House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 12 March 1624

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Veneris, 12 Martii


L. 1. REDFERNE 's Bill.

Earl of Holdernes.

L. 2. Earl of Holdernes his Bill : - Committed to Sir Peter Hayman, Mr. Alford, Sir Nico. Tufton, Sir Hen. Poole, Sir Cha. Morrison, Sir Will. Herbert, Mr. Fetherstone, Mr. Godfrey, Mr. Recorder, Sir Tho. Midleton, Sir Fra. Seymor, Sir Dug. Digs, Sir Fra. Barnam, Mr. Solicitor, Sir Edw. Sandys, Mr. Whitfeild, Mr. Sherfeild: - Monday, Court of Wards, Two a Clock.

Wadham College.

Mr. Ducke reports the Bill of Wadham College. - Have added some Words, but not altered the Substance. -

Ordered, To be ingrossed.


Sir Fra. Seymour reports from the Committee, to examine the Clerk's Book, - Found some Things, which they thought not fit, to stand. - To have Power to strike out what they think fit.

The Explanation of the Secretary's Message, concerning my Lord Keeper, to be entered in the Book. Sir Edwin Sandys added to this Committee, This Committee also to search Precedents, in what Manner Entries have been used to be made.


Mr. Secretary reports from the Conference Yesterday with the Lords. - None speak, but the Prince alone ; who said, that Lord Treasurer having made Relation to the Lords, of King's Necessities ; and thereupon a Doubt arising, what King intended by it, gave this Sense of it, which he did ; and fearing the like Doubt, Lords commanded him to do the like to us : - King intended not, that we should take a present Consideration of his own particular Estate, but, that he could not enter into a War, without us; but, that, this being done, no difficult Thing to settle his Estate in due Time. Another Doubt, lest the King should be slow to call us together again :- -

Bad us call to mind the End of the King's Answer. Said, his Father not only very willing, but held it most necessary, to call us often together, to make good Laws. -

Next wished, we would consider, how far this gone; - Required Expedition. - The Year far spent - And remembers, how far we had irritated those, that Enemies hereafter. - Fit to provide, that we may not only shew our Teeth, but bite, if Occasion : - And bade us have a special Care of his Honour, being his first Action. -

And lastly, concluded, that we should oblige him, by our Care; and hereafter we should find, our Labours not lost.

Mr. Treasurer : - We happy in our Declaration, before we had knowledge of the Prince's Speech. We see his Majesty's Care, to prefer the publick before his own private Estate. -

Who will not open the Sluices of his Heart to such an Invitation ; being the first Request his Highness ever made to this House ? -

Besides our Declaration upon these Particulars, to return such an Answer to the Prince ; and give him Assurance, how careful we will be of his interest, and zealous to satisfy his Desires.

Sir Rob. Philips: - Agrees with the last Motion. - Will speak Two Parts : The Necessities of the King ; 2. The Necessity of the present Occasion. - In the first observed, that, though hitherto an Agreement between Lords and us, yet here our Genius before them. - No Scruple here. - We shall then be better able to relieve his Majesty, when we have relieved the Commonwealth. Such an Invitement never descended from a Prince to his Commons. That Journey into Spaine, to fetch a Wife, brought home a Prince wedded to the Virtue of the last Prince of Wales, that was in Spaine. -

Message to the Prince.

To present to his Highness a Message, of these Parts: 1. An Acknowlegement of his singular Favour to us:

2. An Assurance from this House, to serve him, not only in this, but in all his princely Resolutions.

Sir Geor. Moore : - This Business now come to be opus hujus diei: Rather opus Dei. - Prince moved us to Expedition : Without Stay therefore -

Chancellor Duchy : - Never rejoiced in any Parliament but this. - Here clear and plain Dealing between King and Subject. Not ordinary for this House to send Messages, or Compliments, to the Prince. - To have some few, to draw the Form of a Message.

Mr. Treasurer, Two Secretaries, Chancellor Exchequer, Mr. Comptroller, Sir Ed. Coke, Sir Rob. Philips, Chancellor Duchy, Sir Fra. Cottington, Sir Edw. Sandys, Mr. Recorder, Sir Jo. Savyle, Sir Ben. Ridiard, Sir Dud. Diggs, Mr. Alford, Sir Fra. Seymour, Sir Jo. Elliot, Sir Geo. Moore: These are to consider of a fit Frame of a Thanksgiving and Message to the Prince.

The former Committee, for penning our Resolution Yesterday, and this, to go up presently into the Committee Chamber, and agree upon both.

Englishmens Children Nat.

L. 1a. An Act for the Naturalizing of such Englishmens Children, as have served the States of the Low Countries, as Soldiers, since his Majesty's coming to the Crown, for their better Encouragement and Relief. -

By a general Vote of the House, Obdormit.


Sir Rob. Harlo reports the Bill of Grace for Wales. - Ordered, To be ingrossed.


Mr. Glanvyle moves, to have the Bill of Monopolies read.

Ordered, That this Bill, and the other, shall, To-morrow, be read, and put to the Question for passing.

Jesuits, &c, exporting Money.

Sir Edw. Seymour; - That theJesuits and Popish Priests about Town prepare great Sums of Money, by exchanging; so carry it over. - To think of some Course for staying of it.

Sir Arthur Ingram: - My Lord Treasurer the Command of all the Ports. - To send to him.

Sir Edw. Villiers: - Thinks, it more properly belongs to the Lord Admiral, and Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports.

Sir Edw. Cecil/: - To have it moved to the Lords of the Council, that they may acquaint the King with it.

Sir Tho. Hoby: - The Course of this House, not to send to the Lords of the Council, but to the Lords of the Parliament. - To send a Message speedily to the Lords.

Sir Tho. Jermyn -

Sir Edw. Seymour, Sir Tho. Jermyn, Sir Edw. Cecill, Sir Hen. Mildmay, Sir Fra. Barrington, Sir Hen. Poole, Sir Will. Beecher, Sir Ar. Ingram, Sir Edw. Villiers, Sir Will. Howard, Sir Guy Palmes, to inform their Lordships hereof; and to desire them to take a present Course, to prevent the Exportation of Money. Sir Edw. Cecill to deliver the Message, and report back again to the House.

Chipenham Election.

Mr. Glanvyle reports from the Committee of Privileges. - The first Case was of Chipenham. The due Election for John Maynard, but Charles returned by a Mistake. - The Opinion of the Committee, that the Return ought to be mended. -

For Sir Fran. Popham, even Voices. The Court adjourned till another Day. Then Mr. Pym had the Plurality of Voices. - The Opinion of the Committee, that not only the Mayor and 12 had Right of Election. The Opinion of the Committee, that a new Writ ought to go out; because Mr. Pym, duly elected, hath waved; and Sir Fra. Popham not duly elected.

Report and Conference.

Mr. Solicitor reports from both the Committees. - Have digested it into Writing, - Read, and allowed by the House. -

The Committee think fit to have presently a Message to the Lords ; and those to make a general Signification of the Resolution of the House to assist. - To desire a Conference, if they please.

Agreed, the same Committee shall presently go to the Lords. -

This next; that the Committee, if the Lords entertain it, to be directed to these Two: To have Authority to shew this Draught to them; with this Power, that, as Cause, Power to alter it, not in Substance, but only in Form. - Agreed. -

Message to the Prince.

For the Message to the Prince; would not have it delivered to the whole House now, but at the Conference.

1. To express, that we have with great Joy heard his Princely Expression of himself Yesterday: That we give him humble Thanks for it; and will, in all Things, be careful and tender of his Honour.

Chancellor Exchequer to deliver the Message, and make the Report.

Answer from Lords.

Sir Edw. Cecill reports from the Lords. - Hath delivered his Message. - They return many Thanks for our Care, and will take Order with all Expedition.

Chipenham Election.

Resolved, upon Question, That the Election of Mr. John Maynard is good; and that the Return of Mr. Charles Maynard shall be amended.


Chancellor Exchequer reports from the Lords - They take in good part the continued Correspondency of this House: Appointed a Committee of 24 of their House ; and, because there may be some emergent Occasion, have ordered their House to sit this Afternoon: - This Afternoon, Painted Chamber.

The former Committee of 48, of our House, appointed Yesterday, to meet their Lordships at Time and Place appointed.

Mr. Solicitor to deliver That, he hath reported to the House To-day.

Veneris, 12 Marti - Post Meridiem

Chair taken.

ABOUT Six a Clock Mr. Speaker went into the Chair. .

Conference reported.

Mr. Solicitor, reports from the Lords. - They attended the Service. First acquainted the Lords, that they were commanded to address themselves to the Prince his

Highness. - That we had heard, with a great deal of Joy, his Princely Expression: And to give him this Assurance, that now, and ever we should be very tender of his

Honour. - After, to the Lords; how that we had set down a Model: - Which was read to them. - Retired themselves, and read it apart. After, Lord Canterbury,

- That they did hope, out of our Love to them, and Correspondence, and Gravity of our Committee, would not think it long, they had stayed so long: - Had read it over in their House, and passed it, by a general Vote; but only in One Place, " The Lords and Commons," - Then moved, in what Way to represent to his Majesty.

- To have a Committee, if this House think fit, to understand his Majesty's Pleasure, when to attend him. - 24 of their Lordships. - If our House agreed to this, they intended, my Lord of Canterbury -

Read, and allowed of; and the same 48 to be the Committee.

Alienations, &c.

Bill of Alienations. - To-morrow, at Eight a Clock, Committee Chamber : - And the Bill of Concealments.


Sir Edw. Coke reports from the Committee of Grievances, a Patent, questioned, of the Dutch Congregation in Colchester. - An Order made by the Attorney and Solicitor, which was approved of by the Committee, as fit to be observed by them.

The Opinion of the House, that these Orders fit to be observed.

Member absconded.

Serjeant says, he hath made Search for Sir Tho. Gerrard, but cannot find him : Hath One of his Men in his keeping: Desires to be freed of him.

Called in.

Question, whether the Bar should be shut against him, or not. Over-ruled, the Bar ought to be down.

Demanded, whom he served: Answ. Sir Tho. Gerrard.

- Saw him not these Three Days. -

Vivian Mollinax, his Brother-in-law. - Knows not, what is become of his Master: Knows not, whither he went. - His Master at Church within this Quarter of a Year, at Wiggin, on a Work-day.

Ordered, To be discharged.

Chancellor Duchy, Sir Rob. Philips, Sir Jo. Savyle, Sir Tho. Hoby, to view this Return.