Church goods of Llandaff cathedral and diocese (1558): Text

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Cardiff Records: Volume 1. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1898.

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R.O. Llandaff Cathedral Church Goods.

Land Revenue Records. Church Goods. Bundle 1393, File 178, No. 1. Parchment. Extracts.

The Accompte of George Herbert, Rice Manxell Knight, Robert Gamege . . . . . . . comysson's Aucthorised by vertue of a Comyssion of or Late Sou'aign Lord Kinge Edward the vjth for the sale of the churche goods w[i]thin the Countie of Glam'gan by their Survey thereof as here after followith made the viijth daye of December annis regnoru' Ph'i et Marie &c; tertio et quarto Retorned to the right worshipfulls Will'm Barnes, Thom's Mildma[y] & John Wisman Esquiers Comyssyon's appointed for the same * * * Will'm Herbert, Will'm Bassett & Myles Mathewe Esquiers Comyssyon's allotted to the Hundreds of Kaerfully, Llantrissent, Denyspowis & Kaerdif the said Will'm Herbert was appoynted to receaue the money for the churche goods of the said foure hundreds and like wise appoynted to receve the plate that was to be receauyd by force of the foresaid comyssyon, the said Will'm Bassett & Miles Mathewe beinge p'sent at the sale thereof, And also at the recevinge of the said plate accordinge to the foresaid comyssyon.

It'm the said Will'm Herbert receauyed at Kaerdif for the churche goods & mettell then sold of the said foure hundreds, the said Will'm Bassett and Miles Mathewe beinge prsent at the sale thereof the some of viijl. iijs. viijd..

Summa totalis xxvl. viijs. vjd. & 1 vnce half sylver & a patent.

Note that in the booke d'd to the L. Chancellor and from hym to the Comissrs the goods bene extended to ccxxiijl. which is to be aunswered by William Herbert of Coganpill in Com. Glamorgan essquier.

Pr Will'm Wightman.

Whereof paid by Rice Manxell Knight to Willm. Wyghtman esquier Recevor of South wales by vertue of the Lord Theasawrer is l'res., ixl. ijs. iijd..

A Will° Wightman Rec. gener. Regis de Southwallia p' signet', dat. ijdo Noue'br' A° 1558.

And so remayneth to be paied at this prsent the sume of xvjl. vjs. iijd. & j once half silver. Whereof allowed to Leyson pie deputie [struck out] to the said Commissionrs for his paynes in makynge of this accompte by the permission of the comissioners xxvjs. iijd. Et debt xvl q' sol' T'mi'o Trinitatis p' bill' N. Brighnor de T. Pasche. Item. The sayd Will'm Herbert receauyd vij challics w[i]th ther patents p'cell geilte weyinge lxxj ownc', Will'm Bassett & Myles Mathewe beinge p'sent. And also receauyd owt of the cathedrall churche of Landaff one sencer of silver ffoted w[i]th brasse weyinge xxv ownc'. And one paxe of silver w[i]th a cristall stone in hit weyinge viij ounc' & half, a shippe of silver weyinge ix ownc' & a bell of silver gilte weyinge v ownc' & half, all w[hi]ch plate amounteth to a hunderte xix ownc'. And for that the said Will'm Herbert hadd not the sight of my Lords of the prevey counsaill is l'res for the rederyverye of the same the said Will'm Herbert deteyneth the same plate in his custodye till suche tyme that the comyshon's further pleasures be knowen.

[vij challics & other plate weyinge a cxix vncs.]

It'm the said William Herbert receauyd one Chesyble of tynsill belonginge to the church of Landaff w[hi]ch the said Will'm Herbert dothe yet deteyne for lake of sight of the Counsaill is forsaid l'res.

George Herbertts

Robert Gamage

Myles Mathe

Rs Manxell




Churche Goods in Com' Glamorgan w[i]th the Counsells l'res for the delivery of the plate to the parishe Churches the Indentures wherof remayn in a box.

Ib. File 182, No. 1. One small piece of paper.

Mr. John Broxholme gentleman had the shryne of Seynt Telya in Landaff, and the iij Seynts hedds w[i]th theyr mytors on sylv' & doble gylte.

It'm Doctor Smyth now archdeacon of Landaf & some tyme Tresorer ther had all the rest of the Juels plat & stuff of the sayd Cathedral Church of Landaf.

It'm Sr John Gryffyth Clerk now Tresorer ther was prevy to all the sayd spoyle don by doctor Smyth forseyd.


The plate and Juells of landaf.

Ib. File 180, No. 1. One sheet of paper.

The sayde John Broxolme saythe that aboute the xxxij or xxxiij yeres of the raygn of our late sou'aign lorde kynge Henry theyght one Robart Holgate then busshopp of Landaph and the chapyter of the Cathedrall Churche of Landaph were possessed of one Shryne called Sayntelyaoez Shryne standinge in the sayd Cathedrall' Churche of Landaph as of theyr owne proper gooddes Jewells & ornaments in the ryght of the same Churche & they being so possessed, one Henry Morgan and John ap Ievan (fn. 1) & other Chan'ons resydencyaryez of the said Cathedrall Churche hearynge that the sayd late Kinge of famous memory had sent for dyvers shrynes w[hi]ch then lately stode in the Cathedrall Churches as out of Lyncoln, Cantarbury and dyvers other dyd pull down the sayd shryne and brake hyt in many peces & p'te of the same dyd convaye awaye & torned to their owne uses whereupon Thomas Baker beinge then Comyssary to the busshoppe of Landaph & remaynynge in the dyoc' by his l'res uttered the same thinge to the sayd late busshoppe. And as I do remembr. the sayd busshopp advertysed the Lord Cromwell therof by Doctor Bellyces and so the sayd Lord Cromwell dyrect his l're to the sayd late busshoppe therby wyllyng & com'andynge him that he shuld send to the sayd Chapyter for the said shryne to be brought to London w[hi]ch busshope delyv'd to me then beinge his Cha'ncelor in the said dyoc' of Landaph the sayd letter & wylled me aswell for the same as for his other affayres to be dyspatched to repayre to the sayd Cathedrall Churche and theyre to com'on w[i]th the sayd Chapyter and bringe the sayd Shryne upp to London wherupon as the busshops messenger & s'vaunt in thys behalf I com'oned w[i]th the sayd Chapyter in the Chapyter house of the sayd Cathedrall Churche. And furthw[i]th upon the syght of the sayd letter the Cha'nons resydencyaryez making theyr Chapyter delyv'ed unto me about ffour or fyve hundreth ownces of gylted plate w[hi]ch they sayd was theyr sayd & hole Shryne. And for asmuche as I suspect a grett p'te of the sayd Shryne was convayed awaye and that I wold that they shuld fully knowe that I dyd nothinge but by the said busshoppes comondment I delyv'ed them a byll' testyfyenge the weyght by the nombr of the ownces & the sorte of kinde of the plate w[hi]ch I had Rd and that I Rd the same to be delyv'ed to the sayd busshoppe and so brought the same plate by me recevyd from Landaph & delyv'ed yt here to the sayd late busshoppe at London w[hi]ch busshoppe afterward sold the same to one Rede a goldsmythe in Chepsyde and as to any other p'te of the plate of the sayde Churche the sayd John Broxolme sayth he nev' receyvyd any nor knoweth not what yt was nor what became of hit but that all the other plate of the sayd Churche remayned in the custodye of the sayd Henry Morgan w[hi]ch afterward told me at london that he had delyv'ed it to the late lord Cromwell to the use of the sayd late Kinge. And afterward upon dysplesure envye & malyce growen btween the sayd busshopp and the sayd Henry Morgan the same Henry compleyned to the sayd lord Cromwell that the sayd late busshopp of Landaph had taken awaye the sayd Shryne nev'theles the sayd Lord Cromwell answered to the srvaunts of the sayd late busshoppe that the same busshopp shulde endevor himself to s've truly the Kings Matye in the North p'tyes & shulde not be affrayed nor lettyd by suche complaynts And afterward the sayd late busshopp gave & sent unto the said Cathedrall Churche a payre of orgayns & dyv's suyts of vestments as he sayd in recompence of the sayd Shryne And further the sayd John Broxolme sayth that the sayd Cathedrall Church of Landaph nevr was surrendred disolvyd or otherwyse com'e into the season or possessyon of the sayd late Kinge Henry theight but that the same churche styll' remaynes in her ascencyall body polytyque & that Kinge Henry theight nor no other Kinge nor Quene of this Realme were nev' seysed of the same Churche synce the tyme out of mynd of any estate of frehold nor yet entytled to have the gooddes & catalls of the said churche.


The aunswere of Mr Broxholme concernyng the Shrene of Landaff in Wales.

Ib. File 181, No. 1. Paper.

South Wales.—A Remembraunce of the plate remayning in the Church of Landaf the tyme of the surrender & dissoluc' of the same and by whom it was from thense conveyed as Morice Mathewe of Landaf Esquier hath & doth declare in mann' and forme folowing viz.:

Furst oon Shryne of St Tilliaw of silver p'cell gilte of the coveringe in or Lady Chapell of Landaf aforeseid. Taken by John Broxholme and Baker.

It'm xij Apostles of silver with the Trinitie.

It'm St Elios [Teilo's] hedde of sylver gylte an arme of the same Seynte gylte St Dubrice hedde of silver & an arme of the seyd Seynte of silver. And St Odothyhe his hedde of silver and an arme of the seid St. Odithe of silv'.

It'm a crosse of golde abouyhts halfe a ffoote of lenght.

It'm ij other crosses of silver a pixe and ij candelstyckes of silver.

It'm ij basons of silver, ij crewetts of silver, a paxe of silver, a litle sacringe belle of silver, and a shippe to carry Frankingsence of silver, ij sencers of silver.

It'm xiij challesses of silver.

Taken by Sr Henry Morgan and brought to London to be delyv'ed to the Lorde Crumwell as he harde saye.


Miles Mathe

Sowth Wales Churche goods

Land Revenue Records, No. 678, m. 3. Parchment.

Petition to the Bishop of Winchester, Lord Chancellor, by the inhabitants of the County of Glamorgan, praying that persons illegally detaining church goods may be compelled to restore them.

"And whereas also in the same churche [of Llandaff] was allwaies xij Cannons, viij preestes, iiij vicars and vj queresters w[i]th a sexton, by whome Godd was solempny s'ved with two masses by note every daie, to the great comfort of the inhabitants of thoese dioceses. The Cannons Resident there and there freends have not only spoyled conveyed and imbesolyd the said goods to there owne proper uses so narowly as they have not omytted to plucke up and sell the paving stones. But also have withedrawen the proffites of the same churche w[hi]ch went to the maintenaunce of Godds s'vice so that thereis but oonly two preestes now w[i]thout either vicare or conduct and messe by note nor any song this thre or fower yeres skarsly oon low masse a a daye and that not verye s'tayne. For reformac'on wherof yt maye please yor good Lordship to direct the King and Quenes comission to some discrete gentilmen in that p'ties to inquyer of all and singuler the premisses and to certifie yor Lordship therof That theruppon' such order may by yor wisedome taken in that behalf as the King and Quenes Highnes maybe aunswered as ap'etaignith and the rest restored to parrysshes and churches from whens the same was imbesoled and the said Cathedrall Churche restored to her former state to the honor and Glorye of Godd and great comfort of thole countrie who dayly thrust for the same. And yor said orators for the long contynuaunce of yor honorable estate shall dayely praye."

Ib. No. 678, m. 6, Schedule 3. Extract.

Hondred de Cardiff. Eccl'ia Cathedralis Landaven'.—Presenters Sir John Singer clerke p'ishe priste there, Griffithe Thomas sexten, Morgan Lewes, Lewes ap Morgan, John Goche and Roger David, substanciall and honeste p'ishioners there who sayen upon their othes that William Herbert, William Bassett and Miles Mathewe esquiers com'issioners in the later dayes of King Edward the Sixte emongeste others assigned dyd sitte in thexecuting therof the xvijth day of Julye a° Regine Marie prmo in the howse of Sir Rice Manxell Knighte w'thin the castell baylif of Cardif and then & there dyd take frome the Cathedrall Chirche foreseyd upon pretence to make sales therof to thuse of the seyd late King Edward the Sixt these p'cells foloyng that is to say

Copes and vest'. On cope of clothe of golde wroghte upon grene.

It'm ij copes of redde damaske w[i]th flowres and branches of gold pice xxs.

It'm on' cope of bliwe velet pice xs.

It'm ij copes of redde silke embrodryd w[i]th golde [and] a cope of redde velet, iijs. iiijd.

It'm one cope of redde silke borderyd w[i]th redde velet pice vs.

It'm a cope of bliwe silke borderid abowte w[i]th clothe of golde pice vjs. viijd.

It'm ij chesibles on of tessiwe thother of velet upon velet imbrodrid w[i]th golde, vijs.

Plate and Juells. In pr'mis on' sencer of silver p'cell gilte w[i]th foure or five cheynes weying unces xxxth.

It'm a shippe of silver p'cell gilte for frankynsence of whate weighte they can not telle.

It'm a paxe of silver doble gilte weying unces vijth.

It'm a sancts bell of silver doble gilte weyng unces vth the whiche is co'tynually & kepte frome the seyd Cathedrall Chirche & no parte therof as yette to the same chirche by any man' of menes restoryd. Farder the p'senters foreseyd dothe p'sente upon their seyd othes that one Broxolm Chancellor to byshope Robart then byshope of Landaf & after wardes archebyshope of Yorke toke owte of the sed Cathedrall Chirche of landaf on' Shrine of silver doble gilt and that Mr Harry Morgan clerke late canon Resident of the sed chirche dyd take frome the seyd chirche in the sayde byshope Robarts time thre heddes of silver w[i]th their miters of silver wherof one of the heddes was doble gilte, and the armes of silver wherof one was doble gilte, and the same dothe yett deteyne from the seyde chirche. Fardermore they seyen upon their seyd othes that all these p'cells of plate, juells, copes, vestments, goods & ornaments were in the sayd cathedrall chirche of landaf at suche time as John Smithe doctor of the lawe now archedeacon there & late treasorer there at suche time as he was firste stallyd treasorer of the same & that p'ntly remaynithe in the seyd chirche no p'te nor p'cell therof but by whome it is Imbesillyd or taken awey these p'senters can not sey.

Plate. In p'mis xiij images of silver doble gilte.

I'tm one crosse of golde xij ynches long.

It'm eighte chaleces & one of them leyde abowte the fote w[i]th precius stones & whether the chalece were pure golde or not they cowlde not telle.

It'm one other chalece doble gilte of silver that Mr John ap Ieuan gave with xls in mone.

It'm ij basens of silver.

It'm iiij criwets of silver.

It'm a grete crosse of silver doble gilte w[i]th xij bells of silver doble gilte.

It'm a lesser crosse of silver gilte.

It'm a crosse of silver ungilte.

It'm ij pixes of silver.

It'm ij grete candelsticks of silver.

It'm a flate pece of silver w[i]th a cover gilte.

It'm a grete Ryng of golde with a stone callyd the byshopes pontificall.

It'm ij sencers of silver one doble gilte.

It'm a masar gilte.

It'm an Image of or ladye of brasse doble gilte.

It'm a shippe of silver.

It'm ij paxes of silver gilte.

It'm Seynt Teloes boke wherin is the hole knowlege of the chirche w[i]th an image of brasse on the one syde therof doble giltyd.

It'm ij miters of silver thone leyde aboute with golde & stones.

It'm girdles & bedes of silver gilte they knowe not howe meny.

It'm Seynt Teloe's shoes silver leyde with stones.

Copes and vest'. It'm on' cope of clothe of golde with a hole siwte to the same.

It'm a cope of clothe of tissue.

It'm a cope of purple velet with a hole sute to the same.

It'm ij copes of blacke velet with the hole siwtes to the same.

It'm iij copes of white silke w'th thole siwtes beyng lynyd with sarcenet.

It'm ij copes of Ray silke.

It'm ij chesibles of grene velet.

It'm ij fronts on' redde & thother white leyde abowte with aborder of golde.

Brasse & Iron. It'm a pan'e, a grete crocke, a cawdron of brasse, a lampe of brasse, olde potts of brasse, foure grette barres of iron, a grate of iron that was aboute the shrine, lx yardes of canvas that lay abowts the highe altare.

It'm the iron of thre tonnes the thre iron barres wherof on' made faste the gret dore, vij barres of iron that was abowte the highe aultare.

It'm ij grete standers of brasse standing before the highe altare.

More they do p'sente that Sr John Griffithe Clerke nowe treasorer of the seyd Cathedrall Chirche oghte to fynd & menteyn in the said chirche these things following & the same hathe clene w'thdrawen & kepithe frome the same chirche that is to sey: A lampe burni'g before the sacrament alweys at service time, & ij tapers upon the highe altare, & ij standerts ev'y inferi' duplex, and foure tapers ev'y principall & magis duplex, and ropes for sixe bells and that there lackithe of thaccustomyd mi'isters in the quere sixe ministers and theire wages now co'vertyd in to superfluus fees geven to newe devised officers, as a stiward & thre auditors w'cche never before recevyd any suche fees owte of the seyd chirche. And more they sayen that wheras heretofore was accustomyd to be hadde in the seyd chirche thre masses, that is to sey morowe masse, our Lady masse and highe [masse,] and every Sonday and festivall daye five or sixe masses, and that there is now scante on' masse a day and that there lackithe in the seyd chirche missalls, antiphoner boks, processionalls, bokes to redde the legens, and a grayle, so that God can not be there servyd for lacke of bokes and that there lackithe on' to kepe the organs, and that there is in the sayde Cathedrall Chirche but ij prists to serve the parishes & that whiles is there never a on' to execute in the quere. Morover the said p'senters sayen upon their othes that the canons hathe lette owte the moste parte of the fermes of the seyd chirche to their frinds & hathe demynished the rents of the seyd chirche & that there was no mi'isters that recevyd wages in the seyd chirche all the time of thenglishe service butt fowre & the sexten and there is yette in the seyd chirche thre aultares unmade and that there be two of the bells broken & decayde and that the vicars choralls can not be payde of their wages quarterly as they were wonte to be and that there is no stranger that will or can there abyde because they are so ill payde and that thaforeseyd Mr Broxolm toke awey a bell & a chalece frome the chapell of Eley belonginge to the seyd Cathedrall Chirche.

George Mathew.

Morgan Mathew.

Robert Stradling.

Roger Williams.

Villa de cardif. Eccl'ia s'cti Joh'is baptiste.

P'senters there William Colchester alderman, Richerd Hiwes and John Johns and John yoman chirche wardens there who sayen vppon their othes thatt william herbert, miles mathewe & william basset esquiers com'ission's foreseyd in thaforeseyd howse of sr Rice manxell the fryday being the xiiijth day of Julye ao Regine marie prmo dyd by force of their seyd com'ission [take] from the seyd chirche:—

thre copes of Redde Velet Imbrodyrd & wroghte w[i]th branches and

Images of golde being then wel wurthe ixli.

It'm a cheseble of the same siwte w[i]th a deacon and subdeacon being likewise then wel wurthe vjli.

It'm a cope of bliwe velet w[i]th a chesible deacon & subdeacon to the same Imbrodrid & wroughte w[i]th branches & Images of golde and bordrid abowte w[i]th clothe of gold price xijli.

It'm ij copes of Redde damaske w[i]th thole siwte therunto appertey'ing price vijli.

It'm one olde cope of crane colore briges satten p'ce vjs viijd. wherof they saye that none of the p'isheners shulde have of the seyde com'ission's any parte of the p'misses to sale for any mone & that there is no parte therof as yette to the seyd chirche Restoryd.


p'senters John pill parishe clerke there and cherchewarden, William kewe p'ishenr there who sayen vpon their othes that thaforeseyd Com'issionrs by colore of the Com'ission foreseyd at the day & place foreseyd dyd take frome the seyd p'ishe chirche these p'cells of ornaments vpon prtence to make sales therof that is to sey:—

firste a cope of Redde Velett Imbrodryd w[i]th branches and Images of gold then well wurthe iiijli.

It'm a chesible deacon & subdecon of the same velet and of the leke wurke & makinge then well wurthe xli.

It'm a cope of Redde Velet bordryd abowte w[i]th Images of golde iijli.

It'm a cope of bliwe velet Imbrodryd w[i]th Images of golde wurthe iijli.

It'm a chesible of the same velet & wurke wurthe xiijs iiijd.

It'm ij chesibles of bridges satten Redde brodryd w[i]th Images of golde wurthe xxvjs viijd.

It'm a chesible of white damaske brodryd w[i]th pure golde wurthe xls.

It'm ij olde Redde chesibles wurthe xs.

It'm a fustyan chesible for the lente iijs iiijd.

Wherof the p'ishenrs of the seyd p'ishe shulde have none to sale for any mone, And as yette there is made therof to the seyd chirche no maner of Restituc'on.

p'ochie de Rothe.

p'senters sr John lloyde clarke curatt there, William Hughs, thoms Mathewe, John Richard and Mathewe Morgan p'rishenrs there who vpon there corporall othes sayen that William Herbert, William bassett & Myles Mathewe esquiers by force of comission the 7 day of July Anno Regis Edwardi sexti Septimo dyd take frome them and there chirche that is to sey:—

A cope of Redde Velet.

A cheseble of redde Velet.

One of bliwe silke.

A nother of white say.

A peyre of candelsticks of brass.

A crosse of yolowe copper.

A sencer of brasse.

whereof they as yett never hadde any manr of Restituc'on.

p'ochie de Kayre.

one newe cheseble of crymsyn velet w[i]th branches and Images of golde price vjli.

It'm one other cheseble of white & redde silke price vjs.

It'm one crosse copper gilte & ij candelsticks of brasse p'ce xxxs.

p'cchie de llanissen.

Sr Morgan Gwyn curat.

A chales weying vth ownces xxs.

It'm a vesteme't of grene silke p'ce vs.

It'm a crosse of Latyn p'ce xxvjs. viijd.

It'm ij Candelsticks of brasse p'ce iijs. iiijd.

p'ochie de llysvayen.

Sr Morgan Gwyn clarke curate there.

A vesteme't of grene silke p'ce xiijs.

It'm an olde vesteme't of say p'ce

It'm a crosse of Latyn prce xs.

It'm two candelsticks of brass prce iiijs.

p'ochie de llanedern.

Sr Lewes miricke clarke vicar there.

A Chales of x vnces.

It'm a crosse of latyn prce xxxiijs. iiijd.

It'm iiij candelsticks of brasse prce xvjs.

It'm ij copes one of grene satten & thother of tawny satten, prce xxs.

It'm a vestement of grene Velet prce

It'm an nother of grene satten p'ce xxvjs. viijd.

p'ochie de Lancarvan.

Sr Robart Johns clarke Vicar there.

One Chales contey'ing xij vnces.

It'm a crosse of Coper doble gilte.

It'm a vestiment of Redd velvet w[i]th a crosse of golde vpon it.

It'm a hole sewte of bliwe satten silke.

It'm a redde cope of silke

It'm ij brassing Candelsticks.

It'm the foresaid com'ission's dyd Restore but one blewe crewell sette w[i]th yolowe wyre of golde.

p'ochie de Porthekerye & Barry.

A crosse of coper gilte.

ij candelsticks of brasse

A cope of bliwe satten a bridges.

A peyre of vestimts of purpyll velvet.

A peyre of vestiments of bliwe brancheke damaske.

A holy water potte of brasse.

And from the chirche of barry:

A crosse of coper gilte.

ij candelsticks of brasse.

A cope of bliwe satten of bridges.

A peyre of vestiments of grene damaske

A peyre of vestiments of grene silke.

A pykes of brasse.

A holy water potte of brasse.

A censor of brasse.

p'ochie de Pennarth.

Sr Morgan William clerke vicar there.

one vesteme't of white taffita.

a crosse of copper.

ij candelsticks of brasse.

a censer of brasse & a holy watter potte of brasse

p'ochie de leckew[i]th.

A cope of white & damaske brodreed w[i]th golde.

a Redde vesteme't of damaske.

ij candelsticks of brasse.

A censer of brasse.

A crosse of copper.

p'ochie de mighelston sup' eley.

A vestement of blacke velvet p'ce xls viijd.

It'm a crosse of copper p'cell gilte p'ce xls.

It'm an olde cope of Redde damaske p'ce xxs.

It'm a white syrplys of fine holand p'ce vjs viijd.

p'ochie de laverneocke.

Sr Morgan William clerke Vicar there.

one vestement of Redde damaske.

a crosse of copper p'cell gilte.

two candelsticks of brasse.

A censor.

p'ochie de Cogan.

Sr John gibbon clarke curatt. One vestement of bliwe satten p'ce xiijs iiijd. It'm a crosse of brasse copper gilte p'ce xxs. It'm a branche of brasse conteyning five lytts. one peyre of brasen candelsticks. It'm a censor of brasse.

p'ochie de saint fagans.

one newe Redde vestement of purpull velvet brodred w[i]th golde w[i]th the signes of Angells wroughte w[i]th golde price vjli.

It'm a newe Vestement of Redde purpull velvet brodreed w[i]th golde at vli.

It'm ij Candelsticks of brasse p'ce iiijs.

p'ochie de landoghe.

one Vestement of Redde damaske brodred w[i]th golde.

A crosse of brasse p'cell gilte p'ce xs.

It'm iiij Candelsticks p'ce iiijs.

It'm a censser p'ce xijd.

p'ochia de lantrissent.

one cheseble of Redde velvett price xls.

It'm a chesible of white silke price ijs.

It'm one cope of bliwe satten price xs.

It'm one copper crosse gilte price xs.

It'm foure candelsticks price iiijs.

. . . . . . one Robert thom's lloyde one of the seyd p'ishe toke frome the seyd chirche one silver chalece weyng vj vnces vpon p'tence to brynge the same to mendyng butt never broghte it ageyn.

p'ochia de pentirgh.

a chesible of Redde velvet price xls.

a chesible of grene silke w[i]th a crosse of tawny velet price xxvjs. viijd.

It'm a crosse of brasse ij candelsticks & a sencer price xxxs.

p'ochia de Whitechirche.

foure candelsticks of brasse price vis. viijd.

[Among articles endorsed in a later hand, on the back of this skin, is "One Bell belongyng to ye chapell of abyrthaw."]

p'ochia de lysworney.

p'senters Sr John philpot clerke Vicar there, thom's Ragland & edmond hawarde chirchewardens.

a cope of bliwe silke.

a cheseble of bliwe damaske.

a cheseble of grene silke.

a crosse.

ij candelsticks &

a sencer of brasse.

p'ochia de lantwit.

Sr John philpot clerke vicar there.

a siwte of Redde Velet.

a cheseble & tunakills for deacon & subdeacon of bliwe silke.

a cope of blew velet.

a cheseble of silke callyd hoell da is mantell.

a fronte ffor the highe aultar of staynid clothe.

a cheseble of grene silke.

a cheseble of tawnye silke.

ij silke baners.

ij stremers.

ij candelsticks.

ij anvills.

eighte olde aultare clothes.

a corporas clothe.

[Endorsement on the last skin.]

Md that it appereth by doctor Smyth is owne accompts that there remayneth yet in his hands one paten of a Chalyce, one Cope and one chesyble of red velvet, & the Iron of ij tombes.

It'm the plate solde by hym for xlvjli xiijs iiijd was cclxxxxij vnces, beyng worth now lxxiijli after vs the vnce, and at that tyme worth viijs the vnce.

It'm he co[n]fesseth yt he hath the vycares howse by leasse.

It'm he confesseth yt he once broke the Coffer, and toke out therof the Chapitre Seale contrary to the Byshop is wyll.

The above record consists of several long membranes united at the head.


  • 1. According to a note in Ollivant's "Account of Llandaff Cathedral," John ap Jevan's will directed his burial in the chapel of St. Dubricius, which must have been the present Mathew Chapel, in the year 1545.