House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 09 March 1607

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Die Lunae, 1606, 9o Martii

Leave of Absence.

SIR William Strowd, upon his own Motion, in regard of his former diligent Attendance and good Service to the House, ex gratia Curiae, is licensed to depart the Town, and be absent, promising to return within a short Time.

Bourchier's &c. Letters Patents.

Mr. Overburie reporteth from the Committee, the Bill for Confirmation of the King's Majesty's Letters Patents, made to William Bourchier, Esquire, of the Manor of Bardesleigh in the County of Glocester;

As also the Bill for Confirmation of the King's Majesty's Letters Patents, made to Robert Bathyrst, Esquire, of the Manor and Borough of Lachelade in the County of Glocester.

He saith, the Committee, in these Two Bills, had a great Care to provide for the Safety and Preservation of the Estates of the Under-tenants and Lessees within these Manors, and for Performance of certain Bequests and Legacies by the Petitioners; and therefore have foreseen, that, before they offered the Bills to the Passage of this House, there should several Indentures of Covenant, to that Purpose, pass between the Petitioners, and some of the Committees chosen by the rest; viz. Sir John Hungerford and Sir Henry Poole, Knights; Nicholas Overbury and Arnold Oldsworth, Esquires ; and that for Performance of Covenants contained in the Indentures, several Bonds should be entered to the said Committees, by William Bourchier, in One thousand Marks, by Indentures and Robert Bathirst, in Two thousand Marks:

Which Indentures and Bonds, upon this his Report, he commended to the Disposing of the House. The House directed them to be presently read, and to be left in the Custody of the Clerk; where now they remain.

Date of the Indentures and Bonds, 23 Feb. 1606.

An Act for Confirmation of the King's Majesty's Letters Patents to William Bourchier Esquire, &c. thirdly read, and, upon the Question, passed.

An Act for Confirmation of the King's Majesty's Letters Patents to Robert Bathyrst Esquire, &c. being the third time read, and ready for the Question, was stayed, upon the Motion of Sir Nathaniel Bacon ; whose Desire was, that Notice might be given to Sir Chro. Heydon, (whom it concerned) before the Bill passed ; and that a Fine, levied by Sir Chro. which was shewed to the Committee, might also be shewed to the House ; and said, that within the Space of a Week he would procure Notice to be given to Sir Christopher : Upon which his Promise, the House assented to the Motion.

Church Ministers.

L. 2a. B. For Explanation of the Statute of 13 Eliz. touching certain Disorders in the Ministers of the Church:

- Secondly read, and committed to the former Committee in the Bill against Non-residence, and Pluralities of Benefices [a], with these added : Sir Francis Eure, Sir John Bennett, Mr. Duncombe, Sir Nath. Bacon, Sir Valentyne Knightley, Mr. Wyseman, Mr. Forsett, Mr. Serjeant Barker, Mr. Brock, Mr. D. James, Sir Rich. Hawkins, Sir Francis Goodwyn, Sir Geo. St. Poll, Mr. Chock, Mr. Bacchus, Sir William Burlacy, Sir Henry Nevill, Sir Robert Oxenbridge, Mr. Crewe, Sir Jerome Horsey: - To meet on Thursday next, in the Exchequer Chamber.


L. 3a. An Act against Non-residence, and Pluralities of Benefices: - Thirdly read, and, upon the Question, passed.

Forcible Entries.

L. 3a. An Act for some Addition to be made unto a Statute, made in the 8th Year of King H. VI. cap. 9o. concerning forcible Entries : - Thirdly read; the Word " into " inserted; and, upon Question, passed.

Bills sent to Lords.

Moved, that some Bills, which had passed this House, Bills sent to might be sent up to the Lords ; viz.

1. An Act to restrain the Execution of Canons ecclesiastical, not confirmed by Parliament.

2. An Act against Non-residence, and Pluralities of Benefices.

3. An Act to convert the Manor and Prebend of Cutton in the County of Devon (being a Prebend sine euro) to the Maintenance of a Free-school.

4. An Act to restrain the utterance of Beer and Ale to Alehouse-keepers not licensed.

5. An Act to repress the odious and loathsom Sin of Drunkenness.

These Five Bills were sent up to the Lords by Sir Francis Hastings; who moved, that he might have Leave to recommend the Two first Bills from the House, with some special Note of their Desire to have them pass : Which the House did not mislike.


The Messenger had also in charge to let the Lords know, that the Committees of this House would meet their Lordships in Conference, on Wednesday next, at the Time and Place usual.

Marshalsea Court.

Ordered, upon special Motion, that, in the Bill touching the Abuses of the Court of Marshalsea, as well the Counsel of those, that follow the Bill, as of others, that impugn the said Bill, shall be publicity heard at the Bar, at Eight a Clock, Tomorrow in the Morning.

Answer from Lords.

Sir Francis Hastings returneth from the Lords, that he had presented the five Bills; had specially commended the first Two, touching Canons and Pluralities, to their Favour and Passage; urging, the Abuse sought to be redressed by those Bills, was a great Scandal to the Church, and the greatest Hindrance to the Instruction of God's People: That he delivered also the other Part of his

Message, touching their meeting in Conference; whereunto their Lordships willingly assented.

Business deferred.

The great Committee appointed to assemble this Afternoon, in the Parliament-house; and the Calling of the House, formerly appointed this Day, deferred till Saturday, in the Afternoon.