House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 12 April 1606

Pages 297-298

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Saturni, 12o Die Aprilis, 1606


1. Reading: - THE Bill for the Granting of Three intire Subsidies, and Six Fifteens, granted by the Temporalty.


Mr. Hare maketh Report of the Conference, touching Purveyors. -

They read it twice : - The Matters of Moment. -

They called the Judges; the King's Counsel; Mr. Attorney.

Mr. Attorney: - That the Title and the Preamble gave Expectation of Commission to be set down in the Bill: - None set down.

1. Object. Commission to contain all the Laws.

2. Not any thing committed, but Felony upon the Purveyor.

3. The People resist: - Dangerous. -

Some Conference about a Commission. -

Commission reformed according to Law.

4. Entry: - The Person that sells, that would be present at the Entry, no Purveyance at all.

5. Where greatest Plenty is : - Injurious : - Not issuable.

6. Commission contain all Matters, and Copies to be delivered infinite.

7. Take nothing contrary to the Appointment of Statute : - Impossible for the Purveyor to know.

7 [*]. By Magna Charta, the K. pay nothing contrary to the Prerogative.

8. Dangerous to trust a Purveyor with Carriages.

9. The Authority of the Green-cloth clean taken away.

10. Sessions or Assises : - The King stay for his Dinner, till a Nisi prius were tried.

My Lord Chief Justice : - That the King had a Prerogative of the Price. -

That he had seen a Book, tituled, Of hereditary Prices.

Mr. Fuller, at the Committee, delivered, That the Judges were not competible for Conference with the Lower House. -

They to confer with Lords.

Sir John Savill: - To consider, whether it be for the Honour of this House, to let the Bill alone thus.

Mr. Yelverton: - Exceptions in Writing desired from the Lords : - Precedent for * * *

Not the Weight of any positive Laws can restrain the Purveyor. - No Prerogative Price: - Protest against it. - Disclaimed : - No hereditary Prices, but for Wines. -

All Statutes limit the Price in the Market.

The Bill like all other Laws, saving in that Point of Green-cloth. -

Resist: - In all former Laws. -

Punishment for Disobeying of lawful Purveyance. -

The King's Message, touching Purveyors, that his Subjects should not be called before the Green-cloth, but before the Justice Seat. -

That a Message might go for a second Conference.

Resolved, To send for a second Conference, to give them further Satisfaction.

To desire Exceptions in Writing. -

To desire the Bill may not proceed to Question.

Resolved, only to desire a Conference.


Tuesday : - Bill of Attainders.

Ld. Danvers' Restitution.

Mr. Attorney of the Wards bringeth in the Lord Danvers his Bill, with Amendments : A Saving brought in, in Paper, which should be ingrossed.

Committees added.

Sir Rob. Wingfield, Sir H. Hubbard, Mr. Fr. Moore, Sir Rob. Hitcham, Mr. Tho. Crewe, Sir John Boys, added to Hatton.

Ecclesiastical Proceedings.

B. For the better Direction of ecclesiastical Proceedings, brought in from the Committee by Mr. Yelverton, with Amendments ; which being read; unpon the Question, to be ingrossed.

Clergy Residence.

B. To Repeal and alter certain Clauses in divers Statutes, touching Residence of beneficed Men, brought in from the Committee by Sir Fr. Goodwyn, with Amendments ; and, upon the Question, to be ingrossed.

Scandalous Ministers.

B. Against scandalous and unworthy Ministers, brought in by Mr. Wentworth, from the Committee; and the Amendments read ; and, upon the Question, to be ingrossed.

Union with Scotland.

Sir H. Mountague reporteth Matter of the Union. -

The Lords assent, that it should be deferred. - Assented by the Commons. - To be deferred by a short Bill.

Free Trade.

Report of the Conference for free Trade.

Free Trade : -

Objections of State :~-Considerations of State : - Exceptions in Law.- -

Over-general; - To all Men. -

Over-special: - Notwithstanding any thing done, or to be done.

A new Conference upon that Bill hereafter.


Mr. Recorder carrieth the Message to the Lords, touching the Purveyors Bill: - Desire a new Conference:

- And returneth, that the Lords, at their next Sitting, upon Monday, will give Answer.