Records of the Exchequer: 1635-1726

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Cardiff Records: Volume 1. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1898.

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R.O. Exchequer Depositions by Commission. 10 Car. I. 1635. Mich. 68. Glam.

Tithes at Penarth. Edward Alport versus
Nicholas Robin and
William Prowtinge.

Writ directed to Henry Hobson, esquire; Henry Blackborowe, gentleman; George Warren, gentleman; George Rice, gentleman; John Pearce, clerk; Thomas Blount, gentleman; William Harberte of Cogan, esquire.

1. Philip Robin of Pennarth in the County of Glamorgan husbandman aged fyftie yeares or thereabouts sworne & examend sayeth:—Imprimis he sayeth & deposeth that he knoweth Edward Alport clerke to be a preacher of gods word & viccar of Pennarth in the County of Glamorgan aforesaid & saieth that he hath often preached att Pennarth & celebrated devyn service & hath herd him to have preached att many other p'rishes thereabouts.

Itt. to the third Inter' he deposeth & sayeth that about half a yeare since & more this depon't to his best remembraunce did see the plaintiffe com[m]inge out of the church of Pennarth on a Sunday after morninge prayer & to hould certayne writts in his hands w[i]th greene seales like unto the seale of this comyss'on now shewed vnto him, speakinge then unto som[m]e that stoode there these words or to the like effect videl't that I have some writts from the excheqr to serve ym upp hither conserninge my dew & tythes & this depon't further saieth that he saw the said plaintiff then shew unto one Mr Johns a mynister on of those writts & said it was against one Evan llew'en & saieth that he did then alsoe see the plaintiff serve one John Herbert w[i]th on of those p'res & the said Jo: Herbert desired to see the same writt to knowe when his day of app'ance was & the plaintyff did there uppon tell him.

Ittem to the 7th Inter' this depon't saieth & deposeth that about sixe moneths agoe one of the def'ts Nicholas Robin tould this depon't that certaine horses & beasts of the plaintiffs were impounded by him, for the space of 3 dayes or thereabouts & he knoweth that the said Plaintiffe did goe forth of the p'rishe of pennarth into another p'rishe for meate for the said horses sayinge unto this depon't that he could not haue any meate for his horses in the said p'rishe where they were impounded.

Itt. that this depon't hard the def't Nicholas Robin say We have had a greate sturr & quoyle to putt the pl't's horses in pounde but nowe we haue them in pounde we shall haue the land I hoape quietly. The pl't did come to the church doore of Pennarth on a sunday in the morninge when the parryshinors were assembled together in the churchyard to here devyne service & that the plaintiff founde the church doore shutt & could not gett in althoughe he endeauored to goe into the church, And alsoe knoweth that now of late this depon't goinge to Larnoth church Interrogated purposing to haue reaade devyne services there uppon a sunday att the usuall tyme for eveninge prayer & could not gett in to the church because the doore was shutt.

Arthur Edwards, of Stt ffaggotts, husbandman, aged 40, saith:— The Def't came vnto the Lands belonging vnto the viccaridge of Pennarth and Will'm Prowtinge had then a pitchforcke in his hand, & saieth that they came to drive away the pl't's cattle into the pounde from his pr'mises belonginge to the said p'sonadge, and one lissent app Rice did help them to drive the pl't's cattle to pounde. William Prowtinge & the pl't. having pitchforkes in their hands did stricke on att the other, but who began first this depon't knoweth not. The def'ts called John Gwyn the constable to assiste them & thereuppon the constable tooke hould of him [Pl't.] whilest the cattle were putt in the pounde.

Lyson Price of Lavernock, gentleman, aged 40, saith:—When he and the rest were endeavouring to drive plts. cattle to the pounde the said plts. Dogg ran att or towards the deft. Prowtinge, w'ch this depon't seeinge said kill him, meaning the dogg & saieth also that the deft. Prowtinge did throw a stone att the dogg but none as he saw att the plt: In driving the cattle plts. mare was forced into a greate bush of Bryars, where she fell. The cattle were impounded in the common pound att Pennarth.

Nicholas Gwynn, son of John Gwyn of Pennarth, aged 15 years, saith:—Lyson Price did take the plts. wife & hould hir in his armes while the cattle were driven to the pound.

R.O. Exchequer Depositions by Commission. 10 & 11 Car I. Hil. 13. 1636.

Same matter.

Margery Watkyn, of Pennarth, spinster, aged 18, saith:—At the time aforesaid shee did see Mary Plowman take a stake out of the hedge crieinge out and saieinge, in the Welsh tonge, O Lord, what doe the ffolkes meane to kill the old man. Plt. did keepe a mastiffe bitch & a little curre, but did not keepe two Mastiue doggs.

John Herbert, of Pennarth, gentleman, aged 60, also deposed.

Nicholas Morgan, of Llandough, husbandman, deposed that the pound at Penarth was made about 3 years since, for the Lord of the Manor and his tenants

R.O. Exchequer Special Commission. 13 Car. 1. 1638. South Wales. Latin.


Inquisition indented, taken at Cardiffe in the said County of Glamorgan, on the last day of September in the thirteenth year of the reign of our lord Charles, by the grace of God of England, Scotland, France and Ireland King, Defender of the Faith, and so forth, by virtue of a Commission issuing out of the Exchequer of our said lord the King, dated the twenty eighth day of June in the year aforesaid, before Edward Church, esquire; William Ward, esquire, and Maurice Canon, esquire, Feudaries of the County aforesaid; Gerard Wright, alias Herbert, gentleman, a Commissioner in the said Commission named, and to this Inquisition annexed, by the oath of Galwel Lewis, gentleman; Jenkin Edwards, gentleman (&c., Jury, who, sworn &c., say inter alia:—)

Cardiff Moors.

And that there is a great circuit and quantity, anglicé "a levell," of marsh land, some part of which is called "Cardiffe mores," adjacent to the parish of Saint Mary in Cardiffe, in the same county, on the east; which circuit lies between the river Tawe and the river Rompney, in the same county, and abuts upon the river Severne on the south, and the towns and lands of Cardiffe and Roth on the north, containing seven hundred acres, each of the yearly value of six pence, and are now in the occupation of the most noble P[hilip], Earl of Pembroke, and others, or their assigns.

Leckwith Moor.; Canton Common.; Eley Moor.; Grange Moor.; Cogan Pill.

And that there are marsh lands in that county, adjacent to the parishes of Landaffe and Leckwith in the same county, called "Leckwith More, Canton C[om[m]on] and Ely moore," containing two hundred acres, each of the annual value of two pence, and abutting on the high road leading from Cardiff aforesaid towards Cowbridge on the north, the higher lands, anglicé "uplands," of the parish of Leckwith on the west, the marsh called "the Granges," and a marsh of William Herbert, esquire, called "Coganpill," on the south, and the hamlet of Canton in the parish of Llanndaffe on the east; and which are used by the inhabitants of the parishes of Leckwith and Lanndaffe.

Grange Marshes.

And that there are other marsh lands, called "the Grange marshes," in the said county, adjacent to the parish of Lanndaffe in the said county, the higher lands of Pennarth on the west, the Severne shore on the south, and the river Tave on the east, and the common lands of Leckwith on the north, containing three hundred acres, each of the yearly value of four pence, and which are used in common by the Lady Beauchamp, William Herbert, and John Mathew, esquire. * * *

Roath Moor.

And that there is a marsh in the same county and in the parish of Roth, abutting on the road called "a cawsey" on the south, the river Rompney on the north east, and the town and parish of Roth on the south west, containing five hundred and four acres, each of the yearly value of six pence; and the profits thereof are taken by the Earl of Pembroke, or by the Lady Beauchampe, or their assigns.

R.O. Exchequer Depositions by Commission. 15 Car. I. 1639. Mich. 29. Concealed Lands. Extracts.

Interr' to be administred to the wittnesses to bee perluced and exa'i'ed on the p'te and behalfe of Thomas Hales gentl. compl't against Sr Thomas Lewis knight, Jane Thomas widdowe, John Williams gentl., Valentine Powell and William Moore, defendants.

2. Ite' doe you knowe one Messuage or burgage lyinge and beinge in St Johns streete in the Towne of Cardiff and County of Glamorgan sometymes in the tenure of William Brewer al's Stile and afterwards in the tenure of Dennis Dale Ald. and afterwards in the tenure of John Pitts, and nowe or late in the tenure of the defend't Valentine Powell?

3. Ite' do you knowe one other Messuage or burgage lyinge and beinge in the Towne of Cardiff in the saide county of Glamorgan in a streete there called St Maries streete somtymes in the tenure of James ap John and now in the tenure of the defend't William Moore?

4. Item doe you knowe or remember that you weare sworne in a Jurie of Survay in the xiijth yeare of the Raigne of the late kinge James over this Realme of England &c. by virtue of a com[m]ission out of his saide Ma[jes]ties Courte of Exchequer to William Mathewe Esqr and others directed and did you then present that Morgan Williams ald. did hould of his saide late Ma[jes]tie by Indenture w'ch hee did not then shewe, one burgage in a streete called St Maries streete late in the tenure of James ap John att the yearlie Rent of vijs. vjd. payable att fower tearmes in the yeare besides reparac'ons and cheife rents. And did you then alsoe pr'sent that the saide Morgan Williams did alsoe hould of his saide late Ma[jes]tie by Indenture one burgage scituate lyinge and beinge in a streete called St Johns streete late in tenure of William Brewer al's Stile and afterwards in the tenure of dennis dale Ald. and then in the tenure of John Pitts at the yearelie rent of iijs. to bee paide quarterlie by even porc'ons besides the cheife Rents?

6. Ite' doe you knowe or beleive in yor conscience that the twoe beforemenc'oned burgages weare theretofore chaunterie lands and weare afterwards Invested in the crowne upon the dissoluc'on of the Abbyes, Monestaries, and chaunteries, and weare the same burgages allwaies accepted, reputed, and taken to bee chaunterie lands and held by lease by the ffarmers thereof?

8. Have you seene att anie tyme anie Evidence, survayes, Rentalls, or other records by w'ch yt appeared that the saide before menc'oned burgages weare chaunterie lands and allwaies held by lease from the crowne by the farmers or Tennants thereof?


James Gale, of Cardiff, esquire, aged 70 years, deposed.

Thomas Davies, of Cardiff, gentleman, aged 50 years, deposed:—

6. He credibly hard it reputed that the messuage in the tenure of Valentine Powell was chauntry lands and belonging to the kings Ma[jes]tie. But as concerning the other Messuage in the tenure of the def't Moore he knoweth not how or from whom the same is houlden.

8. He sawe Richard Budd gent. deliver a p'ticuler of certaine chauntry lands scituat & lieing within the Towne of Cardiff (amongst w'ch the said messuage in the occupac'on of the sayd def't Valentine Powell was one of the said p'ticulers) and then reputed and taken to be the kings Mas chauntery lands, unto John Davies & John Rob'ts gent. now deceased, to thintent they might enquire for a cheapman to by the same.

Nathaniel Wells, of Cardiff, goldsmith, deposed.

Arthur Roberts, of Cardiff, gentleman, aged 40, deposed that he Knoweth the mess'e lying near St. John's church, and doth remember that John Pitts dwelled in the same, and afterwards Valentine Powell.

6. He hard heretofore by the Relac'on of his late father John Rob'ts gent. now deceased that the Messuage late in the tenure of one James ap John in St Maryes in Cardiff was chauntry land, and that Morgan Williams Alder. father vnto the def't John Williams, and his vndertenant as he also hard held the same by some lease or graunt, & conceaveth the messuage in the tenure of the said Moore to be the same messuage.

8. The same messuage was presented upon a survey temp. Jacobi to be chauntry lands & to be held by Indenture on lease at vijs. vjd. rent per annum.

Interr. on behalf of Sir Thomas Lewis.

9. Item doe you knowe or have you harde that the said deft. John Williams held the same half Burgage in St John streete by his ansiant lease, belonging heretofore to the chantry of the church of St Maries in Cardiff?

10. Item doe you knowe or have you harde that one John Williams of Cowbridge gent. and others being then collectors of the chantry rents in Cardiff for his ma[jes]ts vse did reseive of the said deft. John Williams all such rents as were due to his ma[jes]tie uppon the said half Burgage?

R.O. Exchequer Depositions by Commission. 16 Car. I. 1641. Trin. 5. Glam.

The Commission is directed to Richard ap Evan, gen.; John Morgan Gamadge, gent.; John Edwards junr, clerk; and Nicholas Wastell, gent.

Did the deft. Robert Roberts gent. in 1623 "cause an acc'on to be entred in the court of the corporac'on of the Towne of Cardiff in the name of the said Richard Davies against the said Thomas Chambers for a debt of three pownds and had furth thereuppon a warrant from the office of one Thomas Davies gent. then Towneclerck of the said Towne of Cardiff for the arrestinge of the bodie of the said Thomas Chambers"?

R.O. Exchequer Depositions by Commission. 24 Car. I 1649. East. 1. Glam.

Writ directed to Aron Price gen., Rice Williams gen., Arthur Roberts gen. & Phillipp Cradocke gen.

Anne Herbert widow, Rich'd Watkins gen., Thomas Richard, Wm. Wren, Hugh Hawkins, Geo. Evans, Adam Hickman, Lewis Thomas, Edwd. Want & Philip Dennys, defts., ex p'te Joh'is Williams quer:

Interr. ex p'te quer:

1. Do you know the Messuage or tenemt shopp curtilage stable and Garden in dukestreet w[i]thin the Towne of Cardiff, and the Myll and Kill att Listellabont nowe in the occupac'on of the said complt?

Margaret Chambers, of Cardiff, aet. 50. Knoweth that William Herbert esquier seazed on two ffeather Bedds of the said complts. to the vse of the right ho'ble Phillip Earle of Pembroke.

Howell Jones of Cardiff esq., aet 80. Sawe one Trunke of the complts. in the Towne of Cardiffe w'ch was seazed vpon by William Herbert esquier.

Interr. ex p'te def'c'm:

2. Item doe you Knowe or verilie beleeue in yo'r conscience that the right honorable Phillip Earle of Pembroke and Montgom. heretofore was And yet is chiefe Lord of the towne of Cardiff And the liberties and ffranchisses thereunto belongenge or in anie wise apperteyneinge, And that all Waifes, estraies, felons goodes, landes and ten'ents doth of right belonge vnto the said Earle, as escheat for any felony, treason or murther comitted & done by any parson or parsons within the said Towne or within anie of his Lo'pps Lib'ties & mannors w[i]thin the countie of Glamorgan?

3. Item doe you know that the said William Herbert in his life time was Constable of Cardiff Castle, & a Justice of the peace within the said Towne of Cardiff & Countie of Glamorgan, and chiefe officer to and vnder the said Earle, for all his lopps Revenewes in Wales . . and did vsualie Receave all Herriotts & felons goodes within the said Towne of Cardiff and Countie of Glamorgan?

5. Complt. anno 8 Car. I. at the great Sessions then houlden in or abouts the Towne of Cardiffe . . . . before Sr Walter Pye knight and Walter Romsey, Esquier, chiefe Justices of the said great Sessions was legallie and in due forme of Lawe indicted and convicted aswell by the great inquest as alsoe by the Jurie of life and death for manslaughter for killinge and murtheringe of one Henrie Williams, And afterwards the said complt. was burnt or censured to be burnt in the hand for the said offence. . . . .

6. . . . . . .said Complt. alsoe in or abouts the sixte yeare of his mats. said Raigne our England &c was alsoe indicted w[i]thin the said Towne at the great Sessions there houlden, for havinge then two married wives then livinge.

8. William Herbert directed his warrant to the defts. Hugh Hawkins and William Wran, constables within the Town of Cardiff, and sent the same unto them by the Deft. Richard Watkins, being then his menial servant, to seize Complts. chattels.

9. The said constables seized a brasse furnace on behalf of the Constable of the Castle, and sold it to Adamel Hickman for £8.

10. The said Wm Herbt gaue direcc'ons to the othere deft. Thomas Richards and others of his servantes to pull downe some parte of the p'tended house of the s'd compl't that was Rotten to be ymployed for other vses to the said Earles vse. The said Deft. Philip Dennis, a mason, was hired by the s'd m'r Herbert for to make a walle betwene the streete there and the said messuadge or tenem't of purpose to hinder people from makeinge a mixon there to the annoyance of the inhabitantes of the said Towne. And he ordered Thomas Richards to turne the Water Course belongeinge to the mill in the kill menc'oned to its auncient course And to bestowe some timber out and from the said house, for other vses.

12. Complt. heretofore hath divers seuerall times been Indicted a Com[m]on Baretor for vexinge and sueing of his neighbors and others.

Depos. ex p'te defendenc'um.

David ap David, of Cardiff, baker, aet 60.

10. He abouts tenn yeares sythence did dwell in the house claymd by the said Complt. scituated in Shoemakers Streete in Cardiff aforesaid and paied Rent for the same to the Earle of Pembrokes Bayliff and saieth that the said house was soe ruinous that he was in danger of his life, to liue in the same, for that upon eu'ie Storme or Gust of winde the timber did vse to crack and shake, verie fearfull to behold.

R.O. Exchequer Depositions. 24 Car. I. 1649. East. 2. Glam.

Anne, Dowager Countess of Pembroke, against divers persons, for withdrawing suit of mill at Cardiff.

Interr. exp'te defendenc'um.

2. Item doe you Knowe that the defendantes or anie of them att the time in the Bill of Complt. menc'oned or att anie other time did confederate and combyne w[i]th anie others of the Burgesses and inhabitantes of the Towne of Cardiffe to withdrawe their suite of Myll from the Towne Mylls of Cardiff to defeate and defraud the Complt. of the benefit and profit due vnto her for grindinge the Corne and graine of the said defendantes and other burgesses and inhabitants of the said Towne of Cardiff?

3. Item doe you knowe of anie Corne as Wheat malt barlie, or anie other graine, that was carried or sent by the Defendantes or anie of them att anie time to anie other myll or mylls besides the said Towne mills, to be ground and turned into meale?

4. Item doe you knowe that the said Towne mills of Cardiff were in good reparac'ons and in good condic'on and able to grind all manner of Corne and graine, haveinge water sufficient for that purpose at such time and times or at anie time when the said defendantes did carry or send their corne and graine to other mill or mills?

5. Item doe you knowe or beleeve that the Defendantes and euerie of them were well and honestlie used att all times in the said Towne mills both in the grindeinge of their Corne and graine and in paieing of Towle for the grindeinge of the same.

Richard Watkins of Cardiff ffriers, gent., aet 36, saith that

2. He verie well knoweth that the defendants beinge burgesses and inhabitants of the Towne of Cardiff have withdrawne themselves from their suit of mill from the Towne mills of Cardiff in the Countie of Glamorgan and did thereby defeate and defraud the Complt. of the profitt and benefitt w'ch might have accrued vnto her by the grindinge of their Corne and graine in the said mills.

3. There was corne sent and carried awaie by the defendants to the mill of John Williams Taylor beinge in a place called Listalabont without the lib'ties of the Towne of Cardiff.

Edward Harris, of Cardiff, miller, 60. Morgan Harris and Michael Nowell have carried away the quantity of 1000 bushels Winchester measure of Barly mault, and Elizabeth Tucker 100 bushels of wheat of Welsh measure to other mills.

Thomas Richard, of Cardiff, loader, 24. Certain inhabitants of Cardiff bought bad corn in the market, and sent it to be ground at the Town mills, purposely to spoil the said mills.

Richard Waters, of Cardiff ffriers, yeom', aged 43, saith that Michael Nowell declared openly that he would never send his corn to the Town Mill.

Interrog. ex p'te defend:

3. The said Towne Mylls and weares thereunto belonging nowe in the possession and occupac'on of the said Compl. have often tymes been soe out of reparac'ons, that the said Mylls weare not able to grinde anie corne or grayne at all, sometimes, by the space of about tenn or twelue weeks together . . . . . so that the Burgesses and Inhabitants of the said Towne have of necessitie been driven to carrie and sende their corne and grayne by reason thereof, and of ill vsage and dealing in the same Mylls, as well to the said Earles Mill at Listellabont nowe in the occupac'on of John Williams, as also to other Mylls.

4. The Complt. kept vnlawfull measures in the said Mylls to take toule w[i]thall, and the inhabitants have had theire corne or grayne forcibly taken from them, and carried to the said Towne Mylls when they weare not able to grynd the same, and there detained during pleasure.

5. The said measures were lately tried by the Magistrates of the said Towne and were found to be excessive and unlawful.

Nicholas Jayne, of Cardiff, "fealtmaker," aet. 62, saith the Town mills sometimes lacked water.

John Williams, of Cardiff, tailor, aet. 60, saith that the Towne Mylls otherwise called the Lords Mylls of the Towne of Cardiff, belong to the Dowager Countess of Pembroke. The said Myll called Listellabont Myll is the nowe Earle of Pembroke and Montgomeries Myll and belonging and app'teyning to his Lordshipp or Mannor of Listellabont.

Miles Edwards, of Cardiff, baker, aet. 60. Was present in the Towne Halle of Cardiff when the peck, pedoren and toule dishe belonginge to the said Towne Mylls was tryed and saith that att the triall the same measures weare by the two Bayliffs of the said Towne found to be somewhat bigger then the then Towne measures.

William Tamlyn, of Cardiff, aet. 50. The Bailiff did alter and fit the said measures according to the standard of the Towne.

R.O. Exchequer Depositions by Commission. 1659. Mich. 8. Glam.

Commission directed to Charles Jones, gentleman; Richard Sheeres, gentleman; Thomas Davies, gentleman; and Morgan Howard, gentleman.

Sir John Thorowgood, knight, and others, versus Sir John Awbrey, knight.

Impropriate Rectory of (inter alia) Cardiff, parcel of the possessions of the late Dean and Chapter of Gloucester.

Interrogatories on behalf of the Plaintiffs.

One deponent states:—There was some Rent pretended to bee in arreare payable out and for the said Impropriated Tyeth of Cardiff, and Griffith Bowen, "expressed and sayd that hee had taken order to put a Padlock vpon the Tyeth barne of Cardiff afforesd, where and within w[hi]ch the tyeth Corne there or some p'te thereof then remayned, And accordingly this Depon't beleeveth that the said Padlocke was put upon the said Barne."

Thomas Richards, of Cardiff, gentleman, aged 70 years, saieth:— That the Leasee of the Impropriated Tyeth of Cardiff afforesd was yearly to pay the Sum[m]e of ten pounds sixteen shillings and eight pence, accordinge to w[hi]ch proporc'on Mrs Anne Herbert who then had the Interest of the said Impropriated Tyeth of Cardiff for severall yeeres . . . . . .

William Morgan, esquire, afterwards held the impropriate tithe of Cardiff. "Griffith Bowen gent. acquainted this Depon't that hee had caused a Padlocke to bee put on Cardiff Barne for that the proporc'on of the Rent of Gloc'r payable for the same was not payd."

R.O. Exchequer Depositions. 25 Car. II. 1673. East. 25.

At Lanishen in Com. Glam.

Thomas Lewis, an infant, by Grace Lewis, widow, his mother, versus Edmond Lewis.

The Writ is directed to George Thomas, David Thomas, Arthur Powell and Lewis Rice, gentlemen.

Interr. ex. p'te quer:

2. Item Doe you know the Mannor of Lystallaboone lying and being in the said county of Glamorgan and belonginge to the right hono'ble the Earle of Pembroke are you acquainted with the customes of the said Mannor or have you heard or understood what they are And in particular Doe you know have heard or any wayes understood that by the custome of the said Mannor any p'son w'ch purchase any coppyhold landes by copy for the liues of his children or other persons with his owne mony may call upon cause and compell such his children or persons for whose lives the same is purchased to come in and surrender their estate to be disposed of as the said purchaser shall direct and appoint?

3. Doe you know the coppyhold Tenem'ts lying within and held under the said Mannor of Lystallaboone the one whereof is in the tenure of one Mathew John of Lanyshan aforesaid as Tenant to the said Infant Thomas Lewis and the others in the tenure of the complaynant Grace Lewis for and on the behalfe of the said Infant Thomas Lewis comonly called and knowne by the name of Koed Kae and tir y mairdy Are those copyhold Tenem'ts lying within and held of and und'r the said Mannor of Lystallaboone & are the said Tenem'ts or any part of them lying among intermixt or adjoyneinge to the lands of inheritance of the said late Thomas Lewis which were settled by him on and are descended to his grandson the said Infant Thomas Lewis?

(Gabriel Lewis, father of the said infant, married Grace, daughter of Humfrey Wyndham.)

Depositions taken at the house of Thomas Thomas of Lanishen victualler. 11 April 1673.

Philip Herbert gent. is Steward of the Lordship of Lystalaboone.

Gabriel Thomas, of Landaff, gent.

Thomas John saith that he knoweth the customs of the Manor of Lystalaboone And it is a custome there that the p'chaser of any copiehold landes whereof he takes a successive copie for three liues; or the first life therein; may by the Custome and usage there always used in this dep'ts memory sell the same lands dureing the three liues; but the second life cannot doe soe.

Philip Herbert of Cogan, gent., aet. 45, proved the following document:—

1671. Lordship of Lestillabont. Upon a Court Leete helde for ye sd Lope at or vpon the fifteene day of September in the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred seaventy and one before Phillip Herbert of Cogan in the County of Glamorgan gent. then Steward for the said Lope The Jury then and there sworne that is to say William Meredith gent., Thomas Lewis gent., Thomas Webb, Thomas John Evan, Mathew Morgan, Lewis Hughe, Thomas Lewis Edward, Howell John, Daniell Rynold, John Harte, John George, Miles Thomas, Lewis Thomas Edward, David John, Jenkine Robert, Henry John & John Howell who vpon their oaths (inter alia) present in mann[n]er and forme following: We doe present the death of Gabriell Lewis Esqre. who dyed Lately Tenant of this said Mann[n]or of a Tenem't held by Copy of Court roll by Estimac'on fiftie acres and that there is due to the Lord of this Manor three pounds and that Edmond Lewis gent. is next life and Tenant thereof. Also wee present that the said Gabriell Lewis Esqre. dyed tenant in the said Mannor of another Copyhould Tenem't by Estimac'on thirty acres and due to the said Lord a heriott of the best beast And the said Edmond Lewis gent. next life and Tenant thereof. Alsoe wee present that the said Gabriell Lewis Esqre. dyed also Tenant of this Mannor of one other Copyhold tenement by Estimac'on six and twenty acres and due to the said Lord a heriott of the best beast and that the said Edmond Lewis gent. is next life and Tenant thereof. To w'ch presentment the said Jury subscribed their names and delivered the same to the said Steward, w'ch he hath sett to the rest of the records of the said Mannor.

Gabriell Thomas of Landaff gent., aet. 50, saith that the three several Tenements and Lands now in question were surrendered into the hands of the Lord of the said Mannor of Listallybont by Copy of Court roll to the vse of Gabriell Lewis, Thomas Lewis and Edmond Lewis, sons of Thomas Lewis Esqre., as this deponent believes during the tearmes of theire naturall Lives and the Longest liver of them successively. And further saith that he this deponent about the yeare of our Lord one thousand six hundred fifty and three w'th the Rest of the Tenants of the said Lope were required by the s'd Lord or by his Steward to make and p'fect a survey in and for the said Lo'pe who according did searve a Jury of Survey & this Deponent was then foreman of the said Jury. And further sayth that the said Jury being not able to p'fect the said Survey did require all ye Tenants to produce and bring in all theire Copyes whereby the same might be enrowled of Record according to ye Custome of the said Mannor. And further saith that amongst the Rest of the Copies of the said Mannor there were produced vnto this deponent and the Rest of the said Jury three severall Copyes whereby Gabriell Lewis, Thomas Lewis and Edmond Lewis held by Copyes of Court rolls three severall tenem'ts . . . . . .

John Herbert, esq., was then Steward and signed the said Survey.

William Lewis of Listallyboone, gent., aet. 35, saith the Defendant holds the estate of Listallyboone for the life of Thomas Lewis of Monachty gent. and that the same lies in the p'ishe of Cardiffe.

R.O. Exchequer Depositions. 5—6 W. and M. 1695. Hil. 13. Glam.

William Deere v. Sir William Mansell, baronet, William Aubrey esqre., Rowland Hughes, Charles Jevane, William Thomas and John Henson, gen:

William Wrinch, of Cardiff, scrivener, aet 21, deposed.

John Henson, of Cardiff, gen, keeper of the County Gaol, deposed.

Griffith Grant and Jacob Hopkins were prisoners for debt in the County Gaol at Cardiff, in 1687. They escaped; and Jane Stradling, widow, a creditor, brought an action against the Defendant Mansell, he being High Sheriff of Glamorganshire, for the prisoners' escape.

R.O. Exchequer Depositions. 5—6 W. and M. 1695. Hil. 30. Glam.

Same matter.

Miles Evans of Cardiff, late under keeper of the Gaol, aged 40. Sayth that the deft. Mr Wm Aubrey was High Sheriff & Mr Charles Evans the deft. under sheriff of the said com. when Griffith Grant was com[m]itted a prisoner to the Goale at Cardiff, and he did often see the said Griffith Grant at Lib'ty in the s'd Towne of Cardiff to goe to one Mary Robottame house in the time of the shrievalty of the s'd deft. Mr. Aubrey. The said Mary Robottame was a Mrs of a house of entertaynm't in the s'd Towne of Cardiff, w'ch Gaole was then reputed to be the s'd Hensons freehold & distant about Eighty or 90 paces from the s'd Robottams house and this depon't would come for him when he stayed longer than this depon't thought fitting And then Mrs Robottam did tell this depon't that she was his keeper & then the s'd Griffith Grant would vse to stay longer in the said Robottams house longer then in Goale by day. And this depon't did see Jacob Hopkins in that Interr. named at Lib'ty to go to work ev'y day ye keeper pleased; and the s'd Hopkins was sent by the Deft. Henson to Monmouthshr to St. Mellans three mile of Cardiffe to fetch him a sword belt & coate w'ch hee did & came to the goale that same night.

Grant was vsed to have the Liberty to goe by him selfe out of Gaole some four or five mile without any keeper or Baston, and hee afterwards escaped for good and all. Grant vsed to stay severall nights together four miles distant from the s'd Gaole without a keeper.

Grant was seen in the Countrey without any keeper in the Whitehouse in the p'ish of Landaff about four hundred paces distant from the s'd Goale where then it was.

Charles Evans, Under Sheriff, deposed:

Grant and Hopkins had noe other or greater Liberty then the other prisoners then in debt in the s'd Goale, who were all wont to be p'mitted to goe into the Town of Cardiffe where the s'd Goale is kept to work by day and to relieve themselves the said deft. Henson not keeping any Constant table for his prisoners.

Hopkins escaped to his home at Swanzey, near the Posterne; but was retaken at the Rose & Crown inn, Swanzey.

R.O. Exchequer Depositions by Commission. 11 W. III. 1699. Trin. 1. Glam. & Oxon.

At Llandaff.

Jesus Coll. Oxon. versus James Jenkin.

Morrice Vaughan, of Leckwith, yeoman, aged 65 years:

Saith that he hath for above these fourty yeares last past knowne the ffarme of Beganstone in the Hamlett of Canton in the p'ish of Landaffe and that ab't twenty yeares agoe he was a ffarmer of the Tyth corne of the p'ish of Landaffe and Whitchurch under one Collins and his sisters in Law who held the same by Lease from one of the Prebendaries of the four cursory tith Barnes there and did in yt yeare gather & receive from ye Occupier of the said ffarme of Beganstone the tithe corne groweing and renewing on the same ffarme, and did alsoe recieve the tith hay of ye same ffarme. And that he farmed the tiths of Canton hamlett from one Mr. Williams who held the same by Lease from the Precentor of the cathedrall church of Landaffe and did recieve from the Tenant of Beganstone the tyth corne on the same ffarme as app'taineing to the afores'd hamlett of Canton. And that the small tyths of the same ffarme doe belong to the seinor Viccar of Landaffe. And that he this depon't did recieve from one Henry Jerrome, then Tenant of the s'd ffarme a tyth calfe on the behalfe and in the right of Mr Owens then seinor Viccar. And that in all ye time of his memory the tyth corne and hay of Beganstone were allways paid to the ffarmers of the cursale Barnes of Landaff and Canton, until within these three or four yeares past the def't refused to paye the same. And that the inhabitants & tennants of Beganstone doe usually beare & serve p'ish offices within the Hamlett of Canton as p'te & member of the s'd Hamlett, within the p'ish of Landaffe aforesaid.

William Lambroke, of Landaffe, yeoman, aged 44 years, saith:— The great tyths of Landaffe & Whitchurch doe belong to the four Prebendaries of the cathedrall church of Landaffe (that is to say) to the Treasurer and Precentor for the time being & to two other Prebendaries of the s'd Church, consisting of four Cursole Barnes or sep'ate shares by turnes alternatively (that is to say) the hamlett of Landaffe for one turne, Eley, ffairewater and Lystlaboone for another turne, Canton wherein Beganstone ffarme is scituate for another turne and Whitchurch for another turne. The Precentor has one turne or share of & in the said Cursall Barnes. The great tythes of the said ffarme of Beganstone were time out of mind allways paid to the Barnes afores'd.

The Beganstone tithe was paid thus: The tyth corne to Canton Barne, & the tyth hay to Landaffe Barne.

James Matthew, of Landaffe, gent., aged 68 years, was also a deponent in the above case.

R.O. Exchequer Depositions by Commission. 13–14 W. III. 1701. Hil. 13. Glam.

Margaret Lewis, spinster, pauper, versus the Bishop of Llandaff.

Lease of lands, waste, &c, (position not stated).

Deponents were Henry Fox, of King's Castle, in Saint John's parish, Cardiff; and Robert Bawdrey, of Place Turton, gentleman, aged 40 years.

The messuage and land in dispute were parcel of the Manor of Landaff, and apparently were situate at Canton.

R.O. Exchequer Depositions by Commission. 6 Geo. I. 1719. Mich. 23. Glam.

Attorney General and others versus James Thomas and others.

Repair of Cardiff bridge and weirs.

The County Justices levied (under an Act of Parliament) a rate at Gelligaer for the repair of Cardiff bridge and the "wears" thereto belonging.

Oxen were employed to "hale" stones in a waggon, for the repair of the bridge.

R.O. Exchequer Depositions by Commission. 6 Geo. I. 1719. Mich. 29. Glam.

At Ely.

William Hamond and others versus Catherine Hamond and others.

Land and houses in Cardiff.

Michael Richards, of Cardiff, gentleman, aged 40, deposed:— That John Hammond had a lease from the Bailiffs and Common Attorneys of Cardiff, of a part of the Town Ditch, from the South Gate to the North Gate, for the remainder of a term of 50 years, by assignment from Henry Scott.

Charles Gibbon and Morgan William were the Common Attorneys in 1713.

Streets of Cardiff named are: A street leading from Carreg Picka unto the East Gate of Cardiff; and two lanes leading from the Shoemakers Street to the Crockertown Gate.

Mention is made of a messuage by the Castle Gate and a garden behind the Hays.

R.O. Exchequer Depositions by Commission. 9 Geo. I. 1722. Mich. 2. Glam.

Llandaff Cathedral. Tithes.

Mentions that the Vicar Choral of Llandaff Cathedral enjoyed the tithes of Llandaff and Whitchurch.

R.O. Exchequer Depositions by Commission. 12 Geo. I. 1726. East. 27. Glam.

At Cardiff.

Thomas Herbert, esquire, infant, versus William Richards and others.

Accounts of the estate of Philip Herbert, plaintiff's grandfather.

Michael Richards, of Cardiff, gentleman, aged 50 years, deposed.

Philip Herbert, esq., and Marianne his wife, deceased, were the plaintiff's grandparents, and Edward Herbert, esquire, deceased, the late father of the complainant.

David Thomas, of Swanzey, gentleman, deposed that, on 6 November 1716, he "did send by the Monmouth carrier from Cardiff for London a little Wooden Box with papers putt into the same," comprising Rent Rolls, with extracts of casual profits in the Manor of Rumney, part of the estate of the said Philip Herbert, "All which p'ticulars & papers hee putt into the sd box & the sd Box with the said Writeings thereintoe putt was nailed up and directed for the said Marianne Herbert at her then house in Lincolns Inne feilds."