House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 26 March 1607 (2nd scribe)

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Jovis, 26o Die Martii, 1607


Mr. Brook reporteth the Bill, touching the not making Starch of Wheat, and other Grain, with Amendments, and a Proviso; which being twice read; upon the Question, ordered to be ingrossed,

Mounpesson's Estate.

B. For the Satisfying of due Debts: Mr. Mounpesson's Bill: - Committee, upon Sir Henry Poole's Motion, to meet at the Temple.

Bathyrst's Letters Pat.

Mr. Bathyrst Bill put to Question by Mr. Speaker, and passed, without further Opening.

Ramsden's Nat.

3. Reading. - B. for the Naturalizing of John Ramsden : - Upon the Question, passed.


The Bill of Clothing, re-committed: - Parliament House, To-morrow in the Afternoon.

Mr. Gore speaketh after the Commitment, with divers Reasons against the Bill: Prayeth, that more might attend the Committee. - This against Order.

Sir John Savyll, - in Answer of Mr. Gore.


Remember to search for the Days of these Conferences reported.

Union with Scotland.

Mr. Holt beginneth Report of the Conference touching the Point of Conveniency. - It seemed so at the first: It was but Embryo: At last but an Abortive, so abrupt. -

Salisb. - Introduction,Observations. The Nature not Inception, but a Progression [a]. -

God : The King: Nature. -

King equal Affection to both : His Presence the mutual and equal. -

Whether to continue it, or leave Marks or Brands of Separation. -

Wished, the Conference might be free. -

The Eye of the popish Princess, the Pope: - Exult. -

Vivat Rex; vivat Lex; vivat Anglia, Scotia; vivat Britannia. -

The Commission, Articles, &c. -

2. Lord Northampton: - Whatsoever Law, or Custom; yet Reason itself allows this Union. -

Some massy, and a Heap, - Of Estates, Subjection but the first Degree of natural. -

Primogenit and derivative Reason. - The first most perfect: 2. Exercised upon the first.

Lords Speeches.

Enquire for this Report of Mr. Holt; for the Lords Speeches specially, and for the Point of Assurance.

Bills from Lords.

A Message from the Lords. - Mr. D. Hone, Sir John Tyndall - Two Bills: 1. Marshes of Lesnes and Fants in the County of Kent:

2. Act to enable Rich. Sackvill, Esquire, to surrender the Offices of chief Butler of England, &c. notwithstanding his Minority of Years.

Union with Scotland.

Mr. Recorder continueth the Report: - From whom to take the Help of Notes [b].

Touching the Pressing, One Lord said, that we ourselves would be sensible of our own Members, and give them what Ease we could. -

To tie themselves to the Instrument, for the Honour of those, that we trusted, not with a Flock of Sheep, but with both Kingdoms.

Ability, Capacity, or Liberty.

Mr. Holt: - One Aries, many Libraes, no Scorpion, in the Zodiack of this lower Region. -

Nimia amicitia causam dat odii. In this imperfect Union, the Rule good, "Love little, and love long;" but if a perfect, then we would meet them with perfect Friendship; and then amicorum omnia communia.

Mr. Speaker moveth Three Courses, upon the Report:

1. Whether deliberate:

2. Whether dispute here:

3. Whether Committee, to consider.

Sir Geo. Moore: - That the last might be proceeded in.

Mr. Martin: - That the Stop is on the Lords Part: That we ought to hear from them first. - This resolved.

The Counsel for the Bill of the Marshalsea to be heard.

Question, Whether to be heard this Day, or To-morrow :

The House divided:

Tellers :

No : Sir Roger Aston, Sir John Savill,

Yea : Sir Chro. Perkins, Sir Geo. St. Poll,

Spanish Wrongs.

Mr. Fuller moveth, that the Sub-committee, for the Spanish Wrongs, might meet this Afternoon : Which was ordered. Sub-committee: Sir H. Nevill, Sir Rob. Mansfield, Sir Edwyn Sands, Sir Rich. Hawkins, Sir John Hollyce, Mr. Dudley Carleton, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Martin, Mr. Nanton, Sir Geo. Moore, Mr. Fuller. -

Marshalsea Court.

110 Yea, 89 No, For the Hearing of the Counsel of the Marshalsea -

Injuries from Spaniards.

Thursday, in the Committee Chamber, - to treat concerning the Grievances done to the Subjects of England by the Officers and Ministers of the King of Spaine, and of some Means for Redress. -

Marshalsea Court.

Mr. Goldsmyth for the Bill; Mr. Warre, Mr. Gerrard, against the Bill.

Mr. Gerrard, against the Bill, beginneth first. -

25 E. III. Articuli super chartas.