House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 06 July 1604 (2nd scribe)

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Veneris, 6o Die Julii, 1604

The King.

THE last Night the King came to Whytehall from Greenwich, and sent for a List of the Bills passed.

Collection from Members.

This Morning there was nothing to do, but to distribute the Money gathered for the Poor, and Officers.

Conference reported. -

Mr. Francis Moor maketh Report of the Conference, touching the Bill of Annexation, and the Bill of free Trade. -

Crown Lands.

Shewed first our Joy and Liking in the Bill of Annexation. - That, for many Doubts, we - and that it was a Matter of great Consequence, meet to be debated, and carefully thought on. - That the Lands might be first assigned. -

Delivereth in the Bill; and saith, that there was Promise made, to give Answer this Day, touching some Amendments to be made, which was then moved. -

For the King's Counsel, of this House, and some, of the other House, to amend it. -


Sir Fr. Bacon reporteth the Conference, touching the Bill of Trade. -

That it is Matter of great Consequence. - To have Commissioners, between the Two Sessions, for the Framing of a Bill of this Subject. -

Crown Lands.

Mr. Johnson: - That the Lords were not instructed in the Surveys.

Sir Tho. Ridgeway; - That a Saving, and " Be it enacted," may help all; and therefore to pass now.

Mr. Secretary Herbert, - for the Passage.

Sir Herbert Crofts -

Mr. Holt: - A Non obstante, to grant to Subjects. - Enable an Alien, by a Non obstante.

Sir Rob. Wingfield, - for Consideration.

Mr. Solicitor: - No Non obstante can enable either Subject, or Alien. -

A Bill acceptable, in respect of the Strength of the Crown. -

All Men's Rights to be provided for.

Mr. Brook : - No Injury to deter it.

Mr. Hitcham: - That the Saving comes short for the Queen.

Sir Wm. Morrice -

Mr. Speaker: - The Bill to rest in Committee.

Sir Edw. Stafford, with the Motion.

A Message to the Lords, by Sir Fr. Bacon, touching the Bill of Annexation; That in respect of many Doubts, they could not resolve to pass it, but that it should sleep till the next Parliament.

Sir Francis Bacon returneth, that the Message was to this Purpose: -

Doubts by the K. by the Prince's Counsel, by the Officers of the Duchy. -

The Saving, and " Be it enacted," a Judge's Opinion, will provide for all.

Bills to be delivered in.

A Motion, by Mr. Speaker, that every Man, that hath any Bill in his Hand, may deliver it in. Sir Maurice Berkley - Mr. Seymors Bill.

Mr. Parkinson - The Bill of Attorneys.

Mr. Holt - Butlers Bill.

Sir Fr. Barrington -

Sir Tho. Lake - Losse his Bill.