House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 29 April 1628

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Page 890

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Martis, 29o Aprilis

Lord Gerrard's Estate.

L. 1a. AN Act for the Enabling the Right honourable Dutton Lord Gerrard, Baron of Gerrards Bromley, to make a Jointure to any Wife, which he shall hereafter marry, and to make Provision for any his younger Children; and for the better Securing of Portions, and Limitation of Maintenance, for Alice Gerrard, Francis Gerrard, and Eliz. Gerrard, Sisters of the said Dutton Lord Gerrard, and Daughters of the late Right honourable Gilbert Lord Gerrard, deceased.


The Bill of free Fishing, - this Afternoon, Two Clock, in the former Place.

Privilege granted.

Sir Nath. Rich reporteth from the Committee of Courts of Justice, concerning the Petition of Ethrinton.

Upon Question, John Ethrington to have Privilege to go abroad with his Keeper, to instruct his Counsel, and to prosecute his Petition exhibited to the Courts of Justice.


L. 1a. An Act against the false and deceitful Making of Mildernix and Powle-davyes, whereof Sails for the Navy, and other Shipping, are made.

Yorke Election - Punishing Sheriffs, &c.

Mr. Hackwill reporteth from the Committee for Privileges, the Case concerning the Sheriffs and Aldermen, sent for from Yorke [a]. - Four in Number. Sheriff Thompson consented: 1. Precipitating to Sentence for Sir Tho. Savyle's Election, purposely to put out Mr. Hoyle. 2ly. His Refusal of the Poll demanded by Mr. Hoyle. He acquainted not his Fellow Sheriff with it: Pronounced it within One Quarter of an Hour after the Reading of the Writ, viz, within One Quarter of an Hour after Nine: Was admonished, not to do it, while doing of it: Answered, he would do it, and justify it. His Excuses holden idle: His Behaviour at the Committee very full of Offence. A Message to him, that he should be saved harmless.

Alderman Hemsworth charged with undue Preparation; conventing several Companies to this End, as if had been for Business of the City; there read Sir Jo. Savyle's Letter to them: Solicitations for Sir Tho. Savyle, both publickly and privately ; saying, he was persuaded, the Parliament would not hold, and then they knew Sir Jo. Savyle's Power: Assuring them, they should be saved harmless, in chusing Sir Tho. Savyle: Persuaded Atkinson to conceal, that he had given Assurance, to save the Electors of Sir Tho. Savyle harmless : Unduly procured Hands to confirm Sir Tho. Savyle's Election, and reviled honest Men for not subscribing it. -

Alderman Cooper and Sheriff Atkinson to be discharged, paying their Fees, per the Opinion of the Committee.

Upon Question,.. Cooper to be discharged, paying his Fees, without further Censure.

Upon Question, Sheriff Atkinson to be discharged, paying his Fees, without further Censure.

Upon Question, Sheriff Thomson and Alderman Hempsworth to be committed to the Serjeant, during the Pleasure of the House; and not to be discharged, till they have made Submission and Acknowledgement, at the Bar, of their Offences, upon their Knees.

Upon Question, to pay their Fees, before they be discharged.

Upon Question, Mr. Thomson, and Mr. Hemsworth, now censured for their Misdemeanor about the Election, to pay the Charges of the Witnesses, which came up about the Election; and not to be discharged out of the Serjeant's Custody, till they have paid it.

Upon Question, Sir Francis Barrington, Mr. Attorney of the Wards, Sir P. Hayman, and Sir Tho. Grantham, to tax the Charges, and to return the same to the House.


Bill for free Fishing, reported. - Engrossetur.

Ld. Morleye.

Lord Morleye's Bill reported. - Engrossetur.