House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 17 March 1606

Pages 285-286

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Lunae, 17o Martii, 1605

Hasylwood's Estate.

1. Reading: - B. FOR the Enabling of Marmyon Hasylwood Esquire, to make Sale of certain Lands, for Payment of his Debts, and Advancement of his Children.


B. For the better Execution of the Offices of petty Constables, brought in from the Committee by Sir Geo. Moore; and thought fit to sleep.

Walsh's Estate.

B. For the Assurance of the Lands of Walter Walsh Esquire, brought in from the Committee - and ordered to be ingrossed by Sir Herbert Crofts.

Areskin's Nat.

1. Reading: - B. For the Naturalizing of Sir James Areskin Knight, his Wife and Children.

Welsh Cottons.

B. Touching Welsh Cottons, brought in from the Committee by Mr. Brook, with Amendments; and ordered to be ingrossed.

Justices of Peace.

Sir Nich. Saunders bringeth in a Bill for Cap. utlagatum to be awarded by Justices of Peace, upon Indictments before themselves.

Leave of Absence.

Mr. Serjeant Shirley hath Leave, by the House, to ride the Circuit.


1. Reading : - B. For Reformation of great Abuses suffered by his Majesty's Subjects by Brewers of Beer and Ale, by Victuallers, that utter the same: - Rejected upon Quest.

St. Bees School.

2. Reading: - Bill for Confirmation of Letters Patents made to the Governors of the free Grammar School at St. Bees in the County of Cumberland: - Committed to Sir Tho. Challoner, Sir John Bennett, Sir John Savill, Sir Fr. Hastings, the Knights and Burgesses of Cumberland and Westmorland, Mr. Parkinson, Mr. Brook, Mr. Overberry, Sir Rich. Weston, Sir Tho. Crompton, Sir Wm. Bowyer, Mr. Tho. Preston, Sir John Boys, Sir Edwyn Sandys, Mr. Tollerby, Sir Wm. Fleetwood, Sir Tho. Strickland, Mr. Talbott Bowes, Mr. Fuller, Mr. D. James, Mr. Yelverton, Sir Henry Nevill, Mr. Hoskins, Sir John Luson, Sir Morrice Bartley: - Wednesday, Chequer Chamber.

Statute of 8 Eliz.

2. Reading: - B. For the Explanation of a Statute made in the 8th Year of Queen Elizabeth: - Mr. Solicitor, Sir Herbert Crofts, Sir Dan. Dun, Sir Jerome Bowes, Sir John Savill, Sir Tho. Smyth, Sir Henry Mountague, Sir Rob. Maunsell, Sir Wm. Wray, Sir Rich. Leigh, Sir John Scott, Sir H. Billingsley, Mr. Wright, Mr. Prowse, Burgesses of Port Towns, Sir Valentyne Knightley, Sir Percyvall Willoughby, Sir Jerome Horsey, Sir John Smyth, Mr. Gore, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Tolderby: - Thursday, Chequer Chamber.


1. Reading: - B. For the better Satisfying of due Debts.

Countess of Essex' Jointure.

3. Reading : - Act for the Assurance of the Jointure of the Right honourable Frances Countess of Essex, Wife of the Right honourable Robert Earl of Essex: -

Upon the Question, passed.


2. Grievance, touching the Church. -

Two high Commissions; the One to be executed within Miles of London; the other within Miles of York.

Mr. Fuller expounds it.

Sir Dan. Dun: - No fit Grievance to be presented.

Mr. Wentworth defends the Article.

Sir John Bennett against it.

This Article to be re-committed, and further considered of.

All the Articles of Grievances to be re-committed to the Committee for Grievances general: - To meet on Wednesday next, in the Parliament-house.