House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 27 March 1610

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Martis, 27 Martii, 1610


L. 1. MARKET - Leadenhall.


L. 1. - Vanloore, - Nat.

Rogues, &c.

L. 1. - Stat. - Rogues, - Gold-ends. -


L. 1. - Women, Tenants in Tail, &c.

Cloth Trade.

L. 1. - Deceits in Woollen and Linen Cloth.


L. 1. LL - Copyholders - Edmunton.


L. 2. - Moore-burning : - Knights and Burgesses, York, Durham, Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmorland, Sir Tho. Beamount, Sir Roger Owen, Knights and Burgesses of Wales, Sir Jo. Luson, Sir Tho. Vavasor, Sir Jo. Egerton, Mr. Crewe, Mr. Fuller, Sir Roger Owen, Mr. Prowse, Mr. Martin, Sir Henry Poole, Sir Jo. Ackland, Sir Wm. Strowd, Sir Rob. Needham: - Friday, Chequer Chamber.


Employments; Assignments : - Saturday.


Sub-committees, - all to sit on Thursday; all other Business set aside: - To meet here, and to disperse themselves.

Sir S. Proctor.

Sub-committee for Sir Stephen Proctor: - To morrow, here in this Place.

Letters touching Sir Stephen Proctor, to Sir Jo. Mallorie, referred to that Committee.

Copies of Records.

Sir Henry Poole reporteth the Bill for Copies. - A Table, - 15 Lines, - 8 d. a Sheet.

A Respect to the great Officers : - The Bill to sleep: Their Integrity and Care.


Sir Edwyn Sandys: - To the Committee for Privileges, to consider how to prevent the Preferring of Grievances, like Pasquils; and yet to preserve the Liberties of the House.


L. 2a. - Good Husbandry, &c. - Sir Wm. Strowd, Mr. Alford, Mr. Serjeant Dodridge, Mr. Hakewill, Mr Askwith, Sir Tho. Lowe, Burgesses of all corporate * Sir Rob. Needham, Sir Jo. Specott, Mr. Forsett, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Peard, Mr. Bond, Sir Jo. Ackland, Mr. Staughton, Mr. Hare, Sir H. Helmes, Sir H. Poole, Sir Roger Aston, Mr. Brook, Sir Jo. Mallorie, Sir Tho. Holcroft, Sir H. Cromwell, Mr. Bellingham, Mr. Percyvall, Mr. Prowse: - Friday, Chequer Chamber.


L. 2a. - Mr. Davison. - Mr. Hoskins, contra; Sir Fr. Hastings, pro; Mr. Brook, Mr. Martin, Sir James Perrott, pro. -

Privy Council, King's Counsel, Sir Herbert Crofts, Mr. Yelverton, Sir Tho. Beamount, Sir Jo. Luson, Sir Tho. Fleming, Sir Geo. Rivers, Sir Jo. Hungerford, Sir H. Helmes, Mr. Geo. Lawley, Sir Antho. Cope, Mr. Crewe, Mr. Hoskins, Sir Edw. Mountague, Sir Wm. Wray, Sir Gam. Capell, Sir Tho. Walsingham, Sir Fr. Goodwin, Sir Jo. Scott, Mr. Trevor, Sir Jo. Harrington, Sir Tho. Holcroft, Mr. Finch, Sir Edw. Hobby, Sir H. Poole, Sir Tho. Lowe, Sir James Perrott, Sir Fr. Vane, Sir Geo. Vane, Sir Geo. Moore, Sir Edw. Hales, Sir Roger Aston, Sir Fr. Hastings, Mr. Brock, Mr. Trevor. Sir Wm. Strowd, Sir Valentyne Knightley, Sir James Leigh, Sir Geo. St. Poll, Mr. Shelley, Mr. Serjeant Shirley, Sir Tho. Lake, Sir Tho. Mounson, Sir Jo. Moore, Sir Tho. Bishop: - Monday, Chequer Chamber.

Proclamation touching Cowell.

The King's Proclamation touching Cowell, read in the House by Mr. Speaker.

Mr. Fuller, - for private Thanks to his Majesty.

The Committee for Privileges to prepare an Order touching this Proclamation : - For ever to remain here.

Mr. Chancellor to go and give Thanks presently to his Majesty.

Oath, &c.

Sir Tho. Holcroft; - for a Bill touching an Oath to be ministred, and punishing the absent.

Sir Fr. Hubbard.

L. 2a. - Sir Fr. Hubbard: - Mr. Attorney, Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Hare, Mr. Ingram, Mr. Alford, Sir Rob. Drury, Sir Nath. Bacon, Sir H. Poole, Sir Gam. Capell, Sir Tho. Lowe, Mr. Good, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Recorder, Mr. Trevor, Mr. Alford, Mr. Prowse, Sir Jo. Hobart, Mr. Crewe, Mr. Yong, Sir Jo. Ackland, Sir Fr. Barrington, Sir Roger Owen, Sir H. Bromley, Sir Jo. Hungerford, Mr. Edmonds, Mr. Pulleston, Mr. Bagge, Mr. Yelverton, Sir Jo. Specott, Sir Rich. Stroud, Mr. Middleton, Mr. Rob. Middleton, Sir Jo. Pettus: - Counsel: - Tuesday.


L. 1a. - Better Attendance in the House.

Sir R. Drury.

L. 2a. - Sir Rob. Drury: - Mr. Solicitor, Sir Jo. Scott, Sir Wm. Wray, Mr. Martin, Sir Chro. Perkins, Sir Jo. Leveson, Sir Gam. Capell, Sir Geo. Rivers, Mr. Brook, Mr. Clement Edmonds, Mr. Calvert, Mr. Yong, Sir H. Poole, Sir Tho. Lowe, Sir Jo. Peyton, Sir Geo. Moore, Sir H. Helmes, Mr. Crewe, Sir Jo. Hungerford, Sir Wm. Cornwallys, Sir H. Bromley, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Hoskins, Sir Nath. Bacon, Mr. Yelverton, Sir Wm. Maynard, Sir Roger Owen: - Tuesday, Chequer Chamber.

King's Answer to Thanks.

Mr. Chancellor returneth from the King - Acquainted with the joyful Acceptation of the Proclamation. - Common Law. - He will ever maintain the Common Laws of the Land.

Answ. by his Majesty : - Very glad, the eucharistique Days were not yet ended. - As great Comfort in Thanks, as you in Love and Favour. -

That whatsoever he spoke to themselves, or to Mr. Speaker, he will ever stand to in publick which he spoke in private.