Charter XVII: Royal Exemplification of charter no. XVI (1600)

Pages 48-49

Cardiff Records: Volume 1. Originally published by Cardiff Records Committee, Cardiff, 1898.

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Charter (Exemplification) in the custody of the Town Clerk. 12 June 1600.

Elizabeth dei gracia Anglie ffrancie & hibernie Regina, fidei defensor &c Omnibus ad quos presentes litere peruenerint, salutem. Inspeximus Irrotulamentum quarundam literarum patentum de confirmacione, gerencium datum duodecimo die Marcij, Anno regni nostri vicesimo tercio, Maiori & Balliuis ville de Kardiff factarum, in rotulis Cancellarie nostre irrotulatarum in hec verba [Hic sequitur prout in carta originali.] Nos autem Irrotulamentum literarum patentum de Confirmacione predictum ad requisicionem Thome Bassett Generosi duximus exemplificandum per presentes. In Cuius rei testimonium has literas nostras fieri fecimus Patentes. Teste me ipsa apud Westmonasterium duodecimo die lunij, Anno regni nostri quadragesimo secundo.

Egerton Sat.

Exaiatm. p. nos Matthæum Carew
W. Lambarde

Endorsed:—"An Exemplificac'on at the requeste of Thomas Bassett gent. Salter."

Note.—The above Charter is written on two skins, one large and one small. The Great Seal, in yellow wax, bearing on one side an effigy of Elizabeth enthroned, and on the other side of Elizabeth on horseback, is affixed with strips of parchment. It has been largely repaired.

N.B.—By a clerical error, this document, while referring to the Charter of "Richard Nevell," commences its rehearsal of that Charter with the words "Edward Neville." (See No. XVI.) It contains also a few other insignificant mistakes in the copying from the older Charters.


Elizabeth, by the grace of God of England, France and Ireland Queen, Defender of the Faith, &c. Unto all to whom the present letters shall come, greeting. We have inspected the Enrolment of certain Letters Patent of confirmation bearing date the twelfth day of March in the twenty third year of Our reign, made unto the Mayor and Bailiffs of the Town of Kardiff, enrolled in the Rolls of Our Chancery, in these words : [Here follows as in the original Charter.] Now We have caused the aforesaid Enrolment of Letters Patent of confirmation to be exemplified by these Presents, at the request of Thomas Bassett, gentleman. In witness whereof these Our Letters We have caused to be made Patent. Witness Myself at Westminster on the twelfth day of June in the forty second year of Our reign [1600].