Sources > Guides and calendars

Guides to or summaries of primary sources, prepared by editors in more recent years.

Alumni Oxonienses

 1 volume.

Catalogue of Ancient Deeds

A catalogue of the ancient deeds held by The National Archives. 6 volumes.

Border Papers, Calendar

Papers concerning the Anglo-Scottish border (1560-1603). 2 volumes.

Cardiff Records

Calendars and transcripts of medieval and early modern records. 5 volumes.

Cecil Papers, Calendar

 24 volumes.

Historical Manuscripts Commission

Seven volumes from the Reports and Calendars series of the HMC. 7 volumes.

Inquisitions Post Mortem

 4 volumes.

London, City of; Calendar of letter books

Records of the government of medieval London (1275-1509). 12 volumes.

London, City of; Calendar of plea and memoranda rolls

Three volumes, covering period from 1323 to 1412. 3 volumes.

State Papers, Domestic; Calendar (James I)

Calendars of documents held by The National Archives. 4 volumes.

State Papers, Domestic; Calendar (William and Mary)

Eleven volumes, for the reigns of William and Mary and William singly from 1696. 11 volumes.

State Papers, Scotland; Calendar

Nine volumes, for the period 1547-88. 9 volumes.

Papal Documents

 17 volumes.

Treasury Books, Calendar

 32 volumes.

Westmorland, Records of

Medieval and early modern records of the Baronies of Kendale and Appleby. 4 volumes.