House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 29 January 1629

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Jovis, 29 Januarii

Estoft's Decree.

L. 1. AN Act for Reversal of a Decree, in the Court of Wards and Liveries against John Estoft Esquire, concerning, and for the Assurance of, certain Manors in the County of Yorke.

Privilege granted, &c.

Mr. Estofte to have Privilege of Parliament, and such Counsel and Solicitors assigned him, as desired in his Petition.


L. 1. An Act for better Allowance to preaching Curates.

Appropriations, &c.

Mr. Pym, Mr. Hambden, Mr. Bankes, Mr. Noy, Mr. Whitakers, Mr. Rolfe, to draw, and present to the House, a Bill concerning Appropriations and Vicarages : - Tomorrow Afternoon, Two Clock, Exchequer Chamber, Mr. Banks to take Care of assembling the Committees.


Mr. Specket, served with a Subpoena, the seventh of January, to have Privilege. Perriman to be sent for, at whose Suit the Subpoena served.


Sir Harry Baggot to have Privilege of Parliament. A Letter to be writ, by Mr. Speaker, to the Court of Chancery, for the Suppressing of the Depositions taken in a Cause between him and Sir Ed. Litleton, by Virtue of a Commission, executed in the Country the first Day of this Session of Parliament.


Mr. Pym moves, to have Leave given, from this House, to Sir Jo. Eppesley, a Member of it, to answer a Petition preferred against him in the Lords House.

Sir Rob. Philips, against it. - No Commoner to be complained of, but in this House; and here to answer.

Upon Question, Sir Jo. Eppesley not to answer this Petition above with the Lords, upon Pain of the Displeasure of the House, and Expulsion.

Transporting Corn, &c.

Mr. Mason reporteth from the Committee, appointed to take Consideration of the Transportation of Corn and Victual to our Enemies. - One Adrian de Bais, a Licence from the King of Spaine, to import all Manner of Manufactures of England, Victual *: Paid for this to the King of Spaine, 60,000 Ducats, 15,000l. Sterling: Hath dealt with some Merchants here, to trade into Spaine: Hath procured Two Licences here; the first obtained by the Earl of Holland, the other delivered him by Sir Fran. Cottington; being only for Corn, Lead, and Pipe Staves. Three Ships now ready fraught, to go into Spaine.

Mr. Treasurer, and Mr. Chancellor of the Duchy, and Sir Fran. Cottington, to renew the humble Request of this House to his Majesty, that there may be present Order taken, for the Stay of these Three Ships, which now appear, upon evident Proofs and Demonstrations, to be bound for Spaine.

The former Committee to take this Business into further Consideration; and have Power to send for William Banster, or any other, to inform them.

Person sent for.

Archibauld Nicolas to be sent for, to be here To-morrow Morning, to answer his Contempt to this House, in preferring a Petition to the Lords against Sir John Heppesley, a Member thereof.


Mr. Speaker went out of the Chair, and the House resolved into a Committee.

Mr. Pymme reporteth to the House, a Frame of a Declaration, agreed upon by the Committee of Religion ; and followeth in these Words:

That we the Commons, assembled in Parliament, do claim, profess, and avow, for Truth, that Sense of the Articles of Religion, which were established in Parliament, in the 13th Year of the Reign of Queen Eliz. which, by the publick Acts of the Church of England, and by the general and current Expositions of the Writers of our Church, hath been delivered unto us; and we reject the Sense of the Jesuits, Arminians, and of all other, wherein they differ from it. This, upon Question, agreed.

Answer from the King.

Mr. Treasurer bringeth Answer from his Majesty; That he will take the Message, about the Ships, into his Consideration, and send Answer to the House.

Answer to the King - Tonage and Poundage.

A Draught of an Answer to His Majesty's Messages, about the Precedency of the Bill of Tonage and Poundage, tendered to the House from the Committee: Read, and deferred, for Resolution, till To-morrow Morning.