House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 25 March 1606

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Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Martis, 25o Die Martii, 1606

Chepstowe Bridge.

1. Reading: - B. FOR the Repairing of Chepstowe Bridge, &c.


1. Reading: - The Bill touching Fees for Copies, &c.

- Agreed to receive a second Reading.

Much excepted against, because it did not pursue the Agreement of the Committee; but Resolved, That any Member of the House might put in a Bill.


3. Reading: - Bill touching the Length of Kerseys : - Upon the Question, passed.

Obedience of Subjects.

Bill for the Preservation of the King's Majesty's Subjects in their due Obedience, brought in from the Committee by Sir H. Hubbard, with Amendments, Alterations, Additions, which were twice read.

Many Exceptions made to this Bill; and, upon the several Questions moved, it was thought fit to be recommitted to the former Committee. - A fair Copy to be written. - To-morrow : - The Clerk to attend at the Committee.

Message from the King-Subsidy.

Mr. Speaker: - A Message from his Majesty.

How freely, how frankly: - The Presenting of Two Subsidies and Four Fifteens, an Argument of Love.

Afterward, upon a Motion, whether any more; resolved upon that also. -

The only Motion for Resolution. -

The Doubt of Danger doth settle him in the Opinion of Love. -

Remembereth, that in the late Queen's Time many Aids given. -

Never driven to break her Word, but once; and that last. -

He lately had Loans freely: - He stands engaged. -

Desires, that it may be paid in such Time, that his Promise may be kept. -

Take the ready Payment as well as the Thing itself.


Sir Fr. Bacon reporteth from the Committee touching Subsidy. -

Excuseth Memory: - Distracted by one Day of Astonishment, Two of Gladness : - Two contrary Passions.

Knights of all Shires : - Not distinct. - Burgesses of all Port Towns : - Whether Cinque Ports. -

The first Subsidy and Two Fifteens, within the Year being: - The first of May.

The first of November the first Payment. - 500,000 l. a pressing and intractable Debt. -

The whole Sum of the Gift not above Four hundred thousand. -

War, as Preparation, so Reparation. -

Four Subsidies a Subsidy of State. - When at the Height, come fairly down. -

First Two roundly, therefore to be paid roundly; the last more slowly, because granted slowly. -

Finis coronat opus. - The Evening commends the Day precedent. -

The House to determine of the Days of Payment.-

Assessing, Taxing, and Levying, with Provisoes, to be also committed.

Mr. Bond, - with Ecce testis meus in coelo, et conscius meus in excelsis. -


Necessarium beneficium lente datum, est simile pani lapidoso.

Kings Wants, arcanum imperii. -

Wants of the Subjects arcanum imperii also.

Mr. Chancellor of the Duchy : - Not to lose the Thanks of our Gift by the Difference of a few Months. - Three or four hundreth Horse as much as Three or Four

Subsidies. -

Every Horse 30 l. every Soldier 40 s. - Not to take an Egg from our Gift.

Sir Edwyn Sandys: - The Chearfulness of the Giver. -

The Argument stretches to all Subsidies: - That is given, or shall be given. -

The Day of the King's Word already past. - A Latitude in a King's Word. -

A Prince not to deal as Usurers, or Subjects with the Prince : - When the Day is past, the Bond forfeited. -

The Payments to be when the Commodity is come in: - After Harvest : - The Reason of the Payment after Michaelmas. -

The first Payment of the second Subsidy at Michaelmas Twelve-month ; the second Payment at Easter: - The next Year, at Michaelmas, One Payment: the third Year, One other Payment, at Michaelmas also. -

Sir Geo. Moore. - The King's Honour. -

Years of Plenty and Penury. -

Hasten the first Payment, and do it within Three Year and a half.

Mr. Hoskins: - The King in Possession of the Subsidy. -

He would not have the Sheep to say, the Bramble was more merciful than the Shepherd.


Sir Oliver St. John: - Qui dat, dat: - He that giveth, let him give freely, and as becometh him to give. -

One Subsidy and Two Fifteens before the End of the next Michaelmas Term:

The next in One Year : -

The next in Two Years.

Sir H. Mountague: - That the King's Credit may be saved.

Mr. Yelverton: - The King's Revenue in the Hearts of the Subjects. -

Several Natures. -

Subsidy of Felicity: -

Subsidy of Necessity, - .

Never any Example of Two Subsidies in Time of Peace till now.- -

Occasion to withstand Precedent.

The Time of the Privy Seals, Yesterday, 24 Martii -

All that which was wont to be pardoned, is now granted by Patent. -

Two Subsidies given by the King, instead of One by the Subject, by the Pardon : - Post-fines, Issues, Amerciaments.

Sir Tho. Ridgway: - To go to the Question.

Sir H. Hubbard: - Subsidies cannot be called Subsidies of Peace. -

The Queen's Debt for War; therefore whatsoever granted now. Subsidy of War. -

Rather pay any Interest than break Word. -

Most effectual Words in the Privy Seal. -

Money borrowed upon an Interest for the Privy Seal. -

One whole Subsidy in November. -

Half in Trinity Term, half in November.

Sir Rob. Wingfield: - Michaelmas the worst Time for the Subject in the Country.

Other Commodities than Corn; viz. Wool, fat Cattle, &c. Therefore hastier Payment.

Sir Hugh Beeston: - Offers to pay more speedily for the Town he serves for.

Sir John Hollice: - 1 Aug. first Payment; - 1 May, second. -

2. - 1 Nov. and 1 of May: - l Nov. l of May. - Four Years.

Sir Herbert Crofts: - To begin with the Question agreed on by the Subsidy for the first Payment) and so to proceed.

Sir Nath. Bacon: - One intire,in Michaelmas Term. - Two in Midsummer and Hillary. -

Three in Two Years.

Sir Edw. Grevill: - 1. Payment in Midsummer Term: -

2. Payment at May Day : -

3. Year, and Year.

Mr. Speaker: - The Difference Five Months in all : - Not to stand upon it.

Sir Walter Cope: - Let us not shut up the Gates of Mercy in respect of our Grievances.

Mr. Hyde: - That the King's Message ought not to move our Judgement: - No Captivity upon it : - No Prejudice to our Liberty.

Mr. Martyn: - l. Payment at Lammas, l Aug.

Mr. Speaker * * * *

Quest. 1. The first Payment; the first of August; the second, the first of May: - Resolved.

Q. 2. 2d Subsidy, - 1st Payment in November Twelve-month.

Q. 3. Second Payment in May come Two Years:

The House divided upon the Question.

With the Noe, 113.

With the Yea, 121.

The three in Two Year; from May to May.

Leave of Absence.

Mr. John Baxter, Burgess for Darby, for some special Occasions urging him to attend at the next Assizes, upon the Motion of Mr. Speaker, is licensed by the House to depart; with Commandment to return before the End of this Session.