House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 05 March 1624

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Veneris, 5 Martii

Mag. College.

L. 1a. MAGDALEN College.

Vere's Nat.

L. 1a. An Act for Naturalizing of Eliza. Vere, and Mary Vere, Daughters of Sir Horace Vere, Knight [a].

Wadham College.

L. 1. An Act for Confirmation of Wadham College in Oxford.


L. 1a. An Act concerning Purveyance.

Negotiations with Spaine.

Sir Edw. Sandys reports from the Conference Yesterday with the Lords. - Must be very brief. - King hath appointed Committees of both Houses to attend him this Afternoon at Theobalds. - At this Committee the Reasons presented to his Highness' Hands; and declared, that this

House very careful, not to have them published; These approved by the general Vote of both Committees, without any Alteration. The Lords desired to annex some of theirs to ours. These tendered by my Lord Chamberlain. - Adds a great Strength to our Resolution.

These read ; and, upon Question, agreed to be added to the other.

Ordered, That no Copies of these Reasons shall be given out.

Sir Isaac Wake: - Some Letters intercepted: whereby appeared, that the Resolution of Rome was, to have no Restitution of the Palatinate, and to have a present Translation of the Electorate. Friar Hiacinth wrote the Cardinal, that the King of Spaine had given his Consent for it. Hereupon a Message brought by the Duke his Grace, that the Committee of both Houses should attend this Afternoon at Theobalds. - The Opinion of the Committee, that a Message should be prepared, set down in Writing, and approved by this House.

Sir Rob. Harlow: - The main Thing left out: The Maintenance of our own Religion at home.

Sir Edw. Sandys: That implied in the other.

May it please your most excellent Majesty :

Address to the King - Negotiations with Spaine.

"WE are come unto you, employed from your most faithful Subjects and Servants, the Lords and Commons, in Parliament assembled: And first, they and we do give most humble and hearty Thanks unto Almighty God, that, out of his gracious Goodness, he hath been pleased now at last to dispel that Cloud and Mist, which for so many Years had dimmed the Eyes of a great Part of Christendom in that Business, whereof we do now consult.

And 2ly, we acknowledge ourselves most bound unto your Majesty, that you have been pleased to require the humble Advice of us your obedient Subjects, in a Cause so important as this, which hitherto dependeth between your Majesty and the King of Spaine: Which we jointly offer from both Houses, no one Person therein dissenting or disagreeing from the rest: And that is, that, upon mature Consideration, and weighing many Particulars, of sundry Natures, finding so much Want of Sincerity in all their Proceedings, we, super totam materiam, present this our humble Advice unto your Majesty, that the Treaties, both for the Marriage, and the Palatinate, may not any longer be continued, with the Honour of your Majesty, the Safety of your People, the Welfare of your Children, and Posterity, as also the Assurance of your ancient Allies and Confederates.

This approved by the House, upon Question.

Sir Edw. Sandys: - They were informed at Committee, that my Lord of Southampton had made an Objection, that the King might, upon this Message, object, there might be, upon this, a Breach with Spaine, and War ; and therefore the King might demand, what Assistance we would afford. That hereupon the Lords grew to a Resolution ; which set down in Writing, and read : -

That, in the Pursuit of this Advice, we will assist his Majesty with our Persons and Fortunes, according to our Abilities, as becometh good and obedient Subjects.

Mr. Recorder : - To address a Message presently to the Lords, to tell them, that, taking this into Consideration, we think fit, not - .

Committee to attend the King, &c.

A Message from the Lords, by Serjeant Davies, and the Attorney-general : -

The Lords have sent to acquaint this House, that they have nominated Twelve Lords, to attend the King this Afternoon, at Theobalds, at Ten a Clock : - And that this House would forthwith appoint a proportionable Number of their House: - That they meet in the Painted Chamber at Ten a Clock ; and that those of the Committee, that have any Papers, should presently go up ; for they stay for them.

Mr. Alford: - To have the Original of the Lords Reasons kept with the Clerk.

Answer to the Message : This House hath taken into Consideration this Message: Their Lordships shall receive a speedy Answer, by Messengers of our own.

Sir Geor. Moore: - Time requires doing, and not speaking. - To nominate some Few, to go aside, and set down, what Answer we shall return to the Lords.

Mr. Glandvyle : - To have this Question die. - Resolved: - And that our Committee shall -

Sir Edw. Sandys : - To send up to the Lords the Two other Papers, and say nothing of the other. 24 of our House sent to meet the Lords, to go to Theobalds to the King.

Mr. Treasurer to signify to their Lordships, the Desire of this House to hold all good Correspondence with their Lordships; to deliver to them the Papers brought into this House by the Committee; and to let them know that this House hath -

Mr. Treasurer, Secretary Calvert, Chancellor Exchequer, Secretary Conway, Secretary Cottington, Sir Edw. Cecill, Chancellor Duchy, Lord Candish, Mr. Recorder, Sir Rob. Philips, Sir Dud. Diggs, Sir Rob. Mansill, Sir Nath. Rich, Lord Percy, Lord Wreithsley, Sir Benjamin Ridiard, Mr. John Cooke, Sir Geo. Moore, Sir Jo. Ratcliffe, Sir Myles Fleetwood, Sir Oliver Cromwell, Sir Jo. Elliot, Sir Will. Herbert, Sir Hen. Mildmay.

Cambridgeshire Election.

Mr. Glandvile reports from the Committee for Privileges, Petition from Cambridgshire. - Three : - Concerning the Validity of the Election : 2. The Misdemeanor of a Sheriff: 3. The Abuse of Affidavit, l. For the Election ; found it thus: On the Day at Cambridge, the Under Sheriff, Ingrey, came to the Place at an unseasonable Time : . . Read : Four called on ; Sir Edw. Peyton, Sir Simeon Steward, Sir John Cuts, Sir Toby Pallevisine. -

Upon the first View, the Poll demanded, but not proceeded in; and second View, but not performed. - Demanded; by both Sides. - Upon this the third View, being a rnixt Company. -

A mere void Election, the Opinion of the Committee generally. - Conclusion, that, the Election being void, a new Writ to go down, for an intire new Election. -

2ly, The Misdemeanor of the Sheriff. - Made a false Return. - Their Opinion, to have him sent for. - Sheriff confessed, after Eleven a Clock, had made no Election. Proved also, that, after Twelve . . One a Clock, he had committed an Error, and would come back again, and make an Election. - To have the Sheriff sent for. -

Third Point, the Consideration of Affidavit. - 63 Affidavits and Certificates. - The Opinion of the Committee, not to entertain these Affidavits.

Ordered, upon Question, That a new Writ shall go down into Cambridgeshire, for a new Election.

Resolved by the House, That the Election of Sir Edw. Peyton and Sir Simeon Steward is void.

Ordered, upon Question, That this Under Sheriff, Ingrey, shall be sent for by the Serjeant at Arms, to attend this House.

Affidavits in Chancery concerning Elections.

Resolved, upon Question, That all Affidavits, taken in Chancery, or elsewhere, concerning Elections, Returns, or any thing depending thereupon, shall be rejected, and not used in this House. -

Message to Lords.

Mr. Treasurer : - Acquainted the Lords, that this House hath taken into Consideration the Reasons of the Lords, to be added to ours. -


They return Thanks to this House, for their Desire of good Correspondence; and will still maintain it upon all; and will meet presently with our Committee, at the Council Chamber at Whitehall, and so go away to the King. -

Sir F. Popham.

Sir Fran. Popham attended this Committee since the Beginning of the Parliament.- -

Ordered, That Sir Fran. Popham's Cause shall be the first Cause heard at the Committee of Privileges.


L. 2. An Act for the Ease in the Obtaining of Licences of Alienation, and in the -

Committed to Sir Edw. Cook, Mr. Wild, Mr. Neale, Mr. Alford, Sir N. Poole, Sir Fra. Fane, Sir Rob. Hicham, Sir Will. Fleetwood, Mr. Glandvile, Mr. Currington, Mr. Weare, Mr. Denny, Mr. Dyett, Sir Tho. Morgan, Sir Edw. Warder, Sir Tho. Estecourt, Sir Will. Massam:- - Inner Temple, To-morrow Afternoon.