House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 22 June 1604 (2nd scribe)

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Veneris, 22o die Junii, 1604


THE Bill for Payment of personal Duties to the Church : - First Reading, and rejected.

Herrings, &c.

The Bill for Reformation of certain Abuses, in Buying and Selling of Herring, Pilchards, and other Fish, brought in by Mr. Noye, from the Committee, with Amendments; and, upon the Question, to be ingrossed.


The Bill for a convenient Portion to be assigned, out of every Impropriation, for the Maintenance of a preaching Minister, to be Vicar there : The first Reading, and rejected.


The Bill to encourage the Seamen of England to take Fish, whereby they may increase, to furnish the Navy of England, brought in from the Committee, by Mr. Nath. Bacon, with Amendments ; and ordered to be ingrossed.

Attorneys, &c.

The Bill concerning Attorneys and Clerks : - Sir Thomas Hobby, Mr. Parkinson, Sir Tho. Freak, Sir Edw. Hext, Mr. Hoskins, Sir Jo. Thynne, Mr. Johnson, Sir Rich. Spencer, Mr. D. James, Sir Edm. Bowyer, Mr. Baxter Mr. Durdent, Sir Ed. Hobby, Sir Rob. Oxenbridge, Mr. Hedley, Mr. Noy, Sir Philip Kighley, Sir Fr. Eure, Sir Jo. Savill, Mr. Ed. Jones, Mr. Wyvell; - To-morrow Temple.

Browne's Nat.

The Bill for the Naturalizing of Wm. Browne, Anne Browne, and Barbara Browne, &c. - The third Reading, and passed, upon the Question.

Scandalous Ministers.

The Bill against scandalous and unworthy Ministers : - Third Reading, and passed, upon the Question.

Ecclesiastical Leases.

The Bill for the Avoiding of Multiplicity of Leases,made by Archbishops, and Bishops, of such Lands and Possessions, as are belonging to their Archbishopricks, and Bishopricks : - Third Reading, and passed.


The Bill for the Continuance of divers Statutes, &c. thirdly read, articulatim; and in the Clause, in the Point of Continuance, the Addition, for Bastards, much disputed, and put out.

The Bill for the Continuance, &c. passed, upon the Question.

Reviving Statutes.

The Bill for reviving certain Statutes, expired by the Decease of the late Queen Elizabeth, twice read, and committed - Sir Fr. Hastings, Sir Oliver Cromwell, Mr. Yelverton, Sir Rob. Oxenbridge, Sir Wm. Harvey, Sir Geo. Moore, Sir Lewys Lewknor, Sir Fr. Bacon, Sir Jo. Hubbard, Sir Rol. Litton, Sir Geo. St. Poll, Sir Rich. Spencer, Sir Edw. Mountague, Sir Tho. Hobby, Sir Wm. Wray, Sir Rob. Wingfield, D. James, Sir Jo. Bennett, Sir John Luson, Sir Herbert Crofts, Mr. Edw. Jones, Sir Geo. Carewe, Mr. Alford, Sir Wm. Stroud, Sir Arthure Ayte, Mr. Edw. Francis, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Nath. Bacon, Sir Fr. Barrington, Sir Jo. Boys, Sir Maurice Berkley, Sir Barnard Whytstone, Sir Tho. Beamount, Sir Jo. Thynne, Sir Fr. Eure, Sir Timothy Whittington : - Monday, Temple.

House to attend a Member's Funeral.

Sir Jo. Hollice moveth, that the Members of this House may attend Sir Jonathan Trelawny, who died Yesterday Morning, being suddenly suffocated with a Flux of Blood : A Vein broke, upon coughing. Reported to be sound, sick, and dead, in a quarter of an Hour.

Tonage and Poundage.

Sir Fr. Bacon reporteth the Conference, touching the Bill of Subsidy of Tonage and Poundage. -

Preludeth - Fenced with Privileges. - Good Husbandry to fence. - A good Account of this Parliament, to maintain Privilege, and to preserve the King's Favour. -

Divers Amendments read, and reported in the Bill for Subsidy of Tonnage, &c.

Collaterally moved.

We may hear a Report for our own Informations, and bury it. -

A Message, we must take Notice of.

Reporteth my Lord Cecyll's Speech. -

Excuse of the Lords, that they propounded Matter of Charge, or Contribution. Approbation of the forbearing to offer by this House.

No Meaning that this Insinuation should possess the House, as with a Motion. -

Not to pre-occupate our Thanks ; Not to prejudicate our Assent, or Disassent. -

Not in the Knowledge of this House: - The State of the King: The Nature of the Peace. -

Four last Years, 2,200,000 l, of Queen Eliz.

Debt to the City of London, 80,000l. -

For the Exchange of Ireland, 120,000l.- -

Entry, Funeral, Coronation; Accumulation of Charge. -

Peace between Persons of the King of England and Spaine. -

Nothing articulate; a mere Cessation, or Abstinence from Hostility. -

Charge of Ireland, in proportion, 30.000l. - Put up his Sword, not put off. -

The Point of Honour in respect of the Advertisement to foreign States.


The Bill to restrain the excessive Wearing of Cloth of Gold, Cloth of Silver, gold and silver Lace, &c. - Third Reading, and, upon the Question -

Much disputed.

Sir Edw. Hobby, - for Stage-players,

Sir Edwyn Sandys, contra Billam.

This Bill to be considered of till To-morrow,

Bill ........