House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 27 March 1606

Pages 290-291

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Jovis, 27o Die Martii, 1606


1. Reading : - B. FOR the better Assurance of Copyhold Lands.

Merrick's Restitution.

1. Reading : - B. For Restitution of Roland Merrick, Son of Sir Gilley Merrick Knight, and Dame Margaret, Wife of Sir John Vaughan Knight, Daughter of the said Gylley, in Blood.


Sir Robert Johnson bringeth in a new Bill touching Assise of Fewel.


1. Reading: - B. To enlarge the Statutes now in force against Usury.

Transporting Beer.

2. Reading: - B. For the Transporting of Beer over the Seas : - Committed to Sir John Scott, Mr. Peak, Burgesses of Port Towns, Barons of the Cinque Ports, Sir Rob. Maunsell, Sir Geo. Rivers, Sir Geo. Manors, Sir Tho Bishop, Sir Tho. Freak, Sir Nath. Bacon, Mr. Winch, Sir John Smyth, Sir Fra. Moore, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Noy, Mr. James, Sir H. Poole, Sir Walter Cope, Sir Peter Manwood, Sir John Luson, Sir Tho. Beamount, Mr. Tolderby, Sir Henry Hubbard: - Monday.

Oryell College.

Brought in by Mr. Winch, Oryell College: - Re-committed the Proviso: - Presently: - These added; Mr. Hare, Mr. Moore, Sir Fr. Knollys, Mr. Alford, Sir Rob. Wingfield, Sir Jerome Horsey, Mr. Wentworth, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Tolderby: - Committee Chamber.

This was presently reported by Mr. Winch, and ordered to be ingrossed.


Sir Fr. Hastings maketh a long Speech touching the Maintenance of Religion.

His own Age, Sickness, Death : - His Duty in this House to further his Account. -

Papists desperate, suttle, and simple. -

Simple by seducing suttle: -

Suttle by scape desperate: -

Desperate, dangerous.

To settle sound Teaching, the Ground of all Obedience to God and his Majesty.

Aust. Si tererentur, et non docerentur, injustum est.

Deprived Ministers.

He bringeth in the Bill, twice committed, touching suspended and deprived Ministers, with Amendments; and being twice read; upon the Question, to be ingrossed.

Waller's Estate.

Mr. Warren and Waller, - re-committed : - Monday;

- Mr. Martin added.

Drury Lane.

Drury Lane: - Tuesday.

Oryell College.

Mr. Moore bringeth in the Bill from the Re-committee, for Oryell College ; and the last Enacting struck out: - To be ingrossed.


Sir Antho. Cope moveth that the Grievances, so many as were ready, might be put into Form; and thereupon a Conference to be desired with the Lords, and to proceed with Petition to his Majesty.


Learned Ministry: - Monday: Upon Sir Geo. St. Poll's Motion.

Penal Statutes.

Execution of penal Statutes, continued in Committee by Mr. Fuller's Motion; and added; Mr. Winch, Mr. Yelverton, Sir Antho. Cope, Sir John Savill, Mr. Hare, Sir Gamaliel Capell, Sir Fr. Goodwin, Sir Geo. Rivers, Mr. D. James, Sir Maurice Berkley, Sir Edwyn Sandys, Mr. Jones, Mr. Ravenscroft, Mr. Hadds, Sir John Savill, Sir John Bennett, Mr. Noy : - Monday, Chequer Chamber.


2. Reading: - Bill for the avoiding of unnecessary Delays of Executions: - Committed : - Sir H. Hubbard, Mr. Yelverton, Mr. Hoskins, Sir Rob. Hitcham, Mr. Fuller, Mr. Brook, Mr. Mutton, Mr. Fr. Moore, Mr. James, Mr. Alford, Mr. Antropos, Mr. Penbridge, Mr. Wyseman, Mr. Tate, Mr. Hare, Sir Roger Owen: - Tuesday.


2. Reading: - B. For the Relief of Prisoners in Execution, &c. - Upon the Quest, dashed.

Attorneys, &c.

2. Reading: - B. To reform the Multitudes and Misdemeanours of Attorneys and Solicitors at Law, and to avoid sundry unnecessary Suits and Charges in Law: -

Referred to the same Committee.

Mr. Justice Tanfield and Sir John Tyndall bring from the Lords four Bills. -

Ld. Chandos' Estate.

Touching the Lord Chandos' Bill: - A happy Peace concluded by Arbitrement, in that House of Chandos, where other, by some Flaws Imperfection, like to be rent. -

Some Assurances at the Common Law: - Fit this Bill should pass. -

After the Passage, found a Portion of Inheritance to Katherine Bridges, converted into Money; - 7,000 l. -

The Lady to pay at the Day of Marriage, or Six Months; or unto such Person as should be named by the Daughter -

No Security how to recover the Money in the Bill. -

Conference with the Lady : - Collateral Security, by Bond, with Sureties. -

The Lady refused. -

Commended the Care of this young Gentlewoman. -

Provision by this House at 23. for the Gentlewoman.

Bills from Lords.

BB. from the Lords : -

Sir Edw. Conway: - Naturalizing.

Sir Chro. Hatton: - Lands.

Commons : - Sir Wm. Smyth, with Additions.

Lady Chandos' Bill, with a special Message, as before.