House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 11-15 January 1563

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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The SECOND PARLIAMENT of the Most Noble Princess ELIZABETH, by the Grace of God, Queen of England, &c. begun at Westminster, on Monday the Eleventh Day of January, in the Fifth Year of her gracious Reign, by her Highness' Commission, directed to the Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, the Lord Steward, the Lord Treasurer, the Duke of Norfolk, &c. to prorogue the same Parliament, until the Twelfth Day of the said Month, viz. the Morrow following:

Parliament prorogued.

AND the Knights and Burgesses being sent for to come unto the Lords in the Upper House, without any Appearance of their Names taken then by the Lord Steward and Lord Treasurer, the Lord Keeper shewed in few Words, that the Queen's Majesty was somewhat sick of a Styche; wherefore she had sent her Writ for the Prorogation until the Morrow : Which was done accordingly.

Parliament meets.

Parliament meets. And on the Morrow, being the Twelfth of January, about Ten of the Clock, the Queen's Majesty, with the Lords and Bishops, in Parliament Robes, did ride from the Palace to Westminster Church, and there heard a Sermon : During which, the Earl of Arundell, being Lord Steward, repaired into Whitehall, and there recorded the Appearance of the Knights and Burgesses; and after, the Queen coming from the Church, and being sat in her Royal Seat in the Upper House, the Commons standing at the lower End of the Chamber, the Lord Keeper of the Great Seal, with great Eloquence, declared this Parliament to be called for Religion, Discipline, and Aid to the State, in Defence of Enemies, with excellent Dilation of those Causes; and in the End willed the Commons to repair to their House, and there to-choose a discreet, grave, and wise Man to be their Speaker, and to present him to the Queen's Majesty, on Friday next in the Afternoon :

Mr. Wyllyams chosen Speaker.

Mr. Wyllyams chosen Speaker. And immediately the Commons resorted to their Common House, where, after they were set, Mr. Comptroller, standing up, rehearsed the Lord Keeper's Motion for the Election of a Speaker; and said, that, in his Opinion, Mr. Thomas Wyllyams, Esq; One of the Fellows of the Inner Temple, being grave, learned, and wise, was very meet to that Office: Whereupon the whole House, with one intire Voice, cried, Mr. Wyllyams, Mr. Wyllyams: And then Mr. Wyllyams standing up, and reverently disabling himself, required the House to proceed to a new Election: Unto whom Mr. Secretary Cicill answering, that the House had gravely considered of him, and therefore required him to take the Place; and he approaching, was led and set in the Chair by Mr. Comptroller : And agreed by the House, to meet all there again on Friday next at One of the Clock Afternoon, to present Mr. Speaker to the Queen's Majesty.

Mr. Speaker approved.

Mr. Speaker approved. At which Time, Mr. Speaker, with the rest of the House, went before the Queen, in her Royal Seat; where Mr. Speaker most humbly disabling himself, requiring, that a new Election might be made ; to the which, the Queen's Majesty confirming the same Election, by the Mouth of the Lord Keeper, Mr. Speaker made an excellent Oration ; and . . the End made the accustomed Petitions; which being granted, the Lord Keeper willed him, with the rest, to resort to the Common House, there to deliberate upon Matter necessary. And that being done, there was read, —

Veneris, 15o Januarii

Woods. &c.

1. The Bill for Increase of Woods in Champaigne Grounds, and Saving of Bark of Timber to be felled.