House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 01 May 1606

Page 303

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Table of contents

Jovis, primo Die Maii, 1606


1. Reading: - B. TO restrain Purveyors, that they exceed not the Limits of their Commissions.


Sir Edw. Grevill brought in the Bill against Usury.

The House divided, upon the Question of ingrossing:

With the Yea, 47.

With the Noe, 41. -


Changing Opinion after saying Yea.

A Question moved, whether a Man, saying Yea, may afterwards sit, and change his Opinion.

A Precedent remembered in 39 Eliz. of Mr. Morris, Attorney of the Court of Wards, by Mr. Speaker, that changed his Opinion.

Misliked somewhat, it should be so; yet said, that a Man might change his Opinion.


Sir Barnard Whytston, upon the Bill for Preservation of Sea-fish, being recommitted after the third Reading, offered to the House; but being agreed upon out of the House, it was said to be against the Order of the House; and therefore ordered, that they should do it in the Committee Chamber, the House sitting.

Hobbye's Patent.

The Grievance of Sir Edw. Hobbye's Patent, touching Jobbing of Wool. . Counsel at the Bar:

Serjeant Altham, for the Grievance:

Mr. Crewe, for Sir Edw. Hobby. -

44o Eliz. for Ten Years : - Five Years to come. -

To buy it in no Clothing Shires, to sell it in Clothing Shires.

Mr. Gore, Mr. Cowcher, for the Grievance.

Resolved, upon the Question, no Grievance: - Not to be presented to the King.

Ecclesiastical Causes.

Mr. Secretary Herbert sent to the Lords, to desire a second Conference touching ecclesiastical Causes.

Because those Gentlemen upon whom it was imposed, were not prepared to reply, and the Time did not serve at the last Conference.

Lord Cobham's, &c. Forfeitures.

2. Reading: - The Bill for the Establishing in the Crown, the Lands and Possessions of Henry late Lord Cobham, and Geo. Brook Esquire, attainted of High Treason, with a Confirmation of Grants made by his Majesty.

Sir John Brook bringeth Counsel (Mr. Stephens) to the Bar; and offereth a Proviso: Which Proviso Mr. Stephens read.

Mr. Serjeant Harris, of the other Side.

Upon the Question, to be committed.

The Committee for Attainders to consider of this Tomorrow. - Committed.

Ecclesiastical Causes.

Sir John Crook and Mr. D. Swale bring from the Lords a Message; That the Lords will be ready this Afternoon, for the Conference : - The former Place; the former Committee, touching ecclesiastical Causes.

Ans. That the Committee of this House will attend it.