the end of this moneth of Julie; Vpon receipt of w[hi]ch hoble Letters, some of vs presently repaired to the chief Porte of Cardiff, Other of vs sent speciall persons of truste to the severall Harbours and creeks w[i]th in; this countie, And wee doe assure yor Lopps vpon or credits, and as wee desire to stand vpright in yor honourable opinions, That there is not at this time, neither was there at the time of the receipt of the said honourable lres, w[i]thin the said Port of cardiff, nor w[i]th in; any the creeks thereto belonging, w[i]th in; the said county, any one Barke or Vessell of the burthen of xxx tun[n]s or vpwards, fit for his Mats said service, but onely fewe passing boats of xx or xxiiij tun[n]s, for cariage of cattell and sheep, and for trading into England, not fit for the Seas, except onely twoe Barks belonging to the Harbour of Swansey, w[hi]ch are, and before the receipt of the said honourable lres were both in Ireland, trading for cattell, and not likelie to returne this fortnight or three weeks: By meanes whereof it was impossible for vs to performe the said service required, by or neer the time limitted; And we doe further assure yor loPPs, that the speciall occasion of the defect in or poore country in this behalfe hath ben, in that w[i]thin the space of little more than one yeare nowe last past, five severall good Barks w[i]th in; the Porte of cardiff and the creeks thereof in this county, haue ben taken by the Turkish Pirats of Sallie, to the utter vndoeing of many poore Marchants heere, and discouragemt of all others. Howe be it our zeale to his Mats service, and desire to performe his and yor Lopps directions and com[m]aundements tending thereto, is no lesse than any ells that are most devoted that way; as wee knowe or duties obligeth vs to be, And soe wee are most ready (after or poore abilities) to performe any yor lopps commaundemts in that behalfe, Wherein wee humbly attend yor honours further pleasure, and ever rest

Yor lopps most humble at commaund.

Edward lewys. Jo. Stradlynge. Tho. Awbrey. Edw. Stradlinge. Willi. Bassett. Will. Lewis. Edm. Thomas. William Mathew. Tho. Mathew. Dauid Euans. A. Fo'erwyn. Dauid Pritchard.

Tho. Mansell.

Cardiff the 29th of Julie 1626.

[Seal of arms: Paly; on a bend, 3 cinquefoils. Crest: Stag courant. Squire's helmet and lambrequins.]


To the right honourable the Lords of his Mats most honorable previe counsell.

From Cardiff the 29th of July 1626.

About the Pinnace ordered for them to find.

R.O. State Papers, Domestic. Vol. 305. 31 Dec[embe]r 1635.

"A Passe for John Mathews of Landafe Esqr and John Prichard of Lancare gent. both of the Countie of Glamorgan to trauell into foraine parts for the Terme of three yeares, and to take w[i]th them one seruant their truncks of apparrell and other necessaries (not prohibited) prouided that they repaire not to the Cittie of Rome."

Signed by the Earl of Salisbury &c. (Draft Minute.)

R.O. State Papers, Domestic. Car. II., 22. No. 154, A. Nov[embe]r 1660.

Certificate by Sir Richard Lloyd that Herbert Evans stays with his wife and children, sometimes at Neath, where he has a house, and sometimes at Cardiff, being Constable of the Castle; but, in his absence, his service is duly performed by David Evans, his undersheriff. He desires license for his absence at times.

R.O. State Papers, Domestic. Car. II., 449, No. 1.

Petition of Mansell Stradling to the King, for a grant of the place of Searcher at the Port of Cardif, which Philip Mansell is willing to surrender to him.

R.O. State Papers, Domestic. Vol. 34, No. 27. 7 April 1661.

To the Kings most Excellent Majestie.

The humble petic'on of the Bayliffes Aldermen and ffreemen of the Towne of Cardiffe in the County of Glamorgan Shewe,

That the Towne of Cardiffe is an antient Corpora'con as by thirteene severall Charters doth appeare, and now theis three or fower yeares last past there is a ffaire every three weekes kept at a place called Caerfilly within three myles of the said Towne, being noe Borough nor having any Charter or Graunt, by which meanes the aforesaid Towne is reduced to much poverty, and their poverty doth dayly increase by meanes of the said ffaire.

Therefore your petrs doe humbly pray, That your Gratious Ma[jes]ties wilbe pleased to graunt them a Letter to the Sheriffe of the County to require him to hinder the said ffaire, it being contrary to the Statute.

And your petrs shall ever pray &c.

At ye Court at Whitehall ye 7th of Aprill 1661.

His Ma[jes]tie is graciously pleased to refer this Petic'on to Mr Atturny Generall to consider therof and certifie his Ma[jes]tie what he conceiues fit for his Ma[jes]tie to do thervpon And then his Ma[jes]tie will declare his further pleasure.

Edw. Nicholas.

If the Franchise of keeping a Fair be vsurped (as is alledged) without warrant, a Quo Warranto may Issue wherein it may be tryed & Foriudged (If his Ma[jes]tie so direct.) But the Petr doth further pray that for the prsent A Letter may be directed by his Ma[jes]tie to the Sherriffe to prohibite the holding of the Faire, If it bee (as suggested) an vnlawful Assemblie.

G. Palmer.

11° Apr. 1661.

R.O. State Papers, Domestic. Car. II. Vol. 166. 3 August 1666.

Honoured Sr

I am orderd by Maior Richard Dutton Comptroler of this port, to giue you an accompt of eu'y thing of Concernmt that may happen in these pts. Capt. Robert Morgan belonging to Colonel Sidneys Regiment is heere beating of Drums for volonteers many haueing Listed themselues & tis not doubted but in a short tyme will haue his Company Compleated. Sr I am

yor very humble servt Row. Dauies.

Cardiffe August ye 3d 1666.


These To the honored mr Joseph Williamson secretary to ye Right Honble ye Ld Arlington at whithall.