House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 19 March 1606

Pages 286-287

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Mercurii, 19o Die Martii, 1605

Areskin's Nat.

2. Reading : - BILL for the Naturalizing of Sir James Areskin Knight, his Wife and Children: - Committed to Sir Geo. Moore, Sir Nath. Bacon, Sir Nich. Saunders, Mr. Parkinson, Sir Rob. Stapleton, Sir Rob. Wingfield, Sir Tho. Holcroft, Sir Tho. Waller, Mr. Dammett, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Recorder, Sir Fr. Hastings, Mr. Hoskins, Sir Gamaliel Capell, Mr. Talbott Bowes, Sir John Heigham. - Tomorrow Morning, in the Parliament-chamber.

Forestallers, &c.

1. Reading : - Bill against Forestallers and Regrators of Victual.


Sir Rob. Oxenbridge bringeth from the Committee, the Bill touching the Length of Kerseys, with Amendments, which being read; upon the Question, was ordered to be ingrossed.


1. Reading: - B. For the Providing of a learned and godly Ministry.


2. Reading: - The Bill to discharge Parishes of Bastard Children: - Mr. Wymark, Sir John Savill, Sir Rob. Wingfield, Sir Geo. Moore, Sir Nath. Bacon, Sir Tho. Denton, Sir Rob. Needham, Sir Fr. Goodwyn, Sir Wm. Wray, Sir Nich. Saunders, Sir Fr. Barrington, Sir Rich. Bulkley, Sir Walter Cope, Sir Wm. Stroud, Sir Nich. Saunders, Sir Rob. Johnson, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Crewe, Sir Edw. Mountague, Mr. Bond, Sir Valentyne Knightley, Sir Tho. Bishop, Mr. Yong, Mr. Hungerford, Sir Dan. Dun, Sir H. Billingsley, Sir Rob. Oxenbridge, Sir Jerome Bowes, Sir H. Nevill, Sir Hugh Beeston, Sir Tho. Freak, Sir Rob. Hitcham, Sir Roger Wilbram, Sir Antho. Cope, Mr. Alford: - Monday, Chequer Chamber.


2. Reading: - The Bill against the loathsom Sin of Drunkenness : Referred to the same Committee.

Verneye's Bill.

Sir Fr. Verneye's Bill to be read upon Monday; and Counsel to be heard.


1. Reading: - B. For Avoiding of unnecessary Delays of Executions.


1. Reading : - Bill for the Relief Prisoners in Execution, and of their Creditors, in some convenient Manner.

Attorneys, &c.

1. Reading: - B. To reform the Multitudes and Misdemeanors of Attorneys and Solicitors at Law, &c.


2. Reading: - B. To restrain many Abuses of Players.

Attending Church.

2. Reading: - B. To take away all Excuse of not coming to Church : - Both committed to Sir Dan. Dun, Sir H. Poole, Sir Roger Wilbram, Sir Nath. Bacon, Sir Fr. Hastings, Sir Fr. Barrington, Sir Tho. Smith, Sir Roger Aston, Mr. Fuller, Sir John Savill, Sir Rob. Wingfield, Mr. Alford, Mr. Hoskins, Sir John Scott, Sir Rich. Mullineux, Sir Wm. Wray, Mr. Chock, Sir H. Nevill, Mr. St. John, Sir Wm. Skipwith, Sir Oliver St. John, Sir John Heigham, Sir Wm. Liggon, Sir John Bennett, Sir Nich. Saunders, Sir Gamaliel Capell, Sir Barnard Whitston: - Tuesday, Court of Wards.


Grievances: - In the Parliament-house.


Recusants: - In the Court of Wards this Afternoon.

Message from the King.

Mr. Speaker delivereth from the King a Message : - Did attend Yesterday: -

First remembereth the former Motion and Grant. - Some Difference in Manner, but all concurring to One End. -

Left all other Businesses, to grow to Resolution. - Though differing, yet in Conclusion all concurred. - Nothing to him, but shall be exposed for Religion, and for the Country's Defence. -

They not so jealous, as he careful, to preserve their Liberties and Privileges.

Market Towns.

1. Reading: - Bill concerning the Sale of Wares in Market Towns.- -

Put to Question, for Rejection, or Retaining.

Difference touching the Question.

Agreed, the Question to be. Whether to be rejected.

Agreed to be retained,

Taxes, &c.

2. Reading: - Bill concerning Taxes and Impositions upon Merchants, and other Subjects of the Realm, and upon their Wares, Goods, and Chattels: - Committed:

- The Privy Council, Burgesses of Port Towns, Sir Herbert Crofts, Sir Oliver St. John, Sir John Savill, Sir Nich. Saunders, Mr. Hackwell, Sir Walter Cope, Mr. Crewe, Mr. Gore, Sir H. Billingsley, Sir Gamaliel * * * , Sir Geo. Moore, Sir Rob. Oxenbridge, Mr. Solicitor, Mr. Hoskins, Sir Maurice Berkley, Sir Rob. Wingfield, Sir John Scott, Mr. Upton, Sir H. Hubbard, Sir Roger Owen, Mr. Solicitor, Sir Tho. Ridgeway, Sir H. Poole, Sir John Smyth, Sir Edw. Sandys, Mr. Rob. Middleton, Mr. Yelverton, Mr. Fuller, Sir Rich. Lovelace, Mr. Fanshawe, Sir Fr. Knolles, Mr. Dyett, Sir Tho. Smyth: - Wednesday.

Drury Lane.

2. Reading: - The Bill for Paving of Drury Lane: - Committed: - Mr. Secretary Herbert, Sir Hugh Beeston, Sir Roger Aston, Sir Roger Wilbram, Mr. Lawley, Sir Tho. Smyth, Sir Geo. Moore, Mr. Oldsworth, Sir Rob. Drury, Mr. Fuller, Sir Vincent Skynner, Sir H. Poole, Sir Fr. Barrington, Sir Tho. Knevett, Sir Wm. Wray, Sir John Hollice, Mr. Recorder of London, Sir Walter Cope, Sir Oliver St. John, Sir John Scott, Sir John Heigham, Mr. Tolderby: - Monday.


2. Reading: - B. For Confirmation of the Lands and Tenements, heretofore granted, devised, or conveyed to several Corporations, for charitable, godly, and good Uses : - Mr. Recorder of London, Sir Roger Wilbram, Sir Geo. Smyth, Sir Tho. Freak, Sir H. Hubbard, Sir Walter Cope, Sir John Heigham, Sir Fr. Goodwyn, Sir Wm. Burlacy, Sir Geo. Fleetwood, Sir John Swynnerton, Mr. Dotten, Sir Wm. Herrick, Mr. Hackwell, Sir Roger Owen, Mr. Barkley, Mr. Rob. Middleton, Sir Fr. Popham, Mr. Robert Lawley, Sir Fra. Barrington, Sir John Scott, Mr. Brooking, Mr. Hugh Middleton, Mr. Bond, Mr. Winch, Sir Dan. Dun, Mr. Pulleston, Mr. Alford, Sir John Bennett, Sir Geo. Moore, Burgesses for University, Sir Fr. Knolles, Mr. Fanshawe, Sir Rob. Johnson, Sir Tho. Smyth, Sir John Boys, Mr. Noy: - Monday, Chequer Chamber.

Privilege in a Suit.

Mr. Speaker moveth the House, that Sir Tho. Strickland, having a Cause at Trial at York Assizes, may be privileged in the Stay of the said Trial.: - Eliz. Fawcett, Plaintiff: - Sir Tho. Strickland, Edw. Hampton, Petrus Clapham, Nicholas Robinson, Defendants.

Assented unto by the House; and a Letter to be written by Mr. Speaker to Mr. Baron Savill.