House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 30 March 1607 (2nd scribe)

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Lunae, 30o Die Martii, 1607

Selby's Estate.

1. Reading; - B. To assure and confirm the Sale of the Manor of Moate, and other Lands, in the County of Kent, made by Charles Allen Esquire, deceased, to Sir Wm. Selby Knight, &c.

Selling Fruit on Sunday.

1. Reading; - B. To restrain the Fruiterers of London from going abroad, to sell their Fruit, upon the Sabaoth Days, &c.


A Petition, from the Armour-makers, delivered in by Sir Robert Johnson; with Desire from them, that it might ... read : Which was done accordingly.

Answer to Lords.

Mr. Speaker moveth, to break Silence: Propoundeth the Question to be only, What Answer to give to the Lords; Whether to confer, so as it may not bind, nor touch Point of Law.

Sir John Heigham: - That we may send, that we will confer; but a Desire to deliberate.

Mr. Alford. -

King appoints to be attended.

Mr. Speaker maketh known, that his Majesty desireth to speak with this House To-morrow, at Two a Clock, at the Court: None in the mean time to depart; All the House to go : None to be excluded.

Mr. Speaker to go with them. To attend in the Preaching-place.


The general Committee for Spanish Wrongs, - Wednesday.

Inundations. - This Afternoon.

Waller's Estate.

Counsel for Warren, and Waller, heard.

Sir H. Poole : - That Waller's Counsel may be heard at large.

Mr. Goldsmyth, and Mr. Warre, for Mr. Waller; and Mr. Gerrard, for Mr. Warren.

Mr. Goldsmyth beginneth.

In this mean time there cometh a Message from the Lords. - Till Mr. Goldsmyth had done -

Smyth's Estate.

Sir John Crook and Mr. D. Hone bring from the Lords a Bill.

An Act for Confirmation of certain Lands of the Warden and College of the Souls of all faithful People deceased, of Oxon, and of other Lands to Sir Wm. Smyth, Knight. -

Waller's Estate.

Mr. Warre openeth another Point, not spoken on by Mr. Goldsmyth.

The Decree, between Warren and Waller, read at large in the House.

The Bill in some Parts amended, and these Words inserted : " Which were not had or made bona fide, and for "good and valuable Consideiation."

The Bill, with the Amendments, thrice read, put to Question, and passed, upon the Question.