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Records for London and Bristol (15th to 18th centuries.)

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Bristol Town DutiesA collection of original and interesting documents [etc.]

Henry Bush (1828)
Extracts of key primary sources illustrative of the local taxation of the town of Bristol, from the thirteenth century onwards. Published with the kind support of the Bristol Record Society.

Joshua Johnson's Letterbook 1771-1774Letters from a merchant in London to his partners in Maryland

Jacob M. Price (editor) (1979)
From MSS in the Hall of Records of the State of Maryland. Reproduced by permission of the London Record Society.

London Bridge: selected accounts and rentals, 1381-1538

Vanessa Harding and Laura Wright (eds) (1995)
London Record Society, volume 31; here published with the kind support of the Society. An edition of rentals, payments and receipts for the principal bridge over the Thames, connecting the City on the north side with Southwark to the south.

The overseas trade of London: exchequer customs accounts1480-1

H.S. Cobb (editor) (1990)
Petty custom accounts of imports to and exports from the port of London by alien and denizen merchants. Records vessels and masters and details of cargo, from documents held by The National Archives. By kind permission of the London Record Society.

The port and trade of early Elizabethan London: documents

Brian Dietz (editor) (1972)
A calendar of the 1567/8 London Port Book, detailing imports in London, plus related documents. Reproduced by kind permission of the London Record Society.

The letters of John Paige, London merchant, 1648-58London Record Society 21

G. F. Steckley (editor) (1984)
127 letters between a London merchant and his associates relating to trade with the Americas and elsewhere.

The Spanish CompanyLondon Record Society 9

Pauline Croft (editor) (1973)
An edition of documents of the revived seventeenth-century company. It includes the Register Book for 1604-6, the charter of 1605, and the Book of Oaths, Acts and Ordinances. Published by kind permission of the London Record Society.

Trinity House of Deptford Transactions, 1609-35London Record Society 19

G. G. Harris (editor) (1983)
Documents detailing the work of the Trinity House corporation in the regulation of the river Thames.