House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 20 March 1624

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Sabbati, 20o Martii

Best's Nat.

JAQUES de Best sworn.

L. 2. An Act for the Naturalizing of Jacques de Best. -

Ordered, To be ingrossed.

Thames Navigation.

L. 2. An Act for the Making of the River of Thames navigable to Oxford.

Sir Will. Cope; - To have the Bill have a free Passage.

- To have it committed. -

Committed to Secretary Calvert, Sir Edw. Coke, Sir Will. Cope, Sir Hen. Poole, Knights, Burgesses Oxford and Barkeshire, Sir Rich. Harrison, Mr. Dunce, Sir Guy Palmes, Sir Isa. Wake, Burgesses of University Oxford, and Oxford Town, Sir Geo. Manners, Sir Hugh Middleton, Sir Clem. Throckmorton, Sir Tho. Estcourt, Sir John Walter: - Monday, Two a Clock, Star-chamber.

Prisoner brought up and discharged.

Mayor of Winchelsey brought to the Bar, and made his Submission. - Heartily sorry for his Offence, and desires Pardon.

Discharged, making his Submission in the Town, and paying his Fees.


Doctor Googe reports the Bill of Usury. The Amendments twice read.

The Debate of this Bill put off till Monday Morning.


Sir Edw. Sandys: - Before we enter into the Debate of the great Business, will state the Business. - In Nature generally Two Measures : 1. Honourable: 2. Of Necessity,

1. Measure, the Work to be performed, - Five: Whereof Three well delivered. - 1. To consider, what to do : What the Work of this Year. This may be divided into his Parts: Fortifying this Kingdom, Defence of Ireland and the Low Countries, and setting forth a Royal Navy. - 2. What Charge will do this. - A little too much loses somewhat.: A little too little loses all. - To think of other Means than Subsidies, and Fifteens. A Fourth Proposition, arising from his Majesty's gracious Declaration. Fifth Point, which must be the first in Execution, though last in Debate: - Primum executione, ultimum intentione.

- What Answer to give to this Demand of the King. - Thinks, we may make a satisfactory Answer to his Majesty, and yet not oppress the Subject.

Sir Rob. Killegrue: - As he hath divided the Business into Five Heads; so to debate the first, before we go to any other.

Bills sent to Lords.

Mr. Secretary Calvert sent up to the Lords with Twelve Bills; Three private, and Nine publick.


L. 2. An Act to enable Justices of Peace to give Restitution of Possession in certain Cases.

Ordered. To be ingrossed.

The Prince's Exchange.

L. 1. An Act for Confirmation of Exchange of Lands between the Prince his Highness and Sir Lewis Watson.

Committee to attend the King.

Mr. Secretary reports from the Lords.- - Lord Keeper told him, the Prince had moved his Majesty, for Committees of both Houses to attend him, for Clearing of my Lord of Buckingham, To-morrow. - My Lord Keeper to be the Mouth of both Houses. - Agreed.

Subsidies. Mr. Speaker went into the Chair.

Sir Edw. Sandys reports from the Committee. - The Committee have resolved, by a general Vote, that, after his Majesty's Declaration, they think fit to have granted

Three Subsidies, and Three Fifteens, to be levied in such Time, and Manner, as the House shall think fit. -

They also think fit, to have a select Committee, to frame a convenient and satisfactory Answer to his Majesty, touching his Demand of Six Subsidies, and Twelve Fifteens.

And thought fit that Sir Rob. Cotton and Mr. Selden to prepare Precedents for this Tenure against Monday

Resolved, Upon Question, without any Negative Voice, Morning.

That, after his Majesty shall have been pleased to declare himself for the utter Dissolution and Discharge of the Two Treaties for the Marriage, and the Palatinate, the House, in Pursuit of their Advice given to his Majesty, and towards Support of the War, which is likely to ensue, and more particularly for those Four Points proposed by his Majesty; namely, the Defence of this Realm, the Securing of Ireland, the Assistance of our Neighbours, the States of the United Provinces, and other his Majesty's Friends and Allies, and the Setting out of his Majesty's Royal Navy; will grant, for the present, Three Subsidies, and Three Fifteens, to be levied in such Time, and Manner, as they shall be pleased afterwards to appoint; and to be paid unto the Hands, and expended by the Direction, of such Committees, or Commissioners, as shall hereafter be agreed on in this present Session of Parliamet.

Resolved, upon Question, To have a select Committee, to agree upon an Answer to be made unto his Majesty. -

The former Sub-committee of Thirteen; and Mr. Treasurer, Secretary Conway, Sir Jo. Savyle, Mr. Alford, Sir Isaac Wake, Mr. Cooke: These are, this Afternoon, Court of Wards, to agree upon an Answer to be made unto his Majesty, touching his Demand of Six Subsidies, and Twelve Fifteens.

Resolved, upon a third Question, That Sir Ro. Cotton and Mr. Selden shall be required to look up Precedents, and prepare them for this House, with all Speed.

Resolved, upon a fourth Question, without a Negative Voice, That these Three Subsidies, and Three Fifteens, shall be paid within the Space of One Year after the King hath declared himself.

Sabbati, 20 Martii - post Meridiem

Paineswicke Manor.

L. 1. AN Act for the Confirmation of a Decree in Chancery, made by the Consent of the Lord of the Manor of Painswicke, in the County of Gloucester, and the customary Tenants of the same Manor.

L. 1. - Butter and Cheese.