House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 26 March 1604 (2nd scribe)

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Lunae, 26 Martii, 1604

Liberties of the Subject.

THE Bill to confirm unto the Subjects of England their ancient Liberties: - The first Reading.

Forcible Entry.

An Act of Explanation of the Statute of forcible Entry, made in the 8 of H. VI.

Hats &c.

An Act for the true Making of Hats and Caps.

Hissing in the House.

Mr. Hext moveth against Hissing in the House; as not beseeming the Gravity of the Assembly, derogating from the Dignity of it, and from the Privileges, more than any other Abuse whatsoever;

Officers Claims.

Sir Oliver St. John relates the Danger, the Continuance, and Unwontedness, the Insolency,of the Rebel; the several Passages, and the Success of it; the Charge. -

The last Exploit of Invasion by an Army of Five Thousand Spanyards.

Descends, into a particular Relation of the Captains, and Instruments in the War; Persuades the Relief of them, being grown into great Misery, by Occasion of that War. - A Committee. -

In that Point of the Irish Rebellion, the Queen's Honour being eclipsed, it pleased God to continue her Days, till that was taken away, and the Wars ceased. -

All the Privy Council, being Members of the . . the Lord of Buckhurst, Sir Oliver St. John, Sir Francis Bacon, Sir Geo. Carewe, Vice-Chamberlain to the Queen, Sir Roger Wilbraham, Sir Ro. Scott, Sir Henry Nevill, Sir Jo. Hollice, Sir Edw. Stafford, Sir Valentyne Knightley, Sir Edw. Grevill, Sir Rob. Wroth, Sir Edw. Hobby, Sir Roger Aston, Sir Tho. Walsingham, Sir Tho. Waller, Sir Wm. Burlacye, Sir John Luson, Mr. Allen Percye, Mr. Wyseman, Sir Wm. Loure, Sir Philip Harbert, Sir Robert Napper, Sir Rowland Litton, the Knights of every Shire, Sir Geo. Moore, Sir Robert Stappleton, a Citizen of every City, Sir Rich. Luson, Sir Nich. Saunders, Sir Edw. Grevill, Sir Tho. Denton, Sir Arthure Atye, Sir Lewys Lewknor: A Committee to take into Consideration the divers Merits, Wants, and Miseries of English Captains, having served in the Irish Wars; viz. Officers of the Army, Serjeants, Majors of Regiments, Colonels, Lieutenants of Companies, Constables of Wards; and how they may be relieved: To meet on Friday, at Two a Clock in the Afternoon, in this House of Parliament - Deferred till Friday, 6 Apr. in the same Place.


Sir Fran. Bacon reporteth what was done, touching the Wardship of Mens Children. -

Never petitioned, never won of any King. -

1. Scutag.' Voyage Royal in Escose; the Objection. -

That now determines, by the King's Possession of the Crown.

2. Next the King's Honour. - The greatest Honour, to govern Subjects moderately free.

3. Justice. - This House may take away the Office, the Countenance, the Credit, of any Man. -

But this House hath always used it tenderly. -

Answ. H. VIII. Ed. VI. Queen M. had a Power granted them by Parliament, to dissolve the Court of Wards. - No new Thing. -

The Intention of the House, that both the King, and meane Lords, should be comprehended. -

A Resolution, that this Petition should be made ; for the Matter. -

The Manner. - By Petition. - How : Whether first into the Plot, and to offer to the King the Matter plotted ; or first to ask Leave to treat. - First to pray a Conference with the Lords. - Resolved.

The Lords to join in Petition to the King, for a Liberty to treat.

A Conference to be had with the Lords.


Sir Henry Nevill: - A Declaration of all Treasons: An Explanation of certain Maxims of the Common Law, touching the King's Prerogative.

King's Grants.

The King's Grant should be taken most beneficially for himself. - What Suggestions, or Misinformations should make Grants void.


The Wards alone to be had in Conference. These Committees following, are appointed to confer with the Lords, touching a Petition to be made to his Majesty, for Leave to treat of the Matter of Wardship. 24 to be sent up to the Lords for a Conference : All the Privy Council, Sir Geo. Carewe, Sir Fr. Bacon, Sir Tho. Flemming, Sir Edwyn Sandys, Sir John Hollice, Mr. Fra. Moore, Sir Jerome Bowes, Sir Fr. Hastings, Serjeant

Dodridge, Sir Jo. Scott, Sir Rich. Luson, Sir Edw. Mountague, Serjeant Tanfield, Sir Geo. Moore, Sir Arthure Atye, Sir Robert Wroth, Sir H. Mountague, Sir John Thynne, Mr. Fuller, Sir Henry Nevill, Sir Tho. Lake, Mr. Fr. Clifford, Sir Robert Wingfield, Sir Edw. Hobby, Sir Tho. Barkley. - Delivered to Mr. Solicitor.

These Committees are sent to desire a Conference with the Lords, touching Matter of Wardship: And they have also Authority, from the House, to treat of any other Thing, which there shall be accidentally propounded.

Treasons, &c.

Sir Henry Nevill's Motion was, touching the Declaration of Treasons: The Explanation of the King's Grants, touching Point of his Prerogative. Sir Henry Nevill's Motion.

Sir H. Nevill, Sir Fr. Hastings, all the Serjeants at Law, SirGeo. Carewe, Sir Roger Wilbraham, Mr. Martin. Mr. Antho. Dyett, Sir Tho. Holcroft, Sir Roger Aston, Mr. Fr. Tate, Sir Edw. Hobby, Mr. Attorney of the Wards, Sir John Bennett, Sir Tho. Freak, Sir Walter Cope, Sir Wm. Fleetwood, Mr. Recorder of London, Sir Tho. Lake, Sir Henry Bromley, Sir Vincent Skynner, Sir Tho. Waller, Sir Fr. Vane, Sir Geo. St. Poole, Sir Wm. Harvey, Mr. Wm. Brock, Sir Edw. Grevill, Mr. Fr. Clifford: - To meet upon Saturday, at Two a Clock in the Afternoon, in the Middle Temple Hall: To confer, touching a Declaration of Treasons; of an Explanation of certain Maxims of the Common Law, touching the King's Grants.

Members for Shropshire.

Serjeant Hubbard moveth, that Two here returned for Shropshire, be no due Members: Serjeant Harris . . . -

Refuse to deliver the Indenture to the Sheriff: The Gentlemen themselves bring it to the Clerk of the Crown.

- All Returns void, that come not in by the Sheriff. -

That the Gentlemen may forbear to sit, until the Cause be determined. - Not granted.


An Act, authorizing Justices of Peace to deliver certain Prisoners out of Gaol; and for the Placing and Settling of poor Prisoners after their Delivery.

Shrewsburie Election.

Mr. Fr. Tate answereth Serjeant Hubbard's Motion, and delivereth the Election, of his own Knowledge. -

The Father a Burgess, the Son a Burgess, in Shrewsburie.

Referred to the Committees for Returns and Privileges.

Wardship, &c.

Mr. Vice-chamberlain reporteth from the Lords, that the Lords liked well of the Care in that Motion for Conference, touching the Wards; and that they would join in this, or any other Thing, concerning the common Good.

The Lord Chief Justice, Mr. Justice Yelverton, Sir John Crook, D. Swale, do come from the Lords to deliver, how well they take their careful Consideration, touching the Wards and Matters of that Importance : That some other Matters be thought on in the same Conference: 2. Respite of Homage, &c. Licence of Alienation: 3. How the general Grievance, touching the Abuse of Purveyors, Cartakers, might be reduced to some Proportion and Certainty ; so as his Majesty might be better served, and his Prerogative preserved.

- 30 of the Higher House: To meet in the great Chamber, at Two a Clock in the Afternoon.

If any other Thing do rise, of Importance -

More to be added to the former Committee, for the Conference: Sir Henry Hubbard, Sir Wm. Killigre, Mr. Tho. Somersett, Sir Wm. Harvey, Sir Philip Herbert, Sir Edw. Herbert, Sir Tho. Ridgeway, Sir Robert Oxenbridge, Sir Valentyne Knightley, Sir Fr. Goodwyn, Sir Fr. Barrington, Sir Roger Aston, Sir Rob. Cotton, Sir Edward Stafford, Mr. Allen Percy, Sir William Woodhouse, Sir Roger Wilbraham, Sir John Townsend, Sir Oliver St. John, Sir Robert Needham, Sir Edm. Bowyer, Sir Tho. Germyn, Mr. Geo. Smyth, Mr. Martin, Sir Antho. Rouse, Sir Maurice Barkley, Sir H. Carye, Mr. Robert Askwith, Mr. Lawrence Hyde, Sir Edw. Grevill, Mr. Fra. Moore, Sir Jo. Savill, Mr. Nath. Bacon, Sir Nich. Saunders, Sir Rowland Litton, Sir Charles Cornwallys, Sir Jo. Luson, Sir Tho. Mounson, Sir Jo. Thynne,