House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 12 March 1624

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Page 683

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Veneris, 12o Martii

Redferne's Estate.

L. 1a. AN Act for Confirmation and Securing of certain Lands, in the County of Wiltes, therein mentioned, sold by Tho. Redferne, Gentleman, to divers Persons, for Payment of his Debts, and securing certain Portions, given by A. Redferne, his Father, deceased, out of the same Lands, and to and for the Daughters of John Redferne, his elder Brother, also deceased, against the Daughters of the said John Redferne, being the right Heirs of the said Arthur Redferne, their Grandfather.

James' Estate.

L. 2a. An Act for the Confirming and Assuring of the Manors of Newlong-port, and Sevans, alias Sephans, &c. and other Lands in the County of Kent, late the Inheritance of Sir H. James Knight, in a Praemunire convicted, unto Martyn Lomley, now Lord Mayor of London, Alice Woodrofe, Widow, and Edw. Cropley, and their Heirs : - Committed to Mr. Alford, Sir Peter Hayman, Sir H. Poole, Sir Ch. Morrison, Mr. Sherfeild, Sir Tho. Middleton, Sir Wm. Herberte, Mr. Godfrey, Mr. Sotwell, Mr. Brooke, Sir Francis Brandling, Sir Nich. Tufton, Sir Francis Seymor, Sir D. Digges, Sir Francis Barnam, Mr. Solicitor, Sir Edw. Sands, Mr. Recorder, Mr. Fetherston, Mr. Whitfeild, Mr. Luken, Sir Ro. North, Mr. Lymley, Sir Wm. Pytt, Mr. Whitakers, Serjeant Digges, Mr. Ducke, Mr. Lenthall: - Monday next, Two Clock, Court of Wards.

Wadham College.

Mr. Ducke reporteth the Bill of Wadham College in Oxford, with Addition of some Words only, without Alteration of any Matter of Substance: Which Words twice read. - Ordered, To be ingrossed.


Sir Francis Seymor reporteth from the Committee for Survey of the Clerk's Book. - Desireth to know the Pleasure of the House, whether they shall have Power to strike out what they think fit. - Left doubtful.

Sir Edw. Sands added to the Committee for surveying the Clerk's Book.


Mr. Secretary reporteth from the Committee, Yesterday at the Conference with the Lords. -

That the Prince only spake; who said, my Lord Treasurer having, by his Majesty's Commandment, made a Relation to the Lords, of his Majesty's present Estate, and a Doubt. -

The Prince, being present in the House, was pleased to give his own Sense. -

That the King intended not by this, that we should enter into a present Consideration of his Majesty's own Wants.

Mr. Treasurer: - By this Report we may see, how happily our generous Resolution Yesterday fell out. - That his Majesty's Care reflecteth more on the general than for Relief of his particular Wants : And the Assurance, his Majesty gives us, of his Resolution to call Parliaments oft, to make good Laws, and redress publick Grievances: And lastly, the Prince his Sense of the Injuries received by Delusions, and the Obligation, -

Sir Ro. Phillippes: - Necessities of King and Kingdom. - That we had no Doubts here Yesterday, as among the Lords. - We fittest to relieve the King's particular Wants, when we have enabled the Subjects to do it, by removing their Grievances. -

Message to the Prince, &c.

The Prince his Respect to us, in the last Speech, rare. -

To present a Message to his Highness, 1. Of Acknowlegement of Thanks, for his Expression to the Committee Yesterday: 2ly, That we will, both upon the present, and all other Occasions, express our Respects unto him.

Sir Geor. Moore moveth for Expedition, in returning our Resolution Yesterday to the King.

Chancellor Duchy : - Never rejoiced so much in any Parliament. - Moveth, a Select Committee, for a Message to the Prince. -

Mr. Treasurer, Mr. Comptroller, Chancellor Exchequer, Two Secretaries, Sir Edw. Coke, Sir Ro. Phillippes, Chancellor Duchy, Sir B. Rudyard, Sir D. Digges, Mr. Recorder, Sir Jo. Savyle, Sir Jo. Ellyott, Sir Francis Cottington, Sir Edw Sands, Mr. Alford, Mr. Solicitor, Sir Nath. Rich, Sir Francis Seymor, Sir Geor. Moore. -

Mr. Secretary Conway moveth, a real Satisfaction to the King's Proposition in particular.

Sir Jo. Ellyott: - That this general Resolution of ours -

The said Committee to consider of a fit Frame of a Thanksgiving and Message to the Prince.

The former Committee, for penning our Resolution Yesterday, and this, to go up presently into the Court of Wards, and agree upon both.

Englishmens Childrens Nat.

L. 1a. An Act for and concerning the naturalizing of such Englishmens Children, as have served theStates of the Low Countries, as Soldiers, since your Majesty's coming to the Crown, for their better Encouragement and Relief. - By a general Vote of the House, Obdormit.

Ordinances in Wales.

Sir Ro. Harley reporteth the Bill for the Repeal of the Branch of 34 H. VIII. for Wales, without Amendments.

- Engrossetur, upon Question.


The Bill of Monopolies, and other ingrossed Bills, to be read and passed To-morrow. - Monopolies first.

Jesuits, &c.

Sir Edw. Seymor: - That the Jesuits and Papists, as he heareth, prepare great Sums of Money, to be carried over. - To think of a Course for it.

Sir A. Ingram, accordant. - To have the Lord Treasurer moved, to take Care of it.

Sir Tho. Hobby: - To acquaint the Lords of the Parliament with this, and to desire a Conference with them about this.

Ordered, a Message to the Lords presently, to intreat their Lordships -

Sir Edw. Seymor, Sir Tho. Jermyn, Sir Ed. Cecill, Sir H. Mildmay, Sir Francis Barrington, Mr. Vaughan, Sir Wm. Beecher, Sir A. Ingram, Sir Ed. Villyers, Sir Wm. Howard, Sir Guy Palmes, Sir H. Poole, to inform the Lords hereof, and to desire them to take a present Course, to prevent this Exportation of Gold. Sir Edw. Cecill to deliver this Message, and report back.

Chippenham Election.

Mr. Glanvyle reporteth from the Committee of Privileges, 1. For Chippenham: 2ly, For Knights of Norfolke. - For Mr. John Maynard: - The Precept being made, and Notice given, Bailiff, and Twelve Burgesses, appeared; who all chose Mr. Jo. Maynard: After, by a Mistaking, "Charles " was written in the Return, instead of " "John" - Opinion of the Committee, that this Return should be amended, without any new Writ.

For Sir Francis Popham: - Six to Six at the first Meeting : Adjourned to another Day, when the 13th Burgess appeared. At which Time divers other Burgesses and Householders appeared in the lower House, the Bailiff and other Burgesses being in the upper House, and the Doors there not shut, to keep any out. The Plurality of Voices chose Mr. Pymme. All the Committee, except Eight, clear of Opinion, that the others, besides the Bailiff and Burgesses, ought to have Voice in the Election; and yet, that Sir Francis Popham not elected, by reason the Common Burgesses gave no Voice at all for him. -


Report from the Two Committees, by Mr. Solicitor : Which read.

Our Resolution Yesterday, for Answer to the King, read, and allowed to pass.

- That the Committees think fit, a Message to the Lords presently, to be directed to the Lords; That we, having agreed upon this Model, out of our former

Correspondence with the House, desire a Conference with the Lords, to agree upon an Answer to his Majesty. - -Resolved,

- That the Committee have thought fit to inform the House, that the Committee shall shew this Model to the Lords, if required; but not to alter it, without acquainting the House, except only for Matter of Form.

- Reporteth also the other Message to the Prince. -

Message to the Prince.

That the Committee think fit this should be reserved till the Conference, where the Prince his Highness expected.

The Substance thereof, in Writing, read, and allowed.

Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer to deliver the Message, and make the Report back.

Sir Edw. Cecill reporteth from the Lords; who thank this House for their Care, and will forthwith take Order, with their best Care. -

Chippenham Election.

Mr. Mohun: - That Chippenham, 1o Mariae, hath chosen only by Bailiff and Twelve Burgesses. - Dangerous to alter this, and to give others Liberty to chuse.

Sir Geor. Chudleighe: - That the Charter 1o Maria; but ultimo Mariae, and 1o Eliz. Election was made by the Bailiff, Burgesses, Common Council, and Congregation : So as the Bailiff and Burgesses not only the Electors.

Sir W. Earle; - That all the Returns, till 35 Eliz. were by Ballivus, Burgenses, et alii homines. - About 30 other Freemen in the Town.

Mr. Whitwicke: - The Question, for Mr. Maynard, whether due Notice given.

Mr. Sherfeild: - If the Bailiff and Twelve had only Notice, in Rigour of Law the Election of Mr. Maynard not good : But yet, sithence no Person complaineth, no Reason for us to question it.

Upon Question, the Election for Mr. Jo. Maynard, good; and the Return of Charles Maynard to be amended, and made John Maynard, the same being only a Mistaking in Writing of the Name.


Mr. Chancellor of the Exchequer reporteth from the Lords; That they take in very good Part the great and continual Correspondence of this House : - Have appointed Three of the Clock this Afternoon, in the Painted Chamber, with 24 of their Number; and that they have appointed their House to sit this Afternoon, for taking Order in such Doubts, as may emerge.

The 48, Yesterday nominated, to meet and confer with the Lords.

Mr. Solicitor to deliver that, he hath this Day reported to the Prince and Lords; and Sir Edw. Sands, Sir Ro. Phillippes, and Mr. Recorder, to second him, as Occasions shall be offered, and Mr. Solicitor to make the Report back.


The Committee for Grievances to sit this Afternoon; and Mr. Speaker to come, upon sending for.