House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 10 March 1624

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Mercurii, 10 Martii

E. of Hertford's, &c. Estate.

L. 2. AN Act to enable William Earl of Hertford, and Sir Francis Seymour, Knight, to make Sale of certain Lands, for Payment of his Debts: -


to Sir Rob. Philips, Sir Hen. Poole, Mr. Hungerford, Sir Edw. Gyles, Mr. Coryton, Sir Jo. Drake, Mr. Syms, Mr. Whitwicke, Mr. Winckfeild, Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Crompton, Mr. Kirton, Sir Nevill Poole, Sir Tho. Morgan, Sir Jo. Elliot, Sir Walter Pye, Sir Jo. Walter, Mr. Drake, Mr. Weare.

Heron's Estate.


L. 2. An Act -

Committed to Sir Ed. Cooke, Sir Dud. Digs, Mr. Brooke, Mr. Recorder, Attorney Wards, Mr. Mountacue, Mr. Hatcher, Sir Tho. Midleton, Sir Tho. Grantham, Knights, Burgesses Lincolne, Sir Lewis Watson, Mr. Bateman, Sir Will. Strode: - Saturday, Two a Clock, Court of Wards.

Attainted Persons Debts.

L. 2. An Act for Making the Estates of attainted Persons liable to the Payment of their due and just Debts: - Committed to Sir Ed. Coke, Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Recorder, Mr. Cooke, Sir Jo. Walter, Sir Will. Spencer, Sir Geo. Moore, Sir Fra. Barrington, Sir Will. Massam, Attorney Wards, Sir Dud. Digs, Sir Nath. Rich, Mr. Brooke, Chancellor Duchy, Mr. Tho. Fanshaw, Sir Tho. Grymes: - To-morrow, Two a Clock, Court of Wards.

King's Tenants.

L. 2. An Act for Relief of Patentees, Tenants, and Farmers, of Crown Lands and Duchy Lands : - Committed to Sir Edw. Cooke, Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Recorder, Mr. Whitfeild, Mr. Weare, Sir Jo. Walter, Mr. Brooke, Mr. Tho. Fanshaw, Sir Geo. Moore, Attorney Wards: Presently, Committee Chamber.


Sir Guy Palmes, Sir Peter Hayman, added to the Committee for Examining the Clerk's Book: And they to peruse the Grievances of the last Parliament, and of 7o Jacobi.


Sir Edwin Sandys reports from the general Committee for Trade. - They desire that the Merchant Adventurers may be ordered to bring in all their Patents, and Orders made upon them; and then to have some to make a Breviate of those Patents. - The Patent of the East-land Company much complained of: - To have this brought in, and the Orders of it.

Ordered, That these Patents and Orders, shall be brought in to the Committee for Trade, To-morrow.

Member absconded.

Serjeant: - Hath sent for Sir Tho. Gerrard, but cannot find him : - Hath found out his Lodging, and where his Horses stand.

Sir Rob. Killegrue: - To send for the Mayor of Lever-poole.

Ordered, That the Indenture from Leverpoole, wherein Sir Tho. Gerrard is returned, shall be sent for from the Clerk of the Crown, to be viewed by this House.

Ordered, upon Question, That a Serjeant at Arms shall be sent for Sir Tho. Gerrard; and to have Power to search any Places, where it is like he may be harboured. His Servants also to be sent for, and his Horses to be stayed.

Sir Tho. Hobby, Sir Hen. Spiller, Mr. Tho. Fanshaw, to search Records, whether Sir Tho. Gerrard be a Recusant convict, or no.

Monmouth Election.

Mr. Glandvyle reports from the Committee of Privileges, Two : - Monmouth ; and an Order by the Committee. -

Monmouth heard Yesterday; and received this Morning a Petition. Mr. Will. Steward returned ; and they think his Election good. The Exceptions against him, because a Scotchman, and not naturalized. - Forborn to come into the House, till he had Leave. The Case of one Levinus Munke, a Wallone, and Denizen, returned, and sat here; and so Sir Horace Palevesine. - The Committee delivered no Opinion in it. -

Election Petitions.

2. Order, - 21 Petitions delivered in. - To have these heard in Order, as they came in.

Resolved, No more Petitions shall be received by the Committee of Privileges.

Resolved, That those, which are already in, shall be proceeded in, in Order, as the Petitions were delivered.

Scotchman returned, not naturalized.

Mr. Glandvile thinks Mr. Steward ought not to sit here, because at the Time of his Election he was incapable of it.

- He that is made a Denizen. is not as an Englishman: That but only personal.

Sir Dud. Digs: - In that Parliament, when Bacon Attorney, in question, whether he ought to sit here, or no : Over-ruled, he ought not; yet, in Favour to him, he was suffered to sit here; and an express Order, that never any other Attorney after should. - To do the like by this Gentleman.

Sir Edw. Cooke: - No Alien, denizated, ought to sit here. - Tros, Tyriusque, mihi nullo discrimine habetur. - The other passed sub silentio. Some sit here, that are under Age, and ought not to sit here, because not questioned.

Resolved, That Mr. Steward hath dealt very worthily, in forbearing to come and sit in this House.

Members make Election, &c.

Ordered, That those Members of the House which are double-returned, shall presently make their Election; or else new Writs to go down for both.

Mr. Pym electeth to serve for Tavestocke: And no new Writ to issue for Chipnam, till the Question be decided.

Mr. Comptroller: - A Petition Yesterday against his Election for Midlesex. - Desires he may not make his Election, till the Case be heard.

Mr. Comptroller electeth to serve for Midlesex.

Bills from Lords.

A Message from the Lords, by Attorney, and Serjeant Crooke: -

The Lords, whereas they received hence Seven Bills, have used that Expedition, that some of them passed, and others committed. - One returned back, with One Amendment, - One Word; - Sir Hor. Vere his Bill: - And have sent down One other Bill of Hospitals : - Since it passed, observed One Omission; which they recommend to the Care of this House.

Bill passed.

The Amendment thrice read; and passed, with the Amendment.


Sir Edw. Cooke reports the Bill of Relief of Patentees. - Have made some Alterations in it: - Which were twice read, and ordered to be ingrossed.



L. 1. An Act for reviving and making perpetual -