House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 03 May 1606

Pages 304-305

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Saturni, 3o Die Maii

Union with Scotland.

2. Reading: - B. DECLARATORY, explaining a Branch of an Act made in the first Session of this Parliament, intituled, An Act authorizing certain Commissioners of the Realm of England to treat with Commissioners of Scotland, for the Weal of both Kingdoms: - Committed to the Committee for Attainders : - Monday.


2. Reading: - B. To restrain Purveyors, that they exceed not the Limits of their Commissions : Committed to the former Committee. - Tuesday.


1. Reading: - B. For the better Execution of sundry Statutes touching Purveyors and Car-takers.

Ecclesiastical Grievances.

Mr. Yelverton reporteth the Conference. -

Sayings: - Religion the Ground of Policy: - As religiously wise, as politickly careful. -

The Lords a Counter-payne of our Griefs.

This House protested against Parity and Presbytery. -

The B. answ. he could not tell what to make of it. -

He looked, they should be Patrons of Conformitants, &c. -

That they spake for Schismaticks.

Not to be compared to Core : The One out of Malice, the other shewed passive Obedience.

B. - Done for our own Advantage: - Against Law. -

Hide our Shield, because out of Pity we might receive no Blows. -

Persons : -

13 Eliz. Those that received their Ordination before E. VI. or in Queen Mary, these only included : - Being once a perfect Minister, no Subscription.

Then Matter: -

To the Book of Articles. - Deprivations simply coram non Judice. -

Deprivation for not subscribing according to the 36 Canon. - In that no such Form, no such Punishment. -

Repeal the Statutes of Queen Mary, which repealed

* * * .

Writs went out in the Bishop's Name, and not in the King's Name. -

The Bishops, and their Ministers, * * into the King's Mercy.

Some diligent; some to heap up Livings of good Gifts: - The Use of their Gifts. - Of ill Life. -

Duo nomina: -

Quod homo est, miserere ; quod peccator, corrige: non crucifige. -

Mihi victoria, non vindicta: - My Power known, not my Sword seen. -

Fides taken as well pro fide religionis, as well as pro fide justificationis. -

Facta fides est temporum, non fides Evangeliorum. -

Faith of Ceremony in the Statute. -

They could not deal with Papists, until these Men were either joined with them or severed from them. -

Aqua vitae in one Glass; Water in another. -

Lex directa non debet per legem saturam abrogari. -

Mr. Attorney, in his Argument, confessed that the Bishops were all in the King's Mercy. -

The Point touching the silenced Ministers.

Sir Dan. Dun: - That the Direction of the House was, for a Petition of Mercy, and not to justify the Ministers:

- Urging their Wrong.

Mr. Speaker: - Repealing of the Law of Queen Mary moved from the Bishops themselves.

Sir John Bennett: - That nothing was * * *

Mr. Fr. Moore, Sir Edwyn Sandys, Mr. D. James, ***

Saturni, 3o Die Maii, 1606. Post meridiem.


VALENTINE Syre, Servant and Bagbearer to the Clerk, being arrested the 20th of November last, upon an Execution, by Order and Judgment of the House, discharged. - The Writ and Return read.

Grievances - Typper.

Mr. Typper brought to the Bar, to answer to such Articles as were preferred against him.

And he answered severally to every Article.

Mr. Hoskins: - That Mr. Typper singled out the Preferrer by the Name of the Gentleman.

Another, to have Favour to demand particular Instances.

Sir John Crook and D. Hone bring from the Lords

Three Bills :

Free Trade.

Two, Free Trade, and that went from the House; with Amendments.

E. of Salisbury.

The Third, touching the Earl of Salisbury.


A Message: - That where, at the late Conference, concerning Four Points, Time sufficed not; - Three undebated ; - a further Conference on Monday next, at Three a Clock, in the former Place. The House assenteth.

Days for Committees, &c.

Fens : - Tuesday Morning.

* * * [a] Tuesday Afternoon.

Copies : - Tuesday, Afternoon.

To pass the ingrossed Bills on Monday.

Grievances - Typper.

Mr. Typper reprehended, for saying, the Gentleman. -

Demanded, who it was? - Answered, Mr. Hoskins. -

Told, it was an Error. - He craved Pardon. -

Three Suits against several Persons: - Mr. Tirwhyt compounded.

Mr. Typper's Cause referred to the Committee for Grievances.


Touching the Salt-peter, the Counsel and the Parties did not attend it; and therefore Mr. Davies took upon him to excuse it.

Sir Rob. Johnson answered him; and read his own Paraphrase upon a Discourse in Defence of Salt-peter-men.

E. of Salisbury's Estate.

2. Reading: - B. For the Assurance of certain small Parcels of Land to Robert Earl of Salisbury, &c. near his Mansion-house in the Strand.