House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 05 July 1604 (2nd scribe)

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Jovis, 5 Die Julii, 1604

Bills sent to Lords.

ALL the Bills aforesaid sent up this Day, by Mr. Secretary Herbert, with Sir Fr. Hastings, and others, attending him.

Popish Books.

The Bill against Printing of vain, popish, and lascivious Pamphlets: - Third Reading, and, upon the Question, rejected, without One Yea.

Crown Lands.

The Bill proceeding from the King's Majesty's princely Wisdom, and Care of his royal Progeny, for the perpetual and indissoluble Annexing of certain of his Majesty's Possessions inseparably to him, and his royal Posterity, Kings and Queens of England, returned from the Committee, with Report of many main Exceptions : Whereupon the House thought fit to pray a Conference with the Lords, touching the Bill; and Mr. Secretary Herbert sent presently for that Purpose.

The Lords answer, that they would send by some Messengers of their own.

Hatton's Estate.

Sir Chro. Hatton's Bill, returned from the Committee, with Exceptions, thought fit, and so agreed on, to sleep till the next Parliament.


Three Bills touching Clothing and Clothiers, returned in by Mr. Gowre ; and those, together with the great Bill from my Lord Chief Justice, to sleep till next Session.

Mr. Secretary -

Letters Patents.

The Bill for Confirmation of Letters Patents : - Second Reading, and committed. -


Sir Edw. Cooke and Sir Matthewe Carewe bring from the Lords an Answer; That they desire present Conference, touching the Bill of Annexation, and the Bill of free Trade.

The same Committees which were Yesterday in the former Bill, and some few more added.

These Committees did presently meet in the Painted Chamber, -


Confirmation: - The Privy Council, all the King's Counsel, Sir Jo. Heigham, Sir Edw. Stafford, Sir Jo. Smyth, Mr. Johnson, Sir Oliver St. John, Sir Jo. Savill, Mr. Diggs, Mr. Yelverton, Sir Peter Manwood, Mr. Noy, Sir Herbert Crofts, Sir Edw. Sandys, Sir Timothy Whittingham, Mr. Dyett, Mr. Hungerford, Mr. Fra. Moore, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Martin, Sir Jo. Scott, Mr. Washington, Mr. Oldsworth, Sir Tho. Horsman, Mr. Bromley, Mr. Trevor, Sir Lewys Lewknor, Mr. Tollerby, Sir Tho. Darrell, Mr. Doylie, Sir Wm. Harvye, Sir Edw. Lewknor, Mr. J. Hele, Mr. Wentworth, Sir Tho. Ridgeway, Sir Wm. Strowd, Mr. Wyvell, Mr. Duncombe, Sir Tho. Biggs, Mr. Herbert Pelham, Mr. Carleton, Sir Maurice Berkley, Sir Edm. Bowyer: - Temple Hall, To-morrow.