House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 23 March 1624

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Martis, 23 Martii

Ld. Wentworth.

L. 1. Lord Wentworth his Bill.

Sir R. Etherington.

Sir Arthur Ingram .- - To have Sir Rich. Etherington attend the Committee Thursday Three Weeks, by Order of the House ; and some body, authorized from my Lord Davers. - Ordered.

Cope's Creditors.

Mr. Pym : - A Petition from the Creditors of Cope. -

A Bill depending here. - To have these Men heard by their Counsel, at the Committee ; and to have their Witnesses heard. - Ordered.

Lumley's Estate.

L. 2. An Act to enable Sir Richard Lumley to make Sale of Lands .- - Committed to Mr. Nevill, Mr. Grenfeild, Sir Rob. Hitcham, Mr. Spencer, Mr. Noy, Sir Tho. Bludder, Mr. Coriton, Sir Edw. Peyton, Mr. Fetherstone, Mr. Whatman, Sir Geo. Vane, Mr. Savage, Mr. Wray, Attorney Wards, Mr. Cooke, Mr. Whistler, Mr. Mallory, Mr. Wainsford, Sir Fra. Brandling; - To-morrow Afternoon, Two Clock, Court of Wards. - And have Power to hear Counsel, and Witnesses, in this Case. And all other Committees have the like Power from the House.

Ly. Scudamore.

L. 1. Lady Scudamore her Bill,


Sir Edw. Gyles: - A Petition from a Gentleman. -

To be referred to the Committee for the Bill of Concealments. - Ordered,

The Petition delivered to Sir Edw. Coke.

Durham Franchise.

L. 1. An Act that the County Palatine of Durham may send Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses to serve in Parliament.

Clarke's Estate.

L. 2. An Act to enable Sir Fra. Clarke to make Sale of certain Lands : - Committed to Sir Geo. Moore, Sir Tho. Bludder, Mr. Solicitor, Sir Tho. Trevor, Mr. Cooke, Sir Rob. Hitcham, Sir Hen. Poole, Mr. Louther, Sir Peter Hayman, Sir Nico. Tufton, Sir Edw. Sandys, Sir Fra. Barrington, Sir Dud. Digs, Sir Will. Pyt, Mr. Coryton, Mr. Banks, Sir Jo. Stradling, Sir Max. Dallison, Mr. Hayward : - Thursday, Two Clock, Court of Wards.

King defers being attended.

Sir Edw. Sandys : - The Committee attended this Morning ; but the King indisposed ; and therefore desires they may attend at Two a Clock.

Merchants to attend.

The Merchants to attend at Two Clock. - To have them attend at Three Clock. - Agreed.

Ly. Dudley's Estate.

L. 2. An Act to enable the Lady Alice Dudley to confirm the Manor of Killingworth to the Prince his Highness : - Committed to Mr. Treasurer, Mr. Comptroller, Secretary Calvert, Sir Edw. Coke, Sir Jo. Walter, Sir Tho. Trevor, Sir Geo. Moore, Sir Natha. Rich, Mr. Spencer, Sir Tho. Lucy, Attorney Wards, Mr. Solicitor, Sir Fra. Crane, Sir Hen. Mildmay, Sir Hen. Fane, Sir Clem. Throckmorton, Mr. Fanshaw, Sir Geo. Goring, Sir Edm. Varney, Mr. Noye, Sir Tho. Jermyn : - To-morrow, Two Clock, Court of Wards.


Sir Edw. Cooke reports the Bill of Supersedeas. - Yorke, Wales, Cheshire, and Lancaster, desire to be provided for by this Bill, - Came to a Question. Eleven One Way, Nine another. Nine to have these added, Sixteen against it. - No Amendments made in it.

Mr. Fanshaw : - No Exception to the Bill. - Troubles him, that this Bill should pass, while he holds the Office, - Less passed in his Time, than before. - As Clerk of the Crown, to attend all the Pleas of the Crown. - But 10l. a Year from the King. - If this Office of necessary Use, to allow some Means for it.

Sir Hen. Anderson : - Not against the Bill; but to have it re-committed, for some Reasons. - The Scope of the Bill Two Ends. -

To have it extend as well into other Places as the Courts at Westminster.

Mr. Currington : - That, which moved now, moved at the Committee. - Sufficiently answered at the Committee. - To have it pass, as it passed last time.

Mr. Whistler : - To have it re-committed. - The Punishment too heavy. - In the Power of a Justice of Peace to take away all a Man hath. - To make it a temporary Law.

Sir Jo. Savyle : - Counsel sends no Certiorari; but the Abuse of Supersedeas as great there, as here. Some make 20l. per Annum of binding Men to the Peace. - Appeals to the Justice of the House. - The Rule of Christian Charity, to do as one would be done by. Injustice, to provide for some Counties, and leave out other.

The Bill, upon Question, re-committed : All, that will come, to have Voice : - Star Chamber, Thursday, Two a Clock.


The Bill of Usury to be debated To-morrow Morning.


Mr. Glandvyle: - The last Time we attended the King.

- To have the House take Notice of the Sitting of Committees, if there be any Time this Afternoon.

E. of Hertford's Estate.

Attorney Wards reports the Earl of Hertford his Bill. - All Parties, present and gave Consent.

The Amendments twice read. The Bill re-committed : - Presently. Committee Chamber.

Foreign Pensions.

L. 1. An Act against secret Receiving of Pensions of any foreign Prince or State.

Norfolke Election.

Mr. Glandvyle: - A Report to be made for Norfolke: - To have a Time for it. To give Power to the Committee, that, if they find any Men Delinquents, to injoin them Attendance of the House, till Report be made. -

To injoin the Committee, to give him particular Directions for his Report.

First Part of his Motion ordered : That the Committee of Privileges shall have Power, when they find any Men Delinquents, to injoin them the Attendance of the House, till the Report be made.

Committee of both Houses.

Mr. Pym: - To have the House, that this Afternoon the Committee of both Houses may meet, to agree upon a Report, to be made before the Recess.

E. of Hartford's Estate.

Attorney Wards reports Earl of Hartford's, Bill. -

Added some Words.

The Bill ordered to be ingrossed.