House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 17 May 1606

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Page 310

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Saturni, 17 Die Maii, 1606

Fowler's Dower, &c.

2. Reading: - B. FO R the Barring Mary Fowler,Wife of Rich. Fowler, late of Tillesworth, Gentleman, of her Dower and Thirds: - Sir Wm. Stroud, Sir Rob. Wingfield, Sir Fr. Bacon, Sir Chro. Perkins, Mr. Lascells, Mr. Alford, Sir Antho. Cope, Mr. Martin, Mr. Bagge, Sir Maurice Berkley, Mr. Doyle, Mr. Bowyer, Sir Fr. Barrington, Sir Tho. Horsman, Sir Henry Nevill, Mr. Humfrey May, Sir Fr. Popham, Sir Geo. Fleetwood, Mr. Hyde, Sir Edw. Grevill, Sir Gam. Capell, Mr. Fuller, Sir Rob. Maunsell, Mr. Wymark, Mr. Blenco, Mr. Cole, Sir Edwyn Sandys - - Monday, Temple Hall.

Desmestres' Nat.

1. Reading: - Nova B. For the Naturalizing of James Desmestres, &c. -

Sir Rob. Maunsell, Sir Herbert Crofts, against it. -


Members Speaking.

Any Man may speak after the Affirmative Question, and before the Negative.


3. Reading: - B. For the Reforming of the Abuses of the Marshalsey: - Upon the Question, passed. -

Mr. Tate, contra; Mr. Fuller, pro.

Cloth Trade.

3. Reading: - B. For the true Making of Cloth. -

Much disputed; but stayed from Question, until Monday, by reason of Want of Time for the Reports following, and sending to the Lords.


Sir H. Hubbard maketh Report of the Proceedings of the Committee touching the Lords Exceptions to the Bill of Recusants. -

That the Article of the Communion shall stand in the Frame as it is. -

Not to give way to any Exception; but to leave it to the Lords, to send it unto us, and we then to consider of the Exceptions. -

Not to assent to any Amendments.


Mr. Secretary Herbert, in a Message to the Lords, that we are ready for another Conference touching the Recusants Bills, at any Time after this Day.

Report made.

Mr. Solicitor maketh Report of the Committees Travel in the second Bill.


The Lords have appointed Monday for a second Conference, and wish us good Speed and Success in it.