House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 03 July 1604

Pages 251-252

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Martis, 3o Julii, 1604


THE Proviso for the Universities, and for the Colleges of Winchester and Eaton, added by the Lords to the Bill, which passed from this House, intituled, An Act for the charitable Relief of Persons infected with the Plague, thrice read, and, upon Question, passed.

Tanners, &c.

B. Touching Tanners, Curriers, &c. - Thirdly read, and a Proviso also (offered formerly by Mr. Hedley) thrice read ; and the Bill, with the Proviso, upon Question, passed.

Jesuits, &c.

The Amendments agreed on at the late Conference, in the Bill against Jesuits, Seminaries, &c. reported by Mr. Serjeant Shirley, and delivered in; but deferred to be read till To-morrow.

Sir Rich. Swale, and Mr. D. Hone bring down Two Bills (which formerly passed this House) with Additions and Provisoes; viz.


1. An Act touching Alehouses ; with a Proviso.


2. An Act for the well Garbling of Spices; with a Proviso.


They also deliver from the Lords in Message, that their Lordships pray further Conference, touching the Bill of Continuance of Statutes, &c. with the former Committees, in the Presence Chamber at Whytehall, this Afternoon [c].

Swearing, &c.

An Act against Swearing, &c. thirdly read; disputed by Mr. Martin, Sir Henry Beamount, Mr. Fuller, Sir John Bennett, Mr. Tey, Mr. Dannett, Sir Edw. Lewknor. Upon the Question the House divided :

With the Yea, 105.

the Noe, 70.

Difference, 35.

The Bill passed.


The Proviso from the Lords, in the Bill of Alehouses, thrice read, and passed.


The Proviso from the Lords, in the Bill for Garbling of Spices, &c. thrice read, and, upon the Question, passed.

Feast at Merchant Taylor's Hall.

This Day there was a solemn Feast prepared at Merchant Taylors Hall in London, for Mr. Speaker, and a great Number of the Members of the House, of principal Note and Quality, to the Number of One hundred Persons, besides Servants.

This was begun upon a Motion made by Sir Edw. Hobby, for a friendly and loving Meeting so near the Time of departing into their Countries : The Collection and Provision undertaken by Sir Tho. Ridgeway. The King sent a Buck, and a Hogshead of Wine.

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice-chamberlain, and Mr. Secretary Herbert, were present, and Thirty Persons above the Number intended; besides, every Gentleman, and the Clerk, and the Serjeant, had a Man allowed them to wait.

Clerk's Present.

The Clerk presented the Feast with a March-pane, representing the Commons House of Parliament sitting.