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Includes Stow's 'Survey' and the diary of Henry Machyn.

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Chronicle of the Grey Friars of LondonCamden Society old series, volume 53

J.G. Nichols (editor) (1852)
Describes political and religious events in London from the time of Richard I to that of Mary I, arranged by reign. The bulk of the volume is concentrated on the sixteenth century.

Chronicles of the Mayors and Sheriffs of London1188-1274

H. T. Riley (editor) (1863)
The 'Liber de Antiquis Legibus', attributed to Arnald Fitz-Thedmar, translated from the Latin and Anglo-Norman. The volume also includes a translation of the French Chronicle of London (1259-1343).

The Diary of Henry MachynCitizen and Merchant-Taylor of London (1550-1563)

J.G. Nichols (editor) (1848)
This volume from the Camden Society series covers a period of rapid political and religious change in the reigns of Edward VI, Mary and Elizabeth, as observed and recorded by a citizen of London.

The Historical Collections of a Citizen of London in the fifteenth century

James Gairdner (editor) (1876)
This Camden Society volume is in three parts. The bulk of the book is the Chronicle of London by William Gregory, a London skinner and mayor of the fifteenth century. It also contains John Page's poem on the siege of Rouen and Lydgate's verses on the kings of England.

A Survey of London, by John StowReprinted from the text of 1603

C. L. Kingsford (editor) (1908)
John Stow's survey, reprinted from the 1603 edition. Originally in two volumes, here given as one. It also contains a life of Stow, and other supporting biographical materials. Also included is an account of the variants of the 1603 edition as relating to that of 1598, and extensive notes on the text.

Three fifteenth-century chroniclesWith historical memoranda by John Stowe

James Gairdner (editor) (1880)
An edition of a London chronicle beginning in the reign of Richard I, but of particular importance for the reigns of Henry VI and Edward IV. It also contains extensive notes on the chronicle by the sixteenth-century antiquary and historian John Stow. Originally published as Camden Society, new series, vol. 28.

Two London Chronicles from the Collections of John Stow

Charles Lethbridge Kingsford (editor) (1910)
A part volume, taken from the Camden Miscellany, vol. XII (Camden third series, vol. xviii). These two short chronicles, from British Library MSS Harley 540 and 530, cover between them the reigns of Henry VIII (part), Edward VI, Mary and the early part of that of Elizabeth I.