House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 05 May 1606

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Lunae, 5 Die Maii

Writs of Error.

1. Reading. - B. AGAINST the Delay and Defeating of the Course of Law and Justice, by Writs of Error in Cases of Trials by Verdict.

Forestallers, &c.

Sir Rob. Johnson reporteth from the Committee, the Bill against Forestallers and Regrators, with Amendments ; et ingrossetur.

E. of Salisbury's Estate.

2. Reading: - B. For the Assurance of certain small Parcels of Land to Robert Earl of Salisbury, &c. for the more commodious Use of his Mansion-house in the Strond, and for Recompence to be given for the same: - Committed: - Sir Fr. Bacon, Sir Tho. Horsman, Sir Geo. Moore, Sir H. Nevill, Sir Edw. Sandys, Sir Edw. Mountague, Mr. Fuller, Sir Nath. Bacon, Sir Rich. Bulkley, Sir Wm. Stroud, Sir Rob. Wingfield, Sir Gam. Capell: - To meet presently, in the Committee Chamber.

Desmaistres' Nat.

3. Reading : - B. For the Naturalizing of James Desmaistres, of the Parish of St. Buttolphes without Algate, and Mary his Wife: - Much disputed; and, upon the Question, the House divided :

With the Yea, 76.

Noe, 81. -

And so dashed.

Free Trade.

The Amendments of the Bill of free Trade (sent down from the Lords) 3. read; and, upon the Question, the Amendments passed.

E. of Salisbury's Estate.

The Bill for the Assurance of certain small Parcels of Land to the Earl of Salisbury, &c. reported by Sir Fr. Bacon; and thirdly read.

A Speech touching Favour by Sir Fr. Bacon. - From the Earl of Salisburie.

Excepted by Sir Antho. Cape.

Mr. Martin against the last.

Thereupon Sir Fr. Bacon uttereth a Speech of Favour and Respect, with Thanks.

Beer and Ale.

3. Reading: - B. To restrain the Utterance of Beer and Ale to Ale-house-keepers, and Tiplers; not licensed: - Much disputed; and, upon the Question, rejected.

Ecclesiastical Canons.

3. Reading : - Act to restrain the [Execution of Canons Ecclesiastical [not confirmed] by Parliament: - Upon [the Question, passed.]

Scandalous Ministers.

3. Reading: - Act against scandalous and unworthy Ministers: - Upon the Question, passed.

Bills sent to Lords.

Sent up by Mr. Secretary Herbert: -




Unworthy Ministers :

Preservation of Fish :

Oriell College :

Amendments, - Free Trade.

Sir John Skynner, Sir Wm. Smyth. -

Canons, &c.

Canons, and unworthy Ministers; desired not to be sent up, until the Conference be past.

Q. For the Sending of those Two Bills :

Agreed, they should be sent.

Moved for Recommendation, and of that, and my Lord of Salisburie's: -

Agreed, no Recommendation.

Chepstowe Bridge.

Chepstowe: - Amendments, from the Lords, 3. read, and agreed to be inserted.