House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 09 November 1605

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Page 257

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Saturni, 9o Novembris

Committee of Privileges.

THE Names of the Committee for Returns and Privileges read ; and they retire into the Committee Chamber; and, returning to the House, make Report by Sir Geo. Moore.

Cases Four:

1 . Lyme Regis: - The Burgess Hassard not able to serve, by Reason of the Gout. - He came unto them, walked in Fear only. - Resolved, That he should serve still.

Weak, and not able to serve, by Reason of Age, and not likely to recover : - Swaddon, for Calne in Wiltshire:

- To be removed.

Serjeant Snigg,

Lord Chief Baron,

Attendants as Judges in the Higher House : -

Not to serve here. - If a Serjeant, to serve here.

Sir Henry Carye, Captive: - To stand still as a Burgess.

Q. Whether Hassard shall stand, and serve ? -

Resolved, He shall not be removed.

Q. Whether Swaddon, for Calne, shall be removed ?

- Resolved, He shall, and a new Writ to issue.

Q. Touching Lord Chief Baron, Burgess for South. and Baron Snigg for Bristowe, being Attendants as Judges in the Higher House, whether they shall be recalled :- Resolved, They shall not.

Q. Touching Sir Henry Carye, Captive, not to be removed : - Resolved.

Moved, That divers in Cornwall have resigned their Places, and new elected.

Touching Sir James Lee: - The Committees to consider of it.

This House adjourned till One of the Clock in the Afternoon.

Saturni, 9 Novembris, 1605. Post meridiem.

Gunpowder Plot.

SIR Edw. Hext moveth, that Mr. Speaker should make manifest the Thankfulness of the House to God, for his safe Deliverance ; and that they would all, and every One of them be ready with the uttermost Drop of their Blood.


Sir Carey Rawley moveth, whether Sir Tho. Thynne, being a Burgess, may be chosen and admitted Knight of the Shire.

The Question referred to the Committee.

Q. Whether to be received as a Knight. -

Wilts. Writ.

A Warrant to be directed for the Choice of a new Knight for Wiltshire.

Removing Strangers from the House.

Sir John Herbert, and Four Knights, sent to the Lord Chamberlain, to desire his Lordship, in the Name of the House, that he will be pleased to remove all out of the House, that are not of it, that there may be Place for the Members of the House.

Sir John reporteth, that my Lord Chamberlain would remove all that were present, both Burgesses and Strangers.


Prorogato in 21 diem Januarii.