House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 04 March 1607 (2nd scribe)

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Mercuriii 4o die Martii, 1606


MARSHALSEA, - adjourned till To-morrow.

Mrs. Cavendish: - Friday.

Due Debts : - To-morrow.

Leather-sellers: - Friday.

Bills presented.

Mr. Alford presenteth Two Bills to the House; the one, For the better Payment of his Majesty's Debts; the other, For the better Attendance of the Members of the Commons House of Parliament.

Attendance of Members.

1. Reading: - B. for the better Attendance of the Members of the Commons House of Parliament.

Mr. Recorder: - Scandalous, idle, needless Bill. - 5 R. II.

Much disputed. -

Mr. Wentworth, Sir Wm. Strowd, Mr. Pembridge, Sir Rob. Wingfield, Sir Fr. Hastings, Sir Edw. Hobby, Sir Roland Litton, Sir H. Poole, Mr. Bond, Sir Walter Cope, Mr. Alford, Mr. Crewe.

Q. For the Rejectment, and the Bill to have a second Reading.

Union with. Scotland.

Sir Edw. Hobby maketh Report of the Committee Yesterday, touching the Message. - 21 Committees. - No Discrepance nor Disunion. -

First a Message to the Lords, by Sir Edw. Hobby.

Advice to the House. - To be moved, considering the Time we have lost, that we should bring to pass the holy Desire of his Majesty's Heart.

A Committee, to consider of the Point of Conveniency, presently to be appointed, with such Cautions and Limitations.

Sir H. Poole: - Not to deal in AEnigmaes and Allegories ; but to say plainly, in the Messages, what our Opinion is.

Mr. Recorder: - The Lords, no alien; we, no natural. -

No alien to all Intents, no natural to all Intents. -

Allegiance and Law discrepant. -

Allegiance of Tenure, Allegiance of Dominion. -

Natural Allegiance : - A Traitor that denies it. -

He, that is not inheritable in the Law, shall never have Benefit by the Law. -

Happy with the Judges, when the Letter of the Law speaketh, and not his Breath. -

No instance, that, in the Accession to a Crown, what became to the acceding Crown. -

For a Conference, to explain, to what Purpose natural.

Sir Edw. Hobby: - Not to dispute. -

Much disputed, whether the Message were, that, if the Lords would say any thing unto us, whether we should hear them.

Sir Edw. Hobby to do the Message, without. -


2. Reading: - B. against Pluralities, and Non-residence:

- Sir Nath. Bacon, Sir Dan. Dun, Sir Tho. Crompton, Sir Edw. Mountague, Sir Wm. Fleetwod, Sir Antho. Cope, Sir Antho. Rowse, Mr. Fuller, Sir Gam. Capell, Mr. St. John, Sir Fr. Hastings, Sir H. Carye, Sir Hugh Beeston, Sir John Heigham, Mr. Bond, Sir Fr. Barrington, the Lord Howard of Walden, the King's learned Counsel, Mr. Crewe, Mr. Brock, Sir Roger Wilbraham, Sir Geo. Moore, Mr. Hoskins, Mr. Turpin, Sir Wm. Harvye, Sir Roland Litton, Mr. Recorder, Sir Rob. Wingfield, Sir Chro. Perkins, Sir Wm. Herbert: - To meet To-morrow Morning, in the Committee Chamber.

Tillage in Herefordshire.

2. Reading: - Tillage - Herefordshire: - Sir Herbert Crofts, Knights and Burgesses of Herefordshire, Sir Rob. Johnson, Mr. Pembridge, Mr. Prowse, Citizens of Worcester and Bristowe, Sir John Savill, Sir Tho. Waller, Sir James Perrot, Sir Rob. Hitcham, Sir Walter Cope, Sir Edw. Mountague, Mr. Recorder, Mr. Nicholas, Mr. Gawyn, Sir John Hollice, Sir Roger Dallyson, Sir John Sheffield, Mr. Bond, Sir Rob. Mansfield, Mr. Alford, Sir Geo. Manors, Sir Wm. Cook : - Friday, Chequer Chamber.

Waller's Estate.

1. Reading: - B. For the Sale of some of the Lands of Wm. Waller, Esquire, for the Payment of 505 l. 10 s. 6 d. for the Performance of a Decree in Chancery.

A Letter from my Lord Chief Justice, read in the House, touching his Care in arbitrating, and Wallers Obstinacy.

Lords Exceptions to Message.

Sir Edw. Hobby reporteth the Message. -

That, considering the Message was of many Parts, they would send by Messengers of their own, if we would sit -

He was expostulated withal, because he used the Word Barons -

He was desired to explain himself in the Words, attend the Service, -

He answered, he had delivered the Message, and was not to explain himself: He durst -

Mr. Peak: - That Mr. Fleetwood, Recorder, was of Opinion, that a Baron of the Cinque Ports, for his Absence, should be fined as much, as any Baron of England. Writ of Summons, " De melioribus et discretioribus Baronibus."


The great Committee to meet this Afternoon, about Matter of Conveniency.


Mr. Fuller reporteth from the Committee, the Bill touching the Punishment of reputed Fathers of Bastards.

Upon the Motion of Mr. Moore, to be re-committed.

- To-morrow Morning, in the Committee Chamber.

Added to this Committee; Mr. Moore, Mr. Pembridge, Mr. Bacchus, Mr. Crewe, Sir Henry Nevill of Berk. Sir Fr. Goodwyn.


A Message from the Lords, That -

Message expected.

We sat, and expected a Message from the Lords, till after One a Clock.

Members at the Window.

Mr. Martin moveth, that some Gentlemen, looking out at Window, might not go out at Window. - Quod movet risum [a].

Lords Exceptions to Message.

Sir John Crook, and Mr. D. Stanhope: - That the Strength of both Houses doth consist in nothing more, than in Conservation of the Rights and Privileges of both. - Tender, in admitting any thing to pass unanswered, that might tend to the Prejudice - Something the Lords conceived in the Message sent, which they rather conceived to be lapsus linguae, than proceeding otherwise. - Barons. - They would use that Freedom, that one Friend should use with another. -

That though there be some that have some Apellation and Denomination -

They are sorry, that we should use any such Reservation with them, that have dealt with us so freely. And where the Message was, that we would attend the Service -


The former Committees to consider of the Point of Conveniency, this Afternoon.

Answ. To-morrow : Saturday Meeting.