House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 30 April 1606

Pages 302-303

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Mercurii, 30o Aprilis, 1606

Typper; Salt-peter.

TYPPER ; Salt-peter; - Both on Friday in the Afternoon.


1. Reading: - Nova Billa .- - The Bill against Copies in several Courts of Record.

Desmaistres' Nat.

Mr. Hare bringeth in Desmaistres his Bill from the Committee, and leaveth it to the Judgment of the House.

Sir Edw. Mountague : - That he is a Papist. - Not to pass without Certificate, or Satistaction.

Crown Lands.

2. Reading: - B. To reduce to the Crown the Inheritance of Lands given by his Majesty, in Default of Heirs Males of the Bodies of the first Donnees : Upon the Quest, rejected.

Mr. May, - a long and learned Speech against the Bill.

Mr. Martin, Sir Edw. Grevill -

Attainders-Gunpowder Treason.

Serjeant Harris and Mr. Crewe, of the Counsel with Tresham, Wynter, and Digby, brought in.

To the Use of himself, Term of Life: - To Francis Tresham: - Lewys Tresham. -

26 Eliz. Levenden: - To himself for Term of his Life:

- To the Lady after. -

To Francis Tresham for Term of his Life; then to his Sons; then the Reversion to Lewys and William. -

The Law. -

Body of the Law : - Shall forfeit all their Manors,

Lands, &c. which he had at the Time, &c.

These Lands he had. -

Another Clause - The King shall be in actual and real Possession. -

All the meane Profits due to Lewys Tresham. -

29 Eliz. a Precedent of a Saving; which he desireth may be followed in this Act. -

Digby . -

To the Use of himself for Life; to the Use of his Lady for Life; then to Pelham Digby, and the Heirs of his Body. -

Wynter: -

In the same Case that the other : - The Wife of Rob. Wynter to be provided for by the Bill. -

A Declaration in the End. -

A Saving of the Rights they had at the Times of the several Treasons committed.

Serjeant Harris speaketh again for the Jointure of Francis Tresham's Wife.

Bill of Attainders committed to Privy Council, the King's learned Counsel, all the Lawyers of this House, Sir Walter Cope, Sir Chro. Perkins, Sir Gam. Capell, Sir Roger Wilbraham, Sir Valentyne Knightley, Sir Rich. Bulkley, Sir Herbert Crofts, Sir Edw. Sandys, Sir Wm. Skipwith, Sir Edw. Mountague, Sir Roger Aston, Sir Edw. Grevill, Sir Fr. Barrington, Sir Wm. Liggon, Sir Nath. Bacon, Mr. Hyde, Mr. Yong, Mr. Bowes, Sir Geo. Fleetwood, Sir Tho. Holcroft, Sir Geo. Manors, Sir Rob. Maunsell, Sir Rob. Stapleton, Mr. Lieutenant of the Tower, Sir H. Bromley, Sir Rol. Litton, Sir Fr. Barrington, Sir Tho. Horsman, Sir John Hollice, Mr. Hackwill, Sir Rob. Cotton, Sir Rob. Oxenbridge, Sir Maurice Berkley, Mr. Fanshawe, Sir Rob. Wingfield, Mr. Alford, Mr. Good: - Friday, Chequer Chamber.

Hatton's Estate.

The Bill to enable Sir Chro. Hatton Knight, to dispose of certain Lands Tenements, and Hereditaments, &c. brought in from the Committee by Sir H. Hubbard, with

Amendments, and Proviso; which, together with the Bill, being thirdly read, passed, upon the Question.

Drury Lane.

The Bill for the Paving of Drury Lane, brought in by Sir H. Mountague from the Committee, with Amendments ; which being read , ingrossetur.

Oryell College.

3. Reading: - B. For Confirmation of the King's Majesty's Letters Patents, made to the Provost and Scholars of Oryell College in Oxford: - Upon the Question, passed.


Prices of Wines. - To-morrow.


Usury: - This Afternoon.

Whettle's Jointure.

1. Reading: - B. To disable Margarett Whettle, alias Myldmay, for having Dower or Jointure of the Possessions of Sir Thomas Mildmay Knight: - Upon the Quest, rejected.


3. Reading : - Act for the better Execution of One Act of Parliament, made in the 31st Year of our late sovereign Lady Queen Eliz. intituled, An Act against the Erecting and Maintaining of Cottages: - Upon the Question, dashed.