House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 16 May 1606

Pages 309-310

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Veneris, 16o Die Maii, 1606

Fowler's Dower, &c.

1. Reading: - B. FOR the Barring Mary Fowler, Wife of Rich. Fowler, late of Tillesworth, Gentleman, of her Dower and Thirds, &c.

Passing beyond Seas.

B. Concerning such as are to pass over the Seas, or return from beyond the Seas into this Realm, or any other his Majesty's Dominions.

London to Uxbridge River.

Mr. Fuller bringeth in, from the Committee, the Bill of the New River from London to Uxbridge, &c. and, upon the Question, to be ingrossed.

Holdich's Relief.

2. Reading: - B. For the Relief of John Holdich, Gentleman, disinherited by the extraordinary Amendment of a Fine : Mr. Fuller, Sir Rob. Wingfield, Mr. Martin, Sir Antho. Cope, Sir John Hobard, Mr. Wentworth, Mr. Francis Moore, Sir John Hungerford, Sir Fr. Popham, Mr. Davyes, Sir Wm. Stroud, Mr. D. James, Mr. Honings, Mr. Chock, Sir John Boys, Mr. Tate, Sir Roger Wilbram, Sir H. Jenkins, Sir Fr. Knollys, Mr. Stepney, Sir Fr. Goodwyn, Sir Rich. Bulkley, Sir Edwyn Sandys, Mr. Nich. Hyde, Mr. Diggs, Mr. Wyld, Sir Herbert Crofts, Sir Tho. Beamount, Sir Roger Owen: - Monday, Middle Temple.

Jesuits, Recusants, &c.

Mr. Speaker reporteth the Answer of the King, touching the Two Petitions by him delivered verbally:

1. Execution of Jesuits :

2. Ministers deprived.

Mr. Speaker's Speech : -

1. Information.

2. Complaint.

3. Petition. -

From the 1 to the 11 Eliz. few or no Recusants; no Traytor, no Treason, no Rebellion, Treachery, Conspiracy, &c. -

The Cause of the Change : - Not out of Religion; not out of her Government altered; not from the Course taken by his Majesty: - He inferior to none in Grace and Clemency : -

All proceeded from the Bull. -

Parsons and Campion: - The French Invasion. -

Parry by Como the Cardinal. -

28 Eliz. Weston and Ballard. -

29. 30. Allen. -

Holt and Archer persuaded Collen to murder: -

Squyer, to empoison the Saddle. -

Jesuits of this Time sent Wynter.- -

Hammond, Tesmond, Hall, Garnett: - Baldwyn in the Low Countries: - Creswell in Spayne.

The Ministers. * * * * -

The King's Answer: * * * *

Report made.

Mr. Solicitor reporteth the Committee * * * *

Committees added.

Added to the Committee for Conference touching Beer; Mr. Hoskins, Sir Tho. Waller, Sir John Boys, Sir Herbert Crofts, Sir James Perrott, Sir Antho. Cope, Sir Maurice Berkley, Mr. Dammett, Mr. Pettus, Mr. Prowse, Sir John Hungerford, Sir Warwick Heale, Mr. Whytson, Mr. Gore, Mr. Bagge, Sir Henry Jenkins, Mr. Chock, Mr. Peard.