House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 07 June 1604 (2nd scribe)

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Jovis, 7o Junii, 1604


THE Bill to take away the Benefit of Clergy for some Kind of Manslaughter : - First Reading.



The Bill for the Relief of such as use the Handicraft of Skinners: - First Reading.


The Bill for the Maintenance of Artillery, and the Debarring of unlawful Games: - Second Reading, and committed to Sir Geo. Fleetwood, Mr. Johnson, Sir Edw. Denny, Mr. Duncombe, Sir Fr. Barrington, Sir Rob. Oxenbridge, Sir Tho. Ridgeway, Sir Jerome Horsey, Sir Rob. Wingfield, Sir Tho. Biggs, Mr. Baxter, Sir Jo. Shirley, Mr. Twynhoe, Sir John Savill, Sir H. Beamount, Sir Jo. Heigham, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Prowse, Mr. Wentworth, Mr. Blinco: - Saturday, Chequer Chamber.


The Bill of Depopulation, brought in by Sir Edw. Mountague, from the Committee; and thought fit to sleep until the next Session.

Jernegan's Estate.

The Bill for Henry Jernegan, the younger, for the Sale of the Manors of Dages, in Raveningham and Heringfleet, alias St. Olavs, in the Counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, for the Payment of his Debts : - Second Reading, and committed to Serjeant Tanfield, Mr. Clifford, Sir John Heigham, Sir Charles Cornwallys, Sir H. Compton, Sir Tho. Horsman, Mr. Nath. Bacon, Mr. Wyseman, Sir Edw. Lewknor, Sir H. Constable, Serjeant Hubbard, Sir Tho. Biggs, Sir Bernard Weston, Sir Wm. Cook, Sir Edw. Grevill, Mr. Moore, Serjeant Barker, Sir Jo. Hobart, Sir Robert Maunsell, Mr. Toby Matthewe, Mr. Reynold Nicholas . - Saturday, Chequer Chamber.

Infants' Marriages.

Added to the Bill for Marriage of Infants, Sir Tho. Crompton, Sir Edw. Hext, Mr. Wyseman, D. Mountlowe, Mr. Hyde, Mr. Wentworth, Sir H. Beamount. - Sir Tho. Freake's Motion.


The Amendments in the Bill to restrain all Persons from Marriage until their former Wives, or former Husbands, be dead, thrice read ; and the Bill read, and passed, upon the Question, with the Amendments.

Hats, &c.

The Bill for Hats and Felts, &c. - Third Reading, and passed, upon the Question.

Trinity College, Cambridge.

The Bill for the Exchange to be made between the Master, Fellows, and Scholars, of the College of the holy and undivided Trinity, within the Town and University of Cambridge, and Sir Tho. Mounson, Knight, of certain Lands and Tenements in the Counties of Lincolne and Cambridge: - Third Reading; and Provisoes, and Amendments, added: - Thirdly read, and, upon the Question, rejected.

Mr. Duncombe, - against all Alienation, or Exchange of College Lands.

Mr. Moore, for it; Mr. Wentworth, against it; Mr. Hitcham, with it; Mr. Johnson, against; Mr. Hyde, concurreth.

Sir Rob. Wingfield, - in Clearing of the Master, and the Purpose of the House,

Sir Tho. Hobby, - for the Ward, in the Town, exchanged ; and against the Bill.

Mr. Hoskins, Sir Edw. Hext, against it; Sir Dan. Dun, with it.

Mr. Hare, - in respect of the Precedent, and of no urgent Necessity, or Distress, but mere voluntary.

Sir Tho. Holcroft, Sir Edw. Grevill -

Sir Vincent Skynner ; - for a Survey of the Lands be seen by the House.

He meant to have given Lands to Trinity College, if this Occasion had not been.

Sir Wm. Morrice: - That, since the local Statute is, that they may alien by Assent of Parliament, that therefore we ought to take more Care, how we assent.

Conjuration, &c.

The Bill against Witchcraft, and Conjuration of evil and wicked Spirits, (which came from the Lords) re-committed; and some more Amendments added; and brought in again ; and, upon the Question, passed, with Amendments,

Mr. Wyseman, - against some Part of the Bill


Conjuration: Trade: Tipling: Sir Geo. Howme's Letters Patents: Rowse : Recovery of small Debts; Two Wives : Hats and Felts -


A learned Ministry, - disputed ; but re-committed:


Sir John Crooke and D. Swale bring from the Lords a Message touching the Conference for the Book, - A Relation of the Objections to their Lordships. They have proceeded in it, with such Gravity, as they usually hold. - A Meeting on Saturday in the Afternoon; The same Committees. -

Bills from Lords.

Two Bills: 1. Naturalizing of . . Gordon, Dean of Sarum, his Wife and Children :

2. Naturalizing of Littletons, &c.


The Bill for the Providing of a learned Ministry :-

Third Reading, and passed, upon the Question.

D. Dun, Sir Edw. Hobby, Sir John Bennett, Sir Jo. Hollice, Sir Tho. Hobby -

The Bill re-committed to the former Committees: - To meet To-morrow Morning, in the Committee Chamber.